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Show Biz: Christmas cheer, in verse

December 25th, 2009

'Twas the morning of Christmas
And out on the lawn;
Santa was all smiles:
“Pau hana, it’s dawn.”

His parcels were delivered
His feet and back sore;
His gifts were spot-on
With stuff folks would adore.

For Hanaiali’i and Reichel
Why not a duet?
And pairing Jay with Karen?
They’d do one, no sweat.

For Michelle Wie she scored
A big tournament win;
With a spare for Fujikawa
And an endorsement spin.

For Roland Cazimero, simple:
A clean bill of health;
For Robert Cazimero, ditto;
But add shopping and wealth.

For Jake Shimabukuro
With ‘ukulele so faithful
Lessons with Queen Elizabeth
(Or would she be grateful?)

For Raiatea Helm?
Deluxe chocolate-coated nuts;
For the symphony musicians?
Work! Paychecks! Lots!

For Ho’okena, perhaps,
The Hawaiian Grammy reward;
That’s only if Daniel Ho
Doesn’t snare the award.

A stash of local gags
For Frank, Augie and Andy;
A back-to-the-country gig
For Makana Sons. Dandy!

For Jack and Cha Thomson
A White House hana hou?
With the Obamas in our midst
It just might be a “go!”

For Makana, why not,
A Monarch Room hana hou;
And where is that statue
For beloved Don Ho?;

A real home vacation
For Loretta Ables Sayre;
Broadway’s just wonderful
But ya know, it snows over there.

For Billy V? Some rest
He moves like a cyclone;
More decorations and costumes
For showman Cione.

For Marlene Sai,
A new CD, indeed;
And toss in another
For ol’ Melveen Leed.

And gollee, ‘twas nice
To have Jim Nabors back;
Helped Hawai’i’s Burton White
To stay in the black.

For Tom Moffatt why not
A show list so long
With Paul, Tina, Mick
To follow-up Jovi and John?

A long overdue crown
For the morning drive kings;
Mike Perry and Larry Price,
Also deserve a pair of rings.

More cool, same charisma
For svelte Jimmy Borges;
And doesn’t Matt Catingub's
Short locks look real gorgeous?

A break from furlough talks
For Gov. Linda Lingle;
She needs prep time
To make negotiations tingle.

For Jack Johnson, it’s time
For another “Kokua” show;
For Manoa DNA, pause time,
Since they’re always on the go.

For Emme and Carole
May TV specials never dim;
For dieters everywhere
A year’s pass at the gym.

For hard-luck Roy Tokujo,
A Waikiki extravaganza;
For Mayor Hannemann?
Hail rail ... a bonanza?

For Howard and Diane
For Ramsay and Paul?
Perhaps next year
You’ll all get that news call.

Though Blangiardi should explain
That 9-8-5 dealie.
And has think-about-it Fink
Reinvented the news wheelie?

Good times forever
For Cecilio and Kapono;
For Na Leo and Nohelani
Hale Koa shows – so pono.

To the Kahumoku clan,
To the Pahinui ‘ohana, too:
Mahalo for sharing
Your particular Island brew.

For the Society of Seven,
The one here and in Vegas;
A quick champagne toast
Or do they prefer Chivas?

To the de Mello duo,
Son Jon and dad Jack:
Applause for their music
Right now and way back.

May Keith and Carmen
Never ever retire;
They share their art
Manuahi or for hire.

May Jeff Peterson join
The league of music greats;
You know, Eddie, Herb, Gabby,
Sonny, Roy — those mates.

For Chef Mavro, more raves
For his culinary skills;
For Roy, Russ, D.K., Alan
Not-so-costly food bills.

New commercial jingles
For that Kimura dude Audy;
And for Big Islander Brittni?
On cold nights? Hot toddy.

For Merrie Monarch competitors
And folks like Kanoe Miller,
Let's make hula bigger here
Than in Japan, where it's a thriller.

For the cast of “Lost,”
May your last season be jolly;
Of course, some of you could stay on
And become locals, by golly.

To you faithful readers,
You Mr. and Ms.;
A very Mele Kalikimaka...
And that’s Christmas Show Biz. ...

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  1. Susan:

    Really a great one, Wayne!!

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