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‘Off the Map’ actors get work elsewhere

March 24th, 2011

Zach Gilford, who had been playing Tommy Fuller on ABC’s film-in-Hawaii medical dama, “Off the Map,” has defected to a Fox pilot, “Iceland.” Further, Jason George, who enacted Dr. Otis Cole, has taken a side trip to guest-star on ABC’s “Castle,” the Nathan Fillion vehicle already renewed for a fourth season.
Though ABC has not yet publicly announced the fate of the mid-season series, which has been on the Wednesday night viewing map, perhaps Gilford and George got the inside word that the Shonda Rhimes series (she also produces “Grey’s Anatomy” and its spin-off “Private Practice,” is not returning this fall.
So what do you make of these talent movements? Off-season employment, or jumping ship?
“Off the Map,” about doctors treating patients in a remote Amazon jungle, has struggled in the Nielsen ratings. Hawaii provides the scenic, but is disguised as South America.
The show was one of two in production here last year; the other, CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” reboot starring Alex O’Loughlin as Steve McGarrett, is certainly earn a green light for a second season.

Keeping tabs on other TV actors with interest:
• Kelly Hu (“Nash Bridges,” “The Scorpion King”), who had a “Five-0” guest slot this season, has signed on to an NBC pilot, “Mann’s World,” starring Don Johnson.
• Michael Emerson (“Lost”) will do a CBS crime drama, “Person of Interest,” with Taraji P. Henson (“The Curious Case of Benajamin Button”) and Jim Caviezel (“The Prisoner”).
• Terry O’Quinn (“Lost”) is committed to ABC’s “Hallelujah,” with Donal Logue (“Terriers”).

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  1. theDman:

    I don't think Off the Map is an easy cancel. I think some discussion will take place...but the ratings were not good, no denial about that. The actual decision is not due till May, but it it is going to be cut, I bet the word will come out by early April.

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