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McGarrett trips, ratings dip; so what happened?

April 12th, 2011

Steve McGarrett tripped down a perilous cliff and suffered a broken arm, in last night’s “Hawaii Five-0.”
That wasn’t the only thing that took a bad dip.
CBS’ ratings plunged, as the Island-filmed procedural drama dropped its usual double-digit score, attracting 9.1 million viewers with an average of 2.4 million in the 18-49 demographics. That’s a season low!
Over-all, it was a bad night for the network as every one of its primetime shows preceding “Five-0” also took a hit —“How I Met Your Mother” (6.8 million, 2.7), “Mad Love” (5.4 million, 1.9), and “Mike and Molly” (7.9 million, 2.5).
That put the network in third place.
ABC was first, with 17.8 million viewers, and a 3.9 demo rating; the network’s “Dancing With the Stars” pulled in 20.4 million, 4.3 demo. “Five-0’s” competitor “Castle” on ABC drew 12.6 million, 3.1 demo.
Fox was second, with 7.6 and 2.5.
So why the “Five-0” ratings drop?
Some theories:
• Last night’s episode, themed “Ma Ke Kahakai,” was chock full of gorgeous scenery in the opening moments, when McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) discovered an unidentified body; the show also had a smidgin of Island music, but perhaps was too heavy on the back story of Chin Ho Kelly’s (Daniel Dae Kim) past on why he left the police force. OK, this dark corner of Chin and his uncle about an unsettling familial crime, took quite bit of time to unravel.
• McGarrett took a back seat — well, he had a bum arm, remember — so the expected exchange of rants with Danno Williams (Scott Caan)? None.
• Too many preemptions and reruns the past few weeks, possibly subduing the ratings momentum. Remember basketball a week ago?

12 Responses to “McGarrett trips, ratings dip; so what happened?”

  1. five-0:

    those re-runs really killed the good vibe 5-0 had going

  2. Warrior Dave:

    I think its the preemptions really hurt its ratings. I think Glee's opening ratings will dipped after they come back from hiatus next week.

    I have no problem with last nights story line and remain a fan of the show. I just love trying to figure out where is the location as the story unfolds.

  3. Jack Rutherford:

    Still my favorite show....Wish they would put more shots of the hotel outdoor area as they did in the old one...Its our favorite vacation spot...

  4. Imua45:

    Re-runs definitely hurt, so we have an episode that's not great, what's the big deal, it's still one of the better shows on TV. Are we running out of things to report on.

  5. scottjon:

    I agree, the re-runs and preemptions lately have left a lot of us unsure from week to week what we're going to get. Thank goodness for DVRs knowing the difference between a rerun and a firstrun, or I'd be missing episodes! Also, I think the Chin Ho storyline last night was incredibly important, and since it didn't really get going until the second half of the show, you can't blame that for the ratings dip.

  6. 5-0 Fan:

    I saw them filming last week at the governor's mansion, in the front lawn. The week prior, they were filming at the Lex Brodie's on Queen Street. Should be fun to see how they incorporate those two landmarks into the show.

  7. Hedy Harrison-Anduha:

    TOO MANY RERUNS AND PRE-EMPTS....lost ths pzazz~

  8. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    I record all the shows I want to watch - including HI50 as well as sporting events to watch at a more convenient time - and will probably watch this week's episode over the weekend.

    Can the ratings reflect people who record programs or do they only count people who are actually watching at the time a particular show is aired?

  9. Sandy:

    Still my favorite show also.

  10. Keoni Montes:

    Love the show, but...waiting for a NEW episode on top of all the reruns is a turn off. I notice most of this season's shows are doing the same thing. How come they don't just show the new episodes and wait for the reruns after??

  11. DOLORES tREFFEISEN(auntie clic clic):

    Aloha Wayne,

    Yes I do believe those frequent reruns did hurt CBS as people started looking at the other channels instead of just looking at a rerun of Five-O. If CBS thought that by dragging out the season it would help I don't think so. Seems like it just hurt them.

  12. Monex:

    The network posted a 3.5 rating 10 share with How I Met Your Mother earning a 3.5 10 and 8.9 million followed by Rules of Engagement 2.9 8 8.1 million Two and a Half Men 4.5 12 14.3 million Mike Molly up 8 percent to a 4.0 10 12.9 million and Hawaii Five-O 3.2 9 12 million ..Each 18-49 ratings point equals 1.3 million viewers. CBS was second for the night in viewers with 11.4 million..ABC no surprise was No. 1 in total viewers last night with 15.1 million and second in the demo 3.4 9 .

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