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Rain tops Time’s 100, but Bruno reigns, too

April 23rd, 2011

Hawaii’s gift to pop music, Bruno Mars, has made Time magazine’s Time 100 list, announced this week online and in Time’s current issue. He was hailed by B.o.B for his singing, producing, and composing prowess.
Rain, the South Korean superstar of music, TV and film, topped the Time 100 of the world's most influential people, based on online voting, including mass input from Rain's Legions of Angels from Hawaii. Thus, Rain bolsters his global popularity, for the third consecutive year, “trouncing competitors from Barack Obama (46) to Lady Gaga (12)," the magazine said in the current issue. (The parenthetical numbers refer to rankings in the poll, which lists more than 100 people).
B.o.B was the popster who recorded a duet with Mars (181) on “Nothin' on You” (a Mars composition), praised the Islander’s savvy in the magazine’s commentary. “We needed only two sessions to record 'Nothin' on You.' But when we perform live is when you really see our chemistry in action. Bruno has so many things open to him now, so many doorways he can walk through. Even I don't know what he'll be up to next.'
Others worldly personalities who made a difference showing up in the poll: Oprah Winfrey (84), George Clooney (61), Hillary Clinton (44), Justin Bieber (166), Sting, Michelle Obama (32), Mark Zuckerberg (29) and Sarah Palin (24). and Mark Wahlberg.
The Top 10:
1 — Rain
2 — Jay Chou
3 — Susan Boyle
4 — Mahinda Rajapaksa
5 — Cheng Yen
6 — Beyonce
7 — Chris Colfer
8 — Christopher Hitchens
9 — Bradley Manning
10 — Glenn Beck
A red-carpet gala will be held April 26 in New York City.

For the full list, to go:,28804,2058044_2061021_2061023,00.html

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