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‘Jurassic Park 4’ a go; will Spielberg film here?

July 22nd, 2011

Producer-director Steven Spielberg, arguably one of the filmdom's visionaries with the Midas touch, is ready to proceed with a “Jursassic Park 4,” with a release date over the next two years.
He told the throngs at Comic-Con in San Diego today (Friday July 22) that a fourth installment of his dinosaur franchise is in pre-production, with a writer and storyline in place.
What he hasn’t disclosed is where he’ll shoot the epic. Or if it will be in 2D and 3D. Or who’ll be in the cast. Or when production begins.
Since he filmed segments of his first three “Jurassic” journeys in Hawaii, wouldn’t you think he’d return to our shores to maintain the momentum of the franchise, which has grossed $1.9 billion worldwide? Don't you remember those dino dudes rambling on the Kualoa Ranch turf, which was to become the eventual home for ABC's "Lost"?
Of course, he’s Spielberg filmed sequences for his “Indiana Jones” portfolio here, too, so he must like us.
But his upcoming Fox TV series, anticipated to be a gotta-watch premiering Sept. 26, had plans to shoot here, but wound up doing location filming in Australia. It is a story about a 2149 family thrust back to prehistoric times, in an experiment to save the Earth, which is dying. The title refers to a colony of humans who provide hope to rebuild civilization.
Spielberg was at Comic-Con to promote “The Adventures of Tintin,” his motion-capture film, but he let it drop that he’s readying the fourth installment.
The “Jurassic” series launched the era of photoreal computer animation effects, resulting in awesome and realistic scenes with those critters from the past.
Thank God Spielberg’s fascination with dinos is not extinct.

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