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McGarrett on a horse, Baldwin as crooked cop

July 31st, 2011

Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) gallops on a horse in the second season of the CBS-TV drama, now shooting its third episode.
This, according to production photos shared via Twitter by the show’s executive producer, Peter Lenkov.
Further, William Baldwin is poised to play a former homicide detective kicked off the force because of dirty cop corruption allegations. He’s set to appear in several episodes in a story arc that will focus on a team of tarnished cops — with the unnamed Baldwin character targeting his sights on Kono Kalauaka (Grace Park) while locking horns with a former partner, now headed by actor Tom Sizemore, playing the head of Internal Affairs and a newbie in the filmed-in-Hawaii show’s sophomore season.
This, according to
Waiola Shave Ice, a real shave ice store featured in a mythical stand inside Ala Moana Park, reestablishes its presence this season, too, with Kamekona (Taylor Wylie), the shave ice man and dependable informant, in his iconic T-shirt.
This, according to eyewitnesses who have seen the film crews at the ewa refreshment stand in the city park disguised as Waiola in July.
Of course, Terry O’Quinn has found his way from ABC’s “Lost” to this Eye network procedural, portraying a Navy SEALS commander who once trained McGarrett, meaning a reunion with Daniel Dae Kim, who is Chin Ho Kelly, Kono's cousin on "Five-0." Richard T. Jones joins the cast, too, as the lieutenant governor who escalates to the governorship due to the end-of-season-one shoot-to-kill assassination of Jean Smart as the governor.
Also as earlier mentioned, Lauren German is aboard as a homeland security officer who joins “Five-0” and brings on a bit of romance for McGarrett.
Let the ranks expand and the horizons widen, as season two filming continues. ...


2 Responses to “McGarrett on a horse, Baldwin as crooked cop”

  1. reality:

    Lenkov never actually said Alex was riding the horse and shooting in those pics. He has never ridden horses before as far as his long time fans know and even if he did, they would never risk injury to him. In those shooting scenes it is most likely his double. Peter never actually said Alex was riding the horse in those pics, just that he was an "amazing" rider. Doubtful.

  2. reality:

    Wanted to add. I think he probably does ride and ride well. I am not saying that Peter is "lying." No. I am saying that they would not risk injuring Alex (think Christopher Reeves who also was an expert rider)because he is insured by CBS. Those action scenes would be done by a double, just to protect Alex.

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