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Bruno Mars forecasts ‘Rain’ in ‘Twilight Saga’ soundtrack
September 23rd, 2011

Bruno Mars, the Hawaii-born popster, has entered the “Twilight” zone.
Mars, the Grammy-winning singer-composer, will have the honor of performing the first single off the soundtrack of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part I,” finding a spot in the Jacob-Edward-Bella vampire-werewolf drama.
His “It Will Rain” debuts as the first single from the movie soundtrack and will be available on iTunes on Tuesday (Sept. 27). The full soundtrack drops Nov. 8, 10 days before the premiere of the film on Nov. 18.
The tune is somewhat dark and brooding, with an instrumental segment preview on some online reports. Its placement in the film is not yet revealed — it could be midway in the story, or even as the featured song heard during the film’s closing credits.
Mars co-composed and produced “It Will Rain” with his Smeezingtons buds Philip Lawrence and Ari Levine.
Considering the popularity of the “Twilight” franchise starring Kristen Stewart (Bella), Robert Pattinson (Edward) and Taylor Lautner (Jacob) and Mars’ enormous popularity with fans and jocks, “It Will Rain” likely will be the Honolulu native’s next No. 1 hit.
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