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Ratings trouble in paradise: 'Five-0' second to 'Castle'

September 27th, 2011

Uh-oh, CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0,” is second in Monday (Sept. 26) night viewership — again! — with ABC’s “Castle” copping the 9 p.m. slot here.
The Island-filmed episode, partially shot on Lanai, attracted an audience of 11.388 million and a 3.3/8 rating/share for the coveted 18 to 49 demographics.
Meanwhile, “Castle,” its prime competitor, won the slot with 12.646 million viewers, with a 3.1/7 rating/share among viewers 18 to 49.
Is this cause to worry? Probably not; there’s time for “Five-0” to ramp up and build numbers and improve scripts. It's a narrow gap that can be filled.
But something has to be done, to avoid weakening and fallout in the network's sophomore season. Like curtail and minimize a clutter of new characters.
And — could happen — replace a principal character in the ensuing weeks. Might not only re-energize the storytelling for producers and actors but reinvigorate viewers who sill have the faith and loyalty to tune in.
Something to think about. You gotta admit, however; there’s trouble in paradise.
The loser of that pre-news hour was NBC’s “The Playboy Club,” with 3.767 million viewers and a of 1.3/3 among 18 to 49. This could lead to cancellation, sooner rather than later.
Prelim figures indicate that CBS won the night for the coveted 18 to 49 crowd, though overall, ABC had more viewers.
Also worth mentioning:
• “Mike and Molly,” at 8:30 p.m., might prove to be a good lead-in for “Five-0.” It drew 13.981 million viewers, its best ever, with a 4.9/11 in 18 to 49. Melissa McCarthy’s fresh Emmy win didn’t hurt.
• CBS’s Monday comedy shows are faring well: at 7 p.m.,“How I Met Your Mother” is on a hot streak, with 10.556 million and 4.4/12 in 18 to 49, maintaining its premiere-week pace; at 7:30 p.m., “2 Broke Girls,” with 11.576 million viewers and 4.5/11 in 18 to 49, could create 2 Rich Girls; at 8 p.m., “Two and a Half Men,” though down nearly 30 percent in viewership since its highly anticipated debut last week with Aston Kutcher replacing the self-imploded Charlie Sheen, still found a winning sheen with 20.031 million viewers and 7.2/17 in 18 to 49; it also must have spurred viewers to stay and watch “Mike and Molly.”
• ABC’S “Dancing With the Stars,” at 7 p.m., sank 18 percent from premiere week, attracting a disappointing (for the series) 15.756 million and 3.3/8 in 18 to 49; could be the runaway horse now merely is trotting, with stars that don’t have the wallop to lure audiences. Still, this put the network in the winner’s circle, albeit with a tarnishing crown.
• Fox’s Steven Spielberg epic, “Terra Nova,” which early on considered Hawaii as a filming location but ultimately went to Australia, must be a major disappointment for the network, with its paltry (for a high-tech, movie-quality bells-and-whistles Spielberg dinosaur-featured product). For its two-hour premiere, it drew 9.091 million viewers with a 3.0/8 in 18 to 49.
• NBC’S “The Sing-Off,” at 7 p.m., also is slipping, with 4.990 million viewers and 1.7/5 in 18 to 49.
• CW’s new “Hart of Dixie,” at 8 p.m., managed a 1.705 million viewership, with 0.7/2 in 18 to 49.
Back to the immediate woes of "Five-0" and its slippery ratings.
What would you do? Who should go? Do you like the slew of new faces and players?
Would you like — finally — a bona fide Islander in an upgrade principal role?
Share your theories and wish-lists...

13 Responses to “Ratings trouble in paradise: 'Five-0' second to 'Castle'”

  1. TOMMY D:


  2. 808crusader:

    Do you have anything positive to say about H50? It's not like it's a horrible show.

  3. theDman:

    I don't know if I would say they are in "trouble" yet. They lost a million viewers from the premiere and that is too be expected.

    Now, obviously, the show cannot afford to lose a million viewers every week! But, I don't think that will be the case.

    From a writing viewpoint, introducing all these new characters can be dangerous, it waters down the storyline and nobody gets enough air time or character development time, because there are too many subplots being thrown around. I do think they are making a mistake there, but only time will tell.

  4. hossana:

    Hawaii 5-0 is a high gloss, techno bomb populated with plastic individuals whose acting talents leave much to be desired. This tv drama really doesn't know which way its moving....its just one cluttered mess week after week stemming from last yr. and cont. to this yr. Sorry, as I said earlier, Hawaii 5-0 might barely make it through the second season but it certainly won't go past the third season. That's a given!!

  5. 5-0 fan:

    I don't understand the big deal - I don't recall Lost having that many viewers yet they stuck around for 6 seasons. What's the difference?

  6. tom mui:

    I am wondering about the fact that shows like Hawaii 5-0 are recorded on a DVR and looked at a later (and more convenient) time.

    Are these factored in the ratings?

  7. Manoa Mist:

    Appreciate the quick report on viewership Mr. Harada.
    Have to agree with hossana for the most part though. I don't like bringing in more former Lost characters. I think the writing is simplistic, the acting not so great. Last night the new chick disarms a guy with an automatic weapon pointed at her dead on. Not bloody likely. And why would he not shoot her when everyone else is shooting everyone else in the scene?
    This was as likely as armed Egan Inouye last week being disarmed with two spinning kicks by a 90 pound chick in handcuffs. I realize you gotta suspend disbelief but this is ridiculous.
    Wish the best for the show though love to see all these Hawaii people working on the project, behind the scenes.

  8. Timmy Dalmida:

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  9. Sandra Barnes:

    I still think Hawaii Five-0 is the best show on TV.

  10. Evonne Lawhead:

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    This is great information for writers. Thanks.

  12. Cecil Lemmen:

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