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'H50:' Good start, but not-so-good finish

November 8th, 2011

Monday’s (Nov. 7) “Hawaii Five-0” started out big and promising: a plane containing a corpse crashes on the North Shore, where surfers are in the sea, so natch, Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and Danno Williams (Scott Caan) respond.
It ended with CBS’ “Five-0” attracting 9.95 million viewers and 3.0/8 18 to 49 demo, a skosh behind ABC competitor “Castle,” which pulled in 11.27 million with a 2.9/7 18 to 49 demo, in prelim Nielsen ratings without the DVR delayed viewership tally.
Yet another disappointing finish for the Hawaii-filmed show.
Getting back to the episode: McG interrupts Danno, who is watching a creepy flick on the tube. Bizarre, right, but intriguing; the action opening turns into somewhat geeky ploy, with Danno in a rather seedy new apartment and tuned into a seedier movie.
Then Max Bergman (Masi Oka) examines the dead woman, and encounters Jeff Morrison (Greg Grunberg) and mutters that he thinks he knows the guy from somewhere. It’s an in-joke: Grunberg and Oka are former mates on NBC’s “Heroes.”
So now on “Lapa’au” (Hawaiian for healing), as the episode is called, we get a “Heroes” reunion, to couple with the growing “Lost” reunion of Jon Gries (playing Liam Miller, a cancer patient using medical weed) and Daniel Dae Kim (Chin Ho Kelly). Only Terry O’Quinn (playing Lt. Cmdr. Joe White, but not in this segment) was missing.
It’s clever fun on one hand, but distraction on the other. Like, is “Five-0” trying to be the super bowl of reunited TV stars? The bid is on, for sure.
Perhaps the “Lost” connection should be in the writing department, where a bit more mystery and a bit less history could up the ratings numbers.
Amid jungle searches at Kualoa (now, here’s another “Lost” link) and chases in Chinatown, there was a local lingo moment: “Pakalolo,” or pot, to the uninformed.
Funniest scene: McG in the back seat, while Danno drives his new canine pal, who occupies the front seat.
Brownie points for the attention to aerial cinematography: "Five-0" spares no expense to get terrific shots of the oceans, the city, the jungles from up high.
For me, the raid of a warehouse housing exotic animals hit a sentimental note; the site is the former press building of the former Honolulu Advertiser, now the HQ of “Hawaii Five-0.”
So what's your take on Monday's show, the shrinking viewership, the "Heroes" and "Lost" reunions?

6 Responses to “'H50:' Good start, but not-so-good finish”

  1. Manoa_Fisherman:

    The Grunberg/Oka scene was over played and wasted for anyone who was not a "Heroes" fan (and that is a lot of people). Oka was interesting in the choice of a yellow Camaro, but they better get him a love interest before people tag him for the "gay" character in the series.

    The story line/plot was pretty good and the scripting/writing was a little tighter than the last several weeks. The scene at Danno's new dingy apartment was very weird and off kiltered, especially with his supposed interest in such a unknown sci-fi movie like "Enemy Mine" from 1985. If they kept up with the theme of returning characters, they should have had Caan watching "The Godfather" scene where James Caan is machined gunned at the toll booth. That would have been a lot funnier.

    The best shot of the entire evening for me was the setting where all the "exotic" animals were stored in the secret section of the building. They had a mongoose in a cage as the camera panned the scene and I almost fell down laughing at the poor mongoose's 0.5 seconds of fame. Now if they had a couple of tigers or anaconda's, I would have been impressed.

  2. Manoa Mist:

    I thought the writing in the last couple episodes had improved. I saw the plane crash and McGarrett at Danno's apartment then I, uh, fell asleep. Not sure if that's on 5-0 or me.

  3. theDman:

    Remember how the original 5-0 used to go through a myriad of stars to do guest spots, well I guess this iteration is trying to capture the same thing...except...I never watched Heroes, so ph-e-w-w-w! Right over my head.

    For that matter, I was not a big Lost fan either, so...

  4. Terry (@Terrysagirl):

    I too, thought the Heroes reunion was wrought out too long, but really enjoyed the episode overall. Absolutely adored the couch vignette and pretty much all of the scenes with the dog. I love the more humorous aspects of the show and I also think the writing has been improving over the past few episodes.

  5. Robbix:

    Thanks for the best contribute!

  6. Nick Sylvester:

    Story lines need to get away from the likes of NCIS, etc., and most of the actors and actresses HAVE to quit mumbling their lines and/or dropping them. Many times it is hard to understand them.
    Overall. I give the show a 5. Love the scenic views however, but that can't carry the show!
    Need some originality.

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