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'Castle' returns, bumping 'Five-0' to No. 2 again

November 22nd, 2011

With ABC’s “Castle” returning to the Monday (Nov. 21) TV grid, CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” returned to the No. 2 spot in the 9 p.m. (10 p.m. on the Mainland), according to preliminary Nielsen ratings figures.
“Castle” was No. 1 with 11.9 million viewers and a 2.7/7 rating in the 18 to 49 adult demos, compared to “Five-0’s” 10.3 million and 2.8/7 demos.
While the viewership is stagant at 10 million in recent weeks, the “Five-0” numbers reflected a 15 percent tailspin from a year ago, when it had 12 million viewers.
NBC’s newsmagazine, “Rock Center With Brian Williams,” was No. 3 in the 9 p.m. hour with 5 million viewers and a 0.9/2 demos.
For CBS, “Hawaii Five-0” at least is consistent. It is the lone under-performing show on the network’s otherwise all-comedy slate preceding the Island-based procedural drama. “How I Met Your Mother,” “2 Broke Girls,” “Two and a Half Men,” and “Mike and Molly” have performed steadily — “Winning,” as Charlie Sheen might put it — week after week.
For me, “Five-0” continues to be muddled with unfocused, even complicated backstories and pesky new characters that flit in and out as mosquitoes in the jungle. Is this why the show can’t seem to find its firm footing to reestablish ratings supremacy?
You be the judge.
In “Ki’ilua” (Hawaiian for deceiver), the Monday segment minimized Steve McGarrett in the first half hour; he’s off to North Korea to help Jenna retrieve her finance, so much of the set-up is to galvanize a renegade flight (the governor’s nowhere, to approve the mission) to bring McG back home. The last half hour is the chopper flight, the gunfire, the aerial attack, Wo Fat using McG as a punching bag and electronic blasts on his torso, and, of course, the recovery.
There were some bright spots.
Good casting: Jimmy Buffett as Frank Bama, complete with dialogue that included “margarita,” who brought cheesy fun to the dilemma. Heck, since he was aboard, why not let him sing a verse of something?
Good elimination: Jenna, whose loyalty had been vague, is terminated. She was the show’s biggest deceiver but she gets her due. One less character to contend with in future episodes.
Good supporting actor: Kualoa Ranch, with its network of jungle, trees, mountains and barren stretches of dirt roads, portrayed Hawaii as well as North and South Korea. The cameras deftly avoided the defining peaks and profile of the Kualoa peaks when the gang supposedly was in Korea.
Good grief: So Chin Ho is getting married? The set-up was early in the show, complete with a kiss and a ring; the matrimony was imminent before the final credits. Remember, Danno’s ex still is out there, and he’s got a new main squeeze — not yet fully explored. So who’s next, Kono? So why not McG?
The show aims to give its characters a full spectrum of life — work vs. home — but come on, this is not a soap opera or sitcom.
Or maybe it should be. All other CBS Monday shows are comedies. A transformation? Think not, hope not, but “Five-0” is becoming less dramatic and more comedic, don’t you think?

14 Responses to “'Castle' returns, bumping 'Five-0' to No. 2 again”

  1. Manoa_Fisherman:

    Last night's episode seems to have been written by a couple of fifth graders who have no understanding or knowledge of reality. The plot was like a comic book, I take that back, not even Sgt. Rock or Sgt. Fury & the Howling Commandos were that bad in 1965. Even kids are more sophisticated than we were back then.

    Reality Check #1, flying a helicopter from S. Korea to N.Korea would reopen the Korean War. Loaded with Haoles and Seals, the NKA would love to get their hands on these folks.

    Reality Check #2, Seal Team 9 would not go "off the reservation" to play in N. Korea. That would be career ending for the participants and anyone who knew what they did.

    Reality Check #3, take a look at the Korean Pennisula and see if you see any jungle settings or environments. Kids need only look at Google maps to be educated on this issue.

    Reality Check #4, would the CIA leave an agent in the hands of an nebulous enemy to be used as "bait" against a CIA employee who has access to classified information. I think not.

    Reality Check #5, the NKA and their intelligence agency would not let a rouge group to wander around N. Korea, they are too paranoid. They should just make Wo Fat a PRC agent for once and for all, just like the original series, and forget being politically correct for the sake of APEC.

    The writers have so much to work with in Hawaii and the Pacific Rim that I don't know why they don't just find better topics for their storylines. In today's world the bad guys can be Russian computer hackers, drug dealers from the Golden Triangle, saboteurs at Pearl Harbor, or a host of bad guys from all over the world. Heck, they could tell a story relating to the 442nd RCT like killing a turncoat after the war and involving the return of a valuable art relic. Sorry, Spike Lee already did that in "Miracle at St. Anna".

  2. Hulahuttsurf:

    I think the reason Castle has a bigger following is it's been on longer and has built a following. Plus they have this sexual tension between the stars, which brings people back to see if they follow through on it. My wife watches it every week while I'm watching H5-0. I think it has the same age group following as NCIS.

  3. theDman:

    The episode did not live up to all the hype that was given. Like Manoa said, this premise is an act of war! Nuclear war! Yet, we have a band of cops running around like they look when they patrol Waikiki (forgot to pack their fatigues?) in the "Korean" jungle, shooting bad guys at will.

    Yah, I'm sure the North Korean government makes exceptions when Hawaii cops want to come in and kill off what appeared to be the Korean version of Al Queda, rogue renegades that have military issue troop transports. Yowza!

    Did anyone else notice how Steve Mc looked almost dead hanging from his wrists, and then suddenly perks back up to his jovial self AFTER taking a vicious beating from Wo Fat? ..."c'mon Wo, that tickles"... Did anybody on staff review the edit after it was done?

    Stop this nonsense of famous guest stars on the show. It's distracting and does NOT help move the story along. With so many "name talents" dancing across the screen, this show is starting to look like "I Love Lucy". Can't wait for a John Wayne or Milton Berle clip to be used on H50.

  4. 808crusader:

    Boy, nothing makes you guys happy. Why don't you just stop watching if you don't like it.

  5. theDman:

    Hulahuttsurf - I don't think it is just Castle, H50 ratings are Ok, not bad, but not top 20 numbers, and I don't think it will be. It just needs to get that 10 million a week and hang on. I used to think it would do better on a different night and time, but I've changed my mind, it would not make any difference. Think of it this way, what if it went head-to-head with NCIS? (it can't of course...but just imagine it) I don't think H50 would do well.

    808crusader - I got an idea, why don't you stop reading this blog if don't like what we are writing? I mean, that's what I would do...

  6. 808crusader:

    theDman- I would stop reading if it was called "Nitpick every little thing about H50 and read too much into ratings blog". But it's not, its "Show and Tell Hawaii". So I will keep reading.

  7. 808crusader:

    BTW Wayne, the show is trying to go into the lives of H50 squad to give them a human face, a reason to care more about them. Otherwise it would be like the old H50 all over again or like Law and Order. A bunch of soulless law enforcement officials with little to no humanity going from case to case like it was the only thing that matters in their lives.

  8. theDman:

    808crusader - ...and we are going to keep writing.

  9. 808crusader:

    theDman-But why are you watching the show if you don't like it? I come here to read what Wayne writes about. It just so happens he writes about H50 cause it his job. And I respect his opinion, even if I disagree with it sometimes. Commenting on here is not a job for you.

  10. Manoa_Fisherman:

    To 808crusader:

    People write to comment for various reasons. Some want some attention or some may feel that they have something important to add to the discussion. I think all comments are fine and whether you agree with them or not, the people still have the right to say what they feel.

    As far as most people are concerned, these are just comments on the subject of this blog. In the whole scheme of things, it really doesn't amount to much. I can understand that those who are "feeding off the trough" may be sensitive to having the "gravy train" end and I don't begrudge their right to make a buck.

    However, critical thought of any kind can bring about an epiphany that may help the powers that be to make a change that results in an Emmy win versus cancellation in mid-season. So for Mr. Harada, theDman and blokes like me, keep on blogging and commenting to help the H50 writers, producers and actors get better and win success in the ratings game.

  11. theDman:

    808crusader - do you understand what a blog is?

    The H50 production has brought publicity for Hawaii, and jobs for many of the crew that work the production. That is the goodness of the production. Does that mean all who watch it have to love it unconditionally? Of course not!

    By the way, if you haven't noticed, Wayne asks for feedback to this blog. It is not a column, but a blog! Without follow-up posts, there is no reason to even have this.

  12. chavez pavlik:

    Both tv shows are superb. Both are my favorite and I watch both series on week end.

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  13. tv channels:

    Please, continue posting)

  14. 808crusader:

    theDman- FYI yes I do know what a blog is.

    Yes I know H50 has brought publicity and work tithe people if Hawaii. It's very good economically for us. But all this negative talk about it has to be pushing some viewers away. All that good stuff with the economic gains and jobs will go if enough viewers tune out. We don't want that now do we?

    Besides the show is not as bad as some of you are making it out to be.

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