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Ever hear a vintage '5-0' theme with lyrics?

November 28th, 2011

Betcha you didn’t know there’s a version of the “Hawaii Five-0” theme ... with lyrics?
It’s part of an out-of-print Sammy Davis Jr. album and I can’t recall ever hearing this one on the radio.
The lyrics are McGarrett-centric, which touts his aim put a noose on crime and trouble-makers, but also telegraphs a message to potential victims of do-badders, with a repetitive promise: “You can count on me.”

Sample lines:
“If you get in trouble, bring it home to me
“Whether I am near you, or across the sea
“I will think of something to do
“I’ll be on the lookout for you
“And I’ll find you, you can count on me.

“And don’t you let ‘em get you
“Up against the wall
“‘Cause I’ll be there to catch you
“And I won’t let you fall.
“Call me if they get you below
“Call me when there’s nowhere to go
“And I’ll be there, you can count on me. ...”

Who wrote the lyrics? When? Why?
Perhaps it’s a case for the “Five-0” makers to explore.
Meantime, give a listen to YouTube postings (there are several), which features the late Davis chirping the song with “Five-0” visuals. No, there’s no in-concert, in-performance version.
Google “Sammy Davis sings ‘Five-0’ theme song,” or try this:

So what’s your take on the with-words song?

2 Responses to “Ever hear a vintage '5-0' theme with lyrics?”

  1. Michael Hansip:

    nice sharing, thank you.

  2. Goober:

    Hawaii 5-0 hip hop or rap style by Black Eye Peas.
    I think the lyrics you posted if done in rap or hip hop may
    do the show wonders.

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