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Santa brings ratings cheer for 'Hawaii Five-0'

December 13th, 2011

Christmas came early for “Hawaii Five-0,” with Monday (Dec. 12) ratings walloping ABC’s “Castle.”
Was it Chin Ho Kelly’s wedding storyline that finally put “Five-0” in the bride’s role, not the often-time bridesmaid?
Could be.
The wedding hubbub sandwiched the crime-solving, with preparations opening the CBS show, when a body found by kids intruding a wartime bunker, with the I do’s capping the episode. Before the final credits, Steve McGarrett was frowning and fumbling wonderment and intrigue about the suspicious actions of his pal Lt. Cmdr. Joe White.
It wasn’t the best of episodes, but preliminary Nielsen ratings indicate that “Five-0” attracted 10.93 million viewers, with a 3.6 rating in the key 18 to 49 demographics.
It swamped its usual competitor, ABC’s “Castle,” which had no reason to party, with its 4.2 million viewership and 1.0 rating in the demographics ... with NBC’s “Rock Center With Brian Williams” at 4.0 million viewers and 1.1. in demos.
Now that’s a Christmas present that should make everyone happy.

4 Responses to “Santa brings ratings cheer for 'Hawaii Five-0'”

  1. Twilight:

    The key demographic was actually 2.8 for 18-49, and Castle was a rerun. The total
    viewership was actually adjusted up to a little over 11 million, but still not great
    numbers against a rerun of Castle.

  2. Twilight:

    I searched to find out where Wayne got his numbers from, and he was apparently referencing the less desirable 25-54 demographic. Since CBS has drawn a bit older
    audience the last few years, they have tried selling that older demographic, but the 18-49 is still the gold standard. At any rate, this episode up against such weak competition should have drawn much better numbers than it did. It would be interesting to hear other viewers' opinions on if this show is losing its lustre or if the poor showing is merely due to the holiday. I also note more than a 3% decline from last season's comparable episode to this one.

  3. hossana:

    What a bunch of !@#$ that Harada is trying to pull .....heck, Castle was a rerun.....he should have stated that fact...c'mon....don't try to put a spin like 5-0 is pulling ahead head to head competition with new eps., Castle would once again be in the lead....5-0 is a glossy techy series for the people with short attention more less......

  4. theDman:

    Getting busy and did not watch the episode, or last week's either. That actually is a problem I guess, I don't feel compelled to watch the show.

    But the numbers held steady. They are not going to do much better than what they are, but it will keep them on the air.

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