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'Five-0' delivers a package ... of old tricks, themes

January 17th, 2012

“Hawaii Five-0” edged “Castle” to win its Monday slot (Jan. 16) and helped CBS log a victory for the coveted adult 18 to 49 demographics, according to preliminary overnight Nielsen TV ratings.
The CBS procedural drew 10.50 million viewers and a 2.8 demo, compared to its chief ABC competitor’s
9.40 million and 2.3 demo, with NBC’s “Rock Center With Brian Williams” pulling in 5.56 million and 1.3 demo at 9 p.m. (10 p.m. on the Mainland).
Still, the “Five-0” demo was down 3 per cent, compared to its 2.9 figures two weeks ago, when a new episode aired.
“Pu’olo (The Package)” was a bag of old tricks of character revivals, repeating themes. Some thrills, some ills; over-all, a see-sawing, confusing, disappointing hour.
Lauren German (who plays Lori 0000), utters the ultimate review, when referring to a returning baddie, but perhaps sums up the episode: “Clearly, you need some new material.”
The episode featured a truck hijacking/robbery that wasn’t (goods not stolen), the return (via flashback) of Steve McGarrett’s (Alex O'Loughlin) dad John,(William Sadler), threats from the yakuza, the comeback of a nasty criminal from season one, Sang Min (Will Yun Lee), the reappearance of Kamekona’s (Taylor Wyle) shrimp truck (though the hefty one is calorie-counting with five Subway footlongs), the continuation of doubt between McG and his Uncle Joe White (Terry O’Quinn), the rebounding of Danno’s (Scott Caan) preggie ex-wife Rachel (Claire van der Boom) about to give birth and so on.
Through it all, Hawaii looks damn good. If only the story could match the scenics.
The issue and mystery of Shelburne is finally revealed, but it’s a yawn.
But nice to see local faces in prominence: Dean Kaneshiro as Lee Dolan, the dude in the hijacked truck who isn’t killed. His pidgin rants were credible; not so with Sang Min’s. Plus the hearing of John Cruz’s “Hi’lawe” track from the “Five-0” soundtrack CD, with a plug for the album before the final aloha.
Will Carson plays the teen McG in flashback; probably will be reintroduced in future episodes, since that’s the template with the show. A character you know appears when you least expect it.
With the mystery of Shelburne finally solved, or resolved, does this mean this is the last we see of Uncle Joe?

4 Responses to “'Five-0' delivers a package ... of old tricks, themes”

  1. Manoa_Fisherman:

    "Shelburne" revealed was like having the ending of "St. Elsewhere", a childish escape to explain the entire existence of the focus of the last season's cliff hanger, a non-existant character for an empty plot line. Why not have Steve McGarrett Sr. come out of the shower and claim the last season was a dream?

    I think people will be tuning out H50 very quickly with the lame plotlines the writers and producers are coming up with. When Scott Caan's father guest star's next month, I bet the writers will even dream up a toll booth in Hawaii for him!

  2. pig:

    Sang Min sounded like Rob Schneider's wannabe attempt at pidgin english in "50 first dates", but worse. In fact, his attempt at pidgin was worse than any outer island 'dialect', sounded more like a fake fake of a fake.

  3. Kimo:

    Whoo hoo! Love that COVETED demo . . . !

  4. izulu:

    I liked that this episode actually seemed to have more of a local flavor with "authentic" local voices, plus terrific Hawaiian music added to the spectacular scenery. That's about all that was favorable...unless you include the thankful facts that Lauren German seems to have had a smaller role, and that Tom Sizemore and the new governor were completely absent.

    The Shelburne "reveal" was anticlimactic, although I must say that I had thought awhile back, that O'Quinn was Shelburne (or it was going to be O'Loughlin's father, who actually had not died/been killed). Looking forward, I speculate that Noshimori's son will be working with Wo Fat.

    I have to agree that the show was see-sawing and disappointing, but it's not just this episode. The original Hawaii Five-0 as I remember it, was a crime drama through and through, with personal interludes interwoven with the crimes. But it seems like the reboot is trying to be a "one size fits all" show. You have the crime and violence for the guys, and the emotional relationships (familial conflicts, romances, wedding, and birth) for the gals...with no connection between them. Then you have tidbits that I suppose were meant to be fun/funny, like 1) Will Yun Lee in that ridiculous red t-shirt and cap, and 2) Kamekona's "5-0, 5-0, what you're going to do when they come for you?" I found them cringe-worthy...albeit Kamekona is usually my favorite character on the show.

    There is a lot I could nitpick with this most recent episode, but that'll take a volume, so I'll refrain.

    Overall, maybe it's just me, but the show seems to have become a giant commercial. GM autos are prominently featured in all episodes, and Hawaiian Airlines got a lot of airtime in this one. Then there was the Subway sandwich "commercial," not to mention the Zip Pac shout-out at the end. I used to enjoy mention of locals eats/eateries/locales like Rainbow Drive-In, Coco Puffs, malasadas, and of course shaved ice, but it seems to have become too forced and overdone.

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