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'Five-0' back in form, winning Monday slot

February 21st, 2012

CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” has found its voice again, recovering lost viewers over the past week, drawing 10.20 million viewers Monday night (Feb. 20). It led its hour with a 2.8 adults 18-49 rating, besting an also-improving “Castle” on ABC (9.66 million viewers, 2.1 adults 18 to 49) and a declining “Smash” on NBC (6.47 million viewers, 2.39 adults 18 to 49), according to preliminary overnight Nielsen ratings numbers.
Tapping Hawaiian culture and loaded with local color and guest stars, the “Five-0” segment, “Kūpale, earned sufficient points for effort and a demerit or two for execution.
The theme of na koa Hawaiian warriors, duking it out in traditional costumes in an ancient artistry of warfare, was certainly an opportunity to depict a rarely seen and photographed element of Hawaiian culture. The peg to economic greed (involving ferry service), however, was a bit far-fetched, and a crime involving shark-toothed weapons clearly a miniority issue. If anyone owned one of these rarities, would he really use it in a traceable offense?
The parade of jock guest players — notably Apollo Ohno, Olympian medalist skater as a thief of an artifact, and Shane Victorino, the Phillies outfielder as a corporate type conducting training in the wild a stone’s throw away from the Hawaiian practitioners — were casting coups but were essentially extended cameos, not fully realized roles. Ohno’s gig, the larger one, should have somehow found an arc to the finale; folks adore him, after all, and would be eager to see him delude McG and company at least with a fight — not via tear gas drop.
Nice to see Islanders Al Harrington and Dennis Chun in recurring appearances, linking the old “Five-0” with the reboot, and doubly nice to hear Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) uttering the effective but infrequent “Book ‘em, Danno” to Danny Williams (Scott Caan) again, with tongue slightly in cheek.
The banter between these two was spot-on spiffy, from the opening scene when Danno turned McG’s quarters into his personal refuge while the latter was away, to those in-the-car exchanges about anything and everything. The friction is fun, fast, frequent — caustic conversation.
With James Caan, actor Scott Caan’s dad, guest-starring in next week’s episode, it’s a good bet that “Five-0” will maintain its momentum to lead the hour again. We can only hope.
* * * *
Maybe “Five-0” should invite Bruno Mars to be a guest performer sometime. Might steal more viewers from "Smash," which featured his music and his name, but not him in the flesh.
Though physically absent, Mars' music and his magic were part of this week’s Broadway musical drama, wherein a mythical Bruno Mars Broadway show, complete with a performance of his “Grenade” hit, was bandied about.
Or maybe Mars might just skip episodic television and go for the gusto, mounting his own musical on The Great White Way. Might make him the billionaire he aspires to be.
What you think?

4 Responses to “'Five-0' back in form, winning Monday slot”

  1. Sandra:

    Awesome Hawaii Five-0 last night'''!!!!!!

  2. Dolores Treffeisen:

    Hi Wayne,

    Was great to see Shane in Five-O Last night and as soon as I knew the news I let the Boys & Girls Club here in Phila named after him know that he would be in the episode and they printed up a nice flyer for the parents of all the kids attending the center.

    Speaking of Bruno I was telling some of the people at the NBC 10 show(a local show here in Philly) about him when he was just a little kid and I searched thru my archives and found some cute photos of Bruno when he was only 2 running around in Kapiolani Park and later at 4 when he was performing with his family. Everyone liked seeing the photos. SOunds like a good idea for Bruno on Broadway but not sure he would want to be tied up in NewYork so long!

    Aloha Dolores

  3. AniMatsuri:

    Actually, I would have liked this episode more if the ant-ferry people turned out to be more than just hippies who knew how to use computers to spread their message. In real life, the anti-ferry types were so bad certain islands were avoided to keep violence from errupting.

  4. frances kakugawa:

    I tuned in to see Ohno and was disappointed at his brief appearance. I've been away too long, didn't recognize
    Al Harrington. Thank you for the heads up on next week's episode with James Caan.

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