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'Five-0'-'NCIS' crossover works, but doesn't overwhelm

May 1st, 2012

CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0’s” crossover segment Monday (April 30), with the “NCIS: Los Angeles” guest stars, topped the coveted 18 to 48 adults demo with a 2.5 rating in the 9 p.m. (10 p.m. Mainland) hour.
But the special show, linked to the “NCIS: L.A.’s” concluding second-parter Tuesday (May 1), didn’t overwhelm the viewership.
While “Five-0” led the demos, ABC’s “Castle,” perhaps with its “Dancing With the Stars” lead-in, had slightly more viewers — 11.38 million vs. 10.76 million for “Five-0.” The adults 18 to 48 demo was 2.4 for “Castle.”
The “Five-0” episode, “Pa Make Loa,” about the perils of a possible epidemic, featured “NCIS: L’s” LL Cool J (Sam Hanna ) and Chris O’Donnell (C. Callen) in the crossover tie-in, the first part setting up the problem with the potential peril in the Islands, and continuing storyline on “NCIS” featuring “Five-0’s” Scott Caan (Danny Williams) and Daniel Dae Kim (Chin Ho Kelly) guest-starring.
Kim subbed for Alex O’Loughlin (Steve McGarrett), the head of “Five-0,” who was on a real medical leave when both crossover shows were filmed here and in L.A. but mentioned, in context of the show, that he was in Japan pursuing the Shelburne element with Terry O’Quinn (Joe White) that has been a disappointing and, well, dull thread this season.
Compared to the most recent first-run episode (last April 9), the Island procedural was up 4 percent in viewers since that newbie, but has been plagued with reruns the past few weeks. “Castle,” its most threatening competition, was up 14 per cent from its last new segment (April 16).
So what do you think of the crossover this time? It worked, for the most part, but didn’t attract an astounding response, in viewership. There wasn't a widespread buzz about it; perhaps if CBS made a big deal about O'Loughlin's absense, coupled with hard-news update on his condition and upcoming return to the air as the show winds up season two, might have sparked wider interest.
The most effective element of the preposterous outbreak of smallpox was the realistic, bubbling-red skin of affected victims. Surely, in real life, this kind of potential epidemic would be very rare, even in the post-AIDs and post-SARS scares of the distant past. So, hats off to the makeup techies who created that deathly façade.
Of course, there had to be some see-sawing quibble, best exemplified with Danno and Sam in hot pursuit of the baddies — with Sam assuming the McG role of shooting off rockets to Danno. Oh, bromance, you live.
To see what unveils when Danno and Chin Ho go to the City of Angels to complete the crossover bridge, tune in Tuesday to “NCIS: L.A.”

6 Responses to “'Five-0'-'NCIS' crossover works, but doesn't overwhelm”

  1. melissai:

    I thought this episode worked well for a number of reasons. People have complained on other sites that the show wasn't the same without Alex, and that's true, it isn't the same. But his absence allowed the other characters to really shine. Danny and Chin had great chemistry, and there was some comedy between Chin and Kono. The writers also incorporated the NCIS guys into the show proving guest stars can add to and not detract from the main H50 characters. They just haven't been successful at that with other guest stars all season. As good as Alex is on the show, I enjoyed this episode and the escape from the boring backstories all season. This show deserved better ratings.

    By the way, none of my friends and family from the mainland west coast really know who Alex is or watch because of him. He just isn't very well known there. Not sure how many extra viewers he brings in or loses when on or off the show. Scott Caan seems to be the one people talk about back home.

  2. Karri:

    The crossover for me now made me a big fan of NCIS LA. I love this show. I'm thinking the crossover brought new fans to NCIS LA but not so much to H50. I do not believe Alex O was missed that much and Scott Caan did a fantastic job. They need to allow more screen time for the others next season just like this epi. I have heard more comments from male and female friends that they liked seeing the others having larger parts. I agree Alex is not well known on the mainland at all.

  3. Teresa Kapalana:

    Show not the same without McGarrett. Don't agree with you on the Wo Fat/Shelburne plot this season. Everyone I talk to find this very interesting and want to find out more. In the original Five-0 Wo Fat was a nemesis of McGarrett for the whole series.

  4. Jennifer:

    I loved the crossovers. I am tired of the wo-fat thing too. This was fresh and new. Loved the NCIS boys. This H50 is not like the original. They told us that the
    first season. Even some of the characters were changed around so I imagine they can develop a new nemesis for this show. I did kind of miss McGarrett but from people I talk to this crossover showed that McGarrett doesn't exactly make or break the show with the fantastic co-cast he has.

  5. Janine:

    Our family are all avid McGarrett fans and while we enjoyed this episode, we can't wait for his return! Get well soon Alex!!

  6. Johana Majette:

    Spot on with this write-up, I truly think this website needs much more consideration. I’ll probably be back again to read much more, thanks for that info.

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