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The iPhone is 5 today, so happy, happy birthday

June 29th, 2012

Today is the iPhone’s fifth birthday.
Are you privately celebrating?
I’ve owned one for five years, retiring the original model just last month, for the newer iPhone 4S.
This gizmo has changed my life, and I treat it as a work-oriented friend. I selected a while model and secured a silver cover that offers good trip.
My iPhone number is the one I publish with my columns, so I get a few Sunday calls from readers. It is an intrusion of Sabbath serenity, but what the heck: sometimes you get a hot tip, normally it’s a query about how to reach a certain somebody or where to buy tickets.
The iPhone has been a curious species.
I love it, because I can check on email with a simple switch-on. Because of its smallish screen, I can text back a reply instantly.
The iPhone is not for long, long messaging, however. I don’t thumb-type, like many with smart phones. I’m a pinkie typist, using the right wee finger to select keys to complete a word and message, my left hand holding the phone.
The phone is easy to use, but I’ve had a few problems in the past few weeks; when I was in New York, my access to messages and voice mails was blocked, so upon return home, I had to visit the Genius Bar at the Apple store at Ala Moana.
Bless them, the core of the Apple store; they are all wizards of the technology; I was not alone in seeking kokua; a few had computer problems, some iPad issues, many phone queries.
When you buy an iPhone, you can sign up for how-to-use-it classes. I never did, earlier and recently, and perhaps that’s my downfall. I need to know what to do for the service I need, and for the most part, I can exist and prevail without the course.
But perhaps I should sign up; there are worlds out there — maybe universes — that are beyond my realm.
For me, it’s basic; the phone rings, or buzzes, and I pick it up. If I am on the plane, there’s the airplane mode that shuts off the phone and records voice mail. If I’m bored, I can select games or input Google queries, or ask Suri a question.
Suri is the voice of wonder of the iPhone 4S, but she does not comprehend Hawaiian words or names. It’s chancy, to ask Suri to find someplace on Kamehameha Highway or Wailuku, Maui.
If you’ve tried, you’ve chuckled at the vast invalid entries you receive.
I’ve had Suri locate restaurants in New York, so perhaps she’s an East Coaster — familiar with the turf.
The iPhone has options to entertain; seek and you shall find.
The iPhone simply brings the world to your palm, if you know how to navigate its services. If you are obsessed about catching every call that comes your way, the iPhone can impact and even damage your life. I’m not in that breed. I rely on it for communicating, but don’t feel compelled to readily answer each call. That’s what voice mail is for.
I still have another vintage cellphone, with a second number, for family calls, and it does very little except ring and take a message. I love its simplicity, so I still keep it.
But iPhone and Suri can’t be beat.
Happy birthday, iPhone. I'll give mine five warm rubs.
If you have an iPhone vignette to share, please do so.

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