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DeLima's rail parody: 'It’s yes, no, maybe'

July 16th, 2012

It was just a matter of time before for comedian Frank DeLima and his writing partner Patrick Downes:
This morning, DeLima released the ditty he and Downes composed (to the tune of a country classic) and delivered a punchy parody of the prevailing rail issue, clearly the single issue underling the upcoming mayoral election.
The tune — one of the periodic DeLima-Downes parodies that pokes gentle fun at community issues — features homegrown lyrics to Johnny Cash’s signature “Folsom Prison Blues” tune, often dubbed “I Hear the Train A-Coming.”
The country song, with bluegrass riffs and easy charm, reviews the conflicts currently juggled by pro-railers Peter Carlisle, the incumbent mayor, and his challengers Kirk Caldwell, who also is for rail, and former governor Ben Cayetano, who is solidly against the train and primarily eager to hop on the bus wagon.
Bu DeLima’s satirical song points out the pro and con elements, without taking sides. He's neutral, balancing the yeas with the nays. He gets political, but remains significantly neutral.
Will this giddy bit of vote-season fun help or hurt rail boosters and foes?
You can listen and then decide on your own.
As the lyrics go:
“Some say da train stay coming,
“Could be, I dunno?
“It’s yes or no, or maybe. ...”
The song mentions Ben, by name, in a heavenly context, but not the other pair of pro-railers.
The tune was released by DeLima today to several radio stations and can be heard and downloaded (for a fee, benefitting his student enrichment program), at his website,
Look for “Da Rail Blues” logo.
Lyrics are not provided, however, and for the full assessment of the Na Hoku Hanohano Award-winning humorist, the verses are provided here:

“Da Rail Blues (Folsom Prison Blues)”

Dey say da train stay coming,
Maybe, I don’t know,
Some peoples dey no like em,
Some say dat its a go.
Some say no mo maney,
And oddahs say stay get,
We eedah raise da taxes
O we in some big kine debt.

I hea da train’s stay coming
Den I hea stay not,
Some peoples say, No way Jose!
But oddahs hot-to-trot,
I hea da buggah going happen,
And den I hea it won’t,
Cause everybody like em,
Except da ones dat don’t.

Some say da train stay coming.
Could be, I dunno?
It’s yes or no, or maybe,
Howevah da ween stay blow.
Is da train one looza?
O has it picked up steam?
Is it jes one nightmea,
O is it still one dream?

If da rail gets rolling
O if da buggah flop,
If Ben stay get elected,
An make eryding stop,
Den some can chance em next time,
For get da vote reversed,
O ride da train in heaven,
Unless Ben gets dea first.
O ride da train in heaven,
Unless Ben gets dea first.

8 Responses to “DeLima's rail parody: 'It’s yes, no, maybe'”

  1. joseph bugado:

    well frank i like the rail for honolulu they get rail all over the world why not hawaii ben i dont agree with you sorry joe from hilo mabe we can get rail in hilo too

  2. Dexter Wong:

    Hasn't Frank narrated a commercial for Cayetano? If so, then this song would be a follow-on.

  3. chopsueyboy:

    Mahalo Frank! Another winner.

  4. kimo browner:

    FrankDelima makes his feelings clear when he says,
    "O ride da train in heaven,
    Unless Ben gets dea first".

    Delima is still the people's choice.

  5. MC96816:

    Imua Frank!

  6. Veronica:

    I hope you're at the next Cayetano Rally! You go Frank! You Go Ben! Stop Rail

  7. Dolores Treffeisen(Auntie Clic CLic):

    Good job Frank! I really don't think Hawaii is the place for the train. Think it will spoil the landscape and don't think that many will want to tramp to a train station far from home or job when most people I know in Hawaii are so used to hopping in their car. Remember the train stations will not be on every corner like a lot of the bus stops are now!

  8. hawaiian:

    i'm voting for frank.

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