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Aloha to Dr. Larry Tseu, a model of philanthropy

July 18th, 2012

Kudos to the Hawai'i Arts Alliance, which will honor philanthropist Dr. Lawrence Tseu as recipient of the 31st annual Alfred Preis Honors, at a dinner Jan. 19, 2013, at the Kahala Hotel and Resort.
Film star Nancy Kwan will join the celebration, with entertainment by local singers Jimmy Borges and Nohelani Cypriano. Leslie Wilcox, president and CEO of PBS Hawaii, who spotlighted Tseu in her “Long Story Short” series, will emcee.
Tseu, a retired dentist with nearly 50 years of experience, is a Hong Kong-born Kalihi-raised business and community leader, who has been one of this town’s most active and generous philanthropist. Simply put, he has shared his lifetime apassion to help folks achieve their goals, particularly children from disadvantaged socioeconomic levels.
Perhaps this giving-back philosophy is a result of his childhood hardships; though his parents were wealthy in earlier years, they fell upon hard times in the Islands, leading Tseu (during his childhood) to shine shoes and sell newspapers to earn money. That provided a foundation for him to strive, excel and do well in life.
Today, his name appears on several boards and he supports an array of community arts organizations; that’s why he’s regularly in the audience and at pricy fundraisers, endorsing and applauding endeavors large and small.
He’s shared his fortunes and aloha with the less fortunate.
For that, the community owes him a debt of aloha — and this honor, from the Hawaii Arts Alliance, is yet another in a string of awards bestowed on this philanthropist.
We add our mahalo and hurrahs to Dr. Lawrence “Larry” Tseu. He’s a model for all of us to follow.

2 Responses to “Aloha to Dr. Larry Tseu, a model of philanthropy”

  1. Go Kalihi:

    Larry is a good man and has made Kalihi proud once again. Mahalo, braddah Larry.

  2. theDman:

    I did not realize he was born in Hong Kong. His financial supports of films projects that featured local life and history are much appreciated.

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