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'Castle,' 'Revolution' eclipse 'Five-0,' which slips to third

September 25th, 2012

As suspected, CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” took a dive in preliminary overnight Nielsen ratings, falling to third place in its 9 p.m. Monday (10 p.m. on the Mainland) timeslot opposite ABC’s “Castle,” which was No. 1, and NBC’s freshman series, “Revolution,” which was No. 2.
The Island-filmed series may be a local fave, but it took a licking with “Revolution” wind up as the spoiler with its post-apocalyptic premise of an America without electrical power. Surely, the Peacock network’s lead-in show, “The Voice,” was a factor, but the Eye network also shuffled its Monday comedy shows preceding the cops-in-paradise procedural, and NBC’s new series emerged as an early season spoiler for Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and ohana, despite the launch of a new Mom McGarrett character (Christine Lahti), who made her debut alongside the return of McG’s nemesis, Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos).
“Castle” led the pack with 11.4 million viewers and a 2.5/6 rating/share in the coveted 18 to 49 demographics, which was down a skosh from last season. However, its “Dancing With the Stars,” also slipping from last year, was an effective lead-in.
“Revolution” followed with 11.0 million viewers and a 3.5/9 rating/share in the18 to 49 demo. For all the hype, “Five-0” just could not get its batteries going, pulling in 8.0 million viewers overall, with a 1.9/5 rating/share among the18 to 49 demo —and and pending a surge among fans who DVR’d “Five-0,” for delayed viewing, this could mark the lowest-ever season H50 debut.
Over-all, NBC owned adults 18 to 49, largely on the power of “The Voice,” though ABC copped more total viewers partially because the alphabet network affiliate in Green Bay, Mich., carried “Monday Night Football,” somewhat inflating the Nielsen numbers.
So let the post-Monday quarterbacking resume: Are the new characters and backstories hindering “Five-0”? Will the romantic angle in “Castle” overpower the anticipated McG love element? Will the mystery and wonderment of an America without juice run its course after a few weeks?
Share your thoughts and observations.

7 Responses to “'Castle,' 'Revolution' eclipse 'Five-0,' which slips to third”

  1. Manoa_Fisherman:

    As soon as CBS "Vegas" falls on Tuesday at 9 pm, they should switch over H50 to that slot. With NCIS and NCIS:LA infront of it, H50 will be back over 10 million viewers real easy.

  2. melissai:

    We don't know what Tuesday night's ratings were yet, and although I'm sure both NCIS's did well, they have some competition this season as well. They're up against The Voice and Dancing w/the Stars, so maybe H50 wouldn't do quite so well there. I really think all the backstories and some poor writing last season have taken their toll and folks are burned out with the show. I know I'm tired of Shelburne and Christine Lahti was too bitchy for me. As for over-the-top stunts w/this show, does anyone agree the giant claw wins the prize for absurdity?

  3. theDman:

    @Manoa, that's not a bad idea at all. They need a stronger lead-in. Something has to be done.

  4. theDman:

    As far as the show itself goes, the Wo Fat character and storyline is getting absolutely absurd. It needs to end and the show must move in a different direction. I feel it is getting...Wily E. Cayote-Roadrunner that Wo Fat keeps fighting with McGarret for no good reason, and like the cartoon, it's getting tiresome.

  5. AniMatsuri:

    Vegas won its time slot in the 18-49 demo(2.5) as well as over all viewers(14.7 million) more than the other 2 combined. Next week the ratings will probably dip a little but, it looks like this show is solid and not going anywhere.

    Wo Fat's rescue did seem like something pulled out of James Bond movie.

    Since H50 has already been sold into syndication, chances are good that it's still got another 2 seasons to go so it can make up a good package for that deal.

  6. Wayne Harada:

    This just in: "NCIS" had 20.5 million viewers and the spin-off "NCIS: Los Angeles" drew 16.7 million in their debuts this past Tuesday — and they're persistently the leading procedural dramas week after week. "Five-0" could learn from these sister-shows on CBS; and remember, "LA" and "H50" had crossover episodes last year.

  7. theDman:

    "Five-0" could learn from these sister-shows on CBS; and remember, "LA" and "H50" had crossover episodes last year."

    There is something that has to be done before H50 makes changes and tries to "re-invent" least, a small amount of re-inventing. That "something" is no small task, so I would not advise anyone to hold their breath.

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