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Misfortunes of 'Five-0:' Back to third place

October 16th, 2012

The preliminary Monday night overnight Nielsen TV ratings are in — and it's a see-sawing game, with "Hawaii Five-0" slipping to third place.
The CBS series at 9 p.m. (10 p.m. Mainland) drew 8.4 million viewers and 5.5 demo and 9 share, after being No. 2 last week. ABC’s “Castle,” the mover-and-shaker in this time slot, was No. 1 in total viewers with 10.9 million, though its demo figures were down to 7.3 rating and 11 share. NBC’s “Revolution,” which has become a spoiler for “H50,” is second with 8.8 million viewers and 5.3 demos and 8 rating.
Over-all, ABC won the night, with “Dancing With the Stars” and “Castle,” averaging 12.6 million viewers and 8.4 rating and 13 share, but NBC — thanks to “The Voice” and “Revolution” — topped the 18 to 49 demographics, with 6.7 rating and 10 share and 11.5 million viewers. That meant CBS was third with 8.2 million viewers and a 5.1 rating and 8 share.
Ironically, “Pōpilikia,” Hawaiian for misfortune and similar disastrous situations, was the title of the Oct.15 “Hawaii Five-0” episode. It sort of capsulized several elements in the episode, and provided an ominous one-word self-review of the show.
Mama’s back, and is this a plot mistake?
Doris McGarrett appears to be every bit the cloying and uncertain story thread akin to the dubious Shelburne debacle from the past season. Though Christine Lahti plays Mama McG with cheeky fun, you know Steve McG (Alex O’Loughlin) ain’t loving it.
In this episode, she slips into the house while McG and g.f. Catherine (Michelle Borth) are in bed; they suspect a burglar, she’s simply doing breakfast, which they’re not lovin’.
The earlier chatter on Mama McG's whereabouts since her revelation at the end of season two is repeated, along with the McQuestion: why the heck didn’t she do in Wo Fat when she had the opportunity? So the dread and the wonderment continue ... but for how long, and why?
Mama’s also sneaky and meddlesome; she seeks out a secret microfilm, hidden in a 35 mm film capsule in a container in a hidden floor panel. Ah, more drawn-out drama.
And whoa! Mama McG also promotes Liliha Bakery’s coco puffs four times, and consumes one puff – maybe she really loves those cream-filled delights— but isn’t this overkill of product placement? Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) brought her a box, and the prolonged bliss about ‘em was, well, embarrassing. What next, shave ice? Malasada? Manapua?
At least when the "H50" team shuttles around in Chevys or parties at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, they don’t utter, “Hey, let’s cruise in the Chevy to party at the Hilton” to pay off partnerships.
Women viewers obviously loved the shirtless McG in bed with Catherine, but this is worrisome turf. If she’s an associate in "H50," and sleeping with the boss, it ought to be a workplace concern. She’s pretty much relegated so far as a co-worker who checks on issues cued by McG, and the relationship includes a quick peck on the cheek. But it’s still a sticky situation: the personal life interfering with the love life.
There were other jolting misfortunes: a polo player literally loses his head, leading to headless horseman jokes; with a replay of the rolling head (even if it’s a fake) on the grass, if you missed the first time. And talk about losing a finger brought a bit more jolt. A little more subtlety in plot details, please.
With McG now niggling with Mama, the cargument roles are newly shared between other "H50" teammates. What, is no one happy in paradise?
It’s cause for pilikia, don’t you think?

9 Responses to “Misfortunes of 'Five-0:' Back to third place”

  1. Twilight:

    I'm on the mainland right now and I can attest that CBS has really been promoting the show over the last week. Maybe a situation of better late than never, but there have been "Have More Gun in the Sun" ads everywhere in print, online, and on CBS. They even had a recommendation for Monday Night pick in the local paper here, which I can't ever remember happening before for this show. And, as far as previous comments about competition, I'm not sure I agree wholeheartedly with that. Castle and Revolution, I would think, have different viewers than H50, and none of the three is bringing in huge numbers of viewers to drastically take away from H50. I just think viewers have grown tired of the show, especially with Shelburne, Wo Fat, etc., and now Doris. What will definitely help is the syndi deal, as well as so many other CBS shows floundering.

  2. AniMatsuri:

    If you notice, Catherine is still offically working for the US Navy. So she's not exactly sleeping with the boss.

    Expect the numbers to get worst when the final adjustments come in as there was football games shown in some key markets instead of H50.

    Interesting note: Lauren German who I feel was a stand in because they couldn't get Michelle Borth at the time now plays a lesbian EMT on Chicago Fire. Maybe the show runner saw her lack of chemistry with Alex and decided keep her away from any male/female romance by making her gay.

  3. H50Fan808:

    Correction: It was Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim), who brought the Liliha Bakery coco puffs.

  4. AniMatsuri:

    Spoke to soon. Final adjustments have put H50 into 2nd place in the 18-49 demo beating Castle by a tenth(2.1 to 2.0). Revolution was also adjusted down by a tenth but still beats both Castle and H50 with a 3.3 rating.

  5. Vee:

    Small was Chin Ho Kelly who bought the Liliha Bakery coco puff's (shameless plug) not Danno.

  6. theDman:

    I'll have to watch the whole episode on the net because I only caught the 2nd half. I did feel there was going to be a major plot twist at the very end, but no, it was Sonny Boy that they had caught on camera as the culprit. Kinda of a letdown actually.

  7. Wayne Harada:

    Corrected/updated faux pas, re who brought Mama McG the coco puffs... in original blog filing, listed Danno (Scott Caan) as the bearer of good munching.

  8. Kimo:

    The revised ratings - taking recorded and delayed on-demand viewing into account - shows 5-0 up a bit to # 2 for the time slot.

  9. theDman:

    After watching the whole episode, my opinion was.....meh
    Not as good as last week. Not a stinker, well acted, but this criminal storyline was w-a-y out there, kinda like those Wo Fat episodes. The interrogation of the fortune teller was kind of funny, I thought that was a good scene.

    But, Mom is getting in the way, and getting on my nerves. Time to put her on a leaky boat to Guam. This is looking like another subplot failure of the writers.

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