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Trouble in paradise: How will 'H50' restore fanship?

November 6th, 2012

The trick was on “Hawaii Five-0” Monday night (Nov. 5), when the CBS show posted its lowest-ever ratings without much treats. It was a Halloween episode delayed from the previous week because of Superstorm Sandy (which preempted the screening as the networks went live with storm coverage) and the devastating numbers certainly should propel some producer-level huddling on how best to up the viewership.
“Five-0” again was beaten by ABC’s “Castle,” and the spoiler clearly is NBC’s “Revolution,” which has been stealing some viewers from CBS’ sliver of the pie.
As story lines go, Monday’s show somewhat shelved the bromance between McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and Danno (Scott Caan), and presented instead a round of romantic quibbles between McG and his newly-restored relationship with Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth). Oh, there were hugs and kisses and playful charm, but there was friction, too. And you thought Mama McG (Christine Lahti) was going to be the one to irritate McG? Hmmmm. ...
“Castle” amassed 10.1 million viewers, compared to “Five-0’s” 7.7 million viewers and “Revolution’s” 7.35 million.
“Revolution” has been building a loyal audience in the 9 p.m. (10 p.m. Mainland) hour, and was the leader in the coveted 18 to 49 demographics with a 2.9 rating, despite its third place ranking in numbers. The NBC show also has been one of this season’s highly regarded dramas in the slot, following two previous seasons where the Peacock network struggled to produce a “player” to compete with “Five-0” and “Castle.”
In the end, there was not a whole lot to cheer about, though ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars’ All Stars” (non-elimination episode) and NBC’s “The Voice” in the Monday night reality block at 7 and 8 p.m. (8 and 9 p.m. Mainland) led in viewership. ABC had 12.3 million and NBC 10.7 million, compared to CBS’ 7.6 million.

41 Responses to “Trouble in paradise: How will 'H50' restore fanship?”

  1. hossana:

    The sooner 5-0 disappears the better. Nothing more and nothing less.

  2. Terry:

    For some reason, you're not looking at the entire ratings picture. Viewership for ALL of the network 10 p.m. dramas were low on Monday, and Revolution's numbers continues their downward spiral, yet you fail to mention that at all. Don't get me wrong, I think that CBS should be concerned and make some improvements in the show, but your representation of Hawaii Five-0 being a giant failure while Revolution is thriving, is incorrect. Revolution is having problems of it's own which is why NBC chose to put it on hiatus for four months.

    And although producer Peter Lenkov has promised (threatened) friction between McGarrett and Cath, there was none evident in last night's episode, merely playful banter. You say the bromance was "somewhat shelved," when in fact it could not have been more evident than in the final scene. Combining that comment, the fact that you mention nothing about the story line, with your recent statement that it was Danno who delivered coco puffs to Mama McGarrett, when in fact it was Chin Ho, I'm beginning to think you don't even watch the show. That's certainly your prerogative, but if it's the case, you shouldn't be writing about Hawaii Five-0.

  3. AlexFan:

    Well let's see, H50 beat Revolution with viewers and beat Castle with demo. Any other show at 10 on Monday would not be doing any better. Like I have said before Haters hate, fans stick with the show. Please Hossana if you don't like it that is your right for me The longer 5-0 stays the better. Nothing more and nothing less.

  4. AlexFan:

    One other thing, to me I would think that Hawaiians would want H50 on the air filming in one of the most beautiful places on earth bringing in jobs, money into economy from production and tourist that the show brings to the islands. It would be cheaper for CBS to film somewhere else but they don't.

  5. Kelly:

    You seem to want H50 to turn into something it has no intention of ever becoming. It's popcorn television. It's supposed to fun & exciting, and for millions of devoted fans it is. It will never win an Emmy, but it's not trying to; then it would become a different kind of show, one I probably wouldn't enjoy as much. Take H50 for what it is, an hour of fun that takes us away from all the stresses and pressures of our real lives. That is what I want and what I need.

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  7. Wayne Harada:

    What’s the ranking of Monday’s TV viewership?
    A reader called to ask.
    So here’s the Top 10 slate (some figures have been adjusted):

    1 — “Dancing With the Stars,” ABC, 13.35 million viewers, adults 18-49, 2.1.
    2 — “The Voice,” NBC, 12.19 million, adults 18-49, 4.5.
    3 — “Castle,” ABC, 10.05 million, adults 18-49, 1.9.
    4 — “2 Broke Girls,” CBS, 9.15 million, adults 18-49, 3.3.
    5 — “Mike & Molly,” CBS, 8.79 million, adults 18-49, 2.8.
    6 — “Revolution,” NBC, 7.74 million, adults 18-49, 2.9.
    7 — “Hawaii Five-0,” CBS, 7.53 million, adults 18-49, 2.0
    8 — “Bones,” Fox, 7.29 million, adults 18-49, 2.0.
    9 — “How I Met Your Mother,” CBS, 7.19 million, adults 18-49, 2.8.
    10 — “Partners,” CBS, 5.81 million, adults 18-49, 2.1.

  8. CJ:

    Harada, you can't be bothered with FACTS regarding both the show and ratings? H50 BEAT Castle with adults 18-49 by 1/10th this week, so you are incorrect. I don't know about "Trouble in paradise" but there is trouble with the integrity of this piece.

  9. naklejki scienne:

    it is difficult to disagree with this article. you have a lot of reasons

  10. lucy:

    You sure do HATE very good.The show i great as i will always be a Hawaii five 0 fan no matter the dumbass things you say about it!!!!!

  11. Leslie Marsh:

    It certainly has been rough in the last 2 weeks with the debate and Sandy roaring in on the East Coast. I am sure it hasn't been easy for any shows that normally air on Monday nights. However I am getting sick and tired of the sharp criticism on the show this year I think all the episodes have been fantastic and notice I said something with the word fan. Because I am a fan of the show and I love every episode! For H50 to be #7 in my book considering other shows have already seen the ax. And Yes H50 is boosting the ecomony for Hawaii. I think without it it wouldn't be that great considering everything is so expensive there. Oh yes there will tourists visting but not as many. I don't watch much tv and I love H50 better than NCIS although that show films sometimes near my hometown in Virginia. Maybe it's your show to be a critic but please take consideration of the fans remember any chance they can get they try to get a picture with Alex,Scott and the other cast and crew and thank them for the show. To me that's what it all about!!!!! To cancel the show would be very devastating!!!!

  12. Teresa Kapalana:


  13. Jayn:

    I used to watch Hawaii Five 0 and I was so excited the first season. The last 2 seasons have been somewhat boring. It seems as if CBS works on who they can get to guest star instead of the story lines. Now, I record it and watch it whenever. I have also lost my lust for Alex O. I loved him at the beginning of this show but this year he has just done nothing for me as an actor. His personal life is upside down as well. Maybe that affected his career:(

  14. theDman:

    I only saw a part of it. I did not like the storyline of what I saw, but I will have to go online and watch more it.

    The success of a show is due to three things: the writing, the writing, and the writing.

  15. Fans are too defensive:

    H50 fans are amazing. They can't take fair criticism of their show. The truth is H50 is steadily tanking with each new episode.
    On October 8, H50 had a 2.2 demo and 9.006 million viewers.
    On October 15, H50 had a 2.1 demo and 8.70 million viewers.
    On November 5, they had a 2.0 demo and only 7.35 million viewers!!!
    Like it or not, they are steadily dropping in ratings and demo with each new episode. Revolution is doing great. NBC said in next week's TV Guide they are shelving it because they want to have it on matched up with The Voice. So when The Voice goes off, Revolution will, too. When The Voice returns, so will Revolution.
    H50 is catching a huge break there. Add that to the very lucky position they are in with having been sold to TNT in their first season, they can continue. Otherwise, CBS would never continue it because it is way too expensive to run with such lousy ratings. CBS is used to much higher ratings.
    Instead of killing the messenger, which is H50 fans usual MO, why don't you take criticism and try to see what can be done to help the show?
    Some of these fans here blast other fans on twitter when they point out flaws. Nice way to turn off new fans to the show.

  16. Sally Amelotti:

    Mr. Harada, Last Monday's show was very good. The plot was scary, the humor was there and there were twist galore. What was there not to like. Oh there was no cargument. Well that can't happen every episode. I have know idea why a network would base ratings on 18 year olds. They are either out working, studying, talking on the phone to their friends or playing video games. No rating should be based on them and you have to consider the DVR results which I don't think you are. My household loves Hawaii Five-0. It is filmed in beautiful Hawaii, it's nice to see "Paradise" on a Monday night. The actors are very good, the storylines have twist and turns so you can't figure out the end in the first 5 minutes. I don't know about you but I like to be entertained and Hawaii Five-0 does that for me and my family. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but you should at least try to keep an open mind and watch the show and believe me you will be entertained. Trust me on this.

  17. Terry:

    To Fans Are Too Defensive, you're correct that some fans won't tolerate any criticism at all, but you are incorrect that Revolution is doing just fine. Both the overall number and the demo numbers have been going down each week. And the reason that NBC needs Revolution to follow The Voice, is because they fear they won't get the holdover audience without it.

    I believe that the writing on Hawaii Five-0 needs to be better and more consistent. However, that's not the focus of Wayne's blog. He quotes incorrect and incomplete facts - that's the problem that I have with this post.

  18. Fans are too defensive:

    Sally, just to explain about the 18-49 demo. It is the advertisers who want that group, not the networks. Why? Because they want young enough people who try and will use their products for the rest of their lives; long term users for their products. They are looking at picking up new buyers of their products. Older people are usually set in their product usage already.
    That is why DVR numbers are basically irrelevant. The real numbers that count are DVR + 3 days WHERE THE VIEWERS ACTUALLY WATCH THE ADS. Those stats are not given to the public. All other DVR numbers are for PR use but don't count for ratings. And I don't know about you, but I never watch the ads when I watch shows I DVR'd.
    Hope that helps you understand.
    BTW: when only 7 million viewers are watching, it does mean that the show needs to change or I am afraid after season 4, it is gone.

  19. Fans are too defensive:

    Terry, H50 NEVER got the demo Revolution has, even when it had 11-12 million viewers. Revolution is consistently getting high 2's and 3's. H50 never got in the high 3's. So to say Revolution is doing worse and worse is a little disingenuous. H50 also dropped from 14 million viewers in its premiere first season episode down to 9 million or so by the end of season one. No one said it was doing poorly then.
    Demo means more then # of viewers.
    Wayne isn't causing the viewership to drop. Viewers aren't watching, period. When Revolution goes away, H50 will have another chance to raise viewership. But that is the same as saying Revolution depends on The Voice. I guess H50 depends on the departure of Revolution to improve.
    If H50 can't stand on its own two feet by season 3, something is wrong. Wayne isn't to blame for that. I don't know why fans get on here and accuse him of not watching (are you in his living room?) and post all in caps when they don't agree with him.
    I see the same venom and put downs on twitter to fans who say things avid fans don't like. Welcoming open views instead of only happy posts kills interest for newer viewers, JMO. Take it for what it is worth. But facts are facts. For some reason, literally millions of viewers have left H50 and that has to do with the show.

  20. theDman:

    Fans are too defensive said: "If H50 can't stand on its own two feet by season 3, something is wrong"

    I do agree with this. H50 had a lot of things going for it, in season one. I thought it was going to do well as a series. The question is: What's happened since then? The ratings are truly getting into the danger zone now. Maybe the producers need to take on a consultant to fix things? I'm not sure. Maybe a swap to another night might help too, but I am not sure I know which night that would be.

    I am sure however, that the cost of the show dictates higher ratings are needed.

  21. Sally Amelotti:

    Thank you so much for the explaining the way the ratings work. I already knew the advertisers want people to watch their ads and think they want to buy that or use it. I get it, but you don't find to many 18 yr. olds buying new Chevys, most don't have a job and if they do they buy used or borrow Mom and Dad's. I don't watch the ads when I watch the DVR either so it doesn't matter what they are selling I'm not watching. I do love to see new things come on the market though and I'm game to try it. Never to old to try somethiing new. I still love the show like I said, some episodes more than others but it is refreshing to see such a beautiful place and a non-conventional storyline on the Mondays. I will say that a comedy lead in for Hawaii Five-0 is not the best. If it would change times I would love to see it move to Tuesdays at 9 pm after NCIS and NCISLA. That would be a very good night for CBS. Maybe they should include the 7-9 year olds cause my 9 year old loves Hawaii Five-0. It is something we enjoy watching together only on the DVR on Tuesday afternoon after school. To late for her to stay up. lol

  22. Fans are too defensive:

    Sally, you are welcome. LOL Maybe CBS should sell video games and the like instead of Chevys? 🙂

    Remember, it is 18-49 year olds and 49 year olds DO buy cars.

    I am not condoning the advertisers, mind you, just saying why they do what they do. And just remember, that rule is true for all shows.
    I still say H50 had the viewership and they lost it. They have always been on Monday at 10 PM. They once did well with the comedy lead in.
    I guess what I am trying to say is we have to stop looking for excuses outside of the show as to WHY it is failing. We have to accept that everything has remained the same (lead in comedies, Mondays at 10, etc) and yet H50 couldn't hang on to millions of its original viewers.

    To me it is the writing. I see many repeat themes like heads cut off (twice now) and other things. I understand that now Danno is going to have a bomb tied to him--didn't we already see that plot?

    I also agree that they seem to feel the need to bring in guest stars that (sorry) are mostly has beens and they don't seem to have confidence in who they have acting already. Cheap tricks to lure in new viewers? Really? Is that all they have? So sad.

  23. Fans are too defensive:

    Oh, and let's not forget the 16 year old Kardashian kid who has never acted. Is that to bring in the 18 year old males? I think so.

    Hmmm. Cheap tricks, like I said.

  24. Twilight:

    Boy, the Alex fans sure are getting defensive. Is there a coordinated thing going on here? Wayne is presenting an opinion and he's been supportive of the show when it deserved it. He's not responsible for poor writing, lack of character development, and nauseatingly boring backstories. The advertisers are the ones who want 18-49 viewers. Like the electoral college, nobody likes this system. But, without those advertisers you all know there wouldn't be free TV. If the show has gotten better this season, I would recommend CBS and the stars of the show get out and really do a promotional blitz to see if they can get back some of these viewers. Alex, that means you! But, I do see Jayn's point from above. Alex had/has a lot of female fans but personal lives of stars can possibly make a difference in whether they want to keep watching and supporting a show. Lots of viewers did not come back from last season. Also, note Vegas is close to cancellation and it is doing about the same as H50.

  25. Sally Amelotti:

    I do see your point I really do. I'm not sure it is the writing though. You are right about the guest stars, there are a lot of them. Was sorry to see Ed Asner be killed off. Yes he is old but he was good as August March. They have a very good cast in place so maybe they ought to concentrate more on them. Every show will have a time when it is time to go I just hope this one stays around for a long time. I'm watching a movie on the Hallmark channel and it has Cari-Hiroyuki Tagawa in it. I miss him as Hiro in H50 too. You're right they did stand on their own the 1st Season with comedy on in front of them. Then some of the comedy shows changed and people really like reality shows. I know I'm being naive but I think Hawaii Five-0 will be just fine. Mahalo for listen to one very addicted fan! Lol

  26. katie093:

    Hmm, some folks are blaming Wayne for doing his job and calling it like he sees it? Interesting. In fact, a large number of viewers must be agreeing with him, because the ratings have plummeted. This show would be headed for cancellation if this were season 1. Sally, believe me, I watched and suffered through Lori and Shelburne, and through terrible writing and story lines to show my support. At some point, the show does have to perform and the ratings tell the story there. Maybe the Revolution hiatus will be the gift some are hoping for. I do hope Wayne keeps writing how he sees it, and so can we. D-Man always has thoughtful comments.

  27. HeyD50:

    I personally have to lay some of the blame for the decreased viewership on CBS's promotion of the show..or more appropriately the lack thereof. When Hawaii Five-0 was pre-empted on the 29th due to Hurricane Sandy, it was the ONLY completely pre-empted show. During the Hurricane Sandy special coverage, there was not one mention to the effect of "Hawaii Five-0 returns next week" or even a single promo aired, yet the usual promos for other CBS shows did air. During the week, other shows are heavily promoted about 4-5 days prior to their airdate. The Monday night comedies are promoted extensively as well. It is rare to see a Hawaii Five-0 promo before Friday evening. Even then I am seeing promos for the NCIS's and CSI's that air later in the week. I don't watch football on the weekends so I can't speak to that. I do feel there was no special promotional push for the episode that did finally air Monday night after being pushed back a week. I know CBS claims that all the shows are promoted equally. I disagree.
    It is also rare to see any of the stars (other than DDK) doing any nation wide promotional work for the show. I realize they are in Hawaii and the talk shows, etc are not. I'm sure something could be worked out in this technological age. Thanks!

  28. Twilight:

    Thank you, thank you, heyD50 for your last comment. I was saying basically the same thing above about the stars not doing much national promotion. Doing promotion only in this newspaper and HNN is preaching to the choir. They get several months off in the summer, too. I'm sure they disagree with us.

  29. Fans are too defensive:

    Well, there are reasons why I believe certain "to be unnamed" stars have disappeared from the talk show/ interview circuit. Let's just say certain stars have made comments lately that have hurt much of their fandom and it could be that they have been told NOT to go out there and interview because they say things they shouldn't, and express preferences for some fans over others. I will leave it at that.
    I do watch football and the pre-shows before it on CBS and both during the games and in the pre-shows, they promote H50.
    I have heard the same thing in every fandom I have followed. They don't promote the show enough. Every show's followers say that about their show. CBS wants eyes on their shows and they know how and when to promote. We as fans just want to see it everywhere. I also see H50 promoted on the Y&R and B&B soaps. I hear promotion on the radio Monday mornings.
    I really think we need to stop blaming everything but the show itself.

    We keep conveniently forgetting that H50 HAD viewers and they are LOSING viewers. They are not just trying to find new eyes on their show. The people who USED to watch the show, if they liked it enough, would know when it is on and watch it. And it doesn't mater if a show has repeats for a while or a special on that day (as was with the dumping of H50 during the storm crisis). Fans will look for when the new episodes will be on. Problem is, the viewers they are losing simply don't want to watch the show any more.
    All shows have spaces in between their new episodes; specials and repeats to fill in the year. In fact, H50 has 24 episodes (23 last year for special reasons as we all know). MOST shows have only 22 episodes. That means they have 2-3 less repeats than most shows. Yet the popular shows maintain their viewership.
    Let's face it. Losing close to a million viewers more with each new episode is a sign the show is sinking on its own merits. Maybe H50 will get lucky when Revolution goes away fro 4 months.

  30. Twilight:

    To Fans are too Defensive: I would so love to "gossip" with you privately since I'm just dying to hear all the details relating to above. 🙂 Seriously! Your posts are really interesting.

  31. Fans are too defensive:

    Thanks! *hugs* 🙂

  32. sarah lynn:

    Yes, it might be better if our stars didn't state in interviews that Hawaiians are cool and that mainlanders are the problem. As a native, I even shuddered at that. There's not a blue state America or a red state America, there's only a United. . . Oops, too much election for me, I guess. haha

  33. Fans are too defensive:

    Spot on, Sarah! AND you made me laugh! I am so DONE with the election now! HAHA

  34. theDman:

    I as well as others here have suggested ways that the show could improve, but, admittedly, that is at the fan level, and that's not the whole story.

    I don't think CBS is looking the other way. They can see the problem. They also know what needs to be done, but they are reluctant to do it because of protocol and precedent. The network really has invested a lot into getting the series off the ground and they would love to reach season 5 where they will cross the magic mark and syndication can start. Don't forget, that TNT...AMC...ESPN...(some cable network!) has already bought the rights, so CBS wants to cash in! Now, at this point, a season six is likely superfluous, the goal is simply to get to season five.

    But, they won't get that chance if the ratings continue down this road, and CBS knows this. Is it too late to save the show? No, it isn't. They have two basic options to choose from, one is the easy way out, the other is harder, but it is the choice they need to make.

    Let's see what they do.

  35. Fans are too defensive:

    They only need a season 4 for syndication; baseline of about 88 episodes. If they do 4 seasons at 24+24+24+23 episodes, they will have 95 episodes and that is plenty. They would have to really do awfully to let go of their TNT deal that they have. So count on 4 seasons, but after that-----

  36. Fans are too defensive:

    CBS can eat bad ratings if they know they will rake it in in syndication and more than make up for what they are losing currently.

  37. Fans are too defensive:

    But if they REALLY tank, say, stay around 3 million viewers, than I don't think they can make it. I don't anticipate that to happen, but who knows for sure? Like theDman says, stay tuned. 🙂

  38. Fans are too defensive:

    If you don't think live viewership counts far more than DVR viewership consider Peter's tweet:

    @PLenkov: #H50 #CBS family: you might never hear me say this again...Don't watch my beloved Steelers Mon nite. DVR that game. Watch us live. #worthit

  39. sarah lynn:

    To Fans . . .

    Do you think Peter is maybe feeling the heat from the network? Maybe there could be some producer changes and such being discussed at the network level. I know at least one of the stars had a paycut this season, so there must have been some budget concerns even last year.

  40. theDman:

    @sarah lynn

    ...without question.

  41. Fans are too defensive:

    Or the pay cut was a warning for no future drug use and the consequent loss of a planned episode? Most stars get pay raises each year a show gets renewed. They wouldn't cut one star's salary by $20,000 per episode just because H50 has budget problems.CBS doesn't want another Charlie Sheen, after all. And I agree with Sarah and D-man. There must be pressure. CBS is a business, after all, and they are all employees.

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