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Without 'Castle,' 'Five-0' makes gains — though it still pains

November 27th, 2012

CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” earned its best ratings so far this season, but there’s a caveat: Its primary challenger, ABC’s “Castle,” was pre-empted and replaced with a two-hour “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” in the 9 p.m. (10 p.m. Mainland) slot.
According to the overnight Nielsen TV ratings, two other CBS shows — “2 Broke Girls” and “Mike and Molly” — also posted season’s best numbers this week, even though the ratings rulers were “ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” (reaching its season high, in its final performance segment) and NBC’s “The Voice” (still narrowing down its competitive field).
“Five-0” managed to garner 10.1 million viewers, ahead of NBC’s “Revolution” (8.7 million) and the low-performing ABC “Extreme Makeover” edition (5.2 million). Yep, the No. 1 ranking in the hour was long overdue, though the victory was a tad shallow, what with the absence of "Castle."
The 18-to-49 demographics leader in this time slot was “Revolution” (2.9 million), a show that will soon disappear for a spell, perhaps giving "Five-0" some leverage to rebuild and recover from the challenges of season three.
The episode, “Wahine ‘Ino Loa,” or Evil Woman,” had a spectacular opening sequence, capped by a body burnt to a crisp and hit by a car, as good as the earlier episode where a polo player literally loses his head.
Nothing like a horrific beginning to capture the viewership.
The plot, alas, was a sometimes entertaining but overall an unsatisfying medley of a therapist posing as a madame (Vanessa Marcil) aiming to outfox and play mind games with Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin). He’s onto her, however, rightfully expecting shenanigans, and her presence seems to be mostly to recall some parental issues from the past —and meddling with his head — making McG intent on proving she’s the killer of the kalua’d dude.
A subplot involving Catherine (Michele Borth) and agent Channing (Carlos Bernard) querying her about a dude named Mangosta, a figure from the Mama McG’s (Christine Lahti) past, who invades Catherine’s home — yet another lame plot attempt to create situations and build a past around newly established regulars. Intrusive without being interesting — and hopefully not another Shelburne-type arc. Doris McGarrett, alas, has much too much baggage — with still unknown issues involving Wo Fat.
This kind of new plodding, dreary details are painful, without much relevance to the here-and-now.
Sounds like McG and Mama need to put their heads and souls together, once and for all, to get all the cobwebs out of the family closet so that the procedural can proceed with fighting crimes and baddies, instead of taking detours to filter and weed out ohana secrets.
Surely, a lean-and-clean profile, with more emphasis on action than reaction to past shadows, will help the show regain, retain and maintain ratings that matter.

10 Responses to “Without 'Castle,' 'Five-0' makes gains — though it still pains”

  1. Manoa_Fisherman:

    Marcil use to be attractive when she was on "Las Vegas" a few years ago. Alas, the years have not been kind to her, or so it seems. The close-ups of her face showed some real wear and tear for some reason and made her look like a bad plastic surgeon's patient. May be that was the intent of the make up department to have her look more unappealing or villainous.

  2. hossana:

    Hawaii 5-0 has really idiotic story lines and the whole series should just diappear into tv hell.

  3. theDman:

    The plot and storyline was different this week...I will hand that to the writers and producers. Still the same gory stuff to "shock" the viewer, which in itself, is getting mundane...but as everyone knows, they are not the only TV show that is pulling this type of stunt.

    I did not like the episode though. I don't care if it was "different". Wayne said it best, it was unsatisfying, and I think only a Hawaii Five 0 apologist would like it. Where in the *#$%^&!!#! are they going with "Mom"? At this point I want her killed off by next week, sooner if possible! Give Stevie and Mommy a pair of boxing gloves and let them duke it out, winner take all.

    The intent was to put women out in front as the main protagonists in this episode, and that much was accomplished, but what was the purpose? Besides to confuse us that is. As others have said, just what exactly is "girlfriend" doing on the island and in the show. Did she get deputized between episodes? Why is seeking out these dangerous situations and drawing her gun?...slow day?...something to do?

    And the killer? I mean, she is a very evil person alright, murdered people, and the upshot is that they just cuff her out of the cab? That's it? Why? How come she doesn't get the same treatment all the bad guys on the show get? Why doesn't she get blasted to smithereens in the back?

    This sudden return to femininity with the killer and with Mom, was the writer's attempt to show that these characters are complicated and complex people. n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-eh! Didn't work. You can't portray them as evil in one moment and then vulnerable literally in the very next moment and expect to be believable in any sort of way.

    In a more serious note, I was disturbed by the stiffness of several of the actors in this episode. This is not an onus on the actor really but on the editor. There are dozens of takes done for each shot, the editor has to select the best one. Are you telling me that those were the best shots to use? There were several spots where the actors appeared to be flat, almost like they were unsure of their lines. I know there had to be better stuff that ended up on the cutting room floor.

    Whew! All I can say is, it's a good thing the viewership went up! At least for this episode.

  4. AniMatsuri:

    With Revolution out of the way until March, expect the the ratings to seesaw between Castle and H50 like it has in the past.

    From what I've read like or not, even through a lot of people seem to want H50 to turn into another CSI/NCIS clone, the producers. actors, & writers what the show to be more character driven which is why we'll see more of McGarrett's sister & mother than we saw in the whole run of the original series.

    Why would the killer be ruffed up more than she has to be? Unlike others she's wasn't dumb enought to fight back once caught.

    I rather like the how we're shown just how dangerous Mama G is. I think a lot of people were thinking she was beaten and taken by the thug that was looking for her. Instead of what we see once Cat tracks to her down.

  5. H20:

    Bottom line, if you've already made up your mind that you don't like the show, you won't be able to enjoy it no matter what. And in that case, why keep watching?

  6. Fans are too defensive:

    Women should be a bit offended that a military girl, who is supposedly strong and self-sufficient, appears to be only there to satisfy McG's needs and help him break the law where she could get court marshaled for what she does for him. No one can seem to figure out if she is really still with the military and if she is, that is some leave time she has been given! It feels like what it probably is; she was brought in to give Steve a GF with no reasonable story behind it. They do that with many things in H50. They just throw in characters and situations with no rhyme or reason.
    They are very lucky that Revolution is going away for 4 months. Castle fans that watched will return to Castle next week. This show lost focus when it changed from a special team who operated outside of the law to a team that just chases bad guys, like any cop.

  7. Fans are too defensive:

    Everywhere I read comments where fans are concerned and talk about the things that are going wrong with the show and what it needs to do to change and GROW viewership, someone gets on and tells them if they don't like it, why watch? To me, that is counterproductive to the success of the show you care about. You are literally pushing away fans who care enough to comment about their concerns. That is something that sadly seems way too common with H50 fans who are hurting their own show. Hiding the truth won't help your show. And obviously, if we are here it is because we still want it to succeed and are still watching. We are just realistic.

  8. melissai:

    D-Man and FA2D, always enjoy your comments. Agree.

    Catherine really serves no purpose, other than the obvious purpose for McG 🙂 on this show. Kill off Mama McG, please. As far as some criticizing others for opinions, don't even get me started about the man at work who dared to complain about the wooden, Rocky Balboa-type acting on the part of a certain actor on this show. I thought he was gonna get his head cut off. I don't think I work with D-Man, but you're not the only one who's thinking this way. 🙂

  9. theDman:

    @melissai Yeah, certain segments in this particular episode made one of the main actors look rigid, but I don't think he is like that all time by any means. That's why I question why the editor chose those clips to be used. I also thought it applied to more than one actor too. Maybe there was an attempt to create a certain mood...

  10. Bill Petersen:

    They really should have just called the show CSI: Hawaii from the start. The feel, the editing, the casting, the murder that begins every show, has always felt like a bad xerox of CSI or Criminal Minds. Go watch the old 5-0 on Netflix, they don't make stars like Jack Lord any more, don't matter how many crunches Alex O'Loughlin can do.

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