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Did dueling Santas, Victoria's Secret impact 'Five-0' ratings?

December 4th, 2012

Was it the Victoria’s Secret branding that benefitted CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” Monday (Dec. 3) night, to give the Island show an edge?
Further, was the absence of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” lead-in series a factor in the so-so performance of “Castle”?
Or did the seasonal dueling Santas provide a snowball curve with NBC’s “Blake Shelton’s Not So Family Christmas” special, complemented by the Christmas storyline on “Castle,” to give “Five-0” an unexpected holiday present?
Who’s to say? Or does it matter?
Overall, ratings were down for all, and for the 9 p.m. (10 p.m. Mainland) hour Monday, “Five-0” did OK (down a skosh from last week) with its fashion plate of Victoria Secret models, bikini-clad wahine on the beach, and guest stars with some celebrity — both from fashion (Behati Prinsloo) and a next-generation actor (Rumer Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore), in “Five-0” guest roles. When the former looks as good as she does in a bikini or a floral ensemble, who’s to quibble about her acting? And the latter — rumor has it that she doesn’t really need to work, but who doesn’t want to break out of the shadows of rich-and-famous parents?
In the end, NBC — fueled by “The Voice,” which one of the resident judges in his own country Christmas spectacle — won the night, averaging just below 11 million and a 6.7 rating and 10 share in primetime households.
In the hour of interest, “Five-0” garnered 9.15 million viewers (6.0 rating, 10 share), the Shelton show pulling in 9 million viewers (5 rating, 6/9 share) and “Castle” attracting 8.4 million viewers (5 rating, 6/9 share), according to the preliminary overnight Nielsen ratings.
In the coveted 18 to 49 demo, Shelton’s special led with 2.8.
Perhaps the less said about “Hā’awe Make Loa (Death Wish),” one of the silliest episodes so far, the better.The embarassing product placement — or, in this instance, branding — was, in a word, ludicrous.
Except for the eye candy from the guys’ perspective, the plot — about a botched bank heist, by a suicidal thief who has terminal cancer (thus, the desire to end his misery), and distractions like a crush by Max (Masi Oka) on a bank teller (Willis) or Danno’s (Scott Caan) incredulous drools for the VS models ... this is what happens to a procedural when love fever is mixed into the formula.
And no wonder the robber Cordova (played by “The Outsider” hottie from yesteryear, C. Thomas Howell, with whom the years have not been too kind, if physical appearance is a measure) wants out — this was a silly trifle with very little validity. The brains behind the failed theft was another bank robber Rodgers (Lochlyn Munro) with a parallel terminal situation — a valid plot device, I guess — who turns out to be just another disposable piece in this unspectacular puzzle.
Through it all, McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) surely must have had reservations, keeping private his giggles. With Danno all ga-ga over the models (over the top, and out of character), McG is relegated to have car dialogue with Kono (Grace Park) when he’s not in captivity thanks to the key bank thief, with Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) pretty much resorting to running the computers and boards at H50 HQ, a task commonly left to Kono.
Where has all the brilliance gone?
Only the H50 loyalists will give this one a thumb’s up. The rest of the viewers would give it another finger... never mind. The Scrooge in me makes me want to utter, Bah Humbug.
The lone interesting element — minor, but revealing if true — was the notion of LED lights in shirts blotting out the bank robbers’ faces in those traditional bank security tapes. True?
“The Voice” was the ratings leader, without “DWTS,” and also ruled the 18 to 49 demos with 4.1.

11 Responses to “Did dueling Santas, Victoria's Secret impact 'Five-0' ratings?”

  1. fans are too defensive:

    First of all, even though H50 got 9 million viewers, it didn't win the night because the demo is what counts and they had a very weak 2.3 in that area. The Xmas special had a demo of 2.7(according to the final ratings). H50 was down one million viewers from last week, viewers who probably chose to go to back to Castle (who was MIA last week) or, it seems, to the Xmas show. What the million viewers we had last week DIDN'T do was watch H50 this week.

    Next, I could be wrong but it seems to me that you can't match up the viewers of an episode as to whether that episode brought them. Viewers don't know how good an episode is until they actually watch it. So the viewers you count now would be a result of the episode A WEEK EARLIER. If they liked THAT episode, then they might watch the following week. So whether this episode was enjoyed by fans will show up next week when and if they come back to watch H50 again.

    The VS models storyline was an embarrassment. It made Danno look like a lovesick teenager instead of a grown man with a young child. (I felt Scott's pain in having to do this episode). The models weren't actresses and that was very apparent. They basically posed. It was painfully obvious it was to promote the VS show on Tues. and was just stuck in and given a weak story to justify it.

    The other storyline was so complicated and so off the wall that it defies analysis. I enjoy watching Steve chase bad guys but the two chase scenes took up way too much valuable filming time. And for those that like to watch Alex chasing bad guys, here is some news. HE doesn't do those scenes; his double does.
    It is as if the writers think that they have to pack in chase scenes and house searches with guns pulled out every episode without fail because they don't have a good enough story so they compensate this way.

    Why was Grace at a VS show?? HUH??? Danno in one episode didn't want his daughter talking to another kid her age because he was a boy but it is OK with him to have her go to THIS show, where the ladies are half naked modeling sexy clothes? And she sees her dad and "Uncle Steve" and Kamekona all drooling over the models? Talk about out of character!!!

    Here is my concern. This show has no direction or, as a business would have, a mission statement. It did the first season. It originally was a special task force that could work outside the law to handle cases that required special skills and talents. They did just that. Then they could have the comedy, action, stunts, etc, make sense and they would have one case they had to solve. Since then, they have worried more about what guest stars to bring; stars past their prime, sexy models, a Kardashian---whatever they think would bring new viewers.

    Why don't they trust their stars to carry the show? And one more thing. By not having any sign of Michelle Borth in this episode just shows that she is a filler for them. Is she a regular or not? Exactly what is she to the team, if really anything? I like Michelle but I don't even know who she is supposed to be on this show.

    I miss season one.

  2. steve:

    That is the hawaii 5'o way, bring in whatever guest star they can find whether they can act or not, as long as they have got some kind of name. Skater, MMA legend, baseball player,
    rapper, model it doesn't matter, just build some kind of weak story around them and let her rip.

    This show might last one more year.

  3. theDman:

    I liked this episode better than the last 2 weeks. I was with them on the opening story, the bank robbery. Now, the reason for the bank robbery was a stretch...a huge one, but I could, you know, follow. I was not real interested in the model story, and the stalker had no character development at all before she got off'd. Another local actor bites the dust... Yes, that really was an excuse to bring in the VS label.

    Some are already screaming about the pumping of the VS line, but hey! with the ratings this show is getting, it needs to make money any way it can! I expect more of that type of brand name pimping and pumping in future episodes.

    The part where the killer gets Steve all the way into the car to be chauffeur out to the boonies was definitely out of character, the normal McGarrett would have tried to flatten him with 5 seconds of getting a gun pulled on him. Of course, it must have truly surprised Steve when the camera angle clearly shows that the hallway was clear and the bad guy literally appears out of thin air. Ah, the magic of Hollywood.

    One half of the story kinda (I said "kinda") made sense to me...and that is actually an improvement. Do I dare ask for more?

  4. AniMatsuri:

    Final adjustments have H50 at a 2.3 with the 18-49s and the NBC Christmas special went down a notch to 2.7. Without DWTS to back it up Castle is down to a 1.7.

  5. theDman:

    I also miss the first more ways than one...

  6. AlexFan:

    I loved the episode personally. I have followed other tv shows but this is my favorite. I think there is good and not so good to be found in every show. I don't mind the guest stars on H50 because they are only doing what other shows do. I respect all opinions as long as you also respect mine.

  7. fans are too defensive:

    Of course, AlexFan. That is what we are all about. Being able to voice everyone's opinion without being harassed. You know, I would like to take this opportunity to post up a link to a blog written by a lady who worked on Hollywood sets for 4 years and knows actors and actresses and execs from over that time. Read the whole article to understand her experience with all this but I want to post an excerpt that I wish many fans would read as it is true. She is also the Head News Writer on H50online. She expresses the kind of Alex fan I am. I have followed Alex since 2007 and ML so I am a fan.


    I don’t think a fan is a bad thing to be, but I think a fanatic is. Let me explain.

    To me, saying I am a fan of…let’s use an actor. Actor Joe Anyone, we’ll call him. To say I am a fan of his implies that I enjoy watching him. Or perhaps that I enjoy what he does in his “non-work” time, such as charities he supports, perhaps…or hobbies or how he spends time with his family or whatever the case may be. That maybe I like the majority of Joe Anywhere’s body of work.

    The same could be said of me if I declared myself to be a fanatic of Joe Anywhere the actor.


    Here’s what I think the difference is.

    I believe that a fanatic will love Joe Anywhere to their dying day and GOD HELP THE POOR SOUL who dares to say one little thing against Joe. As an example, suppose I go to see Joe’s latest film and I think he didn’t quite capture the spirit of the character, or thought he seemed disengaged, or really thought he’d been miscast and wonder why he took the role to begin with. If I said that to Joe’s fanatics, they’d sever my head, serve it up on a silver platter and probably disembowel me in the bargain, asking how the heck I could call myself a fan of Joe’s if I don’t support him 100%.

    Oy vey.

    Of course I support Joe 100%. But that doesn’t mean I have to love everything he does without reservation…it just means I should support his right to try it. It does not mean I have to view every project he does with hearts in my eyes and blindly follow him no matter how painfully bad his current project might be.

    If I think a film was excellent except for what I thought was ten minutes of poor scriptwriting, that doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of the movie. It means I cared enough about the damn movie to lament that I thought something wasn’t perfect about it!

    Am I starting to make sense?

    If I think my favorite pretend actor Joe Anywhere is an asshole for how he acts during an interview, and voice my opinion that the guy needs to lighten up and stop acting like said asshole to the reporter, that does not mean I’m not his fan. I am Joe’s fan. It simply means that either I was embarrassed for him, or concerned about how his behavior might affect his reputation or the project he’s currently working on…it could be any number of things.

    In short (too late, I know), I think I need to come to terms with the fact that I am indeed a (closet) fan of some things and even of some people. However, those things and those people won’t ever really know that from my lips, because it was drilled into me not to show it.

    Yes, I write fan fiction, as I have already made public. Just because that’s what they call it, though, doesn’t mean it’s not good, solid, decent writing. Any more than calling me a fan of someone or something, means that I’m not a good, solid, decent human being. And like a lot of fan fiction writers I know who work hard on their craft, I get a little tired of the portrayal of it in the media as if it is all badly written, self-indulgent crap. After all, I’ve seen plenty of professional writing that fits those two categories to a ‘T!’

    Are there some scary-ass fans out there who do things like stalk celebrities to their favorite hangouts or to their homes? Who have fantasies all worked up in their heads that Celebrity A is their boyfriend/husband and Celebrity B is their long-lost past-life love? Oh, yeah. THOSE are really and truly what I’d call ‘fanatics.’

    But please, folks, don’t sit there and tell other people they aren’t true fans of something or someone just because they have the unmitigated gall, in your eyes, to critique something the person you think walks on water has done.

    That person is human just like the rest of us. They are not perfect no matter how much your rose-colored glasses tell you they are. And I have the right to say “Dude, you are seriously screwing it up,” if I care about whatever it is he’s screwing up. Sorry, but I’m not going to openly support someone just because I’m supposed to be their ‘fan,’ if I think they’re making bad artistic or personal decisions. Because I care about them, I am going to say, “Oh, man, why did you do that?”

    Yes, this is all my not-so-humble opinion. But it’s something that grates on me, and has since my studio days. So there you have it.

    And dammit…I am not a fan! 🙂

  8. theDman:

    fR2d posted a very valid excerpt about fan vs. fanatic. Most of the fanatics of the show gather in another part of this paper's "extended" website, and that's their domain. I don't go there. I can't stand it.

    You see, there is also a difference with being a fan of the show, and being a 16-year-old-gushy-girl over it. I get worried about people like that. Do they have pictures of their favorite beefy star all over their house? In their closets? On their ceiling?

    I am not a fan of any of the actors on H50. I don't follow their careers outside of the show and I don't know what they have done in the past. I am just a fan of the show, although not a very satisfied one. Maybe the show will improve and become more coherent. Maybe.

  9. fans are too defensive:

    I know which domain you mean and even though I am a fan I am realistic about his work and the shows he is/has been in and I have been blasted to kingdom come for expressing my feelings. I honestly get totally bored by comments that say everything is always perfect in H50 land and the stars are the best there are and every episode should win an Emmy and blah, blah, blah.

    And when the show tanks it will be because they didn't promote it like their other shows or the ratings system got it wrong (for just their show of course) or the night was wrong for it or football made it unfair or the repeats messed up the schedule and new viewers didn't know when it was on (as if all shows aren't in exactly the same boat)and on and on.

    It is never that the show had problems. Or the actors.

    As to the ratings, it doesn't matter about whether they were one million more or one million less viewers. Fans cheer if the # of viewers rises and worry if they drop. But it is the DEMOGRAPHIC that is all important.

    The people who pay for the show, the advertisers, care mostly about the ages 18-49 to sell to. Why? Because they can capture younger folk and hook them as lifetime buyers of their products. Older people are already set with the products they use and it is much harder to make them change products. So they (not CBS or any network) would except less viewers if they are younger ones over many older viewers because they are much more likely to change over to their products and become lifetime customers.

    The networks depend on the advertisers and the better the demo, the more advertisers will pay for a show. If a show is fairly cheap to run, then it can afford to have a lower demo and still keep running. BUT if a show is expensive to run, it needs a higher demo so the advertisers pay more and can cover the show's expenses and the network can make a profit.

    H50 is expensive to run. Normally with the demo it has now, it would be canceled. But the TNT syndication deal means that CBS can put up with a lower demo, even if they lose money now, because when the show goes on TNT, CBS will make oodles of money and recoup their losses and make a huge profit. That is why CBS is tolerating these dismal ratings right now.

  10. theDman:

    "H50 is expensive to run. Normally with the demo it has now, it would be canceled. But the TNT syndication deal means that CBS can put up with a lower demo, even if they lose money now, because when the show goes on TNT, CBS will make oodles of money and recoup their losses and make a huge profit. That is why CBS is tolerating these dismal ratings right now."


    Kinda sad really, but absolutely true. For the record, I do hope they can make syndication. It would be embarrassing if they did not.

  11. Adam:

    I think s4 is the end of H50 bc I really don't see CBS will pick them up. I sometime watch the show depend if the ep is good or not.

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