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'Five-0' wins Monday timeslot, but it was a hollow victory

December 11th, 2012

While Michael Buble sang yuletide songs on NBC and “Castle” was a rerun on ABC, CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” scored a good Monday (Dec. 10) — ratings-wise, that is.
The Island procedural pulled in 10.4 million viewers (6.7/11 ratings/share), compared to “Castle’s” 5.9 million (3.9/6) and Buble’s 5..75 million (3.8/6), according to preliminary overnight Nielsen ratings.
“Five-0” also was a 2.7 winner for the 9 p.m. hour (10 p.m. Mainland), in the key 18 to 49 demos. No. 1 in numbers, No. 1 in demos.
So congrats.
Clearly, however, this was a hollow victory, that doesn’t cover up the thin plot devices and uninspired acting (and guest-actor-casting) in season three.
This latest episode entitled “Huaka’i Kula (Field Trip),” deals with an Aloha Girls troupe (think Brownies), whose expedition into the wild turns into a mayhem of murder, bloodshed and scares. For three show principals, it's a fall from grace.
Then again, in a season where scripts are tired and bland, when double-digit ratings have been scarce, and even diehard fans getting a little agitated by the deteriorating appeal of the show, you cheer when there are positives amid the negatives.
So hurrah!
But c’mon, gang, this one was predictable and lame, with ex-SEALSteve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) getting humiliated again for being captured for lack of attention to a gun-toting diamond-stealing no-gooder (Tom Arnold, in a sweaty and manic cameo), Danno (Scott Caan) taking a bullet in the arm, and Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) still hanging out and bedding down with her suspicious and should-avoid Yakuza-linked beau (Ian Anthony Dale).
Meanwhile, back at the office, Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) was the lone detective to escape peril. Lucky him.
But give brownie points for acting to Aloha Girls mentor Madeline (Lesley Boone), the little Lucy (Emily Alyn Lind) of her squad who’s held hostage, and little Gracie (Teilor Grubbs) who is, of course, Danno’s little girl.
The show was No. 1 this week. But factor in the competish, and there’s still cause for concern. Diehards should admit this and start believing that this the weakest season, compared to the first two.

18 Responses to “'Five-0' wins Monday timeslot, but it was a hollow victory”

  1. sarah lynn:

    I just heard it was downgraded in the Nielsen ratings. Just couldn't watch this week (due to Tom Arnold, you see), or last (due to V.S. model stunt casting), so I'll have to take your word for it.

  2. AniMatsuri:

    Still won the hour by a bunch.

  3. izulu:

    For the most part, I actually liked this episode, although I couldn't take Tom Arnold seriously as a bad guy--I kept waiting for his scenes to turn into comic relief. Oh, and it was not believable that normally "sharp" Alex O. doesn't sense something amiss and walks ahead of a stranger, right into his "trap." On the plus side, I liked the Aloha Girls, and the "unrelated" scenes with Grace Park, Ian A. Dale and Dale's "brother." It was obvious that the brother spells trouble for the future, but perhaps that whets the appetite for more.

    Caveat: I enjoyed this episode in and of itself, but for me, it was not Hawaii Five-0...but then again, the new series has never been true to the Jack Lord original.

  4. Mark Kazuo Bradley:

    I agree with those who have applauded the acting of the Aloha Girls Troop Leader, the daughter of Danno, and the girl who was the tech wiz. I also felt that for the most part, this episode was rich in photography, and poor in overall script appeal and acting. I am dismayed that as time has progressed, the overall quality of the new Hawaii Five-O has deteriorated. I hope that I am wrong in my assessment, however, this new Hawaii Five-O does not favorably compare with the original Hawaii Five-O. However, to be fair, I feel that very few remakes actually compare favorably with their original counterparts.
    I am still very appreciative of the fact that this new Hawaii Five-O does incorporate "local actors" and does bring in revenue to our State.
    Thank you very much.

  5. hossana:

    This Hawaii 5-0 series can be described in one word: CRAP!

  6. fans are too defensive:

    Ratings were downgraded to 9.85 million and a demo of 2.5. They won the hour but against absolutely---NOBODY. Castle was a repeat and Revolution will be gone until March 25. The NBC show was a bust. H50 will be lucky all December and look like a "hit" with Castle doing only reruns. Looks like NBC's replacement show, which was on an hour earlier this week but looks to be H50's direct competition starting next week, is going to also be a bust.

    As to the show, I enjoyed the fact that they simplified the story line and didn't try to have so much going on that you couldn't follow it. I also enjoyed the director's wife, who played the scout leader, because she really can act. Teilor was cute as always and the little blond girl did very well.

    However, to the believability factor.Why were the only assistants on that trip Grace's dad and his friend? These were girl scouts/brownies. And there would have been more helpers there; female adults.

    Then, there was this overweight dude with glasses(Tom Arnold of course) who was badly wounded in the leg and getting infected and feverish, and a Navy Seal couldn't take him? WTH?? If I were a Navy Seal I would be outraged at that portrayal of a Navy Seal.

    This is supposed to be the same guy who, in season one, took out another Navy Seal on the ship who had a ton of hostages.

    Guess he is losing his touch. 🙂

    As to the part at the end, it looked like bad brother had taken good brother's gun and was returning it secretly.

    My guess is that he either killed someone or committed some serious crime and the bad brother wants the good brother blamed for it so he can get the good brother in trouble and take over the whole operation himself and go back to their old mafia ways. A set up. Didn't see that coming----. Let's see if I am right or wrong.

    How did he get the good brother's gun to begin with?
    I still miss season one.

  7. kaleiboy:

    You always sooo negative about 5-O

  8. DJ Jazzy Joel:

    The Hawaii 5-O remake has always been beyond terrible, If you want to watch a good 5-O episode you need to go back to any of the seasons between 1968-80. All the actors, writers, and producers should be ashamed of themselves for being involved with such a stinky pile of crap. The sooner this abomination is yanked off the air the better. Instead of pulling a piece of garbage out of the trash and ruining Hawaii 5-0s good name, they should have just called it "Terrible Contrived Cop Show" from the beginning, or even better, just never made it in the first place.

  9. --Spoiler--:

    Fans are to defensive - it looked to me like bad brother was returning Kono's gun..

  10. sarah lynn:

    FA2D: I believe the new show that will temporarily be replacing Revolution is called something like Deceptions and it won't start until January sometime. I thought it sounded like it might be good, but who knows. NBC is still a bit of a mess.

  11. fans are too defensive:

    Great eye, Spoiler! You are right! It had to be Kono's gun. And, Sarah, you are also right. I remember reading something about it and it did sound pretty good. Thanks to you both.

    Also, I was thinking. H50 didn't even reach 10 million viewers even with nothing up against it. It used to average 10-11 million last year, with spikes up to 12+ million and that was against Castle when Castle had new episodes. Season one was between 12 and 14 million (high end). Now, this is the best it has done and only when there is nothing else to watch.
    That supports what Mark and I have said; that it has deteriorated since season one.

    When NBC's new show comes in January, it will be interesting to see how many H50 watchers stay with H50 or turn to the new show. Castle always seems to maintain its faithful viewers, even through Revolution.

  12. fans are too defensive:

    I agree, Sarah. I personally think that the producers lost the direction of H50 when they stopped concentrating on the 4 main characters and left the whole premise of the show; which was a special task force which could work outside the bounds of the law. We never even see the new Governor and everything now to me seems without direction and purpose.

    They set up great cliffhangers and then they solve them so easily it becomes obvious that the cliffhangers were never meant to be that big a deal after all. The rest of the shows are BASED on guest stars and chases and room searches and nothing new.

    The viewers that liked Revolution will likely check out Deception and it will be up to NBC to make that show reach the standards it needs to to keep viewers. Thanks for responding, Sarah.

  13. theDman:

    Mmm-mm, guess someone thought having McGarrett throwing a knife in front of little girls would be a good way to get a laugh...yuh.

    What a way to open the episode. I haven't even watched 5 minutes and this one caused me to click the stop button and tell myself I can afford to watch this later.

    What bothered me about this scene is that it made McGarrett look thick-headed. Who the hell throws a knife like that in front of kids at night?

    C'mon Peter...

  14. sarah lynn:

    Um, I didn't think what I wrote last was inappropriate, but I guess it must've been since it was deleted. I'm flummoxed.

  15. fans are too defensive:

    I read it Sarah; in fact I answered it (#12)! It was fine. I am sure there had to have been a glich. You talked about how the new NBC show was serialized and would be a good match for Revolution fans to stay with NBC. And about the cliffhangers and first episodes of H50 being really good and then the rest weren't. Something like that anyway. LOL

    It was a good post.

  16. fans are too defensive:

    They also deleted my link to the Wiki page for that new show and me asking for any thoughts about it. Maybe they didn't want us to discuss the "other" show. Why? I have no idea. It relates to H50 and their ratings directly.

  17. sarah lynn:

    Yeah, I thought it was directly related as well. Castle and Revolution have been discussed over the months at length as direct competition that may or may not impact H50 ratings. I guess I always thought most of the comments were interesting and well thought-out, and I attempted to do the same. I always enjoyed reading what everyone had to say. Oh well! Thanks, FATD.

  18. fans are too defensive:

    You're welcome, Sarah. Until I hear otherwise, though, I will continue to discuss what I think is pertinent to H50 directly or indirectly. For all we know, it was a glitch in the system. Like you said, we have always discussed Revolution and Castle so I see no difference.

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