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'Five-0’ in a merry mood now, but the worry comes later

December 18th, 2012

“Hawaii Five-0” is having a merry Christmas in the weekly TV ratings.
Last week, it topped the Monday 9 p.m. (10 p.m. Mainland) numbers with not-so-threatening competition.
This week (Dec. 17), the CBS series did a hana hou – outdrawing the weak rivals that included a “Castle” rerun on ABC, its prime threat.
So it’s a joyful, triumphant time, with the faithful aboard to cheer the tidings of the season.
The episode, “Kahu,” had a Christmas theme and even a makeshift Santa, with “Five-0” pulling in 10.29 million viewers, compared to 5.4 million for the repeat of “Castle” and 4.51 million for NBC’s “Take It All.” NBC has tabled “Revolution” till next year, which gives “Five-0” a chance to breathe, reconnoiter, recoil.
But again, it was a case of victory without real challengers. Reruns, after all, normally attract fewer diehards who seek out other fare, possibly on cable. Or maybe folks were deep into Christmas shopping and putting the tube on the burner.
No matter, a win is a win, and at least “Five-0” logged a double-digit million figure.
Even the 18 to 49 demo, at 2.4, was won by “Five-0,” though the tally was down a skosh from a week again.
Yes, it’s still a win.
In this week’s episode, a boy in trouble revs up Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and George Takei shows up in a star trek of sorts, playing an uncle from the past, along with more recurring characters than necessary in a script light on intrigue and heavy on fatigue. The revelation: the “Five-0” ohana continues to grow.
The holidays, after all, is a time for reflection, a time for celebration, a time for family.
So: party now. Worry later.
Expect reruns the next few weeks, which means ratings will take a traditional dip.
Then the real work and the riveting issues return. How to find the old magic of restoring the sagging ratings and reputation of the series? How to galvanize the polish the reputation of our home-brewed series.
Or does anybody care much anymore outside the hard core fanship?

12 Responses to “'Five-0’ in a merry mood now, but the worry comes later”

  1. fans are too defensive:

    Analysis (amateurish as it is.) H50 dropped down a tenth in the demo. However, the numbers would be decent anyway IF they had their normal competition. But like last week, Castle had a rerun and NBC put on another show which has been flopping and is only a filler. When you remember that, then you realize that even though H50 was really the only game in town, it couldn't do much better than 2.4 demo and 10 million viewers. NBC will be putting on another show from January 7-March 25, at which time Revolution, which has been the big winner in this time slot, will return.

    When H50 has had new episodes of Castle on AND new episodes of Revolution, it only gets a poor demo of 2.1 and 2.2 and 7-8 million viewers. And it often came in last place.

    Now, NBC is trying out the new show on January 7 to see if it will be successful. It looks promising. So I see two important questions coming up.

    1) How will H50 hold up when it and Castle return with new episodes AND NBC's new show premieres?

    2) How will H50 do when Revolution returns March 25?

    I think that is where we will see where H50 really stands. But as it is looking right now, I predict it will drop back down to low ratings. 10 million viewers for a new episode when everybody else is away on break is not great.

  2. kaleo:

    ah- your weekly ʻhaterʻ column of Hawaiʻi 5-0 canʻt miss it

  3. Dino:

    does hawai'i five-0 need to be #1 every week to survive, or will coming in 2nd doom the show? what is CBS's take on this? i wonder what they are thinking. that's what really matters.....

  4. AniMatsuri:

    I think giving George Takei a glorified cameo part was a waste of his talent.

    Got wonder if the writers even know what to do with new regular character Catherine. Seems the only thing she does now is babysit people. Now that her leave from the Navy is over how are they going keep her involved now?

  5. Peter:

    Have watched H5O several times. Wayne refers to the old magic. The show is a directionless, boring, shallow and portrays a dark and weird version of Hawaii. No magic now. Was there ever?

    Wayne's last sentence is right on. Few watch, few care. Aloha H5O.

  6. E:

    I disagree totally with # 5, as a "local" born raised in Hawaii, I applaud this new version of Five-O. I can tell you from experience, that the original, 5-0 very seldom cast local actors for any significant acting roles, other then extras. Many of the names of site locations etc.. were fictitious, many actually shot in doors. This version, is much more realistic to what a 5-0 police unite in Hawaii would look like. Plate lunches, aloha shirts, speaking pigeon etc... Keep it up.

  7. fans are too defensive:

    Dino, H50 was coming in last place with low numbers this season until its competition (Revolution) went away on hiatus for 4 months and Castle has been on reruns. But it is safe for at least one more year because it has been picked up for syndication on TNT. After that I think it better raise its live viewership if it wants a season 5.

    Kaleo, do you also go to the countless cheerleading obsessed H50 bloggers and tell those writers "ah- your weekly over the top love fest column of Hawaiʻi 5-0 canʻt miss it"? Just wondering. Peace.

  8. theDman:

    I don't think CBS feels the show needs to be #! in the ratings, but I do think they want at least 10M viewers.

  9. Kaleo_1:

    Nope- I just don't hate on the show- and I don't usually post on blogs too- just supporting.

  10. fans are too defensive:

    The writer has a review column here and it is his job to give his honest opinion. I don't always agree with him but I do feel the show has lost its way since season one and has no direction any more. Wayne is paid to be honest. He doesn't hate on the show. He just sees it for what it is. Apparently, most people agree with him as when this show has any kind of competition, it drops way down in viewership. So MAYBE, just MAYBE, Wayne sees things like non-obsessed fans do.

    This show is expensive to run and doesn't live up to its hype. Many shows that are actually good get canceled because they were never given the promotion H50 got before it first premiered. This business is brutal. And then H50 got lucky and got the TNT syndication deal before its viewership crashed. So they get at least through season 4 instead of being canceled.

    They don't need cheerleaders. They need better writing.

    And writers who give their honest assessments. Wayne stands practically alone doing this and I say kudos to him for standing up to the pressure to love H50 just because it is filmed in Hawaii.

  11. izulu:

    After enjoying last week's Aloha Girls episode, this week's show was a disappointment. For lack of a better description, most of the show just seemed "flat," and some scenes were too predictable. I thought the Ethan character and storyline were somewhat "off."

    The shout-out for Rainbow Drive-In was nice, but I found the opening and closing scenes with Michelle Borth unpalatable (please excuse the pun). I liked George Takei's role, and would enjoy seeing more of him in future episodes. Then there's Kamekona who I always enjoy, but thought the helicopter purchase scene rather strange, almost as though it was a filler or after-thought. The Magnum PI helicopter was an interesting touch, and I wonder if it heralds a future episode (or episodes) with Tom Selleck and/or his co-stars, filmed at the Robin Masters' estate and including Higgins and the dogs...

  12. fans are too defensive:

    I would say that Kamekona and the helicopter was completely obvious in its effort to bring in Magnum PI. It didn't go with any of the storyline and sorry, Kamekona is too heavy to be a helicopter pilot. Does he fit in a small copter? PLUS where did a street vendor get the money to buy a helicopter? Or is he supposed to be using illegal funds for doing that? And if he is, why does Danno help him?And I don't know if the rules are the same as a car, but don't you have to have a license to fly it before you can buy it? Yet he admits in the show he doesn't have a license.
    In an extreme effort to be funny and include Magnum memories, H50 does what it does best; forces things just to include them even when they make absolutely no sense.

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