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An expanded Christmas 'Show Biz,' for you loyal Mr. and Ms. ...

December 23rd, 2012

'Twas the night before Christmas
And throughout the 'aina
Santa Claus was feeling
Like one generous kamaaina.

He had presents to share
For the young and the old;
Some gifts were plain fun,
A few precious, like gold.

For President Obama
Our most famous local-born;
A Kailua family vacation
After fiscal-cliffing night and morn.

For Peter Carlisle a dance studio
To teach "Gangnam Style;"
He'll need a job after losing
The primary vote by a mile.

For mayor-elect Kirk Caldwell, faith
In the challenge called rail;
For Ben Cayetano, hope;
Is it the end of his trail?

For poor former governor
And candidate Linda Lingle
A tip: avoid "you know me"
In your next election jingle.

For Senator Inouye, final aloha, mahalo
For his long reign in Congress;
For Colleen, Tulsi, Mazie?
Go geev ‘em — and God bless.

For Manti Te’o
A football cast in gold.
His life on and off the gridiron
Should be all sport heroes’ mold.

For “Five-0”s” Alex O'Loughlin
A savvy scriptwriting crew,
To fix the troubled procedural
With a zestier, savory brew.

And hook ‘em, Danno
For the “Victoria’s Secret” tale;
That fashion plate placement
For Scott Caan? In a word, stale.

A return-pass to Hawaii
For the “Hunger Game” crew;
Hey, Jennifer Lawrence and cast:
A work-free vacation is due.

A thunderous hurrah
For Kailua’s Cliffton Hall.
He’s an asset in “Wicked”
Judging from his curtain call.

For those boosters, like moi
Of the musical “Les Miz;”
Since the movie is here,
Santa bring back the play, please?

For Chai Chaowasaree
A state-of-the-art stove,
To keep the kaukau coming
From his culinary trove.

For Robert and Roland
AKA The Brothers Caz;
A showroom or a lounge
To share their razz-ma-tazz.

A bill of clean health
For Kit Samson, Jimmy Borges;
On keyboard, in vocals
One’s nimble, one’s gorgeous.

For Hapa a new album
And more concerts abroad;
For Manoa DNA, ditto,
And why not a Hoku reward?

Another “Kawaipunahele”
For Maui’s Keali’i Reichel;
That would trigger airplay, sales
To help ring that Grammy bell.

Something simple and joyous
For Kuana Torres Kahele;
More raves, more conquests
And, of course, mele.

For pop dude Bruno Mars,
A glide into movies;
His fans adore his videos,
So why not screen groovies?

Nothing like a touring hit
For Mary Gutzi, Cathy Foy;
And a role for Jason Tam
Would bring him real joy!

A Broadway return, too,
For Loretta Ables Sayre;
For Greg Powell, Randy Hongo
Something divine, like prayer.

For Amy Hanaiali’i?
A stage musical role; Whee!
More strength, speedy recovery
For “Moment’s” Emme T.

A Hall of Fame recognition
For Nabors and Bright;
Might as well add Sakuma;
All have indelible artistic might.

For Jack and Cha Thompson
Who trekked to New York, Hong Kong this year;
More restful vacation trips
To keep the mind clear.

For Taimane Gardner
A sliver of international fame.
If not the show circuit
Perhaps the commercial game?

For young whiz Aiden James
A gold-crusted ukulele;
And statewide bookings
Via Hawaiian and Mokulele.

For Jake Shimabukuro,
(A new father this year);
May he strum more gentle ditties,
Sans weeping, just cheer.

For MRC Greenwood,
What else, a Stevie Wonder ticket!
Not here! Mainland!
Or should she see "Wicked"?

For author Fran Kakugawa
And her fictional mouse Wordsworth.
More tree-planting, real and in fiction
Would yield a greener Earth.

A selfish wish to relocate
To Oahu, please, Willie K?
So he can readily serenade us
All night and all day.

Exclusive comedy fraternity
Inauguration for Andy,
For Frank, Jim and Mel,
For Augie, that’s dandy!

For the Arcadia's Ciones
That's Jack and Maydelle:
Another Neighbor Isle cruise
Would surely be swell.

For the Makaha Sons
Healing time for their loss;
For Carole Kai, Ms. Busy,
A T-shirt reading “Boss.”

For Eddie Sherman airtime
To share his new show;
For Karen Keawehawaii?
Hair florals that glow.

For Tony and his SOS
A stab at regrouping;
And the Outrigger showroom?
A time for recouping.

For Jordan Segundo
And Jasmine Trias renewal;
With “American Idol” behind you
Why not a duet jewel?

For Gabe Baltazar, Rene Paulo
May your music never cease.
Rock on Henry Kapono
For Cecilio, well, peace.

Another “Honolulu City Lights”
For composer Keola Beamer;
For all wannabe troupers
Never stop being a dreamer.

For foodies Millie and Fran
Destinations with parking;
New magical tricks
In John Hirokawa’s stocking

For singer Melveen Leed
Continued marital bliss.
After all, she's Da Tita
And a trouper still not to miss.

For Billy V, Al Waterson
More emceeing gigs;
For Pacleb and Daniels
Great choreographing jigs.

For Jerry Santos, Eddie Kamae
‘Ilima and pikake lei;
For years of great music
The real Hawaiian way.

For Keith and Carmen
For Ron and for Frank;
May your music never stop
All the way to the bank.

Another acting reunion
For Pat Sajak and Joe Moore;
Though they both have day jobs
A crisp script would be a lure.

For TV anchors Ching,
Tucker, Okita, Lum,

Choi, Yamada, Akana, Young
High ratings, ol’ chum.

For early wakers Joaquin,
Uyehara, Matthews, Heu,

Cunningham, Richardson,
What else? Hot coffee, fresh brew.

For Audy Kimura jingles
To add to his creds;
To all show bizzers a tax break
But be wary of the feds.

For Alan (Takasaki and Wong)
Bev, Roy, Russell, Mavro:
Local ingredients, full houses,
Ono food — and a big bravo!

For all the actors, backstagers
Who bring theater alive.
A wish for more donors
To keep the tradition alive.

For Joy Abbott a swing
At golf without pain.
For Jay Larrin, reflection
Down memory lane.

For Tom Moffatt stars
For another nostalgic show
Four Seasons? Four Tops,
Bobby Rydell all aglow.

To all faithful readers,
You Mr. and Ms.;
Good wishes, glad tidings
And that’s Christmas “Show Biz.” ...


An abbreviated version of this annual Christmas column appeared in print. Wayne Harada’s "Show Biz" column appears Sundays in the paper; to reach him, call 266-0926 or e-mail Show and Tell Hawaii is a regular blog at

3 Responses to “An expanded Christmas 'Show Biz,' for you loyal Mr. and Ms. ...”

  1. Kevin Mau:

    Great column as always Wayne, Merry Christmas

  2. Burton White:

    And to you and dear Vi,
    a couple so dear,
    a wish for health and happiness,
    for the upcoming new year!

  3. Toshia Dingus:

    You are doing an incredible job buddy. Regards from Hotel Charles de Gaulle. Keep together with the great do the job.

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