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'Five-0's' whodunit snubs Hawaii voters, so whydoit?

January 12th, 2013

"Five-0" viewers will get a chance to vote on these crime suspects — or not;“Hawaii Five-0,” the island-based procedural, attempting to make history on its Monday (Jan. 14) episode entitled “Kahu.” It’s a noble and inventive gimmick, to tap social media and audience participation, to pump up viewership, for this first-time whodunit.
Will there be vast millions participating in the decision-making? But howcum Hawaii viewers are not in this adventure?
Let’s look at the situation:
The idea: Let audiences decide the conclusion of a TV procedural — in real time.
The plan: You watch, you go to or Twitter, you cast a vote from three choices to declare whodunit.
The reality: Interactive. Live. Real time. Wow, the wave of the future for TV drama? An experiment to lure more viewer excitement? Or a failure?
The plot: “Five-0” investigates a death of a professor at Oahu State University.
The suspects in the crime: The prof’s boss, his teaching aide, one of his students caught cheating.
The procedure: You watch, you make a choice like you’re a juror, you help solve the crime — the decision will be based on the viewers’ voting at the network’s website and the Twitter tallies (three hashtags — #theBox, #theTA, #theStudent).
The stickler: Logistics — if you’re in the East/Central or West coast’s Pacific time zones, you’re eligible to cast a vote. You help sway the decision which will come right after the final commercial break.
The snub: Hawaii isn’t included in the real-time decision-making, despite the fact that the show is Hawaii-based, filmed in our midst, becoming part of our daily lives. This exclusion is incredible and insulting — no other way to put it. If reality shows (“American Idol,” “Dancing With the Stars,” “The Voice,” etc.) solicit viewership input, all prospective voters in all U.S. markets in all time zones should have the chance to be heard. Why can’t the tally mechanism be applied to folks in Hawaii? The omission is unforgivable.
The post-mortem: If we can’t have a say in which ending we want, which ending will be shown in this market? East or West? And who decides which outcome, East Coast or West Coast, flies our way? If you’re curious about how the episode could play out (which of the three killers), go to after the airing — so presumably, you can find out the ending before the show is delayed/aired in Hawaii, because of the time difference (we’re two hours behind the West Coast, five behind the East Coast).
The reaction:If we can't get in on the whodunit, whydoit? What's your take or response, on the cannot-vote issue?...

* * *
Schedule note: “Hawaii Five-0” will get a high-profile viewing opportunity when CBS moves the Monday show to a Sunday, Jan. 20, following the AFC championship.
The network is banking on high viewership of the game — last’s year’s Baltimore Ravens-New England Patriots game averaged more than 48 million viewers.
This episode will find Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) kidnapped and dropped in the middle of Halawa Prison. Dressed as an inmate, he needs to escape before the prisoners recognize him as a member of the “Five-0” team. Hey, this episode might have worked wonders for the sagging “Five-0” numbers (choices would be, certainly, how Chin maneuvers his safe departure, based on viewer votes). Another worthy voting possibility: Which of seven Jimi Hendrix songs, which will be heard in the episode’s soundtrack, is best? The Hendrix tunes — “Bleeding Heart," "Mojo Man," "Hey Gypsy Boy," "Inside Out," "Crash Landing," "Hear My Train A Comin'" and "Somewhere" — will be part of a new Hendrix CD, “People, Hell, Angels,” that drops March 5.
In a similar move, “Elementary,” the Sherlock Holmes-inspired freshman drama normally seen on Thursday nights, will similarly receive extraordinary exposure when it is slotted to follow Super Bowl XLVII on Feb. 3.

5 Responses to “'Five-0's' whodunit snubs Hawaii voters, so whydoit?”

  1. fans are too defensive:

    I am sorry but does anyone really believe viewers on the west or east coast will choose the ending? I mean, think. We have to watch the episode enough to decide who we think the killer might be. That alone would take up much of the hour. Then we 'vote' on twitter. Then they have to put the chosen ending on the TV in time. Don't worry Hawaii. I know twitter is instantaneous but to actually place the chosen ending in at the last minute seems to me a bit ridiculous. And the expense of filming 3 endings which they may never use is over the top.

    Even shows like American Idol count votes and reveal them the following day.

    I think they already know which ending they will show to which time zone. Who is going to prove it differently? I know I am being a skeptical B but I believe they will show two different endings for each coast and who is going to know? The 3rd ending is just a cover, IMO. Hawaii will get one of the two chosen by CBS. One ending was probably never meant for the airways. Or maybe they put the same ending. My point is; it has already been decided.

    As far as Hendrix, I have already read by other fans that those songs have been out but not formally in an album until now. So no big wow. I am of the Hendrix generation but if they want the 18-49 year olds, I am pretty sure they don't care about Hendrix.

    Finally, they already tried following the AFC Championship game their first season and they did great on that day BUT they dropped right back down to their same level the following episode. It doesn't matter what the ratings are on that day. What matters is getting new viewers for the future. I wish them luck.

    All of these gimmicks PLUS they just announced that the summer reruns will be on Fridays (the place where they put shows when they plan to cancel them in the near future)all smells of desperation.

    OK. H50/Alex fanatics; throw your stones.

  2. twilight:

    I won't throw any stones at you. I agree. It just seemed to me that there wouldn't be time for people to watch enough of the show to decide on the ending, get their votes in, and then for CBS to show that ending. Maybe technology is more advanced than I thought, but this just reeks or more gimmicks to try and get people to watch a show that really hasn't been all that good. If this is legit, then by not counting HI, that's got to be about 1/8 of the 8 million average viewers that are being ignored in the counting. They're putting the summer reruns on Friday? Wow, I hadn't heard that. Regarding the AFC, I wondered why CBS didn't choose Person of Interest. It's drawing pretty large numbers now, but that show could really be bringing in NCIS numbers with something like the AFC game. I'm not sure H50 is ever going to come back even with improvement in all its problems.

  3. twilight:

    By the way, Fans are Defensive, it occurred to me that maybe CBS is gearing up to possibly move the show permanently next season to Friday. Maybe the idea is being considered to match it with Tom Selleck's show. We'll see.

  4. theDman:

    A gimmick it is. Will it work? I guess we will have to see. Even if it does, it will probably will not carry over into the next week. Gotta admit though, they are advertising the crap out of this "vote your ending". I'm sure it is getting a lot of people curious.

    I do agree though, the network has already "picked" the winners. The goal is not to have the audience pick what is going to be shown, but to make the audience feel more involved. Kinda slick, but I don't think it is ethically wrong.

  5. Maria:

    Hey this man is soooooo hot!!!!Watch haiawi Five O just because of u!!! A belated happy birthday Alex & u & your tattoos r welcome here ANYTIME!!!!Alex U ROCK MY WORLD!!!!

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