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Football playoff lead-in pays off for 'Hawaii Five-0'

January 21st, 2013

Football helped “Hawaii Five-0” score in its special Sunday (Jan. 20) screening.
CBS' coverage of the Baltimore Colts vs. New England Patriots was a powerful and profitable lead-in for "Five-0," giving the island show a real kick in the preliminary overnight Nielsen ratings.
As the network series tapped "Five-0" in the post-game spot, Team Five-0 hurled into the winner’s circle, just like the Baltimore Colts. The game attracted 12.90 million viewers and a 3.4 rating in the 18 to 49 demographics and a 10 share.
So on this special occasion, lead-in was key; the football game drew a stunning 41.53 million viewers and a 14.6 rating in the key demos.
The episode, entitled “Olelo Ho’opa’i Make (Death Penalty),” focused on Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim), in an unbearable position: in prison, with requisite uniform — an Agent Orange, if you will — amid cons he helped book.
His grief about wife Malia comes into play along the way, perhaps on par with his dread about his prospects behind bars. And Jason Scott Lee was among the notable guest stars.
So will this momentum score big again, with another new “Five-0” episode airing Monday night (Jan. 21), with the usual Monday comedy series as lead-in?
“Hana I Wa Ia” is the new episode title, with Kealii Reichel among the guest stars.
But the competition for viewers will be keen — and minus a championship footballer as a lead-in.
ABC’s timeslot leader, “Castle,” airs a fresh episode, and both are threatened by “Deception,” a hot new NBC whodunit with soap opera prowess and appeal.
What are you going to watch?

12 Responses to “Football playoff lead-in pays off for 'Hawaii Five-0'”

  1. sarah lynn:

    Does anyone agree with me that CBS mighta been hoping for more viewers? The game was exciting, come from behind, so not a lot of people would have turned the tv off early. To go from over 41M to less than 13M might be a weak victory. I always like the Chin character, but I'm not sure if this episode will bring more viewers tonight or not.

  2. theDman:

    It was a lot more than they have been getting so I'm sure they were pleased to some degree. Were they hoping for more though? Probably. I think they thought they could get 16M. That's ok, even small steps count as steps forward.

  3. fans are too defensive:

    I see things differently. These ratings were the fast affiliates,which means they haven't yet separated shows which cross over into other time slots. The NFL post game show went approx. 20 minutes into H50's hour which I am willing to bet raised those ratings for H50. When the final ratings come in (they say on Wednesday) those take into account any cross programming and will only look at H50's actual ratings without football. I think the ratings will be lower then the fast affiliates say.

    On top of that, there was absolutely no competition on the other networks. They all showed reruns. When you look at the coveted spot H50 was put in and realize that there was nothing else to watch, these ratings are weak. Then if you compare them to what H50 got in the exact same spot its first season (something like 20 million viewers), well, the drop is stunning.

    I am sure CBS hoped for at least 14 million+ viewers, which for most of its successful procedurals, is their average viewership.

    Like Wayne said, Monday's episode will be up against a new Castle and a new Deception. But here is where I differ from Wayne. I think Deception is flopping and with Revolution on hiatus until March 25, H50 has a chance to possibly win the time slot. HOWEVER, I think CBS (and possibly TNT) were hoping to not just win the time slot, where all 3 shows have weak ratings, but they hope to get H50's demo up to 2.8+ and viewership up to at least 14 million+ on a steady basis.

    Even in season one, which continues to be my favorite season, their # of viewers dropped right back down to their normal levels after the coup from football. I see no reason to think this time will be any different.

    I enjoyed this episode, although there was a lot of improbable things that went unexplained(like how Chin got put into prison with no one noticing a drugged man being brought in and clothed in prison garb who never went through an admission process or how Sang Min got hold of a bar to hit the guard over the head with, among others).But DDK did an excellent acting job, IMO. Hope it isn't too little, too late.

    They did the alternate ending thing, which I don't think amounted to much, and now they gave H50 this golden opportunity to raise ratings.

    If H50 settles this spring around 7-9 million,and has a demo of 2.3 or lower on an average, I think next season will be H50's last and CBS will move it to the death slot on Fridays for season 4 and not just for summer reruns. If they do, then I think it will tell us that they are not thinking of renewing after the syndication deal becomes effective.

  4. sarah lynn:

    Well, we now know the preliminary Monday ratings were 2.2, so giving H50 the coveted post-game spot did absolutely nothing. CBS can't be happy, but one thing can be put to rest--CBS has done absolutely everything to help this show.

    Off the subject, I saw that Nathan Fillion of Castle won the People's Choice Award, and Castle got favorite crime drama. It's just strange to me that the rabid fans can't even get H50 or Alex nominated, and the competition wins in those categories. I wonder if many of those rabid fans have disappeared due to the personal issues discussed here in the past. Some of the fan sites have also shut down or are no longer updating. FATD, I know you try to stay away from these discussions, but what do you think? I know I believe that stars' personal lives can drive away viewers. Is that part of the case here?

  5. lowtone123:

    I generally like H50 but I think the story is getting too predictable (arrest the obvious suspect-interrogate-arrest second suspect-interrogate-link to actual suspect-shootout with suspect-suspect killed or arrested) and some moments getting too gory for some viewers (decapitation, burned beyond recognition, disected body parts).

  6. fans are too defensive:

    Sarah, I do often try to stay away from that only because I have seen honesty attacked by the rabid fans as if somehow just saying the truth out loud is what makes it the truth and therefore the person gets blamed for somehow hurting the show all by themselves (absurd, of course)or that it means you hate an actor or the show. Poor Mr. Harada here has experienced that himself and I admire the fact that he doesn't let anyone intimidate him. That is why I like to read his reviews.

    But I do believe poor decision making in actors' personal lives and also comments made in interviews belittling longtime fans as unimportant has caused many previously devoted fans to leave the show. Some fans don't buy the PR Kool-Aid and look behind the PR for the real story. I will leave it at that.

    Obviously, for such a drop in ratings all factors have to be considered part of the problem. It is like when you get in a car accident. Usually several factors caused the accident; a person was texting while another wasn't driving defensively or was thinking about something besides his driving and so an accident occurs that maybe could have been avoided if one or the other driver was alert. I see this situation in the same way. Many causes to the problem all at once and then you have a bust. IMO no direction for the show, just weekly gimmicks like popular guest stars and the like, and the writing is weak, as well as what we just talked about, all contribute to this show tanking.

    I saw the ratings for Monday also and so far it is going as I expected. No bump from all the tricks and if Revolution were still on, H50 would be at 7-8 million. As it is, 9 1/2 million is terrible after so much publicity and help from CBS and a demo of 2.2 is lousy. Not looking good for H50. I doubt CBS will do much more for the show. I thank them for what they have tried.

  7. theDman:

    "But I do believe poor decision making in actors' personal lives and also comments made in interviews belittling longtime fans as unimportant has caused many previously devoted fans to leave the show. Some fans don't buy the PR Kool-Aid and look behind the PR for the real story. I will leave it at that."

    You know, I am not going to pretend that I know what is going on with the personal lives of the actors, and maybe I don't want to know anyway, but I wonder what kind of impact that really has on viewership.

    If we can recall, some of the actors on Lost got some dirt exposed on them, and it started in season one! As I became aware of this, I did get turned off to them...and the show too, but I felt like I was in the minority. Some of the main actors of that show had some major issues and as we know, factions began to develop where certain actors were not happy with having to work some of their castmates.

    I don't think that affected the ratings however. I mean, sure, after a few seasons, the storylines started getting ridiculous and the ratings began to wane, but I think that is understandable.

    The fans that go ga-ga over the main actors still seem to be least to me. I still think the loss of fans is almost entirely due to the writing.

  8. fans are too defensive:

    The thing is, D-man, there are main actors here who brought over fans who loved them from previous shows and even though those shows tanked, they stayed with them through long dry spells, supporting them in many ways. Some say that H50 was offered to them because of their faithful following. Then, they get this show and finally get a show that didn't get canceled,and the longtime fans are told at SOTB3 that the only fans they care about are the Hawaiian ones. That hurt a huge faction of the actors' followings and they left. So yes, there have been repurcussions from that which has been reflected on these actors' websites, which, like Sarah said, have been abandoned or closed down. You know, a woman scorned? LOL

    Again, it isn't the only reason by far for the poor ratings, but it definitely is one of them. IMO anyway.:-)

  9. fans are too defensive:

    Meant to add that as of this moment I will no longer comment on the personal lives aspect of the actors. I have said all I am going to on that subject! *takes the fifth from now on* LOL

  10. sarah lynn:

    One thing that has occurred to me regarding Nathan Fillion, is that he really embraces his Firefly fans and has attended Firefly conventions. I think this is something that really helps maintain Nathan's popularity during such things as People's Choice Awards.

  11. fans are too defensive:

    Absolutely, Sarah. This actor used to do all of those things but seems to have changed priorities. You know the old saying. Be good to the people who help you move up because someday you will need them when you come back down. 🙂

  12. steve:

    This show has pretty scenery but the stories are usually lame; the first 5 minutes is usually the best part of the show. The point/counterpoint thing between MacGarrett and Dano is mildly entertaining. The other two members of the team have subordinate roles whether by design or accident. In short I don't expect much and I don't get much.

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