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An absurd 'Five-0' wins — as 'Castle' logs its own victories

January 22nd, 2013

A murder, a political scandal, a governor with a motive asking McGarrett for a personal favor, Danno trying to steer Family Court to enable daughter Grace to stay in Hawaii, the return of Wo Fat.
Just another day in the life of “Hawaii Five-0,” which had it all Monday (Jan. 21).
And the ratings verdict was on its side, too.
The CBS procedural, still courting a wavering viewership and basking in decent post-football special special episode on Sunday (Jan. 20), finished first in households (6.1/10), viewers (9.58 million), and adults 18 to 49 (2.2/06),) according to the Nielsen ratings.
However, it was a small dip compared to last Monday's (Jan. 14) ratings.
The “Five-0” team was in an absurd situation — investigate and book the murderer of a prostitute, found dead in the home of a Congressman’s home. Governor Denning (Richard Jones ) had imposing presence, not telling McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) why he had to make this probe ... till the matter was resolved before the final credits.
Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos), we find out, is at the crux of the bizarre case, and the revelation here is that he is a sharp shooter and a terror on ATV. Or, like the Food Network’s “Iron Chef America” he hosts, he has a penchant to survive.
Danno (Scott Caan), in the whirlpool of fighting to keep his daughter here, probably needs to refocus on his work first; he was a lousy shooter, unable to bring down Wo Fat, in a predictable chopper segment (it rises from beyond a cliff, a favorite movie set-up), in a round of bullet exchange. Even with Wo Fat’s jammed gun, Danno has no whammo to shoot to maim or kill; guess the baddie still is needed to keep the story thread going. A missed opportunity means a re-encounter down the line.
The ratings God was good to all CBS comedies (each with a new episode) leading up to 9 p.m. (10 p.m. Mainland), so “Five-0” surfed the wave from the build-up.
ABC’s “Castle,” the spoiler for “Five-0” in some weeks, logged double the audience of NBC’s upstart “Deception” in the time slot; the Alphabet Network is touting “Castle’s” general gains of 5 per cent in the 18 to 49 adults demographics, maintaining that the numbers equaled that procedural’s highest ratings since last October.

* * *
A Matter for Discussion: 'Castle' on a cloud

Viewers also have openly wondered if one of “Five-0’s” problems is a lack of viewer-friendly promotion.
Like, the show very rarely gets “recommended” tips in such publications “Entertainment Weekly,” which prod viewers/readers to explore and consider tuning in on any given week.
That recent effort, to have viewers decide the ending the episode, got some additional press.
But: there’s been a noticeable lack of publicity and coverage on the “Five-0” team, outside of network promos. Even the current clips of CBS stars anticipating the upcoming Super Bowl, excludes McG and company.
On one rare occasion, there were national blurbs about the arrival of O’Loughlin’s newborn. But little else on any other member of the TV team.
People and EW regularly depict visiting actors at work (think Johnny Depp of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise and more recently, the “Hunger Games” acting ensemble) or at play (anyone from Britney Spears to Rihanna), but seldom or never print pics of the “Five-0” delegation of performers.
And Sarah Lynn, a reader and frequent responder to this blog, makes a good point: Nathan Fillion of “Castle” won the People's Choice Award, and “Castle” landed the favorite drama prize — where was “Five-0”? This actor and this show are the prime competition for the locally-filmed series.
“It's just strange to me that the rabid fans can't even get H50 or Alex nominated, and the competition wins in those categories,” Sarah Lynn said in a recent response.
“I wonder if many of those rabid fans have disappeared due to the personal issues discussed here in the past. Some of the fan sites have also shut down or are no longer updating. FATD, I know you try to stay away from these discussions, but what do you think? I know I believe that stars' personal lives can drive away viewers. Is that part of the case here?”
Any other thoughts about this?

9 Responses to “An absurd 'Five-0' wins — as 'Castle' logs its own victories”

  1. lowtone123:

    It was lame that Danno couldn't bring down Wo Fat even when Wo Fat came out from behind the ATV. We all know that Wo Fat can't go out that way but it make it look like Danno the cop couldn't hit Kamekona if he was standing in front of him.

  2. Annoddah Dave:

    WH: Ever tried to fire an assault weapon from a moving helicopter? It ain't that easy that is why you have it on "auto" to create enough firepower to keep the shooter from shooting you. Same thing as in war...massive fire power with the hope of hitting something. Only guys who can hit to kill are snipers. Were the police trying to kill the guy at the Ala Wai...I don't think so, they were trained to stop him but it was a stress situation so am sure they shot hoping to wound him enough to have him stop.

  3. Annoddah Dave:

    3. WH: Forgot to mention...notice in "Zero Dark Thirty" no massive amount of fire power during the attack? These guys are trained to kill a particular target...they did not spray the place silly, knowing there were innocents there. Listen to the shells drop from each shot...that was really a cinematic moment of the operation.

  4. fans are too defensive:

    For my take on why a main star of H50 has lost much of the fan base that brought him to H50, you need to read the previous post I made on the blog about Sunday's episode. I won't bore you here with all of that again. Nathan Fillion cares about all of the fans he accumulated since FIREFLY and those fans will be there for him no matter what. Not so with this H50 star. He insulted and dumped his faithful fan base from his early career and I believe that is the big difference between Nathan and this star. This star's show won the PCA award for best show back in the PCA's of 2008. Now neither he nor H50 can even get nominated. That says it all.

    The arrival of O'Loughlin's newborn was only interesting to his rabid fans as I even saw comments that asked who he was and called it non-news.

    EW and People have a pulse on what the general public cares about and unfortunately it seems that the stars of H50 are not something on the radar of the nation. They write about what sells their magazine/show. And apparently H50 is not on their radar as interesting.

    It doesn't matter (IMO) that H50 won the hour. All the shows at that time slot have weak ratings and H50 has had tremendous publicity and tricks and was given a coveted time slot after the AFC championship game. Yet with all of that, and the "choose your own ending" gimmick, nothing has improved for H5O. I think it has peaked and will drop again to 7-8 million viewers when Revolution returns.

    On another interesting note, CBS's Blue Bloods, which was also signed up for syndication in the same year, and previously had been doing poorly like H50, has been doing the opposite of H50 this season. It has been steadily improving this year. Check this out:


    Third-Year Drama is Up +8% Over Last Year

    Friday's Broadcast Delivers its Largest Audience Since Last February

    "Blue Bloods" is Also One of TV's Most Played-Back Programs

    CBS's Blue Bloods is the first Friday scripted series in 10 years to average at least 13 million viewers, according to Nielsen most current ratings through Jan. 13.

  5. fans are too defensive:

    "This star's show won the PCA award for best show back in the PCA's of 2008."

    Correction: The star's show won the best NEW TV drama in the PCAs broadcast in 2008.

    Favorite New TV Drama


  6. Mike Apo:

    What makes the Show? The story and the acting:

    WH: Comparing CASTLE and H5-0 is really unfair to 5-0. I've tried and tried to watch 5-0 and the truth is...I can't get into it. It's a few things. First, the original 5-0 couldn't be beat cast-wise and story wise. The original cast members defined the characters. Jack WAS Steve McGarrett. Jimmy MacArthur created Danno. And so on. The show became such a part of the American (and world--to some extent) culture--Remember when "Book 'Em, Danno was heard everywhere??-- that any remake is just a cheap imitation. I just can't buy O'Loughlin as McGarrett. (Steve McGarrett would never show up in public unshaven.) Jimmy Caan's kid makes Danny Williams look like a central-casting TV detective. The first time O'Loughlin said :"Book 'em, Danno" it made me cringe. This just was NOT Steve McGarrett. And putting Wo Fat in the field? Noo. The key to Wo Fat is that he is a patrician bad guy. He never gets his hands dirty. And that's what makes him so wonderfully evil. As far as story-lines..the new 5-0 is written like so many police shows. Am I watching 5-0 or CSI-MIAMI, or BONES, or..they all seem alike with the same kind of story-line. The origianl 5-0 scripts were crisp. The dialogue worked. You developed a relationship with the original 5-0 characters because they were written with depth. The new characters speak like plastic cut-outs. At the end of the episode, they seem just like tv characters. The attept to "modernize" 5-0 has made it pedestrian.
    Then there's CASTLE. First, it's an original show so there's no basis of comparison with another version. That does make a difference. As a show, it excels on several fronts. The scripts are excellent. Yes, the stories are a bit repetitive and it seems every season ends with yet another earth-shattering catastrophe..(which is kind of boring). But the writing is sharp and thoughful and the dialogue fits the charaters. These people are saying things that seem natural to them. There is the usual police stuff but there is always the romantic undertone and the trace of rascal which makes you like and empathize with the ensemble. (I even, sometimes, feel positive toward the martinette squad Capt.) The writing flows. The actors seem made for their parts and the directing is generally excellent. Nathan Fillion shows just the right mix of serious thinker and awed boy. He pulls it off with little effort. Stana Katic handles her part magnificently. She brings Beckett to life, also without effort. Also, she has fantastic ability to act with her face...saying it all with a look. And the cinematographers know just how to use the close-up with her. It's a mix which hooks the audience, makes them care about the characters, and want to see more. While 5-0 may have the action, CASTLE has the quality.
    As Far as marketing, CBS could do more to promote 5-0 and in probably should. But CASTLE gets more ink and attention because it deserves that.

  7. Manoa Kahuna:

    O'Loughlin is just not likable in person or in character.

  8. theDman:

    I think Alex O is ok as a person myself. I have no axe to grind with him. Let's put it this way...he's never gone out of his way and given me a bad time for anything. lol Of course, why would he? Actually, a more accurate statement would be to say that he could have, but didn't...

    His character is not always sympathetic however. I agree with that. A lot of times, I felt it was poor writing in a half-baked scene and not his execution. But that is just my opinion.

  9. Lenin:

    Well it was pretty good. I rellay like Grace Park in this and Daniel is excellent in this also. I was shocked to see Jean Smart. I hope she remains on the show. I rellay like her. The book em Danno part and how they lead up to that was real good and the relationship between Danno and Steve is real good. Alex needs to learn how to pronounce the Hawaiian words a little better and I hope they don't keep his character as angry as he seemed to be. TV ratings: Hawaii Five-0,' The Event' solid Monday; Lone Star' gets drilled Hawaii Five-O's Scott Caan and Alex O'Loughlin Make Waves Monday Ratings: Event,' Hawaii Five-0 Soar, Lone Star' Plummets Ratings: Dancing Dominates Premiere Night; Lone Star Disappoints

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