A Caan of worms for Danno; so how can he win back fans?

January 29th, 2013

Wow, what can of worms for Scott Caan of “Hawaii Five-0” created for himself. Simply by grousing to Chelsea Handler on E! that Hawaii’s food sucks, meth is prevalent, and our slo-mo lifestyle is bothersome.

Caan further whined that our surf didn’t compare to his Malibu haunts, and his girlfriend, like him, just endures living here during the annual filming season.

Poor t’ings.

Then, he predictably apologized — to little sympathy and acceptance — in a transparent mea culpa perhaps instigated (I hope it was his own decision) and nudged by show producers or network execs to say the “s” word). But auwe, sorry was too little, too late — as his Caan-demnations have gone viral.

Now it’s damage control time.

Caan, the son of actor James Caan, is part of the successful duo in the bromance as Danny “Danno” Williams, opposite series star Alex O’Loughlin as Steve McGarrett, in the filmed-in-Hawaii procedural now in its third season. The CBS series leaped to “No. 1 new show” in the first season, to a struggling also-ran in the third-year outing.

Caan — who utters the series’ most-quoted line, “Book ‘em Danno,” originating from the Jack Lord-James MacArthur series of the past — is the lone actor of the “Five-0” team, to be nominated (he lost) for an industry award (Golden Globes).

His method-style credentials — quick on the quip, with a most distinguishing manner compared to his peers — is spot-on. The guy is a terrific actor, woefully underrated in the industry.

Now he’s now evolved as the only "Five-0" performer with a negative buzz — check the websites, scan the letters to the editor, check radio talk shows. Fans, or former supporters, are declaring, “Book ‘em Danno,” meaning book a flight and go home already. If you don't like it, scoot outta here.

To be fair to the actor, his behavior on the talk show might have been simply playing into the scheme of things; Handler is a comedian and the whole shebang might have been a calculated ruse.

Still, to condemn the food? The aloha spirit? The surf? The tempo of the lifestyle? It’s somewhat insulting, hitting the guts of diehard locals. If he had truly consumed food that “sucks” (his word), wouldn’t you think he also might have enjoyed some fine dining here — and that general comment would be a slap in the face of the dining community, especially our innovative award-winning chefs? If he specifically condemned plate lunches or shave ice, that would have been understandable — but that’s not what he said.

Life’s too s-l-o-w? Maybe he needs to get into the fast lane a skosh, and partake in what visitors come here for: nature hikes, luau shows, destinations such as Pearl Harbor and Punchbowl. Frankly, he's not a resident; he's an actor here for a mission. Yet he just might find that fun’s out there to be discovered. Like, surfing. His contract probably disallows the churning waters of the North Shore, but he can go people-watching and surf-sighting on his day off. Or support our local theater and visit the shows — the companies would be thrilled and he might find some reciprocal joy.

Can’t believe his is a voice of authority on the meth issue either.

“Five-0” needs all the aloha from the local and national population, considering that the sheen is off and the rating numbers ricochet, from decent to embarrassing. This distraction is not healthy for the actor orthe show or the network.

If Caan mingles, he might find that folks are responsive to stars who treat them with respect, not down-putting. Come see movies like the rest of us. Mix in with the throngs at street festivals. He might just discover that he’ll settle in his own place, at his own pace, with folks leaving him pretty much alone (aside from the obvious cell phone pic-taking and an isolated case of autograph-signing).

Simply: It’s a Caan-do situation to earn back the aloha. Better sooner than later.

55 Responses to “A Caan of worms for Danno; so how can he win back fans?”

  1. sarah lynn:

    To Caan AND O'Loughlin both--your behavior has, at times, insulted your fans and may harm your careers as well. So, please, look up the word of the day--"circumspect". You'll thank me for it.

    O'Loughlin: Locals are not ALWAYS "cool" and mainlanders are not "the problem". Americans do have a sense of humor and know the definition of "irony". You are not a harder worker than Americans due to superior Aussie vs. U.S. parenting. I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

    Caan: The way things are going you only have about 14 more months on H50, with quite a lot of that on vacation and hiatus. Then, if you've saved well, you can do whatever work, play, projects you like. You never have to go anywhere you don't want to. Just sit back and collect those residual checks. I think you can do it without further alienating your fans.

    Chelsea was more the one talking about the ice problem, which is both tragic and well-known. Lots of kids growing up surrounded by this tragedy who might love the opportunity to meet Scott, or have him talk a little about acting, photography, his dad, etc.

  2. theDman:

    He made a mistake. His feelings are his own and that's fine, but he should not be making them public. Almost unreal that he committed a gaffe like that on national TV. That's not publicity, that's stupdity, and yes, I am sure that he was "counseled" by certain staff connected with the show real quickly. REAL quickly.

    Now, having said that, he by no means is the only celebrity to bad-mouth Hawaii. I remember one that did the same thing while they were living here and it's like (headslap) what were you thinking of to insult people like that? In that case, I always felt that she only had half a brain to begin with, but I thought Scott was much too smart to be caught like that. Got to wonder if he "had a few" before sitting in that chair.

  3. AniMatsuri:

    Honestly, I don't think anyone will miss him if he was written out of the show in a creative way. Let him go as soon as his contract is up. Or better yet let's see if there are productions that want to hire him away now. That way we'll probably see more of Michelle Borth & Masi Oki.

  4. Kathleen:

    He spoke the truth. The food isn't good, in general, with expensive restaurant exceptions, and if you're pale like he is, the sun isn't your friend. So leave the guy alone and give him a break.

  5. TMC:

    to each his own... a part of the Aloha spirit is accepting without judgement... and the attitude fits his character role. Well to be ignored. The show is great.

  6. Pat:

    Seems to me that locals ought to take the high road and not let one man's opinions cause us to express a tidal wave of emotions that only reflect upon the person making the comment. If too many of us complain about the remarks are we just as guilty of looking at the negative rather than enjoying the positive contribution? Rather than do that we could just as well suggest the places to surf that may be just as good or better than Malibu, food that he may have never tasted because he doesn't know where the good eats are, and so on. "Kill" the man with our aloha spirit then with our equally negative responses.

  7. Chef LaTorre:

    2 words. Danno Challenge!

  8. hynqueen perez:

    Ok well we not all pleased that you were picked to play the role of our beloved Danno butt, do the best you can , and please try to have respect for the people of Hawaii, and our culture, No body want to hear you wineing about our food , or our way of life .. if it's not fast enought for you go back to sunny California where you belong... we , I sure can replace you as Danno. ALOHA!!!!!

  9. Manoa_Fisherman:

    I am sure that the writers could kill off his character very easily. The painful story line with his ex-wife and daughter really doesn't touch the audience and has nothing to do with telling folks on the mainland about people who live in Hawaii. His replacement character, could be a hapa guy from Hawaii and give the show a better storyline for that character than a bickering east coast haole with a british ex.

    Between the Chelsey Handler fiasco and the lingering effects of the trailer park trash image Dog Chapman has had on the State, I think the producers of H50 have to think long and hard on how to beef up the image and storylines of the show in order to limp to the fifth year syndication goal line that CBS has established. An noted previously, notice that in CBS promos for the Super Bowl, none of the H50 actors are used, they are using even the lame actors from Las Vegas in the commercials. Translation: H50 has no friends at the top of CBS.

  10. Ramona Smith:

    Scott Caan dosn't have to like it here or like the people or food or whatever.....keep it to your damn self...so simple. Please Please go back to where you came from and the sooner the better. We don't want you here! I was a loyal fan of 5-0 never missed one episode but I assure you I will never watch another one again ever you lost me because of that loud mouth "no breath" idiott!

  11. James Doiron:

    Is Hawai'i nei a place of beauty and peace .. Yes .. Is a place where drugs and violence exist .. Yes ..
    Is Hawai'i also a place of hope and despair .. Yes .. Stand in the Kualoa Valley and Stand along the road to Kaena Point Waianae "A place the locals called "The Wild Wild West" (Been leveled recently) Scott Cann made a mistake Yes .. but my extended Ohana .. taught me to forgive and practice Aloha .. not just to speak only the õlelo ... Saying something is so easy ... I see a lot of people taking self-righteous inventory and believing they know what is best for Hawai'i Scott Cann etc .. an auwee is an auwee ... Aloha: Ho'omau Iā kāua

  12. Chef LaTorre:

    He should:
    1) Find and promote a restaurant/ chef whose cooking he genuinely loves. Aside from myself, there are many island chefs who source produce locally. Who catch their own fish. Sea to Table. Who promote & support Hawaii's Organic Farms. Farm to Table. Who are passionate about the food NOT sucking & who are taking action to help prevent the widespread epidemic of chemically poisoned food.

    He can 1st educate himself by watching this film that discusses Hawaii's GMO Food Crisis & the crucial need to EVICT MONSANTO. http://youtu.be/uZgrOFjhzdg

    Next, he can help by using his fame/name/visibility & personal network of powerful people, to take down bigger perps like Monsanto. Since everyone's so concerned with what comes out of his mouth, we've clearly found an opportunity for Danno to use that thing to educate people! This is exciting!

    2) Would he like to volunteer/donate to the Hawaii Food Bank so some of the 55,050 keikis who receive food aid from this non-profit, can stop being part of the "1 in 5" statistic, who live in a food insecure home? The phone # to the Hawaii Food Bank is: (808) 836-3600 & the people who work there are very nice.

    3) Suit up & step up to the plate by helping to teach the at-risk youth of Hawaii HOW TO surf via the Surfrider Spirit Sessions. The sessions are Sundays in Waikiki from 7-11am for girls & 12-4pm for the boys group. His contacts are: Cynthia Y.H. Derosier & Sam Rodrigues. http://surferspirit.org/contact/

    He can read about their initiatives here: http://surferspirit.org/volunteer/

    Wow! Look at all the ways Danno can make Hawaii & the world a better place! Lets positively encourage him to use his status to make some real changes in Hawaii 1 step at a time. I think he can do it! Do you?

    Danno Challenge 2013!!!! Get involved!!!

  13. 808ikea:

    I did not see the interview, but Caan really did a disservice to the show, all the team members and most of all to himself.

    On a brighter note I can honestly say the only character and person that I personally like is Daniel Kim. I've seen him in public and spoken with him. A very nice gentlemen and is a real credit to the show and the community.

  14. Cruzchix:

    Don't know why people continue to hang on every word uttered by the Hollywood crowd. They are just actors, repeating what someone else wrote for them. No real reason to get mad at his moronic comments - just consider the source and move on.

  15. Fan:

    Regardless of who you are, we know that we all have "character flaws." How many people do you know that say things out of arrogance and then regret it. He made a mistake and I guess it is very similar to "biting the hand that feeds you." The star of Hawaii Five-0 is "Hawaii", so to insult Hawaii's people, food, etc... is not the smartest thing to do. It's difficult for people who love these islands to forgive. I hope we can all just forgive him and move on. The show is a wonderful show for Hawaii. We need Hawaii Five-0. It helped Hawaii way back in the Jack Lord days and it continues to help us.

  16. gerry brown:

    Have Cann and crew host an apology evant to those he insulted

  17. Haupu Cortez:

    go home, nobody likes being caan'ed and this guy's character needs to meet a quick demise so caan and his girlfriend can return to the land of fruits and nuts...and smog

  18. okcrow:

    Love the idea of replacing him with a cool hapa guy that would let the show be a little more about Hawaii. Would also love to see more of Michelle Borth. Can't say I love the show. Too much far fetched plots and too little talk story about Hawaii. Caan seems like a jerk. Maybe he can go hang with Charlie Sheen.

  19. theDman:

    I do know from talking to people, that Caan has gotten involved in certain local events, so he is not totally isolated. I also talked to a guy that had to deal with one of Caan's drunken LA friends, and Scott ran over to intervene before his friend got introduced to mister big-fist courtesy of sole. So he knows a thing or two about being smart here in the islands, too bad he forgot that during that interview.

  20. Frank Spencer:

    I never thought Caan was the right guy for the job in the first place. Im sure as its been noted in the other responses that he was baited a little. He just carries himself like an east coast guy, too uptight for Hawaii. The show definitely needs more island in it. With the stories and background they might as well be filming in San Diego or LA. They need to use more locals and make it feel more like Hawaii. It almost seems like they have gone out of their way to not make it feel local. Caan is a descent actor and having married into the island life if your not use to it and don't appreciate it your not going to like it. Get some folks on there that will get the attention of the people watching.

  21. sharon:

    I'm shocked at such negative words about Hawaii.
    I have been blessed enough to visit Hawaii 6 times now, and each time I cry when I board the plane.
    I am amazed by the people of Hawaii, their kindness and spirit. The people are one of the main reasons I return.
    Hawaii takes my breath away with it's beauty.
    Food...what kind of food is he missing?
    I have been to LA...I have never been so glad to leave a city as I was LA. It is the absolute meanest city I have ever visited. Everyone is a wanna-be and thinks they are 'it'.
    It sounds like maybe he was 'talking like his character?'
    If not, maybe he needs to leave the show...go back to LA and live with all the rest of the 'best'.
    Leave Hawaii to the people who love it, and respect it and the Hawaiian people.

  22. HiBye:

    Personally, I understand where Scott Caan is coming from if you're born & raised on the mainland like me - the food is bad here and expensive for what you get, traffic stinks and it's easy to get island fever and there's not enough space on a tiny island with no where to go. He's entitled to his personal opinion but it was certainly bad form to poo poo Hawaii on national TV especially if your paycheck is from a show called "Hawaii 5-O."

  23. busterb:

    How ironic that the original Danno was possibly the most beloved of the cast.

  24. rainbowbballer:

    Hey people, Scot Caan, earns more money, than a lot of people can earn in three lifetimes.
    That salary alone should remind him to honor the place and people, he lives with. He gives an impression of in real life as a smart-aleck, I hope he will catch less waves cause the lot sunlovers will cut him off. He is boring on the show, and let him go back to the mainland snakes on shore waves. Bring on a new DANNO, he is replaceable and soon. Kill him off on the show and bring in new talent, local ties would be great, if can-can, can not, can not.

  25. Rockfishtaco:

    aloha also means goodbye

  26. Mark Kazuo Bradley:

    Mr. Caan's comments are not realy the issue for me. Instead, the issue is why he choose to publicly air his comments while still working in Hawaii? Everyone is due their own views, and Mr. Caan is due his as well. However, common sense would seem to indicate to me that i would keep any negative views of the place where I am currently working to myself until after my contact is finished, and I no longer live, and work in that place.
    It is truly a shame that Mr. Caan's comments have virtually overshadowed not only his acting performance, but the goodwill that CBS Entertainment, the producers of Hawaii Five-O, and the actors have painstakingly created over these past three years.
    Perhaps, Mr. Caan should re-evaluate his feelings?

  27. MAT:

    The attitudes of many of the people who have shared their thoughts about this issue have been nothing short of disgusting. Threatening Scott Caan, making racial comments about haoles, mocking him for his height, are the behaviours of schoolyard bullies not adults. The media in Hawaii and many of the commenter’s have overblown this entire episode (and are continuing to do so based on this so called opinion column) and worked themselves up into a froth for nothing. Mr. Caan said nothing that was so terrible that people should think it’s acceptable to threaten his life or his livelihood. Many people who have commented have acted like Mr. Caan owes them and the State of Hawaii something because he works on the islands. He owes you nothing. He was hired by and is paid by the 5-0 production company – a company which, by the way, brings jobs and revenue to your state. The State of Hawaii has nothing to do with him having a job. Fire Scott Caan? Don’t be ridiculous. Whether you like the show or not, whether you like him or not, he is one of the main reasons behind the success of the show and without him it will fail. I’m shocked that so many people in Hawaii are so thin-skinned that if one person says anything slightly critical of their state they become hysterical and threaten to hurt another person. Is this the Aloha spirit I hear so much about? If it is, I’ll never return to Hawaii.

  28. Nani:

    I'm so sorry that Caan & his lady haven't adapted well to the island way of living. I really feel sorry for him. He apparently never had a great "island guide" like me. However, having visited the East Coast several times, Hawaii is definitely different. Most people love the laid back style that we live in, less stress, great weather, nicer people,food from all over the world, etc. We must realize that some people are adrenaline junkies, always gotta be doing something exciting, rippin' and running. East coast is pretty fast paced.. He's still young, so that's expected, so he can't really appreciate it yet. Scott, must have forgotten the phrase "Hang Loose"...means slow down, relax. What he did unfortunately was show total disrespect for our island people, and our culture....and on a national tv talk show!! And about the "meth problem"...that's no secret! It's not like we are the only place where it's a problem. Drugs are everywhere across the mainland too!!It's killing humanity!
    My grandmother use to always say..."If you can't say nothing nice....don't say anything!!'... I wish I had a job like his here in Hawaii, making the kind of money he is..I don't have anything against him, but I never even heard of him before this show!... but I'm going to forgive him, and hope that the show doesn't suffer too much because of his antics..or he won't have to worry about being here at all, cause there won't be H50!! Now THAT would really be SAD news for all the cast, crew, staff, and actors that have benefited from the show being here because one person couldn't keep his manao to himself!

  29. fortheloveof:

    The other 5-0 was beloved because 1) the characters were commendably honorable ; 2) they portrayed their love for the islands by making sure they protected the islands and its people from crooks and frauds and the bad guys; 3) and they didn't bore us with little incidentals that are taking up so much time on this current show. This show needs to focus on what's really important to "us" who view this l hour segment. Move it along. The other Danny was so good; this one ofttimes projects his boredom with his character and the show, thereby boring us. Knock it off, Caan or we'll "flip U offf."

  30. Oheloai:

    Quote Michael Jackson: "Beat it"!!!

  31. innocent observer:

    caan must be the dumbest actor/person in the whole world. how can he made such stupid comments about the place is works at and for? if he personally does not like hawaii, that is fine, but to tell the whole world that hawaii is crap when his is making a living here is such stupidity. not watching 5-0 until he leaves.

  32. Linda E.:

    This subject should just die. Get over it people !! Obviously Scott should have been more
    careful and aware of how his remarks would be perceived, but the ensuing fuss has only
    proven that too many people have no sense of humour. To threaten Scott with death is a million times worse than the original "offense". Anyone who would wish that, are proving
    him right. Accept the things he's right about and move on.
    David Duchovny shot the X Factor in Vancouver where I live. He went on a talk show and said he was tired of shooting here because it rained all the time. That caused a huge furor
    here. I didn't blame him at all because he was telling the truth.

  33. Linda E.:

    Sorry, I got the name of the show wrong. It's the X-Files.

  34. steve:

    Caan will survive this; his bickering routine with McGarrett is mildly entertaining and drives the show. He's not a bad actor and he is not the first actor on a Hawaii T.V. series to express unhappiness with Hawaii. One of the actors on Magnum
    P.I. made it clear back in the day that he had some complaints with life here.

    Scott Caan needs to remember that you don't come to Hawaii to find hustle and fast moving people. We already have the mainland for that. As for the food, there is a lot of fine food here such as the Asian and Pacific fusion cuisine along with the seafood and local specialties. Sure there could be better Italian, Kosher, and Mexican food but you can't have everything.

    Hawaii will never be L.A. or New York but than why would we want to be.

  35. Manoa_Fisherman:

    I don't understand why you are so upset about another actor from LA who can get replaced in the twinkle of a writer's eye. No one commenting here made such hard hitting or racial remarks that would spark such a tirade you made. Primarily, people are upset that Mr. Caan had been given the "red carpet" treatment since he arrived to make H50 and he was so flippant in making such derogatory remarks on national television about our people, our state, our cusine, and even our surf.
    In one fell swope, Caan not only put his foot in his mouth, but successfully engendered a negative connotation for everyone who lives in Hawaii as protraying them as drug dealing sloths. If that is not a totally insulting behavior and attitude, his daddy better buy the Playboy Mansion and let Scotty go play with the bunnys in the pool and buy him a life time supply of antibiotics.

  36. Rose:

    Think before you make stupid remarks about hawaii!

  37. Killer:

    The planet has become such a highly sensitive place to live, it's like walking through a minefield every time you say something and there is no short supply of who will be offended. Hawaiian's were once famous for letting things roll off their back like water off of a duck's back and if you query the true Hawaiian's about this incident and I do mean the true Hawaiian's not just those people who happen to live there and call Hawaii their home, than you would find a consensus that Scott Caan is just a Dumb Ass Hauoli who is all Waha! Further consensus and responsive action to his so called Dis would be to punch him in his mouth or "Waha", that's how Real Hawaiian's deal with getting Dissed by Dumb Ass Hauoli's! Plain and simple, Concise, To The Point, put Dumb Ass Hauoli's in their place and welcome them to Hawaii in Grand Style and Aloha! Once upon a time we were called "Keiki-o-ka-'aina", once upon a time we were Warriors, do not mistake our compliance for weakness!

  38. Warrior Dave:

    It amazes me to hear some people say the food in Hawaii is not good. Where the heck are you eating???

    Not every restaurant or hotel has a perfect rating from all its customers so you have to take some complaints with a grain of salt. But if 98% of the masses gives positive comments and you don't...maybe its you???

    Aloha Scott Caan. You should demand to be written off the show if you are so miserable living here. There's probably a 1000 actors that would love to take your place.

  39. bookchic808:

    he has to go bye bye. vote him off, kill him off, or replace him. simple, every one happy. aloha.

  40. Dan:

    He doesn't "have to" stay in Hawaii, he could simply quit and go back to the Mainland. No worries.

  41. rainbowbballer:

    Totally agree with Manoa_fisherman, Scott Caan should leave the show and the islands, the sayng is "if you dont like it, then leave. " I think the writers ARE preparing to write Caan, out of the show, Remember that his ex-wife wants to move to Vegas, well go then.
    Hawaii, doesnt need the negative feedback, we a struggling to bring in the tourist even the Pro bowl is really need. In capital letters, "SCOTT CAAN GO HOME, DONT COMPLAIN OR EVEN BETTER GO TO IRAQ, JOIN THE ARMY, sorry but take a hike, maybe he does good things without publicity, but I dont think so, prove us wrong. Als to Mat, leave for another place to live, if you truely dont believe that Mr Caan's words and action on national TV, did not HURT, Hawaii, da place you live. Hollywood maybe??

  42. theDman:

    I don't think Caan is about to be written off the show just yet. He did apologize although I understand that may not be enough for some.

    Bottomline to me is that he stays, but if there is another "mistake" made in the national press, we could be seeing Danno's charred-beyond-all-recognition body being discovered early in a future episode.

  43. fans are too defensive:

    I have sat back quietly reading the comments here and all over the internet. I couldn't get through all these so I apologize for maybe not reading your post.Usually I like to stay away from this stuff but it has gotten so out of hand I feel I needed to say something.

    First of all, bravo to MAT. His post is right on. I like Sarah Lynn's too.

    Now I want to say something. Alex and Peter have played ad nauseum the Hawaii PR game for so long now and way beyond reality, that it gives the false impression they love HI over everything and HI is the best there is. Yet Alex recently said he has to leave the island frequently in order to be able to stand being there. He said it was way too hot in the summer. He even said that the pace was nice at times but frustrating at others. When he wants a faster pace, he goes to LA (his words.)No one said BOO to that.

    Peter talks the big talk but I ask you, if he loved Hawaii so much more than LA, how come in 3 years he hasn't moved his family out there? He certainly can afford to. Food for thought.

    Alex has been dissing LA and many of his longtime fans who got him where he is today (and there was not one Hawaiian fan in his fandom before H50). He insults people everywhere. No one cared from Hawaii if that was fair or not. As long as he flashes that shaka in every pic, you're good. Sarah Lynn touched on a few things he did.

    But Peter and Alex would not be doing H50 if they weren't working with money and actors and writers , et al, from LA. CBS is in LA. And let's face it, if any of the actors want a future in acting, they won't be in Hawaii for long. My guess is next year is the end as the only people watching H50 are the Hawaiians and the rabid fans for the most part. Then it is back to LA or wherever their new acting job is going to be filmed.

    Someone said he is doing a show about Hawaii so Scott should honor that. Huh? I blame Peter for that. It is a procedural which takes place in Hawaii. It isn't a travel show. Even the old H50 didn't make the show about promoting Hawaii. They did the show and let the scenery speak for Hawaii without all the kissing up.

    If we follow that logic, than I guess NCIS:LA should spend several minutes of every episode promoting LA. CSI: Miami (which is actually filmed in LA) should do the same for Miami. CSI: NY or even Blue Bloods should promote New York. Are you all getting my point?

    H50 is not a brochure for Hawaii. At least it isn't supposed to be. It is a procedural. Many mainlanders are on oversaturation with the Hawaii push on that show. OVERKILL. They should spend more time writing a good show and much less trying to be a show and a vacation blog at the same time.

    We all have pride in where we live. I live in San Diego and honestly? I wouldn't move to LA or Hawaii. But I also understand that to each his own.

    The idea that Scott has to LIE about his feelings or shut up about them because he isn't drooling all over Hawaii is beyond ridiculous. When LA gets insulted by Alex and even Peter we just roll with it here and smile. H50 ends and then they will drool about their new show and location. It is called promotion.

    Scott has always made it clear he loves LA best. So what? I love honesty and am extremely tired of all the PR crap. The worse the ratings for this show, the more kiss up from Peter. It gets old and by now, most normal viewers nationally are burning out on it, if the ratings are any indication. I know I am.

    Unfortunately, despite all the PR from Peter and Alex, with this interview of Scott's, the Hawaiians have stripped away the facade of Aloha spirit and Ohana. In its place prejudice and bigotry reared its ugly head. Self importance and entitlement also.

    This will eventually all pass but I fear the bad taste put in mainlanders' mouths from all the hostility will remain.

    I will leave you all with a fantastic blog a Scott fan wrote which really says it all. Aloha.

    apparently I’m an a--hole…

    … because I moved halfway across the country for work 2½ years ago, but still like home - where I grew up and lived all my life, where most of my friends still live, where most of my relatives live, or close by, where I know the streets and places like the back of my hand, where I know most of the history of the surrounding towns and villages as well, where I know the people, where it FEELS like home - better than my current place of residence and I don’t mind telling people so.

    Those of my co-workers who grew up here obviously don’t agree with me, but that’s their opinion and I respect that, as they do mine. Like the mature adults we are (or pretend to be most of the time in my case :).

    But when you work on a show called Hawaii Five-0 you don’t seem to be allowed to voice your own opinion when it isn’t “Hawaii is the most perfect place on earth and I don’t want to be anywhere else ever again.” or some morons will start a petition to get you removed from the show.

    Not really feeling the ‘Aloha Spirit’ you are accusing Scott of lacking over your narrow-minded xenophobia and general hostility toward him, tbh.

    Thankfully Scott doesn’t really give a f--k about this kind of stupid sh--.

  44. sarah lynn:

    The previous comment is correct that Scott is being held to a different standard than some. Others associated with this show have made at least equally stupid remarks, and some of those have been mentioned here over the last several months without anyone seeming to care. I was appalled at some of the racist comments I read, both now and in the past. Many want nothing but local actors on this show, and complain about haoles on H50. Most actors live in L.A. and NY, and that is always where most actors will be hired from. Remember, O'Loughlin moved to L.A. from Australia to be where the work is. Leverage filmed in Portland, OR, but none of the main actors were from there. Psych films in Vancouver, but they aren't from Canada either. That's the way it goes. Alex may say he'll always live in HI, but trust me, he'll leave for the work too. Why would he have more loyalty to HI than Australia, and he certainly left there. Scott won't be written out unless he demands such, and he has around a 7-year standard contract. I think he's the best actor on the show, by the way.

    Does anyone think maybe some of Scott's frustration might be with the poor quality and ratings of the show? People want to be on a winner, and he may wonder why he's living where he doesn't enjoy living for a job that isn't providing him much satisfaction. He does have to realize, though, that he spends much of his year on a very small island, that, yes, can be very xenophobic. Don't argue, it's true. He can say more what he feels on the mainland, but doing so on Oahu will have greater repercussions for him as he no doubt knows now.

  45. fans are too defensive:

    Thumbs up, Sarah!

  46. theDman:


    Have to disagree with you. What Scott did was akin to bad mouth someone's cooking after being invited over for a meal...except he did it on national TV. That's poor judgement. Maybe you did not like the meal. You don't have to say it out loud. There are things best left unsaid sometimes.

    I am not talking about his not liking the slow pace, I have no issue with that. Saying the food sucks is based on ignorance though. Quite a blanket statement wouldn't you say?

    We're missing the whole point here however. Scott gets on people's nerves on the set at times, that's well known. He can be brash and cocky, I've got first hand reports on that too. But, he's not normally stupid. Read my previous post regarding that. He simply got caught up by the show host baiting him to say certain things, and he wasn't very smart that night to recognize what was happening.

    Is he sorry he said those things? Oh I'll bet he is, and I'll bet he wished he never said them.

  47. fans are too defensive:

    I like you Dman but I also have some personal knowledge about the actors. My point is that Alex has bad mouthed Hawaii recently and because he has a more vocal fan base and because he usually flips the Shaka in all his pics, he is forgiven. Scott was on a late night cable show that only a few watch. Alex has dissed where he got his start in LA on international and national interviews. Did you know that a friend in LA kept him for free at his home for months until he could find work? Now he disses them? You don't think that hurts his friends that were here for him when he had nothing?

    Scott has no need to be any more silent about his feelings than Alex does. He doesn't play the PR game and so he is shunned for that. He does his job, he does it as well as the poor writing lets him, but he has ambition and wants more than to be on a procedural that's flopping.

    With all due respect, I believe you are missing the even bigger issue. Forget what you heard about Scott and all that. He is who he is.
    More importantly, look at the VENOM spewed by the Hawaiians. It was, in all honesty, an eye opener for us on the mainland. If the Hawaiians said that they wished Scott didn't feel that way about Hawaii, that would be one thing. But they became racist and threatening his life, and all kinds of almost scary hate.

    Honestly, the hate didn't anywhere near fit the crime. But it showed us all on the mainland that Hawaii is not the welcoming all inclusive place they and Peter and Alex want us to believe.

    If Hawaii had class they would have rebutted with a statement that they are sad Scott is unhappy here and they would make a better effort to include him in the Ohana they brag so much about.

    But instead I saw so much evil and hate that I honestly now do not want to return to Hawaii any more. I am sure I am not alone. The hate was tangible and frankly, scary.
    Over food? Seriously? No. There is no justification for that kind of hate and now, instead of elevating Hawaii to a higher level, the Hawaiians have lowered themselves in many eyes. They did that to themselves.


  48. Joy:

    @fans are too defensive (aka Lucia G./@mcgfan)

    You really are compelled by your sick obsession with Alex to turn EVERYTHING into something about him aren't you? And you have no problem lying and exaggerating endlessly. Alex truly does love living in Hawaii and the people there. He's made Hawaii his home with his growing family and is happy! Deal. He never did feel completely at home and comfortable in your precious CA (perhaps you stalking him at every turn had a little something to do with that?). Your bitterness seeps through everything you say and you're always transparent. Yes 5-0 will end one day and you salivate at the thought that he'll 'have' to return to LA, but don't count on it. Highly doubtful he'll ever be a resident again, grannie. Stop being such a creeper!

    As to the actual topic here - Scott's comments...he's certainly entitled to his opinion but saying all of that on national TV wasn't wise and I'm sure he does regret it. He was nervous and trying to be funny and keep up with Chelsea but not everyone found it humorous and he offended many unfortunately without thinking. He's apologised, he's already active and giving back to the community with various local charities, so what more can he do? Those who took offense should show more of that aloha spirit in the form of forgiveness.

  49. fans are too defensive:

    Joy, Seriously? ROFLMAO

  50. fans are too defensive:

    Found this on another blog and wanted to share it. If you have been hating on Scott you ESPECIALLY need to read/see this:

    Horrible hateful Scott apparently made an incredible gesture toward a stranger and he was gone before she could thank him and she DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHO HE WAS. He paid her tab at an restaurant in Hawaii and left and when she went to pay it she was told that it had been taken care of.

    Her friend made this YT clip explaining it and hoping he will see it so he knows that his good deed was recognized by her friend.

    He didn't stick around for a photo or for credit. Sometimes the really GREAT people in the world fly under the radar and don't look for kudos or recognition for their deeds.

    He didn't do it to impress Hawaii or for PR repair. He did it because that is who he really is. No other explanation.


  51. ANGEL:


  52. Bil Willims:

    he can have an opinion too!

    he is not the only one thinks that way. and we should have let the Japanese have those islands. cause mainland nothing but heart ache and headache. should sell them.

  53. Wayne Harada:

    This one arrived from Jake, via e-mail; transferring to the discussion here.


    12:52 PM (2 minutes ago)

    If Scott is so unhappy here then he should be written off the show and sent back to his 54 degree polluted Malibu surf and his phony Hollywood crowd where he can enjoy his failing career before he was blessed with his current job and ability to live Hawaii, his comments were ridiculous and unfounded, he and his girlfriend do not belong here and are poor representatives to our community, let someone that appreciates the Islands replace him as soon as possible, i cant even watch the show anymore he has turned me and a lot of others off with his arrogance both on and off the show, what a shame and a disgrace he is to our lifestyle and community, he belongs in L.A.with the rest of the nomads not Hawaii !!!!!
    Aloha Jake

  54. mililanihawaii:

    Well I must say it was hard not watching Hawaii 5-0 last night I really enjoyed Castle for once. One lost fan sorry.....You guys had it made.

  55. Wilfred Heggins:

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