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'Hookman' remake gives 'Five-0' a ratings edge

February 5th, 2013

“Hookman,” Danno.
CBS — including the island-filmed “Hawaii Five-0” — topped Monday (Feb. 4) viewership, according to preliminary Nielsen ratings numbers. The Eye network was No. 1 with total viewers and adults 18 to 49, the coveted demographics.
Monday, of course, is comedy night for CBS, with “Five-0” (at 9 p.m. here, 10 p.m. Mainland) the lone
procedural in the primetime slate.
Since we focus on the fate of the roller-coaster ride of McGarrett and Company — down some weeks, up another — we must admit that “Hookman,” the lone English-titled episode in the rebooted show’s history, was mostly faithful to the 1973 original in storytelling and action. But the contemporary show’s bromance — in a car pursuit, in examining evidence, in a late-in-the-show shoot-out — was overdone, overloaded and overtly disruptive. Surely, McG (Alex O’Loughlin) and partner Danno Williams (Scott Caan) don’t need to fire bullet-speed arguments every time they’re together.
Perhaps there's a clue here: probe the archives, find episodes with potential and promise, and revive and reboot. “Five-0” led its slot, with 9.63 million viewers, still down from its earlier seasons, logging a 2.3 rating and 6 share for the 18 to 49 demos. ABC’s “Castle” was second, with 8.77 million viewers, a 1.8/5 rating/share; NBC’s “Deception” was third, with 3.12 million viewers and a 1.2/3 rating/share.
The show, an homage to the Jack Lord-James MacArthur original, featured Peter “RoboCop” Weller as both director and the antagonist, Curt Stoner, who is a handless and out to avenge the police officers who were responsible for his loss. He becomes a serial killer, leaving behind evidence — bullet shells engraved with the names of victims in a handwriting style that leads McG and crew to find him.
The remake included McG’s dad John McGarrett (William Sadler), who briefly comes back to life — needless, but part of the current show’s penchant of exploring the past to connect the dots about family and roots. Jason Koger, a double upper amputee, was a stand-in for the Stoner character, originally played by Jay J. Armes, who was a double amputee playing the role himself. The current villain had mechanical hands, not hooks, which reflect the progress of prosthetics.
There were a few “matching” scenes, with McG scanning a scene from atop a building, just as Lord did in the original, and that dodge-the-speeding-car sequence, where McG (now, as well as then), leaped onto the hood of a parked car.
The powerful block of the CBS comedy combos kept the dials on the network (ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” has come and gone). So here’s how they fared (viewership, 18 to 49 demos):
* “How I Met Your Mother,” at 7 p.m. — 10.32 million viewers, 4.0 adults.
* “Ruses of Engagement,” at 7:30 p.m. — 9.33 million, 3.1 adults.
* “2 Broke Girls,” at 8 p.m. — 11.21 million, 3.6 adults.
* “Mike & Molly,” at 8:30 p.m. — 10.70 million, 3.1 adults.
So: Were you hooked on "Hookman"?

9 Responses to “'Hookman' remake gives 'Five-0' a ratings edge”

  1. lowtone123:

    I generally enjoyed the episode although I agree with you the back and forth by Danno and McG is overplayed to the point of being tired. Also tired of the Danno dumping on everything (I would be irritated too, like the gun store owner). And I felt this way before his appearance on Chelsea Lately.

  2. AniMatsuri:

    Now that I think of it, having Peter Weller play a guy with no hands sort of harkens to the time he was Robocop.

  3. NotNasti:

    I would like to see more "remakes" of old HI 5-0 episodes. The bionic hands were pretty cool. They used the same (old) font for the episode's title and credits. They should have worked in the old background music as well.

  4. p miller:

    Whether the episode was good, bad or indifferent, Mr. Caan's recent negative comments toward his "host culture" has caused an entire segment of the local population to simply "turn off" 5-0 on Monday nights. His subsequent back-peddling apology was lame and insincere. Dump him-Danno

  5. hossana:


  6. fans are too defensive:

    Really? Blaming Scott for what was written for his role as Danno?

    That said, this was a really poor time to discuss gun control when it is such a sensitive topic right now. That small scene should have been reshot and rewritten, as many shows/movies do when they accidentally coincide with tragedies. It comes across not as a balanced debate, as Peter would have you believe, because Steve never really said anything, but as a statement for gun control. I don't want my TV shows to dictate their views to me. And I don't think it wise to offend a huge block of current/future fans when the show is already weak in the ratings.

    Speaking of the ratings, this is my take:

    It has gone exactly as I expected. H50 stayed flat with the ratings of the Monday after football (which was their last new episode.) They gained nothing from the football game and they are exactly where they have been while Revolution is away; between 9-10 million and a 2.3.
    IMO all of the tricks they have tried (including the retro last night) had had NO EFFECT on the ratings.

    What WILL have an effect is when Revolution returns. I don't know how many new episodes of H50 will be left to show by then but I do know that their normal pattern has been to show a lot in February and May, which are sweep months. In between February and May shows are of course, many repeats. So, with 9 more new episodes still to show, I would guess 3-5 more new episodes when up against Revolution? But of course that is a complete guess. But that would be enough to show how H50 will do against its only true competition, Revolution.

    Remember, it doesn't matter as much to win the night when the competition isn't strong. It helps for PR though.

    Also remember, that IMO next season is definitely a sure thing. We are really looking at whether there is a future for H50 after syndication kicks in.

  7. fans are too defensive:

    Forgot to add. I don't know how many cops in the middle of an investigation and at a gun shop would be discussing the pros and cons of gun control. Huh??I find it ironic that in a show where every episode is a spray of bullets and bombs and explosions and grenades, etc,and in heavily populated places, like the beach and the International Marketplace, they are discussing how dangerous semi automatic weapons are. LOL

  8. izulu:

    I missed the intro, but as a whole, I enjoyed this episode. Brought back memories. Regarding the title and fonts used, it was much, much better. Lenkov should keep it for all future shows. Credits on the new series are easy to miss and hard to read. It's a mistake not to show titles of each episode--not so much now perhaps, but in syndication. Too much work to have to go and look for a title.

    One comment about the new "Hookman," the engraving on the bullets was too "perfect." Then again, perhaps robotic arms/hands are that much better...

    Like NotNasti above, I too, would like to see more remakes of the original series.

  9. Penny:

    We were excited to watch because our dear friend, Terry Plunkett was the "gun shop owner"!

    Suggestion for the new production crew - use more locals in your with the FIRST Hawai'i 5-0 we would watch to see our friends - and of course, the plots were better back then - not so scattered. And clean up your "pidgen"...if you must, have a real LOCAL person write, and deliver the script!!

    No need to hammer Scott Caan any more - he's got the message - how can he not??? He'll be paying for that mis-speak as long as Hawai'i 5-0 and he plays/lives in Hawai'i!

    I'm with NotNasti and izulu - would love to see more "remakes" of old shows.

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