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On Monday nights at CBS, the slip is still showing. Howcum?

February 12th, 2013

While CBS was No. 1 in total viewers (9.588 million) and among adults 18 to 49 (2.8 rating), it was a slippery slope Monday night (Feb. 11). The two-hour comedy lineup, preceding and including the island-based procedural, “Hawaii Five-0,” were down from the previous week’s Nielsen ratings.
Still, each CBS show topped its respective half-hour or, in “Five-0’s” case, its 9 p.m. hour here, despite the slippage in numbers, according to preliminary figures.
"2 Broke Girls" and "Mike & Molly" topped the numbers, the former with a Grammy theme, the latter with Melissa McCarthy — perhaps a spillover from Sunday's CBS telecast of the awards show, and McCarthy's reign as the plus-sized comic with a blast of fresh, funny fare?
Are TV viewers off the radar, since NBC's "The Voice" and ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" are on hiatus?
Ditto, NBC's "Revolution"?
Back to the order of business: the "Five-0" factor. Are fans staying away, because of Danno's negative notions about Hawaii? And what about Grace Park's "The View" appearance Monday morning, when she dissed surfing — and brought, auwe, faux lei to give the co-hosts (that sounds like a red flag!).
But I digress...
“Ke Koa (The Warrior),” the “Five-0” episode, garnered 9.48 million viewers with a 2.1 18 to 49 demo, squeaking by ABC’s “Castle,” which logged 8.91 million and a 2.0 demo. NBC’s “Deception” pulled in 3.30 million and a 1.3 18 to 49 demo.
The show was a blend of secrecy, with a thread of ohana loyalty, involving the murder of a figure from the lua community of cultural practioners of the art of Hawaiian martial arts, with a somewhat silly but entertaining subplot focuses on a private investigator hired by Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) to document the doings of his mom Doris (Christine Lahti) — tied to that main magnet of secrecy.
I must say the episode was peopled with genuine talent, which was a treat — led by Treat Williams as the adorable p.i. enlisted by to trail mom McG; Jason Tam, our homegrown Broadway and TV star, as Eddie Thorne, a thug who is whacked with a ceramic gnome as he tries to elude the “Five-0” team (McG, with Scott Caan as “Danno” Williams), which winds up with a stellar interrogation scene of Tam in that gloomy, ill-lit captor quarters (played by the News Building); Joel de la Fuente as Shane Kawano, who heads a secretive Hawaiian martial arts society of lua practioners; and Summer Glau as Maggie Hoapili, who, like her slain father, practiced the art of the lua, and demonstrates her savvy in the waterless indoor pool near the episode’s finale.
(FYI: Lua, in this case, is that secret cultural strain of practitioners of the ancient Hawaiian fight form. Definitely not lua, the toilet).
Taylor Wily as Kamekona and his shrimp truck had ample screen time, too; here, his presence was vital, since he had info that McG and Danno had, though — again, a kind of secret move — the sumotori-built Kamekona had to be trailed to get that lead.
While it was pleasant and joyful to watch a seasoned film vet like Williams appear in a sappy role that came, presumably, with vacation time off, his Hollywood veneer provide a warm glow his scenes with Lahti — in the market, over lunch, at the door of the McG home. Seems like a hana hou is in store, since he’s smitten with her, or is it vice versa?
Oh, the hot bod in the opening sequence was that of Christopher DiPrete, a Kaneohe model-performer. If “Five-0” ever investigates a “Magic Mike”-like male stripper storyline, he’d be a wise choice for a comeback.

6 Responses to “On Monday nights at CBS, the slip is still showing. Howcum?”

  1. zzzzzz:

    Is that the same Joel de la Fuente who will be appearing in HTY's "Hold These Truths"?

  2. AniMatsuri:

    Grace dissed surfing? I heard she let on her surfing scenes were faked but, that's all. It's been no secret she misses the land of the maple leaf while she works here but not to the whinny extreme that Scott has voiced his opinion.

  3. fans are too defensive:

    I also enjoyed the scenes you described, Wayne, especially with Treat Williams and Christine. But as usual, too many things going on and nothing really resolved. It just felt like another filler episode and the usual thing H50 does, and that is to bring special guest stars and do tricks. Next week is Adrian Foster.
    The thing is, I believe for a show to be steadily popular it should depend on its main stars and its writing has to be excellent. Otherwise, you are just pulling in fans of guest stars that are only there because of their star. After their episode is over, their fans don't return.

    And H50 always hangs on to the usual car chases and house searches every single episode.

    I have to say. How did they break Summer's arm where you could hear it, and where at first she couldn't move it, and then all of a sudden she is fighting with it and able to bend it and punch with it? Seriously?

    As to ratings,It is going as I expected. They dropped two tenths in the demo (2.3 to 2.1)but are basically holding flat. They dropped to slightly under 10 million (9.48). They won the time slot but again, but that is no big deal since all that is due to the fact that Revolution is away and Castle and Deception are weak.

    Like I said, I expect this all to stay the same until Revolution returns on March 25. The reason H50 has all new episodes the whole month of February is because this is a sweeps month and the advertisers look at November, February, and May for ratings.
    NBC folk are idiots, IMO, because they took away Revolution and stuck in an untested, and as it turns out, loser show. When Revolution comes back, they will only have May for sweeps but by then the networks already know what they are going to do.

  4. Manoa_Fisherman:

    May be they should get rid of Grace Park and give Summer Glau a permanent spot on the Five-0 team? Glau brings a much bigger and younger fan base from her "Firefly" days and all those other series she has been featured in for the last 10 years. If I was the producer, I would get her character in the HPD Police Academy and put her on the H50 team in a heart beat. The only problem would be that Glau would be the focus of the show rather than McG and Dano, because of her much bigger and wider fan base.

    If CBS wanted to take on "Revolution", Glau's presence in H50 would devestate that demographic that "Revolution" depends on.

  5. AniMatsuri:

    Saw news report on Grace Park on The Talk. I don't blame her. I got knocked off a board once and got dragged underwater long enough to think i was going to drown. Haven't been back on since.

    I say replace Scott with Summer! I hope they find some reason to bring her back on a future episode.

  6. Terry:

    A rather schizophrenic blend of comments in this blog, Wayne. On one hand you give the rare compliments to Hawaii 5-0, managing to see the positive in the show, but on the other hand you come to the utterly ridiculous conclusion that Grace dissed surfing. She talked about a scary experience she had in the water; period. In absolutely no way did she "diss surfing." The fact that you could contort her story into an insult is amazing to me.

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