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What a sweet tweet: Hawaii is No. 1 for happiness (sorry, Disneyland)

February 21st, 2013

Shave ice: one of the happiest things in Hawaii.

So Hawaii is the happiest state, according to 10 million tweets to University of Vermont mathematicians.
Sorry, Disneyland — you might be the happiest place on Earth, but we're talking states.
If happiness is a state of mind, what then, makes folks happy in the happiest state?
Here’s a short list:
1 — The weather; no need to snow your way out of your home.
2 — The beaches; every island has a grand escape, every sunbather has a place in the sun, every surfer has a fave.
3 — The slo-mo lifestyle; despite what Scott Caan of "Hawaii Five-90" has regretted to say, the easy-going manner works, even if a slo-mo-er takes the fast lane on the freeway. No rush, no nerve rash.
4 — Shave ice every day; who’s not gonna like a sweet treat from Matsumoto’s, Waiola, Island Snow, or wherever. But: beware of the shop that calls it shaved ice or snow-cones.
5 — Rubbah slippahs; it’s the unofficial footgear of choice. And yes, it’s not a flip-flop. It’s slippahs. Rubbah slippahs.
6 — The sunset view and the beachfront hula at House Without a Key, at the Halekulani Hotel. Unbeatable; Maui chips to munch on, too, when you sip your wine or mai tai.
7 — Hawaiian Airlines; the on-time airline (except when it’s a blizzard on the east coast, where it now flies to JFK) with the free in-flight Chai Chaowasaree meal (first class is divinely gourmet).
8 — The shaka sign; no need for words, just a flash of the thumb and the pinkie finger, expressed by darn near everyone, including President Obama.
9 — Big Island Candies; just about the best cookie (remember the triangular chocolate dip on the classic macadamia shortbread) anywhere; the brownies and other specialties are oh-so ono, too.
10 — Spam musubi; the meal you can munch for lunch or din-din, in the car, on the mall, aboard your flight, and available darn near everywhere.

Add to the list? What makes you happy in Hawaii?

2 Responses to “What a sweet tweet: Hawaii is No. 1 for happiness (sorry, Disneyland)”

  1. Ruth Falter:

    Number 11 is satnding on Sunset Beach watching the surfers.

  2. Dolores(Auntie CLic CLic) Treffeisen:

    Number 11 which I would put #1 are the people of Hawaii and especially all the entertainers and their music which I havel deeply appreciated and loved for the last 46 years that Honolulu has been my 2nd home but in my heart it's the #1.

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