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Lahti lands new CBS pilot, so is she pau on 'Hawaii Five-0'?

March 6th, 2013


Is Doris McGarrett remaining on CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0”? The character, who is the mother of Steve McGarrett (played by Alex O’Loughlin), recurs in the third season of the island-filmed show, still under way.
But Christine Lahti, who is Mama McG, has committed to portray Helen, the captain of the Beverly Hills police department, in a new CBS pilot of “Beverly Hills Cop.”
The TV spin, directed by Shawn Ryan of “The Shield,” apparently is a continuation of the movie franchise starring Eddie Murphy, who reprises his role as police officer Axel Foley, but has a police officer son Aaron, to be played by Brandon T. Jackson. The challenge is for the younger Foley to toil in the shadow of his dad, who of course charted the criminals in the rich-and-famous turf of Beverly Hills. Murphy will be in the pilot; if it’s picked up as a full-on series, he’s eager to continue on.
So the plot thickens.
If the new series is green-lighted, will Lahti continue as the lady chief of police? The procedural may have quick appeal, if director Ryan can concoct a mix of comedy and drama, like the movie franchise. Helen is depicted as wise, maternal, selfless, dignified and respected by her detectives — traits that could elevate her contributions on the new show.
Or will Lahti continue making cameo appearances on “Five-0” while in the employ of “Beverly Hills Cop”?
If she leaves the filmed-in-Hawaii series, will she be knocked off by Wo Fat? Captured by a new foe eager to agitate Detective McGarrett? Vanish as quickly as she surfaced?
Mama McG hasn’t exactly created a sizzle and or buzz as hoped; viewers were surprised when her presence was noted in the season two finale of “Five-0,” amid a cloud of mystery — she was presumed dead, but was tagged as the unseen (and annoying) Shelburne character in some episodes. She’s since been on-again, off-again.
So: Is Mama McG facing a quick demise, like the lady governor in season one? The show tends to kill off characters it no longer needs. Realistically, Lahti has yet to achieve her pinnacle in “Five-0,” though her TV work — notably on “Chicago Hope” — has earned her an Emmy in 1998.
What's your take on how this might play out? Should she stay in Hawaii or go with the "Beverly Hills Cop" show?

7 Responses to “Lahti lands new CBS pilot, so is she pau on 'Hawaii Five-0'?”

  1. AniMatsuri:

    I think it'll be more like how they dealt with Terry O'Quinn's Joe White character. They'll find some reason to for her to leave and if the new show Lahti is in turns out to be a hit, it'll be a long while before we see her H50 character again. If the show flops, we could see her as soon as the season after next.

  2. melissai:

    I agree with the blog entry that her character is not popular with H50's fans. She may be playing the Doris character exactly how the producers want her to, but she hasn't won many fans. The previous comment may be correct as to how H50's producers may handle Doris, meaning wait and see if Beverly Hills Cop succeeds or not. But, since most people seem to be so tired of Shelburne, Doris, and this 3-year old story arc, I think it would be wise to just end it altogether and start anew.

    On another note, though, Beverly Hills Cop if done well, might really be entertaining. Much like how I thought H50 was season 1. Definitely, Lahti should take the higher-profile, more interesting role on BHC over what she's been doing on H50. Heck, if any of the actors on H50 gets something more interesting I wouldn't blame them for cutting and running. H50 just seems out of steam.

  3. lowtone123:

    I don't like to wish bad things to a new show but I love Christine Lahti on H50. She has long been one of my favorite actresses and it is a big feather in the show's hat having her on.

  4. theDman:

    I think her character is too close to the main charcter to just kill off. I would love to see that character get dropped as I emphatically feel the writers have no idea where they are going with it and just have "Mom" do these bizarro things "just to keep the viewers guessing..." Yeah right.

    But I do agree that a sudden long, and covert journey is likely in store for her.

  5. No Caan do:

    Who cares.

  6. clayton lum:

    I think she needs to be killed by Wo-Fat, it seems somehow that will happen soon.

  7. fans are too defensive:

    No Caan do: Ditto! LOL

    And Dman: "the writers have no idea where they are going with it and just have "Mom" do these bizarro things "just to keep the viewers guessing..." Yeah right."

    That is exactly how I feel. Actually, I think that is true with every single storyline they have introduced. They throw out something and then stupidly listen to the fans on twitter and FB to decide if first, the storyline/character has interest and then secondly, if it does, they try to incorporate it into H50 SOMEHOW, making it up as they go along. if there is no interest, they drop the story and/or kill off the character.

    That is why this show has no continuity and the supposed long story arcs fizzle. I understand that they are going to bring in the toolbox again from season one. HUH? I forgot about that it was so long ago. LOL

    Peter tweeted this link, which fits with what I have complained about in several posts here including this one. He will participate in a debate whether showrunners should listen to online fans or not for their stories. Personally, I think H50 is PROOF that you shouldn't. IMO.

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