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Is 'Five-0' going to the dogs? Ratings suggest yes

March 19th, 2013


Dog Chapman makes an appearance on "Hawaii Five-0."

It couldn’t have been the worst combination of elements on Monday’s (March 18) episode of CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0.”
Consider the collision of forces that, gulp, sent Steve McGarrett & Company on a downward glide by Nielsen’s night's end:
First, Mama McG Doris — played by Christine Lahti — returned for yet more puzzling screen time and friction with McG, enacted, of course, by Alex O’Loughlin. What up here? Isn’t she moving on, to play the captain of the “Beverly Hills Cops” that CBS is rebooting, with Eddie Murphy?
Second, there was the peculiar but happily brief reality-show arrival of Dog Chapman and family, playing themselves (who else would portray ‘em?) and, yes, out on a chase. Who let the Dog in?
Third, roller derby — which may be on a slight uptick amid audience interest, but come on, that’s a flash from the past — with Catherine (Michelle Borth), dispatched to do undercover work? Where is the love she’s supposed to have with McG?
Kinda makes you wonder if “Five-0” wants to be “the biggest loser” of the Monday night derby.
The ratings said it all: ABC’s “Castle” was No. 1 at 9 p.m. (10 p.m. Mainland), with 11.2 million viewers and a 7.1/12 ranking for the 18 to 49 demographics, followed by “Five-0” with 8.75 million and a 5.6/9 demo, and NBC’s finale of “Deception” in third with 3.6 million and a 2.3/4 demo. “Castle” was the 18-49 leader with a 2.2.
These preliminary figures include the overnight tally plus same-day DVR viewing.
“Castle” posted its best audience of the season, fueled by the spring return of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” which woefully lacks real stars, don't you think? And whoa, the notable absence of the fabulous Maks (Maksim Chmerkovskiy) this year — he opted to skip “DWTS” this year, not surprisingly. Maybe "Five-0" can offer him a Dog-like cameo, in a dancing show.
On “Five-0,” there was the bounty hunter, in a curious encounter with McG.
“First time you beat us to a crime scene; what’s up, Dog?” McG asked.
“Hey Steve McGarrett. How ya doing?,” said Dog. “I was wondering when we’d run into ‘Five-0.’”
We were wondering why, why, why?
Was this a promo for the Dog’s upcoming CMT reality return next month in “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt”?
Since the episode was called “Na Ki’I (The Dolls),” the skating wahine took centerstage, the team included some real-life jammers and blockers with the Leahi Diamond Dolls. More molls than dolls, don’tcha think?
Anyway, the intrigue was the death of one of the skating dolls.
The big concern for “Five-0” and even “Castle” will be the return of season two of “Revolution” next Monday (March 15) on NBC. The episode, entitled “The Stand,” begins where season one ended: a chopper rises from afar, chasing the gang as bullets start flying; the targets run for shelter in a building, but the chopper fires away and the whole shebang goes up in fire and smoke. Whew!
There’s an intensity building on Monday night; maybe a new ratings war. And survival and longevity are at stake. With the shaky, disappointing performance and ratings of “Five-0” this year, I would hope that some kind of fierce defense and retort are being readied for the battle ahead.

20 Responses to “Is 'Five-0' going to the dogs? Ratings suggest yes”

  1. fans are too defensive:

    Good report, Wayne. Everything has gone as I have predicted. H50 will rise no higher and most likely, plummet, along with Castle, next week with the coming of Revolution. Poor Christine, who can be an excellent actress, gave me the impression that she wished this season was over and she could run for the hills, or in her case, to her new pilot, next season. Her acting was horrible.I wondered if H50 would make an attempt to excite the viewers with something they couldn't resist to watch next week but it was the same old, same old.

    The lack of realism is almost fairy tale level. Catherine starts the episode in her uniform, showing us that somehow she maintains her job in the Navy, and then suddenly she has all this time to try out for roller derby (which she didn't know anything about) and actually make it onto a team going for the championship. HUH??? That is an insult to the girls there who work hard to play their sport. She works out with the team and plays in the final (who won, anyway?) and captures the bad guy, all I guess in her considerable free time away from the ship.

    Again, it seems that Lenkov thinks he needs to listen to the fans on Facebook and Twitter to see what they want, instead of trying to bring in the new viewers he needs. Some want more Catherine and some want more bromance. I guess this was to please the Catherine fans and I understand their will be someone who kidnaps little girls and that will be Danno's turn to shine.

    H50 better hope Revolution, which NBC foolishly took off the air for 4 months, has lost its mojo, because if it hasn't, they can look forward to a solid third place instead of second place,in the ratings.

    Some fans are afraid that H50 will be moved to Friday night and are actually praying it doesn't. They should be praying it does because Friday typically has lower ratings and lower ratings are tolerated on that night. If they stay where there is real competition, they will sink fast.

    Still waiting to know about what all the things mean in season one's toolbox. Remember? LOL

  2. sarah lynn:

    I was putting some thought into the different economics facing Castle and 5-0. They both perform similarly in the demos, with Castle getting around 2M more viewers. Their lead actors (Fillion and O'L) make about the same salaries, but then everything changes in my view making renewal/cancel so much easier for ABC than CBS. No one is talking about cancelling Castle, but there is plenty of discussion about 5-0 probably only lasting one more season.

    Castle has very few cast members with only rare guest appearances by authors like Robert Patterson (Alex Cross). 5-0 has a huge cast with many recurring characters and guest actors that all draw a salary. Each of those cast members and guests has to be flown and cared for here, with even the big names getting a housing allowance added onto their salaries as I understand. 5-0 has to be an incredibly expensive show compared to Castle just based on salaries and actor expenses.

    The producers and writers of 5-0 sometimes have to be flown here and cared for, vs. Castle's staff being right there in LA. Both shows have syndication deals with TNT.

    ABC is a struggling network, but CBS has lots of hit shows, although lots of 10:00 p.m. shows that are middling. (No matter what they say about Elementary being a huge hit, it's still performing no better than The Mentalist in the same timeslot.) ABC is in the position of having to accept lower performing shows, but CBS has higher expectations and is already touting its pilots for next season.

    So, the 5-0 producers knowing their show isn't performing great and will face tough scrutiny to its costs, give us last night's weak episode? I watch both shows, out of loyalty to our homegrown one, but I have to say Castle was the show this week that was fun to watch. And, yes, Wes Craven was on in a bit part that was funny and pertinent to the show. He wasn't just added to try and bring in viewers. Castle is a tightly produced show in which the producers really seem to know where they're headed. 5-0 is all over the place trying to be everything to everybody. Very poorly produced show.

  3. fans are too defensive:

    Excellent post, Sarah Lynn. Simple economics. Shows that are cheaper to produce can tolerate a lower demo and still cover their costs. Shows that are expensive have a smaller window for tolerance. CBS is the #1 network and they don't have to tolerate lower viewership, especially for an expensive show like H50. I bet they are running in the red and will get to syndication so they can recoup their losses and if H50 doesn't improve by then, they will dump it at that time.Actually, The Mentalist in its first 3 seasons got around 14 million viewers so it did very well on Thursdays.

  4. sarah lynn:

    A friend at work reminded me that 5-0 benefits from all the big sponsorships, such as Chevrolet, HAL, Hilton, Microsoft, ad nauseum. That would help pay for some of the explosions, crashes, heli rentals, expensive stunts, etc., that are done on 5-0. Castle is to a large extent dialogue. Still, 5-0 has to be one of the most expensive shows on tv, even if it is network-owned. I guess the immediate question is, will Revolution's viewers return as stated above, or have they been off the air too long? I agree, stupid move on NBC's part.

  5. wop ur jaws:

    So the tv show is not number one in it's time slot. There were weeks when it was umber one. in this day and age of cable tv and on demand, Hulu plus and dvr, people can watch want they want and still enjoy it even if it's not in the top twenty. Also, I feel as if the paradigm has long shifted regarding how the television market truly is. Many people can watch a tv show long after its first run and from many different devices. Maybe this how is about reaching the longevity for syndication and once it does it will shutdown. Drop dead diva was canceled by its network but because of its fans, will be back for another season. Maybe its not as important as it was for shows to care about the ratings. After all, Giligan's island and star trek were hardly ratings gold in its first run yet now, the are both tv show icons. I say let it be and enojoy if you want.

  6. fans are too defensive:

    Yes, wop ur jaws, times have changed but economics haven't. They are at this moment trying to figure out how to make internet and DVR viewing profitable but until they do, Nielson ratings are what they use. The ADVERTISERS what eyes on their ads. THEY pay the bills. So if you have a suggestion for the networks on how they can please the advertisers because people have to watch their ads instead of fast forwarding through them, tell them now.

    Right now, online, they have ads but they aren't the expensive ads that are being watched and who pay the largest amount of money.

    It isn't about how many watch the show. That doesn't matter. It is about how many watch the ADS (with preference for the 18-49 year old viewers) and everyone knows that people fast forward the ads on DVR.

    So yes, enjoy the show. But be prepared. Nowadays are much rougher than back in the days of Star Trek and Gilligan's Island. First of all, there were exactly 3 channels to watch. Now there are hundreds. Shows today get knocked off the air sometimes after 1-2 episodes. Not so back then.

    Enjoy the show and PRAY the ratings go up. Otherwise, all you will have is H50 repeats on TNT left to watch after next season.

    Drop Dead Diva may have come back but that tactic was tried before and failed. Firefly fans pushed for another season; got it; and it failed again rapidly.

    My guess? So will Drop Dead Diva.

  7. lu:

    Posted by sarah lynn: "5-0 is all over the place trying to be everything to everybody." Exactly what I was thinking. H50 seems to lack focus and/or direction. Episodes swing too far from gritty violence (for the guy viewers), to mushy romance (for the gal viewers). In the end, neither side is probably satisfied.

    Thumbs way down for this week's episode. Dog's show is a disgrace to Hawaii so opening the show with them was a real turnoff. If it had been any other program, I would have switched channels. It didn't get much better from there unfortunately. Lots of things to pick at, but my main beef is that the show just didn't come off as local enough. Except for the scenic shots, I felt as though I was watching a "mainland" program.

    The roller derby concept was okay, but the teams didn't look "Hawaii" at all. Disappointed that Kamekona didn't have a place in this episode, and just plain disgruntled that Christine Lahti and Michelle Borth DID. Time to say aloha oe to Lahti and Borth. Stick with the original four main characters. It's already season three, and for me, the show still hasn't found its niche.

  8. wop ur jaws:

    the PBS newshour tonight had a piece on how hulu plus and amazon prime and the others are changing how we watch tv shows. Also you tube will likely begin limiting some internet series for free. Please watch it. There was a speaker who now has ten thousand producers working with her and her company. She said that the future of tv shows and revenues are starting to change where cpm's from site like you tube will grow into another form of major advertisement dollars. Now days there is little fear of the major networks. Most producers of independent shows like the internet and its audiences because they can produce segments faster and also change it if there are current events they want to highlight. Also how long a segment is is no longer relegated to blocks. I tell you, the future is on the internet and cable tv. Loyal fans will follow stars from project to project.

  9. wop ur jaws:

    here is the link to Wednesday's show PBS newshour.

  10. AniMatsuri:

    H50 is what it is. The only loser last night was Deception since it preformed way bellow what other NBC dramas are rating.

    Same goes with H50. It's real competition is other drama shows on CBS. So far the real losers on CBS are Vegas and Goldenboy of the new shows and CSI: NY and The Mentalist of the old ones. At least 3 or all 4 or them will be cancelled this year.

  11. fans are too defensive:

    Wop ur jaws:

    The more exact link is:

    It has the transcript right below the video.

    As I said, this is something being looked at BUT WE AREN'T THERE YET WITH THE ADVERTISERS.

    From the article you linked:

    I think that's the thing. The value of a view online, I think that's what we need advertisers to really understand. I obviously believe that it's incredibly valuable and it's as valuable as a TV ad, even more so, because we're talking about people who are making videos with such an engaged audience that just love this person that is making the content, and that ad I think or if they're doing a branded integration I think is so incredibly valuable.

    And I think, over time, advertisers are starting to really understand the value of that. And, hopefully, they will be willing to pay as much as you would see on a network television show. AND IT IS NOT THERE YET, but that is the goal is to hopefully have a lot of those ad dollars head over to online.


    So in the meantime H50 is on the Nielson system and their future is based on that. For now, that is what we have to pay attention to.

  12. fans are too defensive:


    .There is a small article in next week's TV Guide where NBC admits the shouldn't have put out low rated shows during the mid season. They hope Revolution doesn't suffer for that.

    CSI:NY ( which is in its 9th season)and The Mentalist (which is in its 5th season)are not losers because they have several seasons and are already in syndication. If they get canceled they all are still getting profits from TNT right now. No one will be a loser there.

    Golden Boy and Vegas are new shows and CBS is much tougher on new shows. Such is the business.

    From this link:

    "Why can't Vegas be renewed with spring ratings almost identical to The Good Wife? Sorry Vegas fans, woeful ratings are tolerated in third and fourth season shows that are bound for syndication. Rookie shows get no such break."

    Again, comparing new shows with older shows is apples to oranges.

    H50 will be renewed for syndication to kick in. I think the question really is if they will be successful past a season 4, like CSI:NY and The Mentalist.

  13. AniMatsuri:

    Still, the name of the game whether you are a new show or an older one is to stay ahead of the pack in your network. You can count on 1 hand how many non-sports event shows are doing well in the ratings for NBC which is why they chose to wait so long to start the 2nd half of Revolution's season so it could run behind the highly rated The Voice. Much the same way Dancing with the Stars gives Castle the boost to just barely beat H50 in the 18-49 demo(the only number advertisers are paying for).

    As long as H50 keeps getting about the same ratings it is now, there is no reason it won't last just as long as The Mentalist or CSI:NY. The only thing that could change that is if a few new shows comes in and does big ratings next season. That could make CBS think 4 seasons is enough for H50. Even then, since CBS owns the show there are all kinds of other ways for it to make money with it beyond initial airings. That's one of the reasons why CSI:NY has lasted so long even though its ratings have been bellow par for the last few seasons.

  14. fans are too defensive:

    True, Ani. CSI:NY was moved to Fridays , a night that lower ratings are much more tolerated. I am thinking that they cancel CSI:NY and will put H50 there. I think fans would prefer less pressure on H50 by moving it there. I would.

    Revolution was their #1 show and NBC really didn't need The Voice to maintain it. I saw a small article in next week's TV Guide where NBC seems to be sorry they put a low rated show where Revolution was and they hope it didn't hurt the show. They made mistake, IMO, and it helped H50.

    That said. H50 is expensive to run and I think CBS is hoping syndication will pay for future seasons of it and will keep it going anyway.

    Thanks for your thoughts. They were good ones! LOL

  15. fans are too defensive:

    Oops! Already mentioned the TV Guide article in an earlier post! Sorry! LOL

  16. AniMatsuri:

    Haven't seen the article yet in TV Guide but, it seems like hindsight is always 20/20.

  17. fans are too defensive:

    What is interesting is I said they were crazy from the moment they decided to send Revolution on hiatus to match up with The Voice. The Voice and reality shows like that can go off the air for months and come back and there is no problem with story continuity or interest. But a show that is just beginning to build a fan base and has a storyline that builds from episode to episode needs time to develop. I know nothing about business decisions but even I can see that. Yet the execs at NBC can't? Hopefully for Revolution they can recover well but they are taking a huge risk, IMO.

  18. AniMatsuri:

    There you go. Now you know why NBC has been in downward spiral for years now. Still, I won't be surprised if Revolution's ratings would be several millions less if it didn't wait for The Voice to come back. Anyone that needs to refresh themselves or catch up can watch the 1st half of the season online and on demand if you have a digital cable box.

  19. fans are too defensive:

    I read that Revolution put up an online web series the last couple of weeks. Being of the older generation, I usually don't watch web series but I understand it was about what happened with the main stars before Revolution began, or something along those lines. I also know that the young prefer watching on their comp and they may very well watch reruns or the web series and get back into the swing of the show. TV Guide had the show front and center on their front page last week with a nice article inside.

    So I guess we see if that works for NBC or not.

  20. wop ur jaws:

    botom line is this.. Hawai'i five-o will never win best drama awards. The characters as much as they try, are not as three dimensional as emmy voters want, right now its about the action, and the beauty island shots that is pulling the each episode through. If it is about getting it to syndication, then all H5-0 needs is one more season. I also suspect that for the major actors, 5-0 will generate other acting projects if they decide to move on. In this day, having a network series survive longer than season 2 is a blessing. I only wish the writers and producers decide if they want 5-0 to be a procedural show or a buddy dramady, maybe something of a hybrid. I could see it either way just not all in one.

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