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Some things stupid on the latest 'Hawaii Five-0'

March 26th, 2013


“This is so stupid,” Danno tells McGarrett, while having one of those quibbling bromantic carguments in the final moments of “Hawaii Five-0” Monday night (March 25).
The banter, however, was not in their Chevy, but in a chopper emblazoned with Kamekona’s mug and piloted by, yes, Kamekona. The shrimp wagon has gone airborne!
How stupid was that?
With his stupid comment, Danno Williams (Scott Caan) might have been critiquing the filmed-in-the-islands CBS episode, themed “Hoa Pili (Close Friends),” which had a lot to roll your eyes about and little finesse in execution.
Really, can Kamekona (Taylor Wily) easily secure a license to fly? C’mon ... a shrimp truck on terra firma is his gig. (Even stupider than making Michelle Borth a roller derby jammer, as in last week's episode).
No wonder Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) had a quizzical look throughout the wobbly episode. There was a dead shark, a dead body in the submerged shark cage, a boat torched by an arsonist, a torched home, a dysfunctional brotherly relationship, a questionable and unnecessary return of Leilani (Lindsay Price), the soul Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) once rescued (she gives him her phone number here, suggesting a “Call Me Maybe” incidence in the future). And whoa — communal acts of kindness (suspects and victims and the “Five-0” team united in kokua) to cap the curious episode?
Not all was bad; “Five-0” projects the best aerials week after week; Haleiwa and the North Shore looked exceptionally beautiful. And McG had a terrific kick-butt encounter, chasing and fighting, and knocking down barrels to halt a baddie.
But alas, two other carguments with Danno (yawn) ... Enough, already.
And what up with the closing tribute to “Magnum P.I.”? Mentions of TC and Rick and the bad theme-song rendering by the chopper passengers, including Dr. Max Bergman (Masi Oka)? Only thing missing were a Tom Selleck mustache and his classic aloha shirt. A strange homage that further reflects the lack of control or imagination by the writers; does “Five-0” aspire to be the updater of Hawaii-filmed shows and characters? Puzzling and shameful.
And did you catch the “Hal Lewis” name on a license midway through the episode; oops, a real-life person (the late radio deejay J. Akuhead Pupule) unintentionally resurrected?
With such an all-over-the-map and random perspective, no wonder “Five-0” wound up second to ABC’s “Castle,” which dealt with a murder with the victim winding up in an industrial cake mixer, with NBC’s back-from-the-hiatus “Revolution” in third place — with a stunning midseason premiere including the unexpected death of a regular — an indication that it’s ready to do battle and become a threat in the weeks ahead.
The Fast National overnight numbers (live and same-day DVR viewing) at 9 p.m. (10 p.m. Mainland):
ABC: "Castle" (10.7 million viewers, 6.8/11 18-to-49 demos and share).
CBS: "Hawaii Five-0" (8.2 million viewers, 5.2/8).
NBC: "Revolution" (7.25 million viewers, 4.3/7).
“Castle” also was the 18-49 leader in the hour, with a 2.7.



............................................. 18-49 demos...Share...Viewers (millions)
NBC's Revolution............ 2.6 ......... 7 .......... 7.03

ABC's Castle.................. 2.1 ......... 6 ......... 10.57

CBS's Hawaii Five-O........ 2.1 ......... 5 ......... 8.61

Besides the return of NBC’s “Revolution,” the evening included the relaunch of “The Voice” on NBC and the continuing saga of non-star “Dancing With the Stars” on ABC — all worthy lead-in shows for the hour. CBS’ slate of Monday comedies all featured new episodes — should have been a positive lead-in for “Five-0.”
Prediction: Though “Five-0” and CBS have a deal for syndication with TNT next year, the imminent issue is: Will the show now be struggling to maintain No. 2 in the time slot, or slip further into the No. 3 slot when “Revolution” finds its legs and make a bid to out-do No. 1 “Castle”? Could happen.
What’s your take?

18 Responses to “Some things stupid on the latest 'Hawaii Five-0'”

  1. fans are too defensive:

    Sorry, Wayne. Your ratings are wrong! Revolution was 1st place by a lot with a 2.7 rating; Castle was 2nd, with a 2.1 rating, and H50 was LAST place with a 2.0 rating. Here are the real ratings:

    Just what I predicted (pats herself on the back-LOL)!

    Revolution won BIG in the demo (which is the number that counts); followed by Castle, which beat H50 both in demo AND viewership; and H50 came in last. To me, since Revolution has been gone for 4 months, that is pretty damn good for it. Now, H50 goes away for two weeks. That gives Revolution a chance to gain back viewers that went to H50 because Revolution went off the air. With H50 in repeats or gone for the next two weeks, they may very well watch Revolution again and decide they like it better, so when H50 comes back with the 5 remaining episodes, it will lose more viewers back to Revolution.

    Castle seems to putt along unaffected by Revolution at all. That was true in the fall as well.

    One word for tonight's episode; CONFUSING!

    Let's see. We had the inescapable foot chase and the house searches. Kamekona learns to fly a helicopter on a simulator by Steve and Cath. Is that even legal? Are they trained instructors? And more importantly, he flies as the principal pilot before he logs lots of hours of actual flight with an instructor? Just takes a test? LOL

    Still can't figure out how a shrimp truck owner can afford a helicopter. Maybe he is dealing drugs still on the side?8-)

    Again. Too many side stories. Maybe they did that so that we wouldn't notice how convoluted the murder(s) of the week were.

    And honestly? I still want to know if the betrayed husband at the beginning of the episode killed his wife's lover or not! That was the most interesting part of the whole episode and we didn't get closure on it! LOL

  2. fans are too defensive:

    Final ratings just came out! Slight adjustment but not much difference:

  3. hossana:


  4. migloto:

    ^^absurb?^^ LOL I've heard of 'absurd' many times, but absurb is a new word I'm unfamiliar with. LOL

    anyway, to me it seems that roller derby/dog the bounty hunter episode was hawaii five-0's equivalent to happy days' desperation shot of fonzie "jumping the shark", i.e. a last-gasp attempt to be relevant. poor writing has rendered this series to syndicated fodder and not much more. fewer and fewer of my friends, relatives and coworkers even watch this show anymore. this is unfortunate because the opportunity is there, and we certainly will miss hosting a home-grown, prime time TV show once it is gone. the special effects are there, the cinematography is there, cast is just OK, but fringe characters like mama mc-g and masi oka are taking too many tangents. almost like "HEROES", which was awesome at first but too many different directions proved to be a distraction and led to its downfall. hawaii five-0 seems to be losing touch with its audience due to poor story lines and fragmented plots.

    personally, I liked michelle borth better as a military intelligence operative and on again/off again flame. losing mcgarrett's sister and mother forever would be a good step in the right direction. kamekona needs less time in front of the camera too.

  5. fans are too defensive:

    "anyway, to me it seems that roller derby/dog the bounty hunter episode was hawaii five-0's equivalent to happy days' desperation shot of fonzie "jumping the shark", i.e. a last-gasp attempt to be relevant. poor writing has rendered this series to syndicated fodder and not much more."

    That is it in a nutshell. It will be back next season only BECAUSE of syndication.

  6. che:

    They should have casts Kelly Hu as Wo Fat. She made a good super villian in NCIS LA and NCIS.

  7. 5-0 Supporter:

    I must be crazy.

    Mr. Harada, maybe you should just rename this blog "R.I.P. Hawai 5-0". All you ever seem to do is rip Hawaii 5-0 week in and week out. And most of the posts here seem to want Hawaii 5-0 to R.I.P. too.

    Everyone here seems to think they know what is wrong with the show. Why the ratings are mediocre and what the future of the show will be.

    I must be crazy. I like the show. It is what it is. It's not a mega hit and it never will be. No amount of tweaking, script change, focusing, refocusing or whatever is going to change that now.

    I must be crazy. I'll probably be back after the next new episode to read the comments here again. And it'll probably be the same thing all over again.

  8. steve:

    The show last night was confusing ; what was the point of the opening scene except to titilate. The only local regular roles are to a clown (Kamekona) and a plodding zero charisma cop who is hard on the eyes(Lukela). It would be nice to see some real local actors get some significant parts.

  9. Glenn D:

    First of all, Revolution is a terrible show. That main character, Charlie, is a whiny little brat. I tolerated watching that show until half-way thru Episode 5 and finally couldn't take it anymore.

    As for H5-0, as much as I love the great aerial shots of Oahu, the shot of H3 was nice, it sure feels like it "jumped the shark". One thing I hate is Christie Lahti and her character. I cringe everytime she is in the storyline. I think it don't need a lot of flight hours for a helicopter license but at least show him taking lessons (and not on a game console). Enough with the bro-arguments in the car. I might just stop watching the show so that I don't have to listen to Scot Caan whine just about everything. I must admit that Michelle Borth was definitely eye-candy!

  10. Ardie Oman:

    If Mr Harada doesn't like any of the Hawaii 50 shows, why does he watch it. There a lot of us that love the show. The aerial shots are beautiful. Since not being able to live in Hawaii for now, it gives me my fix until I can get back.

  11. fans are too defensive:

    5-0 supporter,
    I appreciate your enthusiasm. But here is the deal. There are about a zillion blogs out there that only PRAISING H50 is tolerated and anyone who actually realizes that the viewership has dropped significantly and that something has really gone bad with the show and those problems should be explored, are practically beheaded for just stating that FACT.

    You have the right to think Mr. Lenkov and Co. walk on water and that the show makes you happy and is doing well in the world of make believe. You have a right to think every episode is perfect in every way and that every cast member is excellent and/or hot. OR you have a right to just like it, crappy or not. We certainly don't begrudge you that right.

    If that is what you wish to do, I am sure that the other blogs will welcome you with open arms. I don't go over there and criticize those fans because I really don't care how they feel and don't feel the need to attack their posts.

    But if you want to look at H50 the way it seems 99% of the nation does and discuss the many weaknesses this show has, then you are welcome here. If you want to tell us WHY you think the show is fantastic, I am sure that is fine also.

    But if you just want to come over here and tell the author of this article and the rest of us how we hate on the show, then I think you are right;you must be crazy. I ignore the slew of fantasy bloggers where H50 is awesome no matter how crappy the episode and maybe if we offend those sensibilities in you, you should ignore us in the same way.

    I am not speaking on behalf of Mr. Harada but I would say he has the right to say what he thinks about the show. it is his opinion and his article and we happen to agree with him.

  12. 5-0 Supporter:

    @fans are too defensive, Was there anything wrong with what I said? Don't I have a right to say something here just as you or anyone else has that same right? I did not insult or berate. Just one person's opinion was all it is. I think you are being too defensive.

    For the record, I also think Hawaii 5-0 has many problems. I agree with alot of what Mr. Harada says and what many here say.

    Maybe I should have said it this way. As a the local entertainment guru, I thought Mr. Harada would have an unbiased blog about the Hawaii 5-0 show. You know, offer some complementary thoughts along with his criticisms. But even as he's offered some good opinions of the show, I'd say it's probably about 90% critical commentary.

    As bad as many think the show is, there are good points. But it doesn't seem to be brought up here. Only the bad points. That's all I was saying.

  13. fans are too defensive:

    As I said. You have a right to comment on the show as you wish. I was just referring to you telling US that we are bashing the show and your tone was sarcastic.

    "I must be crazy. I'll probably be back after the next new episode to read the comments here again. And it'll probably be the same thing all over again."

    I feel the same way when I go to certain blogs and read, "This show is great" every single episode. Where is that fine and those of us who see the faults and its fall from grace NOT fine?

    Yet I don't bother to tell those fans, "I'll probably be back after the next new episode to read the comments here again. And it'll probably be the same thing all over again."

    Do you see my point? Give your opinion and we will agree or disagree, but we won't tell YOU that you sound the same way every episode.

    Here is a little tidbit for you. This segment Mr.Harada does is SUPPOSED to be his OPINION; and that is inherently biased.

    He isn't reporting on the show as someone neutral telling, for example, what the plot was about.

    He is supposed to say what he THINKS about the show. He just happens to think like most of the USA. It has lost its mojo from season one. It has lost from 14 million viewers in season one down to around 8 million viewers. That is a huge drop. We like to discuss why here.

    There are good points in the episodes and if you read his articles carefully he mentions the things he likes. It is just that there are far more negative things In his opinion, and he says what he thinks they are.

  14. fans are too defensive:

    Example of something Mr. Harada liked from this episode:

    Not all was bad; “Five-0” projects the best aerials week after week; Haleiwa and the North Shore looked exceptionally beautiful. And McG had a terrific kick-butt encounter, chasing and fighting, and knocking down barrels to halt a baddie.

    You just need to actually READ all of his articles and not judge them by the titles he uses.

  15. 5-0 Supporter:

    @fans are too defensive, why are you so defensive and why are you taking this so personally? You are the one who should READ more carefuly before opening your mouth. You are obviously going to interpret my comments the way you want regardless of what I actually said. So I'm not even going to bother with that already.

    And I was talking about Mr. Harada when I said I'll probably read the same thing all over again. Not you. Not anyone else.

    And why the need to defend Mr. Harada? I'm sure he doesn't need the help. And I'm sure he won't get as worked up over my comments as you have.

    Get over it. Or do you have to be right?

  16. fans are too defensive:

    Oh, I see. I guess I should read more carefully because it was obvious you were only targeting Mr.Harada when you said this:

    EVERYONE HERE seems to think they know what is wrong with the show. Why the ratings are mediocre and what the future of the show will be.


    And MOST OF THE POSTS here seem to want Hawaii 5-0 to R.I.P. too.

    Yep. You were only talking about the article and its author. And all in your first post.

    I don't have to be right. It takes two to argue. Difference is; you only came here to complain that we are negative toward H50 and not to really discuss his article or the show.

    I find that interesting. Can you just imagine if I went over to one of the H50 bloggers and said that all you guys do is see this show as wonderful and that you are all unrealistic about its popularity?

    I would be pounced upon. I am letting you get a taste of what that feels like because when I actually dared to give my honest assessment a while back I was told to "go away" and "if I don't like the show then I should stop watching" and my favorite:
    "I am being mean and I am hurting the fans' feelings who love the show."

    If your feelings are getting hurt because someone doesn't say your show is the best, then you need to change priorities.

    What is your real purpose when you posted your first post?

    To discuss why you like the show with examples or just to complain that we DARE to point out its problems?

    Wait. I can answer that. You came to scold Mr.Harada and us.

    You never expected anyone to answer your post.
    Now I made my point and I have given back what I got from the "H50 is perfect" blogs. I am done.

  17. 5-0 Supporter:

    @fans are too defensive

    Thank you! You've done an excellent job in showing your true nature and the true purpose of your responses to me. And why you are so aggressive and vindictive in your reaction to an honest opinion.

    Glad everyone can read what's coming straight from you. Much better than anything I could have ever said.

    I'm glad you're done. Maybe you can go cool off now.

    Looking forward to reading your insightful comments.

  18. lu:

    I actually liked this episode, more or less. However, I didn't understand the opening scene, which ended up going nowhere. Strange.

    The helicopter flight simulation scene with Kamekona and Alex O in the beginning, and the helicopter tour at the end were fun. I enjoyed the historic tidbits regarding Aloha Tower and Magic Island, etc. (assume they were true/accurate). Oh, and I really liked the homage to Magnum, P.I. It was akin to the tie-in with the Ed Asner episodes, and the re-creation of the Hookman episode from the original series. I enjoy “crossover” shows, like the H50-NCIS one (although I never watch NCIS, the H50 episode excepted).

    There were a few other “oddities” this week, including what I thought was a really plastic-looking dead shark being dissected by Masi Oka. Oh, and Grace Park can drop a container on the bad guys without any “collateral” damage? That was much less believable for me than Kamekona piloting a helicopter...

    Overall, I thought this was one of the better episodes, so am surprised at the strong negative reaction here. To each his/her own...

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