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CBS renews 'Five-0' for fourth year, fueled by TNT syndication deal

March 27th, 2013

Not surprisingly, CBS today (March 27) announced a bunch of season pick-ups for “Hawaii Five-0” and six other dramas, plus two comedies, three reality programs and two newsmagazine shows.
Even with disappointing ratings (“Hawaii Five-0” was No. 3, behind NBC’s “Revolution” and ABC’s “Castle” this past Monday), the Hawaii-filmed series will be back for season four, presumably to build up a catalog of shows for the 2010 TNT syndication deal that was earlier signed.
In the final Monday Nielsens, “Revolution” — returning after a hiatus — topped the key demos with 2.6, with 7.03 million viewers, followed by a demo tie of 2.1 shared by “Castle” (with 10.57 million viewers) and “Five-0” (8.61 viewers).
“Five-0” will go into repeats the next two weeks, with five more new episodes in season three, and while fans may cheer and applaud the homegrown favorite, the ratings/numbers must have producers and network execs in a quandary. What to do, with such tepid response, week after week? The show indeed faces challenges to deliver, the sooner the better.
Surely, the Eye Network has been somewhat cockeyed about the pickups. It needs “Five-0,” which is struggling under the 10 million viewers level each week and wavering in the 18 to 49 demographics, for the syndication agreement, but it rightfully extended the runs of “NCIS: Los Angeles,” “Person of Interest,” “Elementary,” “The Mentalist,” “Blue Bloods” and “The Good Wife” on the drama agenda. Yes, “NCIS,” the nation’s No. 1 drama, earlier was extended for another year, too.
The two comedies returning: “2 Broke Girls” and “Mike and Molly,” which join “How I Met Your Mother” and “The Big Band Theory” which earlier earned hearty approval.
Also returning: reality shows “The Amazing Race,” “Survivor,” and “Undercover Boss.” Plus news shows “60 Minutes” and “48 Hours,” both no-brainer renewals.
But on the comedy front, “Two and a Half Men” still is on the fence for its 11th season, but it likely will be green-lighted.
“CSI: New York” and “Rules of Engagement” are still awaiting pick-ups, along with “Golden Boy” (new this year) and “Vegas.” “CSI: NY” has lost viewers and ranking; “Vegas” is expensive to produce; and “Rules” has failed to rule, in demos and in viewership.
So here's a shout-out to “Five-0” for the pickup, but there’s precious little to cheer about — unless McGarrett and Company can clean house (dispose of unnecessary secondary characters), refocus (with tighter, brighter scripts and reclaim and polish the “Five-0” brand) and reemerge as a contender for the 2013-14 season.
We’ll be there. Aloha.

19 Responses to “CBS renews 'Five-0' for fourth year, fueled by TNT syndication deal”

  1. theDman:

    They got renewed for 18 episodes? Is that normal? Does the order for more episodes come later?

    Anyway, it's a good thing that it got renewed, because it is very unlikely any other studio is looking to start another TV project here in Hawaii at this time. The show doesn't cost as much as Lost used to, but it is still comparatively speaking, an expensive show to produce. Another year is another year of well-paid jobs for some local people.

    Will the show get better? Not likely, especially if the feeling is that next year is the last year. I am sure CBS did not want to be put in this situation, but they ran the models and it must have showed they can recoup their losses with syndication, so one more year it is.

  2. melissai:

    18 is all? That does sound unusual, and I hadn't heard that. I thought the normal amount was 22 in order to get to 88 in 4 years for syndication. I do recall, though, that the first season, maybe two, CBS ordered extra 5-0 episodes because it was doing well. Maybe those extra episodes early on are helping it to get to 88. If they are only ordering 18, though, that makes me think they're concerned with costs, or they want openings to try out new shows midseason.

    Was anyone surprised that all these shows got renewed by CBS? I was really thinking either The Good Wife or Mentalist, maybe both, would get axed to make room for some of the new shows I keep hearing CBS touting. It kind of goes against what CBS has done in the past to keep things somewhat fresh for each new season. I wonder if CBS is reluctantly embracing the older demographic that it's known for, and accepting middling ratings as the new norm. Maybe they don't have as much confidence in some of these new shows and think what they have now is better than taking on much new risk. Some of the shows they have just seem kind of tired to me, such as Mentalist and How I Met Your Mother. Especially keeping Good Wife on, despite its awards and accolades, and what's been reported as a cheap syndication deal by Hallmark(?), makes one wonder what their reasoning is.

    Unfortunately, I agree with Dman that the show just isn't getting any better. I just haven't even bothered yet to watch Monday's episode after the previous week's roller derby nonsense.

  3. Terry:

    Who said anything about 18 episodes?

  4. wop ur jaws:

    Wayne as you said previously, It was always about syndication for 5-0. No worries if you are the producers, you wil get your investment back. As for the quality perspective, I'm betting that it will have to improve come next season. I say keep the scientist-forensic guy, the police insiders and lose the family, kamekona and the any relationship material. As for keeping the second girl lead, I'm on the fence...
    Until all the major characters are developed as characters and members of the team, everthing else is distracting. The daugther and mother could be used to humanize danno...

  5. theDman:

    I guess that was my mistake, I misread the article that Mike Gordon wrote. The 18 referred to was the series not the episodes.

  6. Jacob:

    This show is part of the CBS syndication business . Only reason it has been renewed, not because the show is getting good numbers . The show is the worst cop procedural CBS has right now, but syndication is saving it. Take Person of Interest, CBS says proudly how this show, now in the second season, is getting stronger in the ratings. This is a well deserved renewal. Or NCIS and the 20 million viewers that gets each week. This awful remake is not even able to get 9 million viewers. These numbers are awful and it should had been canceled long time ago.
    This show has no fixing. Biggest problem, the cast. No strong actors in this show, no Jim Caviezel, no Mark Harmon, no Simon Baker . No writing can fix a poor acting ,week after week. They have been trying to fix it with guest stars each week and recurring strong actors as Terry O. or Christine L. Too little too late.

  7. Dolores(Auntie Clic Clic) Treffeisen:

    Great news Wayne, mahalo nui loa. Just hope the story lines improve so 5-0 can keep going.

  8. Glenn D:

    I'm glad H5-0 got renewed. Our state can use the revenue and the local folks can use the jobs. I honestly hope the storyline gets more better.

  9. theDman:

    Jacob said: "No writing can fix a poor acting ,week after week."

    You know...I actually see it the other way around.

  10. Adam:

    I think s4 for 5-0 will be their last season. The writing hasn't change at all, s3 is a cycle of s2 just different characters that all. I can't believe it will take s4 for Chin/Kono back story that is pretty insane, why wait till s4 when they can do it in s3 but the season almost over. I like s1 better.

  11. wop ur jaws:

    I kind of agree...about the writing... Alex on local tv mentioned he is signed for 7 yrs and that he has done three, so he thinks their not going anywhere. Does anyone know if his 7yr contract means that the series is going to be on for 7 yrs? I know that it sounds premature to assume that. I always wanted to know if a series actor who signs a contract for so many years or for so many episodes mean that the network is guaranteeing a series will be on for the lentgh of the actors' contract. I know it would depend on if the actor's contract is with the production company and not just the series or if the actor is contracted with the network itself. But all that withstanding, how can an actor receive a 7 yr contract for a network tv series if each year the networks decide who stays and who goes? I guess a buyout is always part of a tv series contract as well.

  12. melissai:

    Definitely, the show is not guaranteed for 7 years. 7 year contracts are the standard, and there is no buyout if the show gets cancelled. If Alex thinks he's guaranteed employment for 7 years, then he's got noodles for brains. Sometimes what this guy comes up with, though, makes me wonder if he has brains at all. 🙂 He's had two previous failed shows, so he knows how it all works.

  13. wop ur jaws:

    got it. Thanks, not sure what he thought, perhaps he was being tongue in and cheek with Tanya about not going anywhere.

  14. lu:

    Congrats on Five-0 getting the nod for another season. While I have a number of issues with the program, it should be good for Hawaii, so I'll keep on watching, at least for now. Too bad Five-0 can't up their game to be on par with Person of Interest. Now THAT is an outstanding show that I really look forward to.

  15. Wayne Harada:

    This comment from David Hardy was sent to me at another email address; adding it to the discussion.

    David Hardy

    8:39 PM (9 hours ago)

    Thanks for printing your analysis of the show. Lenkov should play the full 90 second theme song and intro at the beginning and end. Just like the original. The audience would automatically improve dramatically. The theme song is one of the most important aspects of the show and should be shown proper respect. The song is not played at all at the end in the new version. Please print more on this subject. Maybe Lenkov will wise up.

    Aloha from Dave

  16. fans are too defensive:

    Interesting comments by everyone. First of all, a 7 year contract is standard for all shows and means squat. Alex signed a 7 year contract with Moonlight (lasted 16 episodes) and for Three Rivers (lasted 13 episodes). It is quite presumptuous for him to say what he did. But he is on a fantasy-filled high, as are many of his fans.

    The only reason H50 is still airing is because it has a syndication deal. CBS wants the $$ from that deal to recoup the losses this low rated show has had.

    Those of you who think it is helping Hawaii should consider the cost of all the explosions they have every episode and the clean up and destruction of the land. I understand many Hawaiians are upset over that.

    As to the song, the days of the past where they had the time for a full theme are over. They need more time for the ads . That is true for all shows.

    This is how I understand what happens now.

    Best case scenario: the show's ratings zoom and the future is certain.

    Probability of that: Almost 0 since it seems Peter has not bothered to change anything all season long.

    Next scenario: low ratings but they move it to Fridays, which is where they accept lower ratings for a show to survive. On Fridays they have a much better chance because the competition is less and the network realizes people go out that night rather than watch TV.

    Next scenario:
    They keep it on Monday and IF Revolution is still there, it gets creamed again in the demo and after they reach syndication (17 episodes into next season) it gets canceled; or at the end of season 4.

    Last scenario and the biggest question mark:

    RE: like The Mentalist this season. It makes it to syndication ( The Mentalist is in its 5th season) but they moved it to Sunday; another bad night. Ratings are average; low for CBS.

    BUT it then depends on the new shows offered for the following year. IF CBS sees enough pilots that they want to use, then H50 could get axed no matter what. IF the pilot season is not very promising, then H50 will probably be saved for season 5, just like The Mentalist was saved for season 6.

  17. fans are too defensive:

    Meant to add. I got all this info from the very dependable and unbiased site If anyone wants me to put up any link that supports what I just posted, just ask. I will do it for you. Just feeling a little lazy to do it now but I have no problem with anyone who asks for it. Mahalo. 🙂

  18. theDman:

    Just watched the roller derby like staying on top of things.

    Anyway, the episode wasn't too bad. As others pointed out, it was easy to point out the coach as the killer very early on. After that, it was kind of anti-climatic. Interesting though, I thought that was an execution miscue and not necessarily writing.

    The mom thing was almost there. If the burglar could have just shot mom with a silencer, that would have put one loose end in the bag. Alas! This storyline will continue on. The fight scene between mom and the incredible bumbling, special-ops burglar (who was un-armed?) was stupid.

    Oh yeah...the coach leaves the "game" to go give a player a shot? Yah, now that's the writing I'm talking about. Somebody had trouble trying to come up with a transition there.

  19. Weston Leu:

    Bravo! I couldn't have said it differently myself.

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