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'Hawaii Five-0' in repeat mode; guests tapped for May sweeps

April 5th, 2013

Repeats rule on “Hawaii Five-0” on April 15 and 22, with another repeater on a Friday — April 19.
If you’ve not yet seen the April 15 show, this is the one that Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and Catherine (Michelle Borth) journey to North Korea via helicopter to retrieve the remains of a fallen colleague. Must’ve been a chopper with a huge fuel talk; and good thing Kim Jong-un and his North Korean missiles were not ready then to fire away. Jimmy Buffett also was a guest star, remember?
The hiatus doesn’t mean production has halted, however. With May sweeps looming (from April 25 through May 22), the Hawaii-based CBS TV series has tapped several guest stars in hopes of beefing up those eroding Nielsen ratings.
Websites have been touting Craig T. Nelson of “Parenthood” as a guest in a May episode, playing a former CIA agent. Could spell trouble for Doris McGarrett (Christine Lahti), Steven’s mom, since Mama McG still has some dark unknowns in her family closet. Will we finally learn why she was created and positioned on H50?
Also lined up on an episode focusing on a series of child abductions: Mare Winningham, most recently from the cable mini-series “Hatfields & McCoys,” as the wife of Henry Rollins, from “Sons of Anarchy,” a shady character who has abducted several kids and holds ‘em hostage in his home. Don Swayze, from “True Blood,” is in this one, too, as a potential suspect.
A new episode airs April 29.

9 Responses to “'Hawaii Five-0' in repeat mode; guests tapped for May sweeps”

  1. hossana:

    Hawaii 5-0 should disappear from tv screens. One of the worse tv series as the stories are abbreviated, no rhyme or reason in characters, and plots are so discombulated that it seems the producers are making vain endeavors to attract viewers with nondescript scripts that really doesn't make sense much less to the viewer. The only reason why people are tuning in is to look at the scenery and girls.....everything else is just pure trash and that includes the acting by some of the main characters including Caan and Grace. Too bad.....

  2. fans are too defensive:

    " good thing Kim Jong-un and his North Korean missiles were not ready then to fire away."

    That just had me smiling.

    And that super-helicopter that can fly from Hawaii to North Korea; maybe Kamekona should buy that copter? After all, it is just as unbelievable that he can buy ANY copter so why not go all the way into the impossible?

    I had high hopes for this show first season but I now see it is a total mess. The storylines look made up as they go; no long term goal that all good stories have to focus on to make the story make sense.

    Fans are attacking other fans on twitter as if any fan as the right to tell another fan what the story and the characters SHOULD be.

    That happens because there IS no consistency. Also, as a show drops hugely in ratings all the hype and praise disappears and infighting starts.

    IMO fans who attack other fans they don't even know over a failing TV show need to remember how mature adults act and what example they are showing not only to their own children but to young teenagers who learn to be bullies from these examples of supposedly mature grown ups.

    Stop the bashing and gang mentality and try to bring dignity back to this fandom. I see the "no hate" avi and the shouts of SHOW TOLERANCE FOR OTHERS everywhere by the same people who are spewing hate and showing no tolerance at all for different opinions. Fascinating.

    A little off topic (sorry Wayne) but it needs to be said. Thanks for YOUR tolerance. LOL

  3. Manoa Kahuna:

    Guest stars are band aids. The show needs new writers and a competent show runner. But, the knives are out and it's probably too late.

  4. Terry:

    I don't see too much intolerance for merely differing opinions but I do see intolerance aimed at those who enjoy attacking actresses on the show via social media. As well it should be. There's no call for trying to get an actor fired from their job for merely doing their job. But that has nothing to do with the show itself.

    My question is, if you haven't enjoyed the show for TWO years, why on earth would you watch it? Not only are you making yourself miserable, your constant complaints about everything related to Five-0, DOES anger fans of the show. And frankly, that's understandable. You don't to go a concert surrounded by fans of a singer and shout "This guy is horrible!" without expecting a backlash. It's just common sense. Constructive criticism can be a good thing. Taking pleasure when the show doesn't perform well, and constant complaining about it, is another matter entirely and you shouldn't expect for that to be well accepted by actual fans of a show.

  5. Kaye:

    I like the show. I don't hate on other fans on twitter, facebook or anywhere else. I'm fine with the writers and the showrunner. For me H50 is an enjoyable escape each week with characters I generally like. Like just about every other show I watch there are some storylines or guest stars that aren't my favorites or that I don't connect with and it doesn't bother me at all. I am one of approximately 10 million viewers. The show is not being written to suit me individually but instead to appeal to the masses, as many viewers as possible. I have watched every week from day one and still enjoy the show. I tune in, watch get a laugh or two and relax watching the show. I read articles about the show, watch interviews with the actors (whom all seem like very nice people) and in the end I am a happy viewer. Thus far I have refrained from being any part of the fandom and I usually don't even bother commenting on articles. Lately I have seen so much venom that I am thankful to have stayed away for the most part as it seems to be filled with people who believe they are the only fan that matters and that the show should be written and produced to their exact specifications. My suggestion to those who are that selfish and self-centered is go write a tv show. Go write a novel. Go write a movie. Go write a book. Even go write a fanfic. Then it will be your story and you can determine how its written.

    Dear cast and crew of H50 - doubt anyone associated with the show actually reads these comments but if by chance any do - thank you for entertaining me each week for multiple seasons. Looking forward to even more.

  6. fans are too defensive:

    If you want only just the "actual" rah rah fans of the show to watch who are on twitter, which are about 2,000 give or take, you can kiss your show goodbye. I mean seriously??? As it is , nationwide we are looking at 5 million devoted fans, 9 million for a new episode. Moonlight had 7-8 million and was cancelled after 16 episodes. And that was on the low rated Friday night time slot.
    H50 has dropped 47% over the seasons, so I guess listening to you who praise the show no matter what probably isn't a smart move.

    Year-to-year, Hawaii Five-0 was down by an astounding 47% in the demo (vs a 3.4 rating) and 34% in viewers (vs 12.19 million). It should be noted that last season’s opener had the advantage of airing on the same night as the first Ashton Kutcher episode of Two and a Half Men.

    Still, this season’s opener represents an all-time low for Hawaii Five-0 in both the demo and viewers. That’s not good.

    Reference point: The 2011-12 season averaged a 2.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 10.67 million viewers."

    It is really a shame if the people who make decisions for the show don't listen to people who aren't just the blind followers on twitter but to the people who see what 99% of the USA sees,then they are asking for a cancellation. They must be kissing the behinds of the TNT gods for the fact they even have H50.

    Get an actress fired from her job? Welcome to show biz. If the actress was so worried about her job, she probably would do what Alex, Grace, and Scott( who was attacked as a person and much more vigorously) do, and that is to stay away from criticizing and blocking fans who some day may love her role in another show or do what DDK does and be professional and stay above the fan nonsense which happens in EVERY show.

    By lapping up the FALSE love by fans (who are really Alex fans for the most part and who probably will follow Alex and not her when H50 ends)and by publicly and proudly blocking and dissing fans who may not like Cath but might like her in a future role, she is killing her career and the fans who are supporting this battle and leading the fight, are helping her future go down the drain.

    This is part of her job. She is no different than any other UNKNOWN actress. But those of you who make her feel special are only hurting her future.

    She is a pro. Or is supposed to be. Criticism is everywhere in her business. If she can't take it then she needs to change careers or get off of social media and fans who play up to her falsely.

    She should take a page out of the other main actors' responses. No one said it is easy to take criticism. But that is part of her job.

    Again, no one has the right to tell anyone that if they hate the show they shouldn't watch. You should be BEGGING for viewers, even critical viewers, so your show stays on the air.

    Some of you take pleasure in bullying those of us who don't follow you blindly like sheep but actually think for ourselves.

    And bullying and insulting fans with made up gossip about them just because you hate their opinions is sick and immature and cyber bullying.

    This show is desperate for fans. Maybe you should all consider building bridges with the fans no matter what they wish for with FICTIONAL characters instead of knocking them down.

    Peter PUSHED the bromance and of course some fans wish for more. So what? They have as much right to fantasize as anyone else. But those of you who SAY you tolerate peoples' views are the most closed minded I have ever seen.

    Bottom line? Wayne and the rest of us are exercising our right to freedom of speech just like you do in your little twitter world.

    But we don't BULLY fans directly. We talk about the show, its failings, and the actors on it that are paid well and should expect to be analyzed.

    Y0U are no more than a fan like us. We say what we feel and you say what you feel. Welcome to the USA.

  7. Carmen Donesa:

    The April 15th episode--where Steve & Catherine go to North Korea--is an ALL-NEW episode, despite what it says in your column above. I think you've confused it with Episode 210, from last season, where Five-0 & Joe White, along with a character played by Jimmy Buffett (who also returns in the April 15th episode), go on an unsanctioned mission into North Korea to rescue Steve from Wo Fat's clutches after he's been lured there, under false pretenses, by Jenna Kaye.

    There are ALL-NEW episodes of H50 scheduled by CBS for airing on April 15, April 29, May 6, May 13, & May 20 (which is the 3rd Season Finale).

  8. fans are too defensive:

    Thanks, Carmen. Your schedule above is correct. The upcoming repeats are on April 19 and 22. 🙂

  9. Fox:

    Both Futon Critic and TVbythenumbers Guide indicate that the April 15 episode of Hawaii Five-0 is a NEW episode, not a repeat.

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