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'Five-0' takes the low road, once again. Does anyone care?

April 30th, 2013

How low can you go?
For CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0,” a season low — a 1.7 adults rating in the valued 18 to 49 demographics, down 6 per cent from a 1.8 rating on April 5. The overnight Nielsens were not polite for the island-based show, and one wonders if anyone truly cares.
The cause for the downspin: a ludicrous “mockumentary,” about a show embedded with Steve McGarrett & Company, to sit in on crime-fighting then sharing the footage with a beachfront studio audience.
The faux show featured Aisha Tyler from “The Talk,” doing the walk and talk as Savannah Walker, a TV host given an open ticket to shadow the “Five-0” as it pursues the usual crime in paradise — only in this instance, the target of the chase, and an ultimate helicopter shoot-down, is Wo Fat.
As plots go, this one was as silly and unrealistic as anything so far in three seasons. Can you imagine allowing the pursuit of lawfulness to become the subject of a reality show?
Me neither.
So in the 9 p.m. hour (10 p.m. Mainland), “Five-0” finished behind “Castle” on ABC and “Revolution” on NBC, which wound up with a 2.05 rating in adults 18 to 49. In viewership, every show took a dip, but “Castle” pulled in 10.63 million viewers, “Five-0” 7.69 million viewers and “Revolution” 5.81 million viewers.
So at the end of the hour, McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) has shot down his nemesis Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos) who is badly hurt and burned and, seemingly, in a bad, bad way with police guarding his hospital bed and corridors. Maybe McG should have fulfilled Wo Fat’s plea to put an end to his misery — and simply call it a day’s, or season’s, work. Oh, but a fourth year beckons ... tied in to that TNT syndication deal.
How low can a show go? “Five-0” has a fourth term to find out.

34 Responses to “'Five-0' takes the low road, once again. Does anyone care?”

  1. innocent observer:

    stopped watching when the midget made disaparaging remarks about hawaii. is he still on the show. won't watch until he leaves.

  2. lowtone123:

    Agree with you Wayne. The only good part of the show was the return of Wo Fat.

  3. Annoddah Dave:

    Wayne: I guess you don't consider Dog the Bounty Hunter, COPS, Alaska State Trooper, Vegas cops, etc. as reality shows. Even the shows about animal control officers deals somewhat with the law. This episode I regarded as a docu-comedy theme!!

  4. Mark Kazuo Bradley:

    Aloha. I agree with Mr. Harada that the most recent episode of Hawaii Five-O was dismal both in terms of plot/storyline, and interest level. Although the idea of having a reality show theme was interesting, the end product was disjointed and boring. I live in the building where part of last night's episode was shot, so to be really honest, I watched last night's episode more out of an interest to see how much of my building was actually going to appear, than any other reason. (500 University Avenue, the Ala Wai Plaza condominium was the location in case anyone might be interested).
    This is sad because I so had hoped that as this season progressed, the plot/storyline would become progressively more engaging. Unfortunately, for me anyway, this has not been the case.
    The photography remains the best part of the show.
    The acting is okay, but, is no real comparison to the original Hawaii Five-O.
    I am so sorry to be so down about the new Hawaii Five-O, but, I gotta tell the truth from my perspective.


  5. MrK:

    I've been a dedicated fan of the new Hawaii Five-O since the beginning; however, I am quickly losing interest. It seems like new episodes are sprinkled in, haphazzardly, among repeats. As a lifelong Hawaii resident, I am also offended that none of the main characters are actually from Hawaii. They try to pass off Kono and Chin Ho as Hawaiian, but neither are. They can't even say "brah" like a true local would.

    I sometimes watch the "old" Hawaii 5-O, with Jack Lord. I will say this - the writers back then were a million times more talented than the 5-O writers of today. The story lines were just so much better back then.

    To the 5-O writers and directors - You are quickly losing one of your most dedicated fans.

  6. fans are too defensive:

    I didn't watch until today because I wasn't home but my husband's comments to me this morning were that the show is getting silly and he doesn't like it any more.

    He has gone from really liking this show to not. That reflects quite well the way the ratings have gone over the 3 seasons. So he must be a reflection of most of the nation and it shows why this show is tanking. Hawaii Five-0 earned a series low 1.7 adults 18-49 rating down 6 percent from a 1.8 on April 15. SERIES low is more than season low because it means the lowest ratings EVER.

    The show had tied its lowest ratings ever last week and this week it has reached an even lower rating; the lowest it has ever had. It came in last place in the important number; the demo. And even more importantly, it is losing its viewership. Forget the other shows for the moment. H50 by the end of season 3 should have a solid steady group of viewers like Castle has. Yet it bleeds viewers and Castle remains steady. Remember when it averaged around 12+ million viewers? Now we cheer if we get close to a high 8 million.
    To me, the fact that it is losing viewers and losing the age group that advertisers want with each new episode tells a better story of its unpopularity than does the comparison with the other shows.

    I finally watched the episode today. This show is hitting rock bottom. When I thought they couldn't get any more unbelievable, they do. No talk show host would be allowed anywhere near all that she did. I thought Cath helped Steve in secret because she could lose her career? Now she tells the whole world her boss lets her help Steve because they go way back. First of all, that was a direct change in the Cath storyline and second, did Cath want to get herself and her boss court martialed for using military tech for her boyfriend's use by announcing it to the nation? How does a criminal like Wo Fat keep getting helicopters like they are just lying around and take off in them where no one notices? I could go on but I am not writing a thesis. What a mess this show has become!!!

    Oh. And to those who insist on saying that there are many shows on TV that aren't realistic? True. But they are all of the fantasy/Sci-Fi genre and aren't SUPPOSED to be realistic. This is a procedural for the most part so for it to work it at least has to BORDER on the sane and within the realm of possibility. Yet each week drifts more and more into the realm of WTF and HOW STUPID DO YOU THINK THE VIEWERS ARE? A show like this one can't do that and be interesting.

  7. Lu:

    This episode is perhaps the worst yet for Lenkov's Hawaii Five-0. The show was so uninteresting that I kept dozing off, and had to keep replaying scenes over and over again. Okay, so maybe it was late and I was really tired, but the show just seemed so "flat" somehow. Very disappointing. I hope that the few remaining episodes will be better.

    I did like seeing Kamekona in the episode, but I think adding a "lookalike" relative/friend is overkill. You can have too much of a good thing.

  8. AniMatsuri:

    1st you say forget the other shows, then you compare it to Castle's ratings. Castle was actually down from last week.

    The show that's really bleeding viewers is Revolution. That show is down to 1/2 of what it started with when it premiered and got adjusted down another 2 tenths in the finale ratings while H50 and Castle stayed the same. Meaning in the finale ratings it beat H50 by only a tenth at 1.8 in the demo.

  9. fans are too defensive:

    Ani, I put out all the ratings info and then said why I personally thought it was more important about the bleeding. I can't do both?

    I didn't say "forget the other shows". I said "forget the other shows FOR THE MOMENT." Maybe I should have been clearer in my meaning. I should have said to PUT ASIDE the other shows for the moment.

    And there is no way to compare a brand new show which was stupidly put on hiatus for 4 months in mid season with the ratings of a show that has been on the air 3 seasons. Castle is a more appropriate comparison. H50 should have a steady viewership and even though the demos are close (with both Castle AND a new show (Revolution) beating H50), Castle stays at around 10+ million, whereas H50 is at 7 million. And the FACT is it has been dropping substantially over the three seasons.
    Don't kill the messenger. I didn't make the data up.
    That is Fan Excuse Bingo at its best.

    Now where I gave an OPINION was on the unbelievability of the episode's premise. Do you disagree with me there? And if so, why do you think it was well written and believable?

    That is where we can agree to disagree and say each to their own. But you can't truly argue facts, like ratings and the drop in viewership.

  10. LizKauai:

    That was not my favorite H5-0 episode.
    But then again, I am a Harry's Law fan and that show is not coming back...

  11. LizKauai:

    If what is getting ratings is murder, mayhem and bad behavior, I would rather not see 5-0 go further down that path. Ultimately not good for Hawaii, imho...
    Hope the writers pick something that adds depth to the character relationships. I care about the people and their support for one another.

  12. Darren:

    I've never liked the new Hawaii 5-0 mainly (of my predjudice and biasis) because the show looks too Hollywood. I really liked the original. Nothing against the main actors but all of them are not from Hawaii and it gives a superficial flavor that is not the true feeling of the Hawaiian culture. If the show would put more local folks as the main characters then in my opinion it would have been more authentic. Even the Korean guy who is supposed to replace the orignal Kam Fong is not even local Chinese. Again, this is my bias and my opinion. The main Haole guy (no offense to him being Caucasian) didn't help himself by making negative comments about Hawaii on a live broadcast in the mainland. I believe Hawaii 5-0 will fizzle out as time goes on. People still watch the original Hawaii 5-0 and what made it special was the local characters that brought the show to life. At the time, it was the longest police detective series in history.

  13. Joel Berliner:

    As someone who was on the original Hawaii 5-0 several times as a young man in the 70's, I have followed the new show with high hopes but diminishing interest. I like the actors a lot, especially Scott Caan, but I have trouble with the melodrama the plot lines emphasize, as opposed to stand alone episodes, the retreat into fantasy episodes like North Korea, and particularly think Wo Fat is miscast, not just because the original actor was so memorable, (like a great James Bond villain) but because Mark Decascos is so un-memorable, whether its here, or on Iron Chef, or Dancing with the Stars, and certainly not as Wo Fat. Alex O'Laughlin is a fine McGarrett, but the show is too cute, too weak, and I long for more of the Jack Lord police tone, and less of the happy news, buddy-clown Shrimp truck stuff. But syndication toughen the tone and bring back some real episodes worthy of the original. Good to see Wayne Harada is still around though!!!

  14. Five-O Supporter:

    @fans Ani got it right. You said:

    "Forget the other shows for the moment. H50 by the end of season 3 should have a solid steady group of viewers like Castle has. Yet it bleeds viewers and Castle remains steady."

    It really didn't matter if you said "for the moment" or even switch the phrase with "put aside", since you compared H5O to Castle in the very next sentence. You did not forget about or put aside the other shows even for a moment. You immediately compared it to another show.

    You can't whistle around your inaccurate statement.

    Here's my opinion on the show:

    1. Horrible. Idea to use the talk show as the story teller was awlful.
    2. Terrible acting. H50 doesn't have the greatest actors, but it was made even worse by having them act as if they were being filmed.
    3. Exaggerated camera work. It almost made me nauseated. Reminded me of Blair Witch. The shaky camera was overdone. I can't think of any professionally produced show (including any reality show) that has that much unsteady filming.

    FAILURE with a capital F!

  15. theDman:

    Who ordered this last episode? HVB? What a tacky way to advertise Hawaii.

    I had to laugh at the opening scene. One of the guys carrying the talk show host later told a family member that his arms were killing him after having to carry that woman on the board for so many takes. yep

    I thought it was interesting how they did portray cops feelings toward cop reality shows, that seemed realistic. I remember talking with a Tacoma PD Sargeant about COPS wanting to tag along with them on patrol and he hated that... On the whole however, I could not believe this was a storyline that passed review.

    What really got me was that Five-O could not even nick Wo Fat at close range. Wow! ...side of a barn, I tell you, they couldn't...

    It got really hard to watch after that.

  16. fans are too defensive:

    Five-0 supporter:

    Explain to me why I can't give the ratings as FACT (which is comparing one show against another)and also say what I think is the REASON for the low ratings of H50 and that the reason H50 is dropping and not Castle is because of the unbelievable story?

    If comparing the shows to you means saying WHY Castle is doing fine and H50 is not, then guilty as charged.

    What I meant by not comparing shows was only about just pure ratings and the history of the ratings. I have no problem in explaining WHY I believe the histories are different between the two shows.

    Talk about nitpicking the facts or my post.

    I listed THE FACTS as they are, for the uninformed,and then I said WHY I think it is that ratings are low.
    You can't agree with me and then NOT agree with me. Yet somehow you did.

  17. fans are too defensive:

    Great points as always, Dman. And would they really start shooting at Wo Fat like that with the camera crew and cast from the "Savannah' show right in the line of fire? I think not. LOL

  18. sarah lynn:

    theDman, you made me laugh almost as much as this episode did. 🙂

  19. fans are too defensive:

    CBS' lineup was steady or up, SAVE FOR HAWAII FIVE O which dropped a tenth.

  20. Kazu:

    They can't duplicate the original 5-0 from the sixties,so i watched only one showing. Besides 9:00 pm, i'm in bed already.I still watch the originals on CH 11 which come on at 7:00.

  21. steve:

    Very poor episode; unwatchable, had to turn it off. Dascascos is a nice man but not nearly
    intimidating enough for the role of Wo Fat. The whole Wo Fat storyline is weak....get some better villains....The door busting bursting into rooms all the time is overdone.

  22. volleyball fan:

    I'll rather watch volleyball than Hawaii 5-0. At least volleyball is real and I love it. Hawaii 5-0 is a fake as it doesn't even represent the crimes of our state and the way they go is so unrealistic. Like #1 I got disgusted with Scott Caan (off and on the show) and stopped watching. I don't even miss it any more.

  23. Five-O Supporter:


    What are you blabbering about? Get it straight. You compared H50 to another show when you just said to forget about other shows for a moment. BAM! Mistake! Get over it and move on.

    I thoroughly enjoy your attempts to make a point, because the more you open your mouth the more I realize you're not as smart as I thought you were. LOL. And I nitpick your points because you are the self-proclaimed expert. Get used to it. Keep up the good work!

  24. Jacob:

    I had no chance to check the numbers yesterday, but OUCH !
    I think CBS never had such terrible numbers in that slot for at least 15 years , maybe more.That a super expensive show as H50 is getting these dreadful numbers has to be very embarrassing for them. I get about the syndication deal but I think it's time to let this show quietly die after reaching the needed episodes.
    The funny thing is that the competition is weak, because Castle is not even a strong show, on Thursday ABC Scandal is getting a 2.8 demo, so CBS Elementary is in a tougher spot. So H50 even has an easy spot and a bigger lead in that Castle has, which makes the results even worse.
    They made a mistake with the casting, they should had cast stronger actors, some Hawaiian actors in the main four. McGarrett should had been an actor with strong screen presence and better acting skills ,not just eye candy as CBS used to say when promoting the show. At one point viewers get tired of just looking a pretty face and change the channel.

  25. molokai mom:

    the only good thing about the show is the scenery...and women love looking at McGarret. But after a two seasons, its starting to get old, same thing over and over.

    As far as the person who mentioned Dog...only good thing about that new show is that they are not filming in hawaii anymore or so it seems

  26. fans are too defensive:

    Five 0 supporter:

    Self proclaimed expert? Huh? I said the ratings are my thing, that's all.

    Seems you are not wanting to really discuss the show. I do remember you pounced on me a few weeks ago. Left over bitterness from back then much? You entered a convo between Ani and I just to jump on me so I have to assume you are more interested in putting me down than in discussing the show.

    If that is the case, then I suggest you grow up and get over your vendetta.

    Jacob: EXCELLENT points here!!! :

    "I had no chance to check the numbers yesterday, but OUCH !
    I think CBS never had such terrible numbers in that slot for at least 15 years , maybe more.That a super expensive show as H50 is getting these dreadful numbers has to be very embarrassing for them. I get about the syndication deal but I think it's time to let this show quietly die after reaching the needed episodes.
    The funny thing is that the competition is weak, because Castle is not even a strong show, on Thursday ABC Scandal is getting a 2.8 demo, so CBS Elementary is in a tougher spot. So H50 even has an easy spot and a bigger lead in that Castle has, which makes the results even worse."

    And molokai Mom:

    It IS starting to get old. Same thing over and over is so true. We can almost guess what will happen before it does now. 🙂

  27. MrK:

    What angers me most about 5-0 is that born and raised locals are only used in minor, side roles - "Kamekona" - the jolly, fat guy is used to bring humor. "Kaleo"(played by Jason Scott Lee), is a criminal. All the locals are used as either criminals, or they are given very minor side roles. At least in the old 5-0 series, you had Kam Fong, Al Harrington, and Zulu playing significant roles. Funny, the show is called HAWAII 5-0, but there are no Hawaiians.

  28. Five-O Supporter:


    Best you look in the mirror before you make accusations at others.

  29. AniMatsuri:

    Does anybody care? In word, no. At least no one at CBS. Just as CBS was pretty quiet over the Scott Caan controversy, I don't expect to hear anything from them just because a few viewers here are complaining about the quality of the show.

    Ratings are important but, I still don't think they've passed the push-the-panic-button line yet.

  30. theDman:

    AniMatsuri said:

    "Ratings are important but, I still don't think they've passed the push-the-panic-button line yet."

    And I don't expect any panic buttons to be pushed given the fact that the 4th season has already been ordered. The real question is whether there will be a 5th season? At this point, I don't think CBS will really care. Syndication will get them their investment back.

    I do think however, that after syndication has been achieved, the network has a decision to make:

    They can cancel the series outright, or they can choose to continue with some changes to be made. I suspect that certain off-camera loyalties from the network expire upon syndication. If the network wanted to take the show and put it on a different path, that would be the time to initiate it.

    As it stands, I can't see CBS wanting to continue after next season unless the ratings improve.

  31. fans are too defensive:

    Ani and Dman, you are both correct. I do wonder what CBS must be thinking about the horrible ratings and the negative comments about the episode from the "I love H50 no matter what" crowd and the latest episode. I just saw a tweet from one of the 100% supporters. "@PLenkov Sorry so many people reacted negatively to Monday's episode. I guess the lesson is that CBS audiences likes uniformity. #H50"

    While I think her reason why people don't like this episode is wrong it is interesting that she mentions how much negativity there is out there.

    DMan; It will be interesting to see what CBS does after syndication is achieved.

    Do they cancel or do they shake up things? 🙂

  32. AniMatsuri:

    If CBS really doesn't like the direction the show is going, we'll probably see the show runner fired shortly after next season.

  33. fans are too defensive:

    I agree, Ani! That is one way to shake things up!

  34. Surfsup:

    I will admit a few episodes left me wondering...what the heck was that about? However, I am pleased overall with the series. I would like to see more locals get airtime and I would like to see episodes that involves crimes of a more serious manner. Like undercover drug busts, body dumps in the ocean or even investigations of illegal betting at surfing tournaments. Something that is more believable to happen on the island. *Side note: Me and my fiance' is coming September 4th-9th and would love to meet some of you guys and talk about filming locations and other stories you would like to share. That would be awesome. I was born there at Tripler Hospital and been back to visit as much as I get a chance to. Visionaryxx@yahoo is my email. See ya soon. Aloha!

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