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Remember, 'Five-0' switches to a Friday night regimen

May 31st, 2013

OK, you must know: “Hawaii Five-0” moves to its Friday slot, at 8 p.m. today (May 31), as the lead-in to CBS’ “Blue Bloods,” starring Tom Selleck.
Sounds like a good perch — the local show featuring Alex O’Loughlin, nudged against a New York-based procedural, with the former Thomas Magnum of “Magnum, P.I.”
“Wahine’inoloa (Evil Woman), the eighth episode of season three, won its original time slot at 9 p.m. surely because its key competitor, ABC’s “Castle,” was pre-empted.
Are you gonna watch? Get used to the new Friday habit? At an earlier time?
Or is Friday your go-out-and-have-fun evening, meaning future new episodes this fall might end up as your DVR option?
In the TV industry, Friday has become the graveyard for some series; they vanish if they move here. In the case of “Five-0,” the death knell is not an option — yet — because the show previously was extended for a fourth season to comply with the foundation of syndication next year on TNT.
That said, the repeat show has spectacular opening sequence, in which a body burns to a crisp in a canefield, then is hit by car; it was as good as, or even better, than the episode where a polo player was beheaded.
Horrific scenes are not the hallmark of McG and crew; they investigate what the writers provide. But they get plenty of notice.
The opener was an attention-grabber, which might have intrigued some viewers to stay and watch the outcome; the rest of the plot, not so hot. Phone records lead to clues on who might have turned the kalua demise of the victim. But there are complicated elements of subplots involving Catherine (Michele Borth) and Doris Mama McGarrett (Christine Lahti), causing some friction and angst for McG. Revenge and suspicion issues surround the secondary characters, one of the show’s problems in maintaining a solid viewership, clouding the focus on the principals.
Still, this show garnered 10.1 million viewers in its original screening, ahead of NBC’s
“Revolution” (8.7 million) and the ABC sub, “Extreme Makeover” (5.2 million).
“Revolution” topped the 18 to 49 demographics (2.9).
Don’t know how much value/impact ratings have with reruns. Or, whether fans — diehard or new — will tune in amid a new territory.

Memorial Day, 2013: reflecting on loved ones, including Cannon

May 26th, 2013

Glenn Cannon

It’s Memorial Day weekend, a time to remember those who passed, notably with wartime ties. But it’s also a time to reflect the good times with family members who are gone. A time to bring flowers and say gravesite prayers — we did that this weekend, bringing bouquets to six graves at two sites, Mililani and Punchbowl — principally to mark the first anniversary of the passing of dad, to remember mom, in-laws, an aunt and other family members.
Also attended the Glenn Cannon celebration of life Saturday, at Kennedy Theatre; it was a wonderful revisit to honor a genius of the stage, and the vocals by the likes of Shari Lynn, John Mount, Laurence Paxton, Kalani Brady, Joe Kingston and Joyce Maltby provided personal punctuations in the prolific acting-directing canon of Cannon. Colleagues Paul Mitri, Dennis Carroll, Terence Knapp, Cecilia Fordham, Dwight Martin, Vanita Rae Smith and Brenda Ching shared more insights and rich remembrances of Glenn; his widow, Samsil Cannon, assembled a sweet and intimate video recollection.
Perhaps the piece de resistance was David Farmer’s tale, and subsequent audio, of Cannon, the karaoke king, singing “My Way” his way. With images of him on a screen. It was The Way to bid him aloha...and a touchstone of Memorial Day 2013.

Final curtain for Glenn Cannon; tribute set this Saturday

May 24th, 2013




Glenn Cannon, veteran University of Hawaii drama professer and a celebrated actor-director at theaters across the city, will be remembered in a celebration of life memorial at 3 p.m. Saturday (May 25) at Kennedy Theatre on the University of Hawaii-Manoa campus.
I first met him when he was a newly-hired drama department professor at the University of Hawaii’s Kennedy Theatre.
He died April 20, while in his 45th year as a professor of theater and dance.
I last saw him — regularly — when he was directing “August: Osage County” in 2011 at the Manoa Valley Theatre, which was his last production here; he was to helm another MVT show, but had to pull out for health reasons. As an MVT board member, I (and other “parents”) adopted a show every season, to visit selected rehearsals to provide nourishment for the actors and crew. Fruit drinks, soda, bottled water; snacks of all kinds, like sushi, chocolates, cookies, chips, veggies and dips, sandwiches. It was an op to witness theater-in-the-making from a very special portal.
I recall he brought along a model of the “August” set, to help actors get a handle on the perspective involved in shaping the edgy drama. His calm, supportive demeanor and his rapport with his performers made one and all comfortable — he was never threatening or demeaning, always a gentle steward with patience and passion to do the best job possible.
While he worked at theaters across Honolulu, MVT had become somewhat special in the sense that he and his crew were provided snacks and munchies during their rehearsal breaks — a time for camaraderie beyond the usual routine of mounting a show.
Cannon was a workaholic from the get-go. It was not uncommon for him to direct a show at Kennedy and act in another at Diamond Head Theatre. He went where his interest and passion would lead him.
In the early years here, he had TV presence on CBS’ iconic original “Hawaii Five-0,” on which he had a recurring role as John Manicote, the district attorney; on “Five-0” and later on “Magnum P.I.,” where he played Dr. Ibold for seven seasons. He also portrayed numerous other roles in such island-filmed shows like “Jake and the Fatman,” “Island Son” and “Tour of Duty.” And he was one of the “seniors” from early Hawaii television to also land a role on ABC’s “Lost.”
But his credits – before joining the island stagecraft community – included roles in off-Broadway, in Broadway shows, in films and TV productions, in movies. Over the decades, he directed 160 plays (50 at UH) and starred in 17 shows in Hawaii, copping directorial and acting accolades along the way — including the Hawaii State Theatre Council’s Pierre Bowman Lifetime Achievement Award.
Actors knew him as a 20-year-term president of the Screen Actors Guild, Hawaii chapter.
I don’t ever recall any actor saying anything negative about Cannon; he was always a pro, albeit a kindly one, in the director’s chair; his mission was to drill and shape his actors, so his production would be a solid one, whether it was a lavish musical, a taut drama, or a beloved comedy.
As director, he enabled his performers to find their place and pace in a show, expecting lines to be learned, but allowing actors to discover elements of the characters they were portraying to surface during the practice sessions.
As actor, he found personal shadings of character himself — a Cannon presence meant a darn good evening of theater.
He mentored scores of local students, colleagues and professionals — many of whom will participate in the celebration of his life. Participants include Paul T. Mitri, John Mount, Dennis Carroll, Terence Knapp, Shari Lynn, Cecilia Fordham, Joe Kingston, Dwight Martin, Laurence Paxton, Vanita Rae Smith, Kalani Brady, Brenda Ching, Joyce Maltby, David Farmer, as well as his wife, Sam Sil Cannon. Don Conover will provide musical accompaniment; a video tribute also is on the agenda.
Besides his wife, survivors include son Caleb Cannon and fiancé Jacelyn Wong, granddaughter Kassidy Wong-Cannon, sisters- and brother-in-laws Sam Soo Yoon and Chung Hee Lee and Sam and Daryl Fujii, nephews Jae Sung Lee, Dylan Fujii, and Cody Fujii, and mother-in-law You Soon Chon.
Doors open at 2:30 p.m.; arrive early, to assure seating.
To honor his memory and his work, the Glenn Cannon Endowment Fund has been established through the University of Hawaii Foundation, to continue Cannon’s legacy and honor his passion for theater and education. The fund will support and provide students in the department of theater and dance as they pursue their education and achieve their goals. Thus, in lieu of flowers, donations to the “UH Foundation” with a “Glenn Cannon Fund” notation, may be mailed to the University of Hawaii Foundation, P.O. Box 11270, Honolulu HI, 92828-0270.
Information: 956-7677.

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Meet the little cub Lion, O'Loughlin's 4-month-old toddler

May 23rd, 2013

This is the pic O'Loughlin shared of his little Lion, on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

Meet Lion, the six-month-old son of “Hawaii Five-0” actor Alex O’Loughlin and his model-surfer girlfriend, Malia Jones.
Us Weekly published the first photo of Lion, which O’Loughlin shared, during a May 17 appearance of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”
Lion, born last Oct. 25, is the first child for the couple, though he has an 16-year-old son, Saxon, and she has a 4-year-old daughter, Molly, from previous relationships.
“He’s the best,” O’Loughlin boasted.
O’Loughlin portrays Steve McGarrett on the CBS series, which this week aired the final episode of season three.
The show earlier was picked up for syndication by TNT beginning in 2014 and earned a fourth season pick-up, with filming expected to resume in July. For the first time, “Five-0” will be in residency on the sound stages of the Hawaii Film Studio in the Diamond Head area, where the Jack Lord “Five-0” was a tenant during its entire 12-season run, between 1968 and 1980.
Facilities are being renovated to suit the needs of production.

Come what May: 'NCIS,' CBS top the Nielsen TV ratings

May 22nd, 2013

The May sweeps — the Nielsen TV ratings — are over, and the No. 1 ranking goes to (drum roll), “NCIS.”
The CBS procedural, starring a top-notch combo led by Mark Harmon, dominated the list again with 18.8 million viewers.
The spin-off show, CBS’ “NCIS: Los Angeles,” at No. 4, and the Monday favorite, ABC’s “Castle,” were the only other procedurals on the Top 10.
The island-based CBS series, “Hawaii Five-0,” which has struggled to maintain a following in its third season, finished a distant No. 25 with 7.9 million viewers.
Highlights of the May sweeps:
• “American Idol” hit a record low, with 14.3 million viewers, which was down 33 per cent from the finale show last season; two episodes of CBS’ “Big Bang Theory” on Thursday, and the finale of “NCIS” Tuesday possibly added to the reality show’s erosion and decline.
• In network ranking, CBS was the winner with 11.9 million, and a 3.7 rating for the 18 to 49 demographics; ABC pulled in 7.9 million, and a 2.8 in demos; Fox eked out third place with 7.1 million and a 3.2 demo; and NBC was fourth with 7.0 million and a 3.0 demo.
The rating period was from April 21 through May 19.
Here’s the overall picture:


Rank / Show ........................ Viewers (millions)
1 — “NCIS” (CBS) ..........................................18.8
2 — “Big Bang Theory” (CBS) ..........................15.5
3 — “American Idol” (Tue, Fox) .......................14.3
4 — “NCIS: Los Angeles” (CBS) ........................13.5
5 — “Dancing With the Stars” (Mon, ABC)..........13.3
6 — “American Idol” (Wed, Fox) ......................12.1
7 — “Dancing With the Stars” (Tue, ABC) .......11.9
8 — “Big Band Theory” (repeat, CBS) ..............11.8
9 — “The Voice” (Mon, NBC)..........................11.3
10 —“Castle” (ABC).......................................11.2
11 — “Criminal Minds” (CBS)..........................10.6
12 — “The Voice” (Tue, NBC) .........................10.5
13 — “60 Minutes” (CBS)..................................10.2
14 — “Modern Family” (ABC) ...........................10.0
15 — (tie) “CSI” (CBS)...................................... 9.5
(tie) “Billboard Music Awards” (ABC) ................9.5
17 — “Scandal” (ABC).........................................9.1
18 — (tie) “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC) ....................9.0
(tie) “Elementary” (CBS) ....................................9.0
20 — “2 Broke Girls” (CBS)................................8.9

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