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Small bit of cheer for 'Five-0;' but where have all the viewers gone?

May 7th, 2013

Winners and losers were plentiful last night (Monday, May 6) on primetime TV, based on overnight Nielsen TV ratings.
NBC was No. 1 in the key 18-49 demographics, at 3.3. But ABC had the most viewers — 12.22 million.
CBS, which is the network home for “Hawaii Five-0,” had the fewest viewers, 7.501 million, since most of its Monday comedy grid was down or flat.
“Five-0” had a bit of cheer; it logged a 1.9 for adults 18-49, which was up two-tenths vs. last week’s series low, a 1.7, and 7.82 million viewers. In comparison in the 9 p.m. (10 p.m. Mainland) slot, ABC’s “Castle” drew 10.82 million viewers and 2.0 adults 18-49, with NBC’s “Revolution” earning 1.9 in the adults 18-49 and 6.35 million viewers.
Where have all the viewers gone?
For “Five-0,” obviously, elsewhere. Maybe, “Castle,” which has had solid storylines, or “Revolution,” which is struggling and improving — a taut drama deserving a wide audience. Perhaps cable. Or sleep.
The “Five-0” episode, themed “Ho‘opio, (To Take Captive),” had winners and losers, too.
Over-all, the show focused on the discovery of the body of a woman missing for a decade, coupled with the kidnapping of another young girl. Are the cases related?
Steve McGarrett and Company have to sort it all out.
Some winning elements:
• Alex O’Loughlin’s short military-type haircut is very now, appealing, and sporty. If you can’t deliver credible plots (though found and missing folks are periodic headline-makers in real life, even now), go with a new look. Cool, McG.
• That biker gang, who become sort of a posse on two wheels, which helped locate a missing van — and put a positive spin on the biker community.
• The utilization of the Maile Amber alert, again a borrowed element going back to the kidnapping and murder of a local girl, Maile Gilbert. It’s a measure that has community support, so its inclusion was spot-on.
• The employment and appearance by Tip Gilbert, father of Maile, provided an emotional spin.
• Danno’s (Scott Caan) continued expression and support of kids, underscored by the earlier disappearance of his own daughter Gracie. In this mode, he’s a true and devoted father.

Some losing elements:
• Danno’s abuse and brutality attacks on a suspect who clearly is a scum — but a cop should know when he crosses the line of ethical service, and personal revenge tactics, and turning in his badge doesn’t right a wrong.
• That opening faux sumotori segment. Does Kamekona really need more spice in his life, beyond shrimp wagons and piloting? Absurd, unnecessary, and making fun of a cherished cultural sport.
• Reviving that impossible Kono-Adam relationship. A cop should not be linked to someone with yakuza ties, and Kono (Grace Park) continues to lie to cousin Chin when it comes to Adam; she abuses and again lies to Catherine, to secure information.

With two more new episodes this season, “Five-0” appears to be stuck on the bottom of the time slot, still grasping for viewers. Only resolution: Improve and galvanize Season Four, to restore the glory of Season One. Suggestion: Wrap up Mama McG and Wo Fat, and get on with real procedural power.

12 Responses to “Small bit of cheer for 'Five-0;' but where have all the viewers gone?”

  1. MrK:

    Yup, I agree on that sumo scene. Disrespecting the MARTIAL ART of sumo. Sumo isn't simply a sport. Sumo is rich in tradition. There are ceremonies and protocols in sumo. I wonder what the reaction would have been if the Five-O writers disrespected the Hawaiian Warrior art of Lua in the same manner that they did sumo? Have them mimic and mock Hawaiian alii and warriors by putting on a big feathered helmet, a feathered "cape", and telling a fat Hawaiian to act all silly while mimicking Lua movements. Can you imagine the uproar and protest from the Native Hawaiian community if Five-O ran something like that? Yet they did the same thing using sumo.

    The story line was good - I enjoyed it. The only part that I thought was absolutely RIDICULOUS was the REASON why that bad guy kidnapped girls - to collect government benefits!??!? Are you serious!? Sheesh, I know people in real life who live off government benefits, and they don't even need to kidnap anyone in order to do so!

  2. Manoa_Fisherman:

    Last night's plot line of kidnapped child held captive for 10 years coincided with yesterday's headlines with the freeing of three teenagers who were held captives for 10 years in Cleveland. Is this art imitating life, or life imitating art? It seems that Lenkov's plotline intersected some cosmic plane to come so close to reality last night. I think it was Lenkov's good karma in using a past incident in Hawaii's past to shed light on some bad people who still exist in today's society.

    I strongly feel that using plotlines based on old Hawaii cases will bring out better stories that viewers will want to see over the next two years. For example, when the original H50 had Patty Duke portray a petty criminal who demanded to get married and have a honeymoon at the police expense, that plotline was taken directly from a headline from the late 1960s in Hawaii. You couldn't make up this kind of story!

    One thing that keeps bothering me as I continue laboring to watch H50, the "victims" each week are always haoles, it seems. May be that is why folks don't want to watch what is essentially a mainland show with a Hawaii background. Hawaii has much more to offer than just a back drop. Technology soon will render a back ground unnecessary as computers become so powerful that actors can be any where with a blue screen and Hawaii will be only terrabytes on a hard drive.

  3. Dolores(Auntie Clic Clic) Treffeisen:

    Peter L. needs to look at the old 5-0 story lines and the news stories from the Advertiser to get some good plots for next season or I am afraid this series will go down. Also more locals need to be acting in the shows.

  4. fans are too defensive:

    First I want to say that this was a much better episode, IMO. It had focus and it had Kono and Adam (which I actually do like, mainly because I like Grace's acting and she deserves a chance to shine), as well as great acting by Scott. It kind of reminded me of season one.

    I think by now, though, Cath should be court martialed for breaking into Navy intelligence files whenever she wants to. I mean, seriously?

    I read an article where they interviewed the Hawaiian gal who was the bronze medalist in wrestling in the recent Olympics and who was given this opportunity to be on the show.She even admitted that the wrestling scene was thrown it and had nothing to do with the storyline.

    I think it is great they have a Hawaiian there but truly; it was a silly scene where we hardly can see her and it was insulting to the sport. There are so many other ways to have Hawaiians on the show that would work for the show naturally ( they are in Hawaii after all so you would expect Hawaiians to be all around)that this scene was just a waste of precious air time.
    Even though this episode was decent overall, H50 has lost many viewers already so I imagine that is why many didn't bother to tune in to this better episode because of so many bad episodes before this. With Castle, Revolution, and H50 all having brand new episodes, H50 came in last place again.

    I know some will say the usual excuse; that the comedies were also low before it. But I say this. When you love a show it doesn't MATTER what is on before it. You will turn it on and watch. The only time a previous show counts is for the folk who basically watch the previous show if they like it and MAY leave the TV on for background or to fall asleep by.

    I don't count those folks as really adding to a show's fan base.

  5. AniMatsuri:

    People like to point out that the old Hawaii 5-0 had more local actors. One of the reasons why is because most actors didn't want to be tied down to such an out of the way place for months on end probably forcing the show to high locally to fill out what they wanted in the cast. From what I heard Jack Lord really rode the local cast hard to get what he wanted since this was their only ever major production and none were the experienced pros in other shows of this level. You'll notice follow on shows Magnum P.I., Jake and the Fatman, & others sported mainland pros in the cast since they had the budget to afford them.

    As far as the ratings go, the bottom line is H50 improved slightly from last week. Unlike Revolution which was flat in the 18-49 demo and slightly down in overall numbers when the final adjustments came in.

  6. fans are too defensive:

    Ani, you make an excellent point about the lack of locals compared to the original H50. Also,LA is filled with actors who come from around the world to look for acting work. CBS might be saying that to get parts Hawaiians have to pay their dues and build their experience level like everyone else.

    OTOH, to look Hawaiian you need Hawaiians. So I can see both sides of this issue.

    I still say though, that comparing Revolution with H50 is just not a fair one. H50 has been on the air 3 seasons and should have a solid fan base by now. Revolution didn't even have a full regular season.

    Yet, if even just by a little bit, Revolution is beating H50 and holding its own against Castle.

    But the ratings are really just interesting information now and nothing more because season 4 is for sure. Where I think the real focus will have to be is on the Upfronts for CBS, which will occur on May 15. That is when CBS's schedule will be announced for next season. In fact, the Upfronts for all the networks won't be finished until May 17.

    After that, we will see where CBS decides to place H50 on next season's schedule. Will they keep it on Monday or move to, say, Friday? What will the other networks do with their shows?

    Then we will learn what shows H50 will be up against. One thing I would think. When it reaches syndication, decisions will have to be made, as the D Man has said.

    H50 will probably need to concentrate more on raising its viewership regardless of its competition. If it can do that, it will probably get more seasons. Syndication makes CBS great money so they want to keep it going if at all feasible for them.

  7. 96706:

    The viewers are watching their Korean Dramas.

  8. fans are too defensive:

    Just got this in a Google Alert and found it interesting. They predict what they think each network will do for the Upfronts. They said H50 is struggling on Mondays and they suggest it be moved to Fridays at 9 PM (eastern and pacific time);earlier for HI of course. I also think Fridays would be good (even mentioned it in an earlier post here) because there is a lot less pressure to get high ratings on Friday nights.

  9. melissai:

    FATD, I got behind and just now saw this blog with your link. It sounds like CBS has some strong new shows coming up, doesn't it? They just might have a good fall if these shows with Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy and others are done well. The new shows certainly seem to generate some energy on what seems to me a tired network. Although I think The Good Wife is a great show, hardly anyone watches, and I think it only got renewed due to the weakness of their new shows (and most of their older ones, too) this season. Elementary sure wasn't a ratings hit. H50 became so unwatchable I haven't even seen last Monday's episode yet, which everyone says was a big improvement. That's a problem with this show; every show occasionally has a weaker episode, but with H50, most shows are weak with intermittent strong ones thrown in. Too many people aren't willing to stick around for the occasional well-done episode.

  10. fans are too defensive:

    Hi Melissai. The Good Wife got renewed by the same God that renewed H50; the syndication God.

    You hit it right on the mark with why H50 is struggling. They have, let's say,5 bad episodes, and then a decent one once in awhile. But way too many bad ones. I do think this very last one was definitely much better. The two before this one were horribly written.

    The new shows are going to be interesting for sure. I agree. 🙂

  11. melissai:

    Even though CBS hasn't released details of The Good Wife's syndication deal, at least not to my knowledge, I heard it was rumored to be puny. It's consistently a well-written, well-performed, show, though, so I'm always disappointed in the poor ratings. I'll bet TNT wishes it had waited on H50, since in hindsight they way overpaid. Yes, too many really bad episodes, and then I always seem to miss the occasional good one.

  12. fans are too defensive:

    In total agreement, Melissai! Actually, the above link I gave was a press announcement from CBS.
    "via press release:


    FOR “THE Good Wife”"

    CBS of course talked the deal up but I don't know if it really was a good deal or not.

    I DO know that TNT must be wishing they had been a little bit more conservative in picking up H50 at the end of season one. Hindsight is 20/20. LOL

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