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'Five-0' wins Monday, but lots more ‘to be continued’

May 21st, 2013


CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” finished season three Monday (May 20) on a high note — winning its 9 p.m. (10 p.m. Mainland) time slot — but it was somewhat of a hollow victory.
The results were much better than last week, but not quite the numbers of the freshman year.
While the Hawaii-based procedural finished first in the 18 to 49 demographics with a 2.0 rating and attracting 9 million viewers, “Five-0” really had no competition since ABC’s usual “Castle,” the drama that constantly wins the hour, was pre-empted with a “Motive” series premiere that pulled in 6.8 million viewers for second place. NBC’s “Revolution” garnered 5.8 million for third.
The "Five-0" episode was entitled “Aloha, Malama Pono.” It might simply have been called “To Be Continued,” because that mantra prevailed. A lot of character/plot set-ups, a lot left hanging, presumably to be continued next season.

“To be continued” was uttered repeatedly in Monday’s (May 29) “Hawaii Five-0” finale, twice by Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin), once by Doris McGarrett (Christine Lahti).
And continuity, some obvious, some not, became the underlying element, played out with practically every single character, from Top Four to the ranks. Only one missing in action: Kamekona (Taylor Wily); will be open a cupcake bakery next season?
The TBC notion could also be applied to the final ratings for the season: how will the show do in season four, particularly since it’s moving from Mondays to 8 p.m. (9 p.m.) Fridays.

There were teasers, of course, notably the four-will-be-three element. The conclusion, to be played out in season four’s opening, hinted that Kono (Grace Park) might have been readily eliminated. She' still a problem for her peers and the viewers, still romantically involved with Adam (Ian Anthony Dale), the yakuza brother, and still asking folks like Catherine (Michelle Borth) to retrieve data for her. Her fate, and ours, as viewers?

To be continued. Kono, still wounded, witnessed Adam inadvertently shooting his brother Michael (Daniel Henney) in a gun struggle; by the episode’s end, she chose to flee with Adam to Shanghai, a bizarre trip arranged by Mama McG (Christine Lahti), who boards a tanker to find her peace.
Of course, you know Kono’s not going away for long, even if the actress doesn’t much like it Hawaii. Could she be killed on the show, or die due to complications from taking a bullet? Certainly. Could she simply walk and exit the series? Of course; she has reportedly been unhappy, mostly about salary, so somewhat of an off-screen problem with producers; if you recall, she didn’t appear at season three’s Sunset on the Beach premiere, though she was in town; go figure it out. But you know she’ll be back, like a bad penny.
To be continued: Will Mama McG, an unnecessary punctuation mark and a thorn in son McG’s life in season three, recur next year? She was destined to co-star in NBC’s “Beverly Hills Cop,” but the pilot was never picked up. So expect to see her next season (yawn) since she still is in cahoots with Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos).
TBC: Will Catherine rekindle a relationship with her ex? Not essential in the “H50” storytelling; so why, then, the needless encounter with the dude in the early minutes of the show? Will Michelle curtail her live-in relationship with McG? Not likely; that’s the only relevant love thread worth keeping.
And: Why did Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) make that phone call to Leilani (Lindsay Price), the nurse he met when he was held hostage? To rekindle another off-hour relationship? TBC.
Also TBC: Danno (Scott Caan) encountered Dr. Gabrielle Asano (Autumn Reeser) and he told her, “I don’t know what I was thinking,” and you wonder what’s next? Gotta be played out next season. Okeh.
The one TBC that has relevance and begs some kind of explanation: the relationship between Wo Fat and McG; why Mama McG visited Wo Fat in that prison steel-and-glass cubicle, before McG made his visit. Is Mama McG Wo Fat’s mom, too? That would make McG his bro, or half-bro, depending on how the spool unreels. McG is in a bad place; Wo Fat has a bad, disfigured face.
To be continued. ...

23 Responses to “'Five-0' wins Monday, but lots more ‘to be continued’”

  1. Manoa_Fisherman:

    Time to replace "Kono" with the Summer Glau character "Maggie Hoapili". Much bigger audiences with that actress.

  2. fans are too defensive:

    Grace Park is in NYC right now and pregnant. So that must be why she is off the show temporarily.

    But Lenkov tweeted that she will be back and CBS confirmed that she has signed on for season 4. But I wonder if she will film in Hawaii or elsewhere, as Kono may be "on the run" with Adam?

    I also wonder if all these "cliffhangers" and "TBCs" are going to be answered? If they follow the usual pattern, then much of the relationship storylines are never followed through on and big cliffhangers are settled in the very first episode of the season.

    They seem to do a decent job on the premiere episodes and then blah for the rest, with just a few exceptions.

    As to H50's future, and at the risk of repeating myself with some, I will repost what I put on the previous article in another comment because I don't know if anyone saw it and it is something I think will be interesting to watch for next season. Mahalo.

  3. lowtone123:

    My big question last night was how did HPD find out Kono's gun was used by Michael in the shooting when Kono's gun was never confiscated and analyzed. Ballistics testing would involve matching results from the bullet retrieved and the gun. Only on TV.

  4. fans are too defensive:

    OK. I have been doing a little investigating. H50 will be up against Shark Tank and Grimm. Shark Tank I checked and it has been winning the time slot all the time. However, as is with Friday numbers, it is with weak ratings. But weak ratings are tolerated and expected on Fridays. What will make this all interesting for me is that all three (H50, Grimm, and Shark Tank) have around the same demo right now. So it will depend on what people would rather see live.

    I love Grimm but I always tape all my shows. The Grimm folk are faithful to their show. I never followed Shark Tank but it has been winning the time slot so it obviously has its viewers also. Some people argue that the lead in show is very important. Me, I don't necessarily agree. If I want to watch say, Undercover Boss on CBS from 8-9 PM but I like the show Grimm, I can, and will, change the channel to Grimm. I won't just watch H50 because I have gotten soo lazy as to not lift the remote and change the channel for another show I prefer to watch.

    I know there are people out there that "just leave the TV on" but I believe that group are not steady viewers and one week they may leave the TV on but the next 3 weeks they don't. So for me, the "retentionista" crowd (those who believe the lead in is all important) aren't right in their overall belief. JMO

    Friday doesn't necessarily mean the end to the show, because when it makes syndication, and with less pressure on Fridays for high ratings, it could survive longer. Blue Bloods has been on Fridays with worse ratings than H50 but it is also heading toward syndication and is surviving.

    I read in an article that when a show does mediocre on a Friday and is in syndication then a lot of the times its survival can depend on something as simple as the new pilots presented for the following year. If CBS gets a lot of good ones, they could can H50. IF they get a "not so great" group of pilots, H50 could stay. The Mentalist was in its 5th season and moved to Sunday night and not doing really well there but at the last minute was renewed because there weren't a lot of good pilots to replace it.

    CBS has a lot of new shows BUT only one new drama this season. New dramas are the only thing that needs to be looked at. Comedies replace comedies and dramas replace dramas.
    So there weren't a lot of new dramas on CBS this season that made it to air. Next season, that could change. In fact, I would argue that CBS is DUE for a slew of new dramas next season as it has many aging dramas on this season.

    So, if H50 doesn't improve in ratings and and good drama pilots show up next year that CBS likes, I predict that would end H50.

    A tweet from Cancellation Bear from

    Cancellation Bear ‏@TheCancelBear 15 May

    Fans lamenting the H50 move to Fri should note that already syndicated H50 could last a very long time there

    CBS won't care if H50 doesn't win the night; as long as it holds its own as it is now. That is what syndication does for a show.

    However, I do agree that if it gets way down there, like CW ratings, CBS can't keep it going for a fifth season.

    If, however,The Mentalist and The Good Wife and Blue Bloods, all of which did poorer than H50, continue to do worse than H50, they will go before H50 does.

    Maybe for H50 to be cancelled,it has to actually TANK in season 4. More importantly than losing the time slot it is in, it would need to be at the bottom of the CBS ratings pile of dramas to get canceled.

    Here are the standings of CBS shows this season. You will see that BB, TM, and TGW all were lower than H50 but were all three renewed because TM already has syndication and TGW got syndication this year and BB is getting it next season, like H50.

    H50 has to be worse off than those 3 other shows, I believe, for it to be on the chopping block next year.

  5. fans are too defensive:

    HAHA Lowtone! H50 has never been good on reality. Great observation!

  6. fans are too defensive:

    There are fears for Hawaii Five-0 going into next season, as the show is moving from a comfy Monday spot to Friday. The latest episode scored a 1.8, so its fair to say the number will fall significantly on Friday, but its not like CBS is known to have a Friday Death Slot the way some other nets do. At its worse, it’ll do a 1.3, I think. We should get a another full season or two of the series as it is still a big brand money-maker, in both syndication and international positions, and heck, its not like CBS have a CSI spinoff to throw there anymore.

  7. Ardie Oman:

    I hope Grace Park returns. She is much more believable than Michelle Broth. Get rid of Christine Lahti. She is just a distraction with no seeming story line that is so disconnected.

  8. 5-0 Supporter:


    That question never bothered me at all. As with most shows, there are many assumptions that you have to make in the flow of the action. Yeah, of course we'd expect they'd have to do some investigation and testing to figure out where the bullet came from. But do they have to explicit tell us or show us how they confirmed the match. I don't think so, especially since they already planted the idea in our heads back when brother Michael took Kono's gun.

  9. 5-0 Supporter:

    My questions:

    If those people who are after Wo Fat were able to subdue all those prison guards and already have control of the outside of Wo Fat's prison cell, why can't they just have the door unlocked instead of having to cut through it?

    Just how were they able to storm the prison in the first place? Inside job? Moreso that they should be able to unlock Wo Fat's cell and walk right in.

    Ok, I know. There are certain circumstances that I just have to accept in the flow of the show. For dramatic effect.

  10. hossana:

    The current version of H-50 is nothing but one great VIDEO DUMP!!

  11. AniMatsuri:

    Not much to add to that. Obviously the finale was written to take into account real life situations of the actresses Grace Park and Christine Lahti.

  12. theDman:

    Interesting tidbit on Grace Park by Wayne. I knew she was unhappy, but I thought she did not like being here in Hawaii and the pressure it was having on her family life. I did not know we were talking about money too. Hoo boy...

    I don't think you necessarily have to cross the street if you see Grace coming down the sidewalk towards you, but easy-going and friendly are not the terms that are normally used to describe her. What I find uncomfortable is the way she embodies the ethnic stereotype.

    You know, she's never called herself a role-model. Thank goodness for small favors.

  13. sarah lynn:

    First let me say that IF Grace is expecting, then congratulations to her. She's been married for a very long time, so this isn't a quickie relationship resulting in a pregnancy that you end up worrying for the future of the child. If she's fighting for more money to be more on par with her male co-stars, then that seems to be something women in Hollywood are starting to do. Maybe the Sheryl Sandberg effect? I know the actresses on another CBS show are negotiating as a team to gain negotiating strength since they make so much less than the men. Don't know how much Grace makes in relationship to Dan and the others, though, but the lack of ratings success of H50 this season might make this more difficult for her.

    I know she's not the most warm and fuzzy personality and she misses Vancouver. I've been to Vancouver, and it truly is a beautiful city. The proximity to the mountain range, the ocean, friendly people, wide-open spaces, and just gorgeous. We don't have a monopoly on beauty, so this I can understand. But, she did choose her profession, this show, and to continue living in B.C. at the same time. Same with Scott toward L.A., and same with Alex with his dislike of the mainland. They've all made their choices and none of them is living paycheck to paycheck.

    These extra things that go on with a show can only continue to erode the show. It's already struggling with all the problems discussed here on this blog over the months, and now money issues and unhappy actors can only make things worse.

  14. Herman:

    The numbers for the Finale are pathetic, and that the strongest competitior ,Castle, didn't even air, makes the numbers even worse.

    The show has been downgraded to Friday. Because the move to Friday is the kiss of death for a show, everyone knows that. I think the show will be crashed there by ABC Shark Tank and probably by NBC Grimm.
    Hawaii 5-0 is not a strong show and on Friday ,numbers will drop big time, as always happens.. Considering the low numbers the show was getting on Monday, numbers will be terrible on Friday.
    I give this show one more season, or two if the new cbs shows bomb.

    I don't understand why some say how great the show is doing outside -US. That is not true. The show has been sold outside US, as all CBS shows. All American TV shows air abroad, even the ones canceled as Golden Boy . So that means nothing. Then Hawaii 50 is not doing great abroad , maybe in one or two conuntries, but not in general. It was taken off the air in Australia once for bad numbers . And in UK ,shows as Arrow, Elementary, Revolution, Game of Thrones, Person of Interest and The Following are getting better numbers. You can check numbers in the site The show is not a hit outside the States.
    This show has been lucky with the syndication deal or it would had been canceled .

  15. Tomas:

    4th season...McGarrett good, need new Dano 2, bye Grace with new kono, send Caan back to
    and better story lines....auwe, maybe time to say Aloha to remakes. No can beat original Hawaii 5-0!

  16. Wiseguy:

    @ Ardie Oman:

    Michelle "Broth"? And it's Kono who's "in the soup." LOL

  17. theDman:

    sarah lynn, those are my feelings too. I was wondering about the Sunset on the Beach MIA by Grace also, but I just figured she had a prior commitment that night. I did not realize there was already bad blood between the production and her.

    We all have to reconcile our financial value as an employee. If we don't feel we are getting paid enough, we have to do something about it, I agree with that.

    However, I also understand that Asian actresses on prime time shows are still few and far between. She is not the main star of the show, and that's fine because she does not have that kind of ability. In short, she's lucky to be in the position she's in.

  18. AniMatsuri:

    With Maggie Q's Nikita show wrapping up in 6 episodes next season, I'm going to add her to my fantasy casting list to replace Grace Park. With her pregnancy, this would be a good time to bring Maggie in as Grace probably takes time off to have her baby.

  19. sarah lynn:

    Without passing judgment on whether or not this is fair, because I truly don't know, I just saw that Grace was making $60,000 per episode at one point. Don't know what year that was. AOL was making $105,000 per episode this season. I think it will be hard for any actor on this show to get much more than what they are currently getting.

  20. Donnie Haines:

    For me, 5-0 has been a staple of Monday nights since I first found it. As far as I'm concerned, if 5-0 goes to Fridays, there is nothing on Monday's for me to watch except Fox News. The rest of Monday night stuff is just a waste for me.
    Having the show in Friday's will fill in a void in the TV listings. Friday's were nights to watch... uh.. I can't remember what I watch on Friday's. I guess that says how I feel about Friday broadcasting.

    Kono and Mama McG really didn't add that much for me, so I could care less if they go. In fact, I can think of at least a dozen actresses who could take Kono's place and improve the show. My mom didn't interfere with my cop work and I'm sure McGarrett would be a lot happier if his mom were to stay home and just knit sweaters for him.

    I've said it before, if they would treat each case as a separate show, I'd enjoy the show more. Keep the visuals of the islands and make the police work a bit more realistic. It seems 5-0 gets every crime on the island from murder to parking tickets. Let's see HPD get some more action or at least more credit for assisting.

  21. theDman:

    So Grace is making about 60% of the the star's salary, that's not too bad really.

    I think the Lost actors were making around 80k per episode, so maybe that's what Grace is complaining about, but Lost had much better numbers in their 3rd season. Now, a couple of the Lost actors ended up getting paid hugely more than 80k and that set off some really ugly and bitter confrontations on the set. I think ABC and the production company handled that very poorly, they really asked for trouble by giving in to those actors' demands.

    I don't want CBS to give in because I do not see a disparity that needs significant correction. Besides, if you give in to one...

    ...well, you know the rest...

  22. fans are too defensive:

    Well, I have to say. First of all, Peter tweeted on May 20:

    "Peter M. Lenkov Peter M. Lenkov ‏@PLenkov 20 May

    #H50 fans. Don't fear... Kono's story is FAR from over."

    And CBS already confirmed she is signed on for season 4. So she isn't off the show. That said. Who knows if she will be filming in Hawaii? Maybe she will be elsewhere since Kono is on the run with Adam? Who knows?

    I personally like Grace Park. She has been given a mostly miserable role as the one who works that computer table.I think her acting is more subtle but well done. JMO

    And just because she isn't running around the island promoting herself in pics or on twitter trying to build a fan base doesn't mean she is mean. She has admitted in every interview that she is very uncomfortable with people seeing her wherever she goes and calling her Kono and treating her as if she IS Kono. She just wants to do her job and is not in acting to be worshiped.

    When she was in LA there are so many way more famous people walking around than any on H50 that most all the actors know where they can hang out and not be constantly approached.

    And remember one thing. She probably has wanted a family and to be with her husband but he lives in Canada and has real estate dealings there and a business and life there. So she has spend three years away from him. That isn't easy. And if she wants a child and to raise her child, she probably is trying to work that out long distance.

    Alex dropped in salary from $120,000 per episode to $100,000 per episode and I assume that it was because of his drug addiction and costing the show one whole episode last season, not to mention having to rewrite a few episodes AND the NCIS:LA episode. If I were Grace I would complain because she didn't do stuff to hurt the show. She should be paid fairly.

    Herman, I agree with everything you said. Unfortunately, CBS seems to want to hang on to this show and as long as foreign markets keep buying new episodes to show, CBS is making money. Then you tie that to the syndication deal, and the show is working for them.

    Even with low ratings, it can continue for the reasons I stated in my long post above.

  23. fans are too defensive:

    Ian Anthony Dale (Adam on H50) is in a pilot for TNT. He is still waiting to see if it gets picked up. But he says he is still going to be Adam.

    Ian Anthony Dale Joins TNT’s ‘Murder’, Aaron Hill Added To ABC Family’s ‘Twisted’
    By NELLIE ANDREEVA | Friday May 24, 2013 @ 11:53am PDT
    inShare Comments (0)
    Nellie Andreeva

    Ian Anthony Dale (The Hangover, NBC’s The Event) has joined the cast of TNT’s drama pilot Murder In The First as a series regular. Co-created by Steven Bochco and Eric Lodal, the project is a murder mystery that centers on San Fransisco PD homicide detectives Terry Seagrave (Taye Diggs) and Hildy Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson), as they take on a case that seems more like a maze. Dale will play Lieutenant Jim Koto, a no-nonsense homicide police lieutenant with movie star good looks who is Hildy and Terry’s superior. The actor, repped by A Management, Kohner Agency and Derek Kroeger, is recurring on CBS’ a Hawaii Five-O as Adam Noshimuri, son to head of the Yakuza and boyfriend of Five-O officer Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park).


    “Don’t worry my #H50 fam. You haven’t seen the last of Adam Noshimuri.”

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