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Remember, 'Five-0' switches to a Friday night regimen

May 31st, 2013

OK, you must know: “Hawaii Five-0” moves to its Friday slot, at 8 p.m. today (May 31), as the lead-in to CBS’ “Blue Bloods,” starring Tom Selleck.
Sounds like a good perch — the local show featuring Alex O’Loughlin, nudged against a New York-based procedural, with the former Thomas Magnum of “Magnum, P.I.”
“Wahine’inoloa (Evil Woman), the eighth episode of season three, won its original time slot at 9 p.m. surely because its key competitor, ABC’s “Castle,” was pre-empted.
Are you gonna watch? Get used to the new Friday habit? At an earlier time?
Or is Friday your go-out-and-have-fun evening, meaning future new episodes this fall might end up as your DVR option?
In the TV industry, Friday has become the graveyard for some series; they vanish if they move here. In the case of “Five-0,” the death knell is not an option — yet — because the show previously was extended for a fourth season to comply with the foundation of syndication next year on TNT.
That said, the repeat show has spectacular opening sequence, in which a body burns to a crisp in a canefield, then is hit by car; it was as good as, or even better, than the episode where a polo player was beheaded.
Horrific scenes are not the hallmark of McG and crew; they investigate what the writers provide. But they get plenty of notice.
The opener was an attention-grabber, which might have intrigued some viewers to stay and watch the outcome; the rest of the plot, not so hot. Phone records lead to clues on who might have turned the kalua demise of the victim. But there are complicated elements of subplots involving Catherine (Michele Borth) and Doris Mama McGarrett (Christine Lahti), causing some friction and angst for McG. Revenge and suspicion issues surround the secondary characters, one of the show’s problems in maintaining a solid viewership, clouding the focus on the principals.
Still, this show garnered 10.1 million viewers in its original screening, ahead of NBC’s
“Revolution” (8.7 million) and the ABC sub, “Extreme Makeover” (5.2 million).
“Revolution” topped the 18 to 49 demographics (2.9).
Don’t know how much value/impact ratings have with reruns. Or, whether fans — diehard or new — will tune in amid a new territory.

13 Responses to “Remember, 'Five-0' switches to a Friday night regimen”

  1. AniMatsuri:

    If nothing else, this will give anyone who hasn't already sampled the show because Mondays are so crowded a chance on the much slower Fridays. That's what I always liked about summer reruns, they let you catch up on shows you missed in the regular season.

  2. hossana:


  3. fans are too defensive:

    I see the summer with its repeats and its new time slot as a chance to see how many "never-miss-an-episode" die hard fans there are. From what I have seen from past repeats that number has fallen to around 5 million. Let's see what the # of viewers is tomorrow since the ratings per se are not important right now.

    Revolution won the time slot in the original viewing because the only number that really counts is the demo, not the number of viewers. Of course with Castle pre-empted back then that helped the # of viewers go up, but not the demo. That said, this season Castle has steadily beat out H50 in # of viewers and even in demo(when comparing new episodes) and Revolution, even with its drop after 4 months away, still beat H50 in the demo.

    I think Hawaii Five 0 has stiff competition on Friday. Grimm is only one of two shows of all shows out there to actually be on the increase in ratings. I read that in a recent article but don't know where that link is now.

    Shark Tank is also popular with many fans. So it will be interesting to see what people choose to watch live if they like the other shows also.

    And of course, the younger demo (which is the most sought after) may go out Friday nights.

    Still, H50 only has to do OK to maybe stay for a few more seasons because they will get to syndication and won't depend so much on the advertisers and therefore the need to win the time slot with TNT paying them after syndication is reached and the international markets still buying up episodes.

    As to the episode itself, now with the benefit of knowing how the Doris storyline as unfolded ( or more precisely, NOT unfolded)I saw that whole side story as absolutely outrageous. It was the beginning of the inexplicable role of Cath on H50. She does it all! I guess the Navy just lets her run around and forget them for a while so she can break into hotel rooms and play spy.

    I can see it now. Did Cath call in sick to work so she can do all this stuff? Or is she just a free spirit? And she even got a no fly order in to help Steve (again) while she helps his mom secretly stay alive. That girl can sure multitask. LOL

    Maybe Doris should volunteer at Guantanamo Bay for her excellence at torture? *sigh*

  4. fortheloveof:

    shees, get the "short guy" off, already! Get tired of listening to his big mouth. Can't he just take orders like everybody else. How bout some good plots, already.

  5. Steve P:

    This show is a major loser and the script writers need a re-set. The acting is nothing special. It needs to be dumped.

  6. Suzie:

    When CBS moves a show to Friday it means the show is on Death Role and that CBS has lost the faith in it.
    I think the show will lost the Friday slot to Shark Tank and Grimm because both of these shows are better shows than Hawaii Five-0. The remake is the worst show cbs has right now.
    This remake is SOOOO bad. Nothing to watch there except Hawaii. The acting is very weak, no real talent, and it will look worse on Friday next to Blue Bloods. Last night the repeat of Blue Bloods did better than the repeat of Hawaii Five 0. The bad numbers have already started for Hawaii Five-0 on Fridays.

  7. fans are too defensive:

    Neither Shark Tank nor Grimm were up against H50 directly this Friday like they will be in the fall. But TVbythenumbers says that in CBS's case, moving to Fridays does NOT necessarily mean the show is being cast off, like it does for other networks. Only if the show is moved in the middle of a season does that rule apply. Here is their tweet about that:

    Cancellation Bear ‏@TheCancelBear 15 May

    Fans lamenting the H50 move to Fri should note that already syndicated H50 could last a very long time there

    Because of syndication and because international markets keep buying episodes of the show, CBS is going to make good money even if the ratings are low. What I wonder is how low would be too low for the show to be renewed for season 5?

  8. Dolores Treffeisen:

    Well I hope this move to Friday night will help but I am just hoping that they rerun a few of this season's episodes as I am missing 2 of them! Just need better story lines with Hawaii connections. I am just happy that the episode I was in was shown!

  9. fans are too defensive:

    Dolores, You can buy the episodes on itunes or Amazon. I imagine, but don't know, that there will be a season 3 DVD coming out later. Which episode were you in? Who were you? I will check you out! LOL

  10. Wayne Harada:

    Dolores was on the season three finale, if I recall what she told me. Didn't see her; it was a quickie shot, and don't know if her character had a name. Dolores, are you able to provide details?

  11. fans are too defensive:

    Thanks, Wayne! Yes, if Dolores can provide more details I would love to see her and support her! 🙂

  12. Dolores Treffeisen:

    I didn't have a speaking roll, just was sitting on the bus stop bench when Mcgarrett comes running down the steps with the convict and you see me just as Mcgarrett runs around the front of his car. I am in a pink top and black slacks sitting there with my cane! There is also another woman walking past me at the time of filming. They had to do the episode about 5 times before it was right! When you watch it on line the scene is fast and comes in about minute 27 or 28 or if watching the regular one it was about 40 minutes into the hour show.

  13. fans are too defensive:

    Thanks, Dolores! I will watch it again and look for you! 🙂

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