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A downward syndrome plagues 'Five-0' on Fridays. Hmm...

October 5th, 2013


Alex O'Loughlin as Steve McGarrett and Tim Daly as Ray Harper.  CBS photo

It’s a downward syndrome for CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” ... and  maybe it's time to start hoisting the yellow flag on its Friday night timeslot.

The island-filmed show won the viewers trophy for the 8 p.m. slot — 9.56 million viewers, but was 1.5 in the coveted 18 to 49 demographics, down a tenth from its season four premiere last Friday, according to preliminary Nielsen ratings. This is not a good thing and the victory is somewhat hollow, considering the expense and expectation of filming a show here.

ABC’s “Shark Tank” bettered “Five-0” with 1.8 in the demos, but that also was down two-tenths from a week ago, but had fewer viewers, 6.35 million. Simply, there's not much excitement or competition in this block of the Friday night dive.

Overall, ABC was first in adults 18 to 49, with CBS logging most viewers.  The quick reaction: Fridays aren’t the best day for TV viewing. Only one program, CBS’ “Blue Bloods” in the 9 p.m. slot (10 p.m. Mainland), amassed viewership over 10 milllion. The Tom Selleck-starrer pulled in 11.09 viewers with a 1.4 in 18 to  49, behind ABC’s “20/20,” which earned a 1.6 in 18 to 49 and with only 5.89 million viewers.

The latest (Oct. 4) “Five-0” episode, themed “A’ale Ma’a Wau (Fish out of Water),"  was a bit of a puzzlement.

It opened with a recap of the season opener, with Kono Kalakaua (Grace Lee) and Adam Noshimuri (Ian Anthony Dale)  seeking asylum in China, but their location was compromised so they had to flee. Kono had some damn good moments —  her agility with the gun, her ability to fish, and jump-start and fix a Jeep relic — presented a different character away from her usual crime-in-paradise setting. This elevated her status as a team player, away from her team. She even had smooches with Adam, and while the couple had to flee for their lives, the moments were honest and appealing. Perhaps Kono can make a go with an ex-Yakuza beau; there's a tingle of magic as they each find strengths as romance continues to blossom.

I thought the Kono-Adam segment was her best showing so far — and maybe her separation from her buddies brings out her best. Hmmm, what do you say?

The relationship between Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and Catherine Rollins  (Michelle Borth) also faced a test; her ex-beau and his ex-Navy buddy, Billy Harrington (Justin Bruening), showed up to test the temperature of her moving away from the”Five-0” clan in favor on a new job with the  ex-b.f.   So there were expected chats back and forth, about relationships and integrity, playing out by the end credits.

Tim Daly, guest-starring as a cowboy-hat-wearing Texas Ranger  Ray Harper, brought  intensity to the show; he was merely an agitated dad in search of his kidnapped daughter, but had a way with the gun and take-no-huff attitude that painted him as a baddie, a situation also resolved.

And yes, the new black Chevy Camaro took a spin, with McG in the driver’s seat, and Danno Williams (Scott Caan) engaged in carguments – about McG and his concerns about possibly being the half-brother of Wo Fat and the still unresolved matter with Mama McG Doris (Christine Lahti) and her relationship with sonny’s nemesis.

If the show keeps bringing up this notion, then solve it and move on — it just ain’t no beeg t’ing.

18 Responses to “A downward syndrome plagues 'Five-0' on Fridays. Hmm...”

  1. theDman:

    I finally watched the first episode. Implausible plotline, actually it was beyond inane in many spots.

    The episode was written to give Ian Cusick a starring role. Cusick, a holdover from Lost, still considers Oahu his homebase, and was an obvious prime candidate to be a H50 guest star. A classically English trained actor, he, like Alex, is a master voice man and can do several believable accents. I don' t know if he can really speak Spanish, but since he is half Peruvian, he certainly looked the part. Now, if they could just resurrect him, he could play Catherine's brother in future episodes. Alas! probably too far-fetched for even this production to consider.

    I did not see any improvement in the writing in this episode, same ol stuff to me, and the ratings seem to indicate that is not a good thing.

  2. FansAreTooDefensive:

    I have to agree with D Man in his analysis. My hubby fell asleep early on and I think I dosed off here and there. But honestly, I was so bored that I didn't bother rewinding to see what I missed. So, can someone please tell me how the daughter and the boyfriend ended up in Hawaii from Texas??

    Anyway, I wanted to talk about the TNT ratings and then the CBS ratings; so here goes.

    H50 11 PM didn't even make a 0.2. Last week it had a 0.4 with 1,432,000 viewers. It was rating #72 on the 100 list. We don't know how many viewers it had exactly this week because it didn't even make the list. But it obviously dropped in viewership big time. It fell out of importance.

    H50 10 PM made a 0.3 demo with 1,168,000 viewers but LAST WEEK it had a 0.4 demo 1,551,000 viewers, a drop of 383,000 viewers! It is ranked at #96. 10 shows in direct competition with H50 10 PM beat it and only the very OLD show of Friends lost to it (2 episodes of Friends). For 2.5 million dollars per episode, I doubt TNT is very happy. And remember, the 11 PM H50 didn't make it at all and costs them the same.

    CBS ratings:
    H50 went down one tenth in the demo; from 1.6 to 1..5, however, most of the shows were down and all of CBS's shows were down. Shark Tank went down 2 tenths but still beat H50 by 3 tenths.
    BUT we must remember, Grimm hasn't begun yet and a Sleepy Hollow repeat grabbed up viewers and I bet those viewers belong to Grimm when Grimm returns.

    I believe some of the H50 viewers right now will watch Grimm live and DVR H50.

    There is another factor I think we have to watch. IF the rumors are true, and Scott and Grace want this to be their last season, that might play into CBS's decision.

  3. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Wanted to add. What do you guys think is the reason why H50 spiked UP on TNT last week and then dropped back down this week? My guess? People watched the premiere on CBS and weren't that interested and stopped watching it on TNT. Not sure though. Any ideas what happened?

  4. theDman:

    I had not heard the Grace and Scott both want off the show now, that's not good, I wonder if they could really introduce new characters that could take their place?

    Probably a moot point. The future is in TNT's hands and it is pretty obvious what they are going to do.

  5. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Grace just gave birth to a baby boy. Right now, they are filming in Vancouver (all of them) because Grace is not allowed to leave there.

    Rumors are rumors but they usually have a basis in truth. I can easily see Grace wanting to stay with her husband in Canada and I can easily see Scott wanting out after this season. He said in an interview at the end of season one that he didn't want the show to go on more than 4 or 5 years as there were things he wanted to do differently and he had to be in LA for his plans. Also, he has been in LA almost constantly. Pics have shown us that.

    He is the LA ambassador for special needs children where he and others take the kids surfing and he just did that September 28. But he has been there a lot so fans think he is done with H50.
    I wonder if Chi and Michelle are supposed to replace Grace and Scott next season? Don't think fans will buy that.
    TNT has to be ready to pull their hair out by now.
    Scott doing his charity in Santa Barbara (just up the coast from LA):

    And Grace(scroll down until you find the article about her baby):

  6. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Here is a better link for the article about Grace's baby:

  7. hossana:


  8. Pammie:

    The premiere numbers for H50 were no good. A 1.6 demo is weak considering it was the only scripted drama show at that time. FOX aired reruns and NBC Grimm is not back yet.
    This week it has dropped , again against soft competition.
    So I expect numbers to drop when everyone is airing normal programming.
    Few years back CBS was getting better results with cheap shows as Ghost Whisperer and Medium on Friday.

    About TNT. Numbers are bad. Cheaper shows as Charmed , Bones and Castle are getting better numbers than H50 . TNT has been airing two episodes each Thursday , so the show should had improved already. It wont happen.
    The show is just bad.

  9. Mark Kazuo Bradley:

    Congratulations to Grace Park and her husband on the birth of their baby son.

    I feel that the time has come for Hawaii Five-O to come to a gracious conclusion after the current season. I am very appreciative of the positive aspects that this production has give to our State, and that fine efforts were expended by all parties.


  10. steve:

    Shark tank and 5'o were both bad this week but I ended up watching shark tank as 5'o was just too uninteresting. The Texas ranger guy and story angle was a big snoozer.

    The only way this show survives is if they shake it up and replacing some of the leads might do that. Dano and Kono could move on; it just depends on who they cast as replacements.

  11. Manoa_Fisherman:

    Not even worth watching any more. A total waste of time. The only people in Hawaii that like H50 are teamsters, out of work actors, and the visitors bureau.

  12. sarah lynn:

    Congratulations to Grace and her husband! I am sure neither she nor her husband would want to be away from their baby, so it would be understandable if she were to want to either leave the show or reduce her involvement somehow.

    It has been frustrating to watch her character, languish without much interesting to do until recently, so the work may not be challenging or fun for Grace. I know many of us kept wondering why the producers continued to add uninteresting characters to the show, when Grace and DDK weren't always utilized effectively. A good example for me is the Catherine Rollins character. Not much point in having her on as a regular, and I was just fine watching her twice a year.

    The ratings results are really unfortunate, since this reboot was set up to be really entertaining. With better showrunning and writing it could be a show we all look forward to watching every week, rather than watching out of loyalty. Nothing ever changes, though, it seems with Lenkov and Co. CBS has lots of poorly performing dramas, and I guess only they know the money-making aspects of each of these shows or renewal decisions.

  13. theDman:

    sarah lynn said:

    "Nothing ever changes, though, it seems with Lenkov and Co. CBS has lots of poorly performing dramas, and I guess only they know the money-making aspects of each of these shows or renewal decisions."

    Funny you should mention that Sarah, I just watched a recent CSI episode (you know, the one with Ted Danson in it...), it was my first time watching that show in years and I was surprised how poorly executed it was. That is another CBS show, supposedly, one of their better ones. The problem goes beyond H50.

  14. AniMatsuri:

    Downward ratings plague a lot of the CBS drama line up. Hostages continues to be the lowest of the bunch. H50 pretty much held steady with the overall viewers of 9 million or so.

    Blue Bloods scored really badly since I figured the trend would be that it would beat out H50 every week. Instead H50 edged it out in the 18-49 demo even after adjustments. But it could be because of the storyline last week where promos say watch an actor tag along with Danny who gets wacked when he goes it alone turns out to be a "poor homosexual caught in the closet" story instead. I don't think audiences like being jerked around. A similar thing happened with a Fox comedy where the promos hides the homosexual theme then gets big ratings one week then starts tanking the next.

    After adjustments, The Good Wife was only a tenth higher than H50 and the Mentalist(not a CBS owned show) matched it in the demo but was a million or so less with over all ratings.

  15. FansAreTooDefensive:

    We need to remember that the only competition H50 is up against directly right now is Shark Tank, which is beating it handily in the demo.
    I believe that TM and TGW are already in the real fight with their full competition so comparing them against H50 is at this point not fair.
    We need to see what happens when Grimm returns and FOX's Encore(?) starts up.

    Encore may not be a very strong show but it will have its viewers, and we know Grimm has a faithful following.
    Then after the dust settles in a few weeks after they all have been up against each other with new episodes, we should have a better idea where H50 really stands.

  16. AniMatsuri:

    Interesting thing about CBS shows is even if they don't win in the demo, they do tend to win in the overall viewer category. H50 was the 2nd most watched show on Friday. So while they may not fall within the narrow demo that advertisers(more importantly the advertising agencies who handle the accounts)like, H50 does have a following and I wouldn't be surprised if the show still continues to win with overall viewers even after Grimm returns.

  17. FansAreTooDefensive:

    And that is what we need to see. What happens when Grimm returns? Of course, if this show were not in syndication and in its first season these numbers would get it canceled.
    And if it weren't for TNT the demo would be what counts because the only revenue the show would be getting would be from the advertisers, but since H50 is now getting syndication money, that is what is saving it.
    That is why I think how it does in syndication continues to be as important.

    This season is going to be so fascinating. I hope to learn a lot about how syndication works.

    Without syndication this is what number of viewers means:

    A18-49 or Adults 18-49 Ratings - this is the advertising demographic advertisers are usually most interested in for primetime shows. It's the important number in terms of how well a show is doing. TOTAL VIEWERS (P2+above) DON'T REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

    Also just read that it doesn't matter who wins the time slot between networks but how they rank WITHIN the network the show is on.

    You don't have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun the other guy!

    In the broadcast TV world, for scripted shows "the other guy" is the other scripted shows on the same network.

  18. AniMatsuri:

    I know all that. That's why I've been pointing out that H50 isn't the lowest rated of the CBS dramas and therefore, at the very least won't be eaten by the bear 1st. Also, I was just trying to point out viewers aren't fleeing the show in droves. They're just not in the right demo.

    Further, just because it is so doesn't mean it makes sense. It's not like you suddenly have no money after you pass age 49 and Disney and others has made Tons of money off the under 18 crowd.

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