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'Hawaii Five-0' glides, despite winning its Friday time slot

October 12th, 2013

jorgeContinuing its downward glide in its Friday night slot, CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” dipped a skosh in the preliminary overnight Nielsen ratings for Oct. 11, though generating the most viewers among competitors; but ABC’s “Shark Tank” eked out a win in the valued 18 to  49 demographics.

Not a good omen, of course. “Five-0” logged 9.08 million viewers and a 1.4 in the demo; “Shark Tank” had fewer folks tuned in (6.41 million) but a better 1.7 demo rating. “Five-0” was the lone new drama at 8 p.m. (9 p.m. Mainland), opposite Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow,” which was a repeat attracting  2.22 million viewers and a 0.7 demo. Some time soon, NBC will schedule "Grimm" opposite "Five-0," setting up a competish that likely will be like the Monday battle between "Five-0" and ABC's "Castle."

Anyway, the evening’s top-rated show was CBS’ “Blue Bloods,” an hour later, which drew 10.9 million viewers and a 1.4 demo. So goes the rather sedate nature of prime time Friday.

But without question, “Five-0” needs a lift, a band aid, or even a transfusion to rebound.

The latest ratings come a day after CBS announced an interactive “Fan Built Five-0” campaign, now under way through Oct. 31, where viewers can help mandate six key story points for an episode to be filmed early next year; the CBS website, is soliciting ideas for Scene of the Crime, The Victim, The Murder Weapon, the Evidence, The Suspect and The Takedown. Sounds like a valid idea but an act of desperation; we’ll discuss this effort in our next blog.

And the Friday ratings also follow Thursday’s dismal and alarming cable TV ratings; “Five-0”now is in syndication, with two back-to-back episodes airing on TNT, which paid $2.5 million per episode for the rights. Alas, a bleak reality — or wake-up call, if you prefer, has emerged:  “Five-0” is a no-go. It failed to make the 100 top cable TV shows for Thursday, so the TNT deal is a dud.  It’s not building fanship — new or loyal, on-the-fence or curious — and the implied notion that the old shows might help the new show grow seems to be DOA.

The Oct. 11 episode, entitled “Ka ‘ola ‘i‘ o ma loko,” featured guest actor Jorge Garcia as a conspiracy theorist who helps the “Five-0” solve the mystery of a vintage scrimshaw that figures in the murder of a wealthy couple ... and the theft of a King Kamehameha statue containing a trio of valuable Italian rings on the Big Island. He has his own brand of charisma and presence, and he makes a pitch to work again with the "Five-o" gang, so he'll surely recur. But he didn't make the rating meter jump.

The plot was  a stretch ... and committed a bit of sacrilege to remove, and tamper with, an iconic statue revered by the Hawaiian community. Even if the Big Isle one is a duplicate of the Honolulu one.

It almost seems as if the writers did its own in-house Fan Built Five-0, throwing in ideas to fulfill a script. Still can’t fathom Kamekona flying a chopper; who’s running his shrimp wagon? And Kono Kalakaua still away and on the lam?

By the end of the episode, Catherine officially moves on from her intelligence position with the Navy (thus terminating her official link to beau Steve McGarrett) to take on a new job with her ex-beau complete with the seal of approval from McG that all will be well. You know some romantic conflicts are coming up.

If only the ratings would go up, too

23 Responses to “'Hawaii Five-0' glides, despite winning its Friday time slot”

  1. Alohilani:

    I just find it hypocritical - the same people keep complaining about how bad HI 5-0 is week after week after week, yet they keep watching so that they can criticize. Most NORMAL people would not watch something they dislike so much but not the criticizers - they keep watching. Go figure.

  2. Fred:

    I find that the most irritating person on the show is Danny. Always arguing, acting like a real pain.
    Let him go back to the mainland, or someplace other than 5-0.

  3. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Well, Alohilani, some of us want to watch the show and watch its progress because it is of interest. And don't you desperately need viewers? You probably shouldn't criticize us because you NEED us.
    That said. I enjoyed the first season of H50 but the last two seasons have been horrific.

    My 25 year old son stopped watching early in season 2 because it got "stupid and silly". That has only gotten worse and as much as fans want to jump all over us for DARING to say that, it is what most of the USA apparently thinks because they lack viewers; especially viewers that the advertisers want.

    FACT: After 10 weeks of being on TNT, most of those when broadcast TV still didn't have new episodes, it did extremely poorly.

    FACT:And now, with broadcast starting their seasons, It has disappeared off of the top 100.

    At least 29 shows did better directly against H50 on cable. That doesn't even include broadcast. That means cable shows VS. cable shows.Maybe more, but we don't really know how off the charts they were. Trend is DOWN, not up!

    As far as the CBS ratings, they have declined 3 times in a row. And their whole competition hasn't even begun.

    Grimm and Fox's show haven't premiered yet and against the only competition they have, Shark Tank, they lose in the demo.
    And for the fans who think the number of viewers is important, I give you this. Please go to the link for all the fake excuses fans give for their show, including number of viewers:

    With the start of the 2013-14 broadcast television season on September 23, so too starts the 2013-14 Fan Excuse Bingo season where our readers can peruse our comments and play along by calling out commenter excuses, laments and other irrelevant nonsense that nothing to do with the future of their favorite shows, as much as they desperately hope it does.

    As far as this episode, and as much as I like Garcia, it was too absurd for words. They messed with Hawaiian history. Yes, I KNOW they have more than one statue but the ring stuff was false. Also, it was boring. Cath suddenly leaving the military with honors? Huh? I thought she spent most of her time breaking the rules. What did she do for top honors like that? What an insult to the regular military folk who leave honorably but are not recognized like the heroes they are?

    Kamekona flies all over now in his helicopter? He barely got a license and who runs his business? I still can't figure out how he had the money to buy a helicopter.

    They are now pushing for fans writing their own episode. Talk about desperate. But, on second thought, it couldn't be worse than what they are showing now. LOL

  4. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Fred, to be fair, Scott (Danno) is reading the script they gave him. Blame Peter for that, not him. Just saying.

  5. Alohilani:

    Talk about being defensive. FYI - I did not watch The show last night. Went to volleyball. Not as invested in the show as you are, clearly.

  6. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Then why comment? That doesn't make sense. You wouldn't "comment" unless you were invested. Truth. And you wouldn't come back to check UNLESS you were invested. Actions speak louder than words.

  7. Alohilani:

    Wanted to see you be "defensive".

  8. FansAreTooDefensive:

    And here you are;right on cue.Thanks for proving my point. If you are an H50 fan at least have the guts to admit it. You are not fooling anyone.

  9. AniMatsuri:

    FATD: Your son must think you're wasting a lot of time on H50. 😉

    Of course nearly every other program declined in the ratings last night too. Of the Friday CBS shows, H50 beat Undercover Boss and matched Blue Bloods(which I was expecting to rise a little this week) in the demo.

    Grimm still has another week to go before coming back. Wouldn't be interesting if H50 and Grimm cancel each other out when does come back? Then the fan excuse could be that they waited to long to bring it back.

  10. FansAreTooDefensive:

    I will never understand NBC and how they think. It really doesn't matter how H50 does with the shows before or after it; especially since they don't have all their direct competition yet in play. Tvbythenumbers has a page that I love called fan excuse bingo which shows all the excuses fans give for their shows' ratings that don't mean a darn thing. The shows before or after belong in the "it doesn't make a difference' category. I showed the link in my above post.

    What it will come down to for H50 is the ratings on CBS and CBS alone. Who will they drop? The site believes that 2 of these 3 (The Good Wife, The Mentalist, and H50)will be canceled. They say right at this moment they take H50 as the one that will survive BUT they reserve judgement until they see H50 against the full competition of Grimm and the show which comes on Fox. Then, after a few weeks of those shows together with new episodes, they can make a more accurate prediction.

    My son is 25 years old and lives away from home and prefers shows like Burn Notice and others and watches everything on his comp.

    He is a computer science engineer. I don't know why the young want to watch their shows on their comps. The TVs are huge and the couch is more comfortable! LOL

  11. AniMatsuri:

    It's not the before or after I'm talking about here. Of the Friday CBS offerings, H50 did better than 'Boss and even with 'Bloods. It'll be interesting to see how Good Wife and Mentalist do this Sunday.

    Convenience is the key to why the young like viewing via computer/tablet/smart phone. Most online viewing is video on demand so your son is able to watch his shows whenever and where ever he wants. Being a computer engineer, he probably watches his shows on one screen while coding programs on the other.

  12. theDman:


    The role of Cathering is ending? Is this yet another "killing off" of a female character on the show?

    Hey, Michelle is a nice person, don't cut her loose!

  13. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Actually, BB had the same demo yesterday(1.4) and a million more viewers (10 million.)

    But it is TGW and TM we need to watch, not UB or BB. And I checked and The Mentalist got a 1.5 and 8 1/2 million viewers and TGW got a 1.6 and over 9 million viewers last Sunday EVEN THOUGH they are already up against their full competition and even though because of football they both started 44 minutes late. That means that on a Sunday night, with work the next day, the people in the important demo stayed up until 11:44 to finish watching TM.

    Then the week before, their premiere week, TGW got a 1.5 and 9 million viewers and TM got a 1.6 and almost 10 million viewers.

    We know Sunday night is a more difficult night than Friday.

    H50 has had only ST for competition and it can't even beat that in the demo. Grimm is coming and I still think the viewers who watch the reruns of Sleepy Hollow will switch to Grimm and the regular Grimm viewers will be back.

    TGW actually went up from their premiere week but both are holding their own on a Sunday night and TGW has won awards.

    If tvbythenumbers is correct and 2 of the 3 of these shows he thinks will get canceled, I think H50 better not drop much farther when Grimm comes or it could be in its last season.

  14. Pammie:

    H50 numbers are bad on CBS and bad on syndication.
    Sundays shows are always delayed and they still got better numbers than h50.
    BB is a 10 pm show. So weaker numbers are expected there, still better total viewers than h50 and same demo. BB is doing better than H50.
    H50 would had been canceled without the TNT deal. And if the show survives this seasons , TNT would be the only reason.
    It will be sad if amazing acted-written shows as TGW die while this awful remake survives.
    Network TV is down while cable is up. Maybe if they renewed shows just because they are good and popular instead of because a syndication deal, things could be different.
    Last Friday show was predictable and boring. I think Grimm will beat h50 easily.

  15. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Pammie, that is exactly how I see it. You made some excellent points about network TV and syndication bringing down the quality of their shows.

    I agree about last Friday. That is 2 episodes in a row that were really boring. No one seems to do any acting any more on that show. I realize that the scripts have nothing there for them to work with but honestly the actors seem to be just going through the motions now.

  16. terrysagirl:

    Oh Wayne, you'll be so happy whenever this show is finally canceled, but what will you bad-mouth then? It's not like there are a lot of series filming in Hawaii.

  17. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Thanks Wayne for allowing all of us to give an opinion. The people who are suddenly showing up over here being sarcastic have twitter and FB sites where if they don't LIKE what you have to say they actually BLOCK you.

    So you have shown yourself to be above those who think they somehow have to defend the show. You allow them to post their sarcasm. You have shown yourself to be a bigger person than they are.

    Unlike you, Wayne, their whole existence on twitter and FB revolves around H50 and if the show dies, so does their "imagined" power.

    I am sure Wayne and Hawaii will do just fine without H50, if it comes to that. From what I understand there are MANY Hawaiians upset with the destruction of their island by the show.
    And there are many Hawaiians who don't like the show and don't need a TV show filming there to be happy in Hawaii. Other filming will come; it always has. The government of Hawaii wants the tourism dollars. They don't care about the show per se.

    I think your presence here is a sign you are worried about the show surviving. Don't worry. Your fansites and this place won't be the deciding factor. The ratings will.

  18. theDman:

    I am a realist. The show only deserves to go on if it is good. Not because it is shot in Hawaii.

    It does provide jobs for crew and some actors, but that does not change the premise of a successful show: it has to be good and develop a following or it simply will not last. The idea that "negative energy and thoughts" hurt the show is beyond silly and actually sophmoric.

    Having said that, there is potential for the show, but Peter is going to run this show into the ground as he insists that it is going to be written and run his way, and the network has all but given up. That is not a formula for success.

    Let's face it, Lost was showing signs of running on fumes by season 4. They knew they had to bring it to the end soon as the ratings were also beginning to sag. The same thing is happening to H50.

  19. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Good point about Peter, D Man. He is set in his ways and won't change it up. Some shows that I liked would get "low on gas" and they were brave enough to change the shows up and breathe life back into them. One that comes to mind is House. They changed out all the actors except House himself and it picked up new life.

  20. theDman:

    fr2d: Yes, and considering Wayne and this blog have been put on the "enemies" list at the production, it kinda goes to show you what the mentality is like there.

    Of course, a smattering the production folks do read this blog, I've seen them respond, but they have to tow the line whether they like it or not.

  21. FansAreTooDefensive:

    I applaud Wayne for not being bullied into altering his opinions. It can't be easy living in Hawaii and working on the Star Advertiser and still being true to what you believe. And I am glad TSA allows him to be honest in his assessment.

  22. AniMatsuri:

    Why wouldn't the SA let Wayne say what he wants? He's been at it longer than most(all?) of the people working there.

    About the only thing he'd probably get censored for is if he decided to say nice things about Republicans and blame the government shutdown on Obama & the Democrats. Probably never going to happen since: 1. Chances are good he's a liberal democrat/independent like 90% of the media is. 2. His column/blog is mostly about showbiz not politics.

  23. FansAreTooDefensive:

    In other words, he has earned his stripes there! 🙂

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