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For 'Hawaii Five-0,' the plot thickens, glistens...or sickens

October 13th, 2013

A female golf pro and a sumo wrestler meet at a luau after taking a helicopter tour together; one is whacked with a five-inch stilleto, resulting in a body drained of blood,   the other is mysteriously stabbed by an errant spear gun, and he ends up with a missing eyeball.  A hula dancer, in cahoots with an over-the-hill rock star, are prime suspects;  she resorts to spelunking, a bad move since there’s no escaping the cave; he flees to a giant maze, but is cornered because its lone exit leads to a lava pit.

Welcome to the new “Hawaii Five-0,” which is asking for such far-out input to mold and mount an actual episode, based on audience suggestions.

Sounds outrageous, but elements of these plot devices and mechanisms could be what “Hawaii Five-0” writers will be faced with, now that the show and the network are urging interactive ideas and schematics in a “Fan Built Five-0” campaign to get viewer input to inspire screenplay authors  to shape and create an actual episode for airing next year.

It’s either the brightest idea yet, if it works,  for a show struggling with fodder for storytelling, or a last resort act of desperation to script a procedural with ammo to lure the fans, if it fails.  So the plot thickens ... glistens ... or sickens, it all depends on the playout.

“Viewers loved helping figure out the ‘whodunnit’ episode last season,” says  “Five-0” producer Peter Lenkov, whose idea it was to have audiences pick one of three possible endings to a show last season. The latest gimmick to ante up possibilities for a zany story derived from audience suggestions this year is bolder; and yes, his brainchild again. From characters to props, from victims to scene of the crime, CBS is asking for ideas to fuel and feed the imagination of the show’s writers who supposedly will base a future episode on suggestions posted at this site:

Courting the viewers last season, to help decide who committed the crime, wasn’t exactly a ratings buster, but the show generated some buzz since it was the first time a procedural asked the audience to finger the culprit. Shoulda been the last time, but the show is game to try and try again.

Might be fun for the fans, with a wider perspective with more specifics over six categories, but could be a nightmare for the writers. Then again, the scripts have been lame and in some instances insane except to diehard "Five-0" fan-atics, who may love everything and anything but appear to be diminishing in numbers, considering the downward glide in the weekly Friday night ratings as well as the limp respond to  syndicated reruns on Thursday nights on TNT.

And, clearly, you don't know till you try something different, eh?

Here are the specific elements CBS is  soliciting in this trial balloon:


  • Chin Ho’s High School Reunion
  • Volcano
  • Skydiving Lesson
  • Motocross Race
  • Luau
  • Helicopter Tour
  • Yoga Retreat


  • Ancient Hawaiian Healer
  • Celebrity Matchmaker
  • Female Golf Pro
  • Cabana Boy
  • Astronaut
  • Sumo Wrestler
  • Macadamia Nut Tycoon


  • Five Inch Stiletto
  • Flame Thrower
  • Poisoned Jacuzzi
  • Snow Shovel
  • Poisonous Toad
  • Tiki Torch
  • Spear Gun


  • Body Drained of Blood
  • Jelly Fish
  • Kitty Litter
  • Toy Rocket
  • A Missing Eyeball
  • Sumatran Tiger
  • A Bag of Teeth


  • Hula Dancer
  • Spring Breaker
  • Synchronized Swimmer
  • Aging Rockstar
  • Personal Chef
  • Race Car Driver
  • Struggling Illusionist


  • Sniper Hunter Robot
  • Rappelling
  • Scuba Diving
  • ATV Chase
  • Giant Maze
  • Base Jumping
  • Spelunking

I imagine if you have better ideas in each category, you might try suggesting them, though the show is banking  the seven suggestions in the six categories would suffice. Apparently, viewers in February will get more opportunities to suggest props, cast wardrobe, music and episode title, according to the network. With the open call for ideas, you’d think that some salary might await those who turn in the best notions. I mean, the writers are getting paid; why not those who make the best submissions?

Deadline for submission is Oct. 31, Halloween.

Tricks or treats? Like it or hate it?  You make the call.

21 Responses to “For 'Hawaii Five-0,' the plot thickens, glistens...or sickens”

  1. FansAreTooDefensive:

    In the first attempt to involve the fans last season, they tried the "write your own ending."
    When I saw what they actually did, I felt we were tricked. When you read "write your own ending" by choosing the culprit I assumed each culprit would have a different way to end the story. I thought that when it was decided who was voted in they would stick in an ending to fit the perpetrator. Instead, they had the exact same ending for all three bad guys, down to the exact words spoken. Please. That is why that episode was so blah. They had to make all the perpetrators be a reasonable solution to the story so they had very little evidence to go on.

    So now we have this. Personally I would prefer a well written episode with maybe a surprise ending or twist.

    "It’s either the brightest idea yet, if it works, for a show struggling with fodder for storytelling, or a last resort act of desperation"

    I pick the second suggestion here.:-)

  2. theDman:

    I just finished watching Ka 'oia'i'o ma loko. Not bad actually, to me anyway. The guest star role of Jorge served well, and MEANINGFUL. Not like the other countless token guest star roles that were barely involved in the storylines. If there was one episode that was written by a new writer this season, I would say this one was it.

    We had the same silly chases (the bad guy starts up a motorcycle in the museum? Oh yeah, I'm sure they would keep those units gassed up and ready to go), but story flowed better. The carguments were well written too in this episode.

    As far as the fans giving input into how an episode is constructed, well, that is just a gimmick to garner more fan involvement. Other shows have tried this and it is not necessarly new. Can it help? It might. I would not put too much stock in it, but they need more fans in a big way, so I can see the justification for trying it.

  3. Mark Kazuo Bradley:

    I agree that the last episode of Hawaii Five-O was much more engaging, and that the guest role was truly meaningful. Having said this, I strongly believe that the best of Hawaii Five-O has already come and past into history.

    Please consider cancelling this show after the conclusion of the current season.

    Thank you very much.

  4. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Rechecked. Fox is going to put up 2 comedies in the late fall. One is returning called "Raising Hope" and averaged a 1.6/1.7 demo and around 3 1/2-4 million viewers. But keep in mind. Last season that show was on Tuesday night and was up against NCIS; the #1 drama on TV for years now. That is doing pretty well considering the competition.

    Also, the other half hour of comedy will be a new show called "Enlisted."

    Comedies are pretty popular and if Raising Hope got almost 4 million against NCIS that could mean trouble for H50.

    Then you bring in Grimm----------

  5. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Also, the demo for H50 this season so far has been 1.4/1.5 which is lower then Raising Hope was against NCIS. And H50 has only Shark Tank against it now. Hmmm.

  6. miracle:

    But you have to consider that the Raising Hope rating of 1.6/1.7/4 mio last season was on Tuesdays against NCIS. H50 rating last season against Castle was on Mondays, 1.9/2.0/9 mio on average. I don't think that Castle on a Monday is/was less competitive than NCIS on Tuesdays.

    Now H50 has a 1.4/1.5/9,4 mio. How will Raising Hope do since Friday isn't a great night for the demo folk?

    Raising Hope and Enlisted are comedies, not quite the same format like H50. Would they draw viewers from H50?

    I think the only real competition will be Grimm because it's nearly the same format, and it will draw in the younger folks that are relevant for the demo. On the other hand, if you take a look at H50's demo and the numbers of total viewers, there are not that many younger people watching it already...

  7. Manoa Kahuna:

    It's pathetic.

  8. AniMatsuri:

    Assuming Raising Hope will get about the same ratings or better just because its getting the easier Fridays against H50 in the same time slot assumes a lot. Most shows see a drop after getting moved to Fridays and no doubt RH is getting moved to Fridays like H50 did so they can have enough episodes to sell into syndication.

  9. joey:

    if u hate the show so much maby u should find a nice rocking chair and pipe to help you get thru the day apparently your publisher doesnt mind being publically embarrased about a show that helps hawaii's economy

  10. Heather:

    I am personally a fan of the new H50, I do not live in your great state but I enjoy watching every week.

    Now I will address the issue of the amount of jobs H50 brings to your great state, the amount of tourist who come (yes, there are many) because of the show from all over the world. Hoping they will cancel the show therefore putting Hawaiians out of work does not make sense to me.

    If the show does get cancelled I will miss of it course but the loss of jobs for your residents will have a lasting impression on many families but I guess you don't really care about that as long as you are happy.

  11. FansAreTooDefensive:

    I think if anyone assumes that people only like one kind of show and therefore H50 viewers won't switch to Grimm or to comedies is a false assumption. I think most people like different kinds of shows. I can like Grimm/genre shows and I can also like comedies and procedurals. It isn't choose this or that. I already saw someone comment that they like H50 and are watching it UNTIL Grimm comes. Then they are going to switch to Grimm and DVR H50. And DVR numbers are just propaganda and mean nothing to the possible renewal of a show.

    We really don't know what people will do when everything is in place. People will watch live what they like most and DVR their second choice.

  12. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Ani, I believe Bill( the site owner) on TVbythenumbers said moving shows to Friday for syndication was mostly a CBS thing and not true for all networks. Raising Hope is Fox. Sorry I don't know where to link you to that. But I definitely remember he said that.

  13. Heather:

    Waiting moderation just means you won't post the comment because I am pro H50. As far as I'm concerned since you don't like the show, the money it brings to the state and the jobs it brings. I will go on record to say I hope they renew the show and I hope they move the show off the island to somewhere people will appreciate the jobs. I live in northern VA area, NCIS is based there but guess what it's filmed in California so we don't reap the rewards.


  14. AniMatsuri:

    Regardless, Raising Hope is hardly a ratings powerhouse but, by now its coming close to the minimum amount for syndication. Fox had to put it somewhere.

    I'm actually the opposite: Shows I like will be sent to the VCR so I can pause and rewind anything I want. Shows I watch live are the ones I don't mind if I miss moment or two.

    One thing is sure: That's why sports(especially football) brings in such huge ratings. Just about everyone agrees the only way to watch is live.

  15. Five-O Supporter:

    I think AniMatsuri and theDman are the real experts here. They both offer insight and meaningful analysis. I thoroughly enjoy reading their comments and criticisms.

  16. FansAreTooDefensive:

    They are experts? Or they say what you like? You have no idea and you just want to bash Wayne and me. So obvious.

  17. shame on you:

    As a local, trashing a show that employee's hundreds of other locals is deplorable. Get over it already. Everyone knows u hate the show, you've made that clear. Now move on please.
    Oh and STFU McCrazy

  18. FansAreTooDefensive:

    The language you just used Shame on You tells me who you are. You are not a local. You are Lynn Baker aka The5tothe0 who was just suspended on twitter for your obnoxious and abusive behavior. You are a hater and the whole H50 fandom knows you and avoids you. You are frustrated as you have nowhere to spread your hate so now you come here and pretend to be a local from Hawaii. Stop harassing the fandom. That is why you got suspended. No one wants you around.

  19. Belle:

    FansAreTooDefensive is "Randy" etc. on TVBTN and of course the infamous lunatic mcCrazyfan on Twitter, always spewing the same garbage everywhere she goes. You're a pathetic psycho and liar Lucia and everyone sees it, despite you trying to make it look like it's all one person. Far from it, but nice try lol! PS Alex O'loughlin will never love you. Sorry creeper.

  20. Wiseguy70005:


    "People will watch live what they like most and DVR their second choice."


    "I'm actually the opposite: Shows I like will be sent to the VCR so I can pause and rewind anything I want. Shows I watch live are the ones I don't mind if I miss moment or two."

    I'm different as well. I'll record the shorter program and watch the longer program. For example, I'll record "Family Guy" and watch "Revenge." Doesn't mean I like one program over the other. Just when the night is over I'll only have a 1/2 hour still to watch rather than a whole hour.

  21. Wiseguy70005:

    "Courting the viewers last season, to help decide who committed the crime, wasn’t exactly a ratings buster, but the show generated some buzz since it was the first time a procedural asked the audience to finger the culprit."

    Don't know if you would refer to "Matlock" as a procedural but way back in the 1987-88 season, Matlock did exactly the same thing: The episode "The Hucksters" provided three suspects (as most Matlock episodes) and viewers could pick which one they thought was the murderer. Of course the internet was not involved, viewers had to phone a number associated with each suspect.

    And the result was the same as well. There was no difference in the script for the three suspects. A witness on the stand simply stated which suspect he saw do it. A commercial break before this final scene allowed NBC to pick the appropriate ending (in reruns there is no commercial break).

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