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Big bucks for 'Bang Theory' ads, not so much for 'Hawaii Five-0'

October 14th, 2013

bangAdvertisers pay big bucks — to the tune of  $326,260 per 30 seconds — for commercials on “The Big Bang Theory,” the hit Thursday TV series on CBS, according to Adweek.

Three episodes into the 2013-24 season, the Chuck Lorre comedy is averaging an impressive 19.2 million viewers and a 5.6 rating in the valued 18 to 49 demographics, building on a two-year-run of monster ratings.

The show with its outrageously cohesive ensemble is in its seventh season, and it appears to  own the advertising universe at the moment, filling the CBS coffers with mucho moola.

“Big Bang” pulls in more ad dollars than even higher-rated NBC’s “The Voice,” which comparably charges $264,575 on Mondays and $229,167 on Tuesdays.  ABC’s  “Modern Family” on Wednesday follows with a $257,435 fee, with Fox’s “The Simpsons” — surprise! — collecting $256,963 on Sundays.

Who’d have figured? ...

Only sporting events charge considerably more; Fox’s eight NFL games fetch $595,000 per 30 seconds; NBC’s Sunday Night Football earns $570,000 in comparison.

The figures are staggering and astonishing, but it’s no secret that high viewership generally yields soaring fees for commercial time.

Which brings on the next question:

What’s the ad rate ranking  for the Friday primetime hour, when locally-filmed “Hawaii Five-0” is aired at 8 p.m. (9 p.m. Mainland)?

Adweek places the CBS procedural’s rate at $58,456, behind NBC’s “Grimm,” which will earn $82,165 when it joins the Friday schedule Oct. 25, and ABC’s “Shark Tank,” which charges $77,870. Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow,” airing reruns on Fridays, is earning $33,125, but Adweek lists the show at $139,120 for its first-run Monday slot.

Highlights from the primetime payout roster, in descending order (only shows charging $100,000 and more are listed here):

  • Fox’s new “New Girl,” Tuesdays, $231,570.
  • Fox’s “Family Guy,” Sundays, $223,145.
  • ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” Thursdays, $206,0785
  • CBS’s “Two and a Half Men,” Thursdays, $204,176.
  • ABC’s “Scandal,” Thursdays, $200,970.
  • NBC’s new “The Black List,” Mondays, $198,667.
  • CBS’s new “The Crazy Ones,” Thursdays, $175,200.
  • ABC’s new “Marvel’s Agents of Shield,” Tuesdays, $169,730.
  • Fox’s “Glee,” Thursdays, $169,535.
  • CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother,” Mondays, $168,435.
  • CBS’s “NCIS,” Tuesdays,  $161,094.
  • Fox’s “American Dad,” Sundays, $158,725.
  • Fox’s “The Mindy Project,” Tuesdays, $150,950.
  • Fox’s “Bob’s Burger,” Sundays, $149,650.
  • Fox’s “The X-Factor,” Wednesdays, $146,594; Thursdays, $112,675.
  • CBS’s new “Mom,” Mondays,  $138,575.
  • CBS’s “Person of Interest,” Tuesdays, $138,265.
  • Fox’s “Bones,” Mondays, $137,875.
  • ABC’s “The Middle,” Wednesdays, $135.050.
  • CBS’s“Hostages,” Mondays, $134,420.
  • ABC’s new “Super Fun Night,” Wednesdays, $130,823.
  • ABC’s “Castle,” Mondays, $129,250.
  • CBS’s new “The Millers,” Thursdays, $122,390.
  • CBS’s “Elementary,” Thursdays, $121,395.
  • CBS’s “NCIS: Los Angeles,” Tuesdays, $120,290.
  • Fox’s new “Dads,” Tuesdays, $120,100.
  • CBS’s “Survivor,” Wednesdays, $115,717.
  • NBC’s “Chicago Fire,” Tuesdays, $110,385.
  • CBS’s “The Michael J. Fox Show,” Wednesdays, $110,000.
  • CBS’s “60 Minutes,” Sundays, $107,745.
  • CBS’s “CSI,” Wednesdays, $107,015.
  • CBS’s “Criminal Minds,” Wednesdays, $106,678.

21 Responses to “Big bucks for 'Bang Theory' ads, not so much for 'Hawaii Five-0'”

  1. FansAreTooDefensive:

    You have said it all. The truth.

  2. AniMatsuri:

    The Mindy Project probably has do a lot of make ups for the low ratings its getting right now. Same goes for Dads, Mom, The Michael J. Fox Show, & Hostages.

  3. theDman:

    There is no arguing the numbers that Wayne posted here. We can debate the ratings all we want, but the numbers here is what the bottom line is really all about. The only other major factor is cost of the production.

  4. Pammie:

    I don't think anyone that check the ratings , is shocked by these numbers.
    Advertisers don't believe all those network Press Releases calling the show a "hit" or saying it is watched in 200 countries" and "doing great internationally" or getting " good "DVR numbers" .
    Advertisers don't believe a group of fans yelling the show has " million of fans that love the show" or yelling " Great numbers H50" everywhere and bashing who dares to say the opossite.
    Advertisers see facts and real numbers, they only pay for what they get , not even a cent more. And why should they?
    These numbers cannot be argued by anyone.

  5. AniMatsuri:

    As I mentioned before, advertisers are paying way to much for at least a handful of shows. Meaning the advertisers can be sold a bill of goods by the right salesmen.

    I'm surprised FATD hasn't posted this link yet:

    Like Horoscopes, AdWeek's Commercial Price Survey Is Fun But, For Best Used For Entertainment Purposes

  6. Five-O Supporter:

    Posting numbers without context is very misleading.

    I'm sure if H50 was still aired on Mondays, it would have asked for much more than what it can get on Fridays. Probably a lot closer to the rate it's replacement failure, "Hostages", is getting than the $58,000 reported.

    Anyway, I like H50 the way it is, bad shows and all. Yeah, it's a ratings failure. Yeah, it has major problems. And if you don't like it, that's fine too. It will never regain it's lost viewers and probably not gain any new ones because most have already made up their minds about the show.

    I just don't get the "see I'm right" attitudes, the "numbers don't lie", the hostility in many of the messages posted.

    What's the point?

  7. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Why does there have to be "a point"? We are interested in the progress of this show. What is the point in you coming over here and posting with us? We could ask you the same thing.

  8. FansAreTooDefensive:

    From Ani's link. Ani, You know me so well! LOL :-):

    CBS Friday dramas are cheap! H50 ($58,455), Blue Bloods ($58,460) are among the cheapest shows in primetime among the "big 4" English broadcast networks. Certainly tied to their low adults 18-49 ratings. Will those numbers convince folks their high total viewership is irrelevant to their ad revenues? Unlikely. Like the Geocentrists, they can always come up with some sort of alternate explanation that explains their goofy worldview.
    Subsets of adults 18-49 ratings matter. Vampire Diaries adults 18-49 ratings are noticeably lower than those of the CBS Friday dramas, yet its ad rates are very similar. That's because it delivers a higher proportion of the youngest members of that demo who advertisers will pay more to reach.

    D Man, there is one other factor to consider besides ad money and cost of production and that is syndication money.

    I believe H50 could continue one more year because IF TNT is tied into having to buy 100 episodes, CBS will continue another season. They make up for that ad money and then some with the 2.5 million per episode from TNT.

    If that happens, I do not believe it will ever make a 6th season.

  9. Five-O Supporter:

    FansAreTooDefensive - Thank you very much!

    You always manage to prove my point without me having to do anything.

    Haha, this comment is hilarious.

    ... and posting with us? We could ask ...

    ROFLPMP! As if you represent, or speak on behalf of, the others. You have a delusional perspective on your role on this blog.

  10. FansAreTooDefensive:

    5-0 supporter: I don't even UNDERSTAND your post. Maybe you should be sober when you post so it makes sense. Thank you.

  11. AniMatsuri:

    I still think the advertisers have been sold a bill of goods that appeals to their vanity.

  12. Five-O Supporter:

    FansAreTooDefensive Typical. When you have no response, you throw out an insult.

  13. Five-O Supporter:

    Whenever there's hostility or an argument on this blog, FansAreTooDefensive is always a part of that scenario.


    Coincidence. I don't think so.

  14. FansAreTooDefensive:

    5-0 supporter,

    Are you just here to harass me? Because if you are I have to tell you. You come across like a petulant child. Therefore I will make it clear now. I am not here to talk to YOU and trade idiotic sophomoric barbs with you.

    I am here to discuss H50 any way I want to. You are acting toward me the way the obsessed H50 fans act toward Wayne.

    So I am putting you on notice. I am no longer going to waste my time and energy on someone whose sole purpose to come here is to bully and harass me.

    It doesn't work with me. I am actually an adult and have great self-esteem. I see you only as pathetic.

    I will say what I wish and as far as I am concerned, you can say what you wish and if what you wish to say is to come here and discuss me and not the topic Wayne presents, you will look ridiculous and I will let you hang yourself.

    You have done a fine job of that so far.

    As for me, I will ignore you from now on. Wish you would do the same with me.

  15. Pammie:

    When u think about it , $58,456 for H50 is pretty funny.
    That's a very low amount for a TV show. And I mean really low. It is a joke.
    I think CBS could get more there airing a the Big Bang Theory rerun.
    Everyone in the show should be very grateful to TNT.

  16. Five-O Supporter:


    That's the best thing I've heard from you.

    Please, please ignore me. As I see it, I did not say anything directly to you in my post here. But you still chose to address me. Why? I don't think you can resist responding as you have to put your stamp on everything. With a login name like yours, I don't see why anyone would not thnk you'd be confrontational.

    I've read your posts before, you're the one who has a pent up anger against other 5-0 fans that you percieved did an injustice to you in other forums. You even admitted so much. And it seems that it's your sole mission to find and chastise every 5-0 fan out there. You bring the fight to the discussions, you escalate what would be harmless debate into insult-ladened tirades and rants to people who are just posting an opinion.

    I'm confident anyone reading can see through your words and really understand who has issues.

    Your proclamation of being an adult is funny. Because it just confirms how sad it is that you do exhibit this type of behavior.

    Just so sad.

  17. FansAreTooDefensive:


    It IS a joke. CBS are masters at playing the game of creating buzz and making everyone call this show a hit when it hasn't been a hit since season one. No wonder they are the #1 network. But, as you said Pammie, they can fool the public but not the advertisers. They pay for what is reality and the reality is this show does not have the demo they want.

    However, the one thing that no one seems to think is relevant but I do, is how TNT plays into all of this. H50 has been flopping on TNT. Tonight it is on at 7:30 (PST) and 8:30. I wonder if it will be more watched at that time? I believe it has something to do with a sports program and that is why they changed H50's time around.

    Will it make a difference? It will be interesting to see.

    But at any rate, if the ratings continue horribly on TNT how and what options does TNT have to get out of the deal OR just simply decide against buying the rights to air another season at the way overpriced cost of 2.5 million PER EPISODE?

    And even if they buy the rights at a much reduced cost, will they be enough for CBS to want to continue filming it?

  18. AniMatsuri:

    Still, when was the last time any of us make $58K+ in 30 seconds?

    TNT were suckers to buy the rights after only 1 season then waiting a few years to even get a chance to run them. Advertisers are suckers for buying into untried shows with no record. There are a few shows on the list posted doing worst in the demo than even H50 is.

  19. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Ani, that kind of money is nothing for those businesses. They are corporate and huge. But I AGREE. CBS manipulated TNT while the ratings were soaring. Stupid TNT.

  20. Five-O Supporter:


    I wouldn't necessarily characterize TNT as suckers. In hindsight, yeah that's easy to say. But they made a calculated risk at the time, with a good probability of eventual payoff. Of course, that's not the case as we see it today and whoever made the recommendation has probably been -ahem- reassigned, hehe.

    At least the $58K rate would be more affordable for local advertising during the Friday broadcasts. What I would be curious to see is the ad rates for TNT when they air the pair of H50 reruns back to back.

  21. Wiseguy70005:


    The Star-Advertiser is looking for a proofreader to avoid such embarrassing errors as "the 2013-24 season," listing "New Girl" as a new series, NOT listing "The Michael J. Fox Show" as a new series and best of all, listing "The Michael J. Fox Show" as being on CBS.

    Third-grade education and minimal knowledge of the English language required. Must know the difference between "it's" and "its."


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