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Shawn Ryan plans a Territorial Hawaii series here for Fox

October 18th, 2013

Screenwriter Shawn Ryan, whose short-lived ABC series, “Last Resort,” was filmed in Hawaii in 2012, will return to the Islands this year to do an untitled Fox TV series set in the pre-Statehood Honolulu of 1957.

shawnRyan, known for the taut drama “The Shield,” is partnering on the script with Davey Holmes, whose key credit is “Shameless.” They earlier teamed on “The Chicago Code.”

The Territorial era drama, preceding Hawaiian statehood in 1959, will be directed by Justin Lin whose credits include “Fast and Furious” and “Better Luck Tomorrow.”

According to online websites, the Fox project deals with a “small-time Hawaiian hustler” who seeks vengeance on “the most powerful man on the island” for his brother’s murder.

Neither timetable nor cast has been announced.

Ryan, whose TV version of “Beverly Hills Cop” for CBS did not make the cut for network programming, evidently enjoyed his Hawaiian stay during the filming of 13 episodes of “Last Resort,” an underappreciated drama featuring Andre Braugher and Scott Speedman.

Sony Pictures TV, where Ryan’s production company, MiddKidd Productions, is based, will produce, with Ryan, Lin and Holmes sharing co-executive producer duties with MiddKidd’s Marney Hocyman and Daniel Woodrow of Lin’s Perfect Storm Entertainment.

Since “Resort” was canceled, he is primed for another primetime show and the Hawaiian backdrop, with a historical curve, could have nostalgia as a selling point. Hawaii became a major visitor destination after Statehood and the eventual arrival of the Jack Lord “Hawaii Five-0,” which boosted Hawaii as a major paradise and  tourist destination.

Ryan remains a prolific TV artist, with a current miniseries, “Mad Dogs,” at FX, and a mining town drama lurking at HBO.

If the series flies, it would be the second drama lensed in Hawaii. CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” is in the midst of filming its fourth season here.

3 Responses to “Shawn Ryan plans a Territorial Hawaii series here for Fox”

  1. Dolores (Auntie clic clic)Treffeisen:

    Sounds great. Hawaii needs another based show and just hope they use a lot of local actors along with a few well known names.

  2. theDman:


    Period pieces are not easy, especially in TV land. I am curious about this one and how it is written.

  3. Belle:

    Sounds interesting! He hired Alex O'Loughlin on The Shield. I liked Last Resort. Glad he's trying again!

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