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O’Loughlin has 7-year deal on his 'Hawaii Five-0' contract

October 25th, 2013

CBS has yet to announce it, but according to the Associated Press, Alex O’Loughlin indicates in an interview he’s signed up for two more seasons of “Hawaii Five-0.”

Turns out that it's not exactly true, says Peter M. Lenkov, executive producer of “Five-0.”AOL

“I think they just misunderstood what he said,” says Lenkov. “He (O’Loughlin) has a seven year contract.  I think they thought he signed on for a couple more years. Not really accurate.”

The series, shot in Hawaii, now is in the midst of its fourth season and also has debuted on TNT with its syndication deal, where season one episodes are shown. So O’Loughlin is committed for three more seasons beyond the fourth. He doesn’t often dwell on the longevity of the series, so the thought was that he’s gained additional years to his contract.

O’Loughlin, 38, who portrays the rebooted Steve McGarrett, was interviewed at an Australians in Film Awards dinner Thursday night at the InterContinental Hotel in Beverly Hills, where the Aussie native was among the honorees.

He also said that he’s eyeing a career beyond television, meaning films.

“Like I read Doug Liman’s script, ‘Everest,’ which he’s about to start directing — it’s amazing and it’s invigorating. But it’s also heartbreaking at the same time because it feels so far away from me at the moment,” O’Loughlin was quoted.

He admits, too, that he’s lucky to live in Hawaii though “I’ve never played one character for this long. And it’s network TV, too, so it comes with its own set of challenges from the artist’s perspective. But I’m very lucky. My kids will get to go to good schools, we all eat organic food, and I live in Hawaii.”

12 Responses to “O’Loughlin has 7-year deal on his 'Hawaii Five-0' contract”

  1. FansAreTooDefensive:

    I laughed when I read the fan comments on twitter. A 7 year contract is standard for all actors when they start a new series. It is only there to protect the network from their stars leaving if the show continues.
    However, the network can fire an actor or cancel a series whenever they want. Most shows do get axed in season one and very few make it through season 7.

  2. steve:

    The show won't go 7 years. Maybe one more year and then aloha.
    It's just not that compelling but what did anyone expect, "Law and Order"

    or CSI Hawaii.

  3. AniMatsuri:

    All I got from the above is that Alex knows he has a good deal. Before H50, none of the staring vehicles he was in went beyond 1 season. He's been in few movies already none that made an much of an impression at the box office.

    Problem is his main fan base is middle aged women. Which may be why the numbers for the show skew in the high millions even on Friday but tracks low in the advertiser demo that pays for the commercials.

  4. Pammie:

    I am surprised with this award when you consider H50 was canceled in Australia for bad numbers. And I checked Alex page and all he has are canceled shows and a couple of movies that tanked.
    Who knows how long the show will last. I am positive Grimm will beat h50 on Fridays. And on syndication is a failure. Time will tell.

  5. theDman:

    I guess it does provide value if it is a good lead-in for Blue Bloods. Sort of anyway.

    Hard to see the network extending the show purely on that fact though. Alex's fan base is the problem in my opinion. I equate Alex's fan-base as the show's fan-base. You can't rely totally on fan-girls as your audience. You have to carve out other groups to watch the show. They have not been able to do that, and that is the result of the we have been talking about.

    I'm two episodes behind, need to find some time to watch them on-line.

  6. steve:

    So O'Loughlin thinks he is missing big screen opportunities because of his 5'o" schedule.

    What's new, Tom Selleck still whines about being passed over for "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark"
    because he was contractually tied to "Magnum P.I. back when.

    Time will tell if O'Loughlin has the talent and luck to make it on the big screen. Selleck didn't and he had plenty of chances.

    For sure it's a long shot and has little to do with talent.

  7. Pammie:

    Well several actors attached to network TV shows worked on movies during the TV shows hiatus. Several examples to that as Nathan Fill ion from ABC Castle . So Alex O. could had done the same thing.
    Maybe he had zero offers and he puts the show as an excuse.
    Even Scott worked in a movie in one of the show hiatus and this last summer in a play in LA.
    yes, time will tell.

  8. FansAreTooDefensive:

    All of you made good points.

    D Man, exactly.Alex's fan base is older than the desired demo and the horrible writing has kept the young demo away.
    Those kind of awards are all about getting donations and have little relevance to anything. It's only the LA Aussies are drumming up money for their group. I mean, Breakthrough Award? Huh?

    When any one group only awards that one group, it is usually meaningless.

    I went to the AIF FB page and they show several award winners, and there big draw,Robert Pattinson as a presenter, but they didn't post anything with Alex from that night. That says it all.

    Grimm beat H50 in the demo, coming in second behind ST. H50 was a distant 3rd (in demo.)

  9. melissai:

    I agree with the others here that the producers haven't done much to expand the show's fanbase, and much of Alex's melted away over the last 2-3 years. I guess gf's and babies, among other things might do that. haha

    Projects can be done during the 3-month hiatus, but in the past Alex has told people here that he was tired and wasn't seeking the extra work. Too true about all the other tv actors that tried to make it in films and couldn't, but some did. He does, indeed, have a middle-aged female fanbase, and that might perhaps factor in to the types of roles and movies he would be hired to play in. Here, everybody's a fan because it's our show, but that's not true on the mainland. He just hasn't done much to grow more fans elsewhere, just like the show's producers.

    Sounds like maybe DDK is the only actor happy to continue with this show.

  10. Belle:

    FansAreTooDefensive/Pammie/etc what a shock that you'd be first (only so far?) to comment and agree with yourself. Now you'd even dissing Alex's Breakthrough award? LOL! YOU, Lucia (mcCrazyfan) have little relevance to anything and are meaningless. Pathetic, mean old woman.

  11. theDman:

    It's kinda sad to think that the fact that Alex may not be "available", would cause female fans to lose interest in the show.

    I mean, doesn't that confuse TV-persona with reality? Another reason why you cannot depend on that type of demographic to carry the show, or any show.

    I remember JJ Abrams saying he knew Lost would be a hit because he put hot babes in an evening soap opera format. Well, that lasted for a couple of years, but fans left the show in droves when the storylines got so convoluted, and the "hot babes" just got pedestrian.

    LOL, speaking as a guy, there are an abundance of avenues to check out hot babes...think we are going to show any loyalty to a show just because of good looking women?

  12. Belle:

    FansAreTooDefensive, here goofball...Alex O'Loughlin is pictured at the top of their official site ~> and there are plenty other pics of him from the event! You just mad you couldn't go and try to paw at him again like you did at his interview at The Grove? You sure work hard to make a big deal out of nothing! Desperate.

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