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Friday primetime ratings: Some elements to ponder...

October 26th, 2013

Friday’s (Oct. 25) preliminary primetime overnight TV ratings weren’t particularly prime, but offered food for thought.


• ABC’s “Shark Tank,” in the 8 p.m. hour (9 p.m. Mainland) competing with CBS’ island-based procedural, “Hawaii Five-0,” logged  the best (2.0) rating in the prime 18 to 49 demographics, matching last week’s alex:terryranking, but compared with “Five-0’s” demos (1.4, same like last week), had fewer viewers (7.2 million). So "Five-0” led the hour with 9.32 million, but "Shark" had better demos. NBC’s “Grimm,” which finally appeared in this time frame, earned a flat 1.8 in demos, 6.13 million viewers.

•  NBC’S “Dracula,” in the 9 p.m. hour, had star power (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), but didn’t sink its teeth in the numbers as anticipated: 1.8 demos, 5.28 million viewers, compared with CBS’ “Blue Bloods,” with an enduring Tom Selleck, which pulled in 1.3 in demos, equaling last Friday’s numbers, and 11.02 million viewers, the largest audience of the  night. Still, “Dracula” — a scripted show in the slot, compared with a diet of news for the peacock network — joins “Grimm” in offering spooky themes and odd behaviors missing from the Friday landscape. “Dracula” is sucking in its share of the viewers, surely becoming a player against “Blue Bloods” on the block.meyersalex

With DVR and other delayed viewing, the numbers should change; some up, some down. It's always a see-saw.

*   *   *

“Kupu’eu (Fallen Hero),” Friday’s “Five-0” episode, upheld the loyalty and bonding of ex-SEALS. Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) was en route to facing personal and professional challenges, with the arrival this season of his SEALS buddy Billy Harrington (Justin Bruening), the ex-flame of Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth). But auwe, on a routine stakeout of a cheating spouse, both Harrington and Catherine are injured in an unexpected shootout. He succumbs in the hospital, she feels guilty of not watching his back, and lo and behold: potential storylines of an ex-working with her current flame’s buddy got shot out of the park, too. His aloha tribute, with most in appropriate Navy whites, was befitting a hero.

Not so reassuring: The re-arrival of McG’s mentor, Joe White (Terry O’Quinn), and Dad McG’s infamous red Champ tool box, which brought back agonizing memories of earlier segments with Mama McG and more questions, doubts and puzzlements. Who killed Dad McG? Sure, it matters — but when can we expect closure?

Kono (Grace Park) and her main squeeze Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) are still trying to sort out their problems politically and romantically. While she has been mostly underused over three seasons, her isolation (she’s been in Vancouver in real life) is somewhat damaging to the “Five-0” team.  No physcial presence means no chemistry. And in this episode, Danno Williams (Scott Caan) had to settle for a cargument with Joe ... right down to the issue of who gets the drive the new black Chevy Camaro. Nope, not Danno.

Not a bad episode, over-all, with a murder scene wiped clean, an assistant in love with his boss, Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) always the one with the means to pull in all the loose ends. But with continued concern about the past, the present is tense, with the imminent future undoubtedly tapping — again —  past plotlines and returning guest actors.

What's your feeling?

109 Responses to “Friday primetime ratings: Some elements to ponder...”

  1. AniMatsuri:


    I don't think Scott has that many fans. Before H50 he got regular work but mostly minor supporting roles. He's also shorter than Tom Cruise so it'd be hard to build a show or movie around him. Early interviews sounded like he was ok in the direction his career was going even though his father wasn't big on it. He knows who butters his bread and probably won't be the 1st to out right ask out of his contract.

    If CBS wanted to replace the cast that wanted out or was holding out for money they aren't willing to pay, depending how long the series lasts I'd expect them to write out one character a season until the only one left is DDK by the end of season 7(if the show lasts that long). Heck, it might even be good for ratings. Still have my money on Grace Park leaving 1st maybe more so since I'm sure she wants to raise her child as a Canadian. Followed by Scott next season then Alex at the end of season 7 which could spin off into a project by DDK?

    H50 probably does well enough to be programing spackle for TNT even if it's not making the top 100, I suspect it's just a little over 100 since live football is sucking up a lot of the ratings on cable right now.

  2. Belle:

    Completely agree Ani! Re: Scott, I normally really like him on the show; I think his delivery is funny and that he and Alex work well off each other, although lately his performance seems more lackluster, which is neither cool nor professional, and especially uncool if CBS has renegotiated his contract to accommodate him, as some have speculated. And I don't see where he could pull off a big lead role either. Maybe I haven't seen enough of his other work but I don't see it. He has some talent but bot the presence if his father.

    Re: TNT, I agree that it's probably close in the top 100 and has made it well within at least once. It's still basically new to TNT in comparison to other series, they don't run it nearly as often yet at various days/times as they do other series (and when they moved it this week due to NBA they didn't promote - even fans who follow closely didn't realize when it would be on). Whenever it *has* aired, it's almost always been up against big sports nights. It'll get there. 🙂

  3. FansAreTooDefensive:


    I checked the TNT shows that were on at the same time as H50 was in the early weeks when it was still appearing at the bottom of the top 100.

    For example, on Aug. 22, when the 10 PM episode came in at #100 and the 9 PM didn't make the top 100, there were 15 other shows at the 9 PM slot and 17 shows at the 10 PM slot that beat out H50. Many of those shows I never heard about yet they made it in . And H50 only dropped down from there.

    It never grew viewership and has since stayed out of the top 100. If you see the shows people preferred to it, I think it says a lot.

    Now they are trying it on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and so far, it hasn't raised its viewership.
    Remember, it was one of the most EXPENSIVE syndication deals ever done so I am sure TNT had much higher expectations for it than this. It dropped out of the top 100 before football took hold after Labor Day weekend, so football is not the reason. In fact, the NFL was in preseason games before Labor Day and those are mainly on Saturdays. Football had nothing to do with Thursday nights at the time H50 was on back then, and not Wednesday or Tuesday nights AT ALL.

    So we shall see how that progresses.

    As far as Alex, he has lost a lot of fans and many of his fan sites have closed down. If you look at FB, the majority of his fans live outside the US. That is nice but doesn't help US ratings at all, which is where the future for the show is decided.

    I agree that he is still the biggest draw ALTHOUGH I think that is underestimating DDK and his Lost followers.

    At any rate, as we have said over and over, it is syndication that breathes life into H50, not ratings.

    From Alex's last interview though, he sounded like he was ready for it to wind down because he is missing opportunities for movies and to do other characters because he is simply too far away (his words.)

    So for him to go 7 seasons to me is extremely doubtful. I think season 5 will be its last.

    I for one want to see him doing movies and advancing his career. This show has run its course and he is in neutral doing it and nothing else.

  4. Belle:

    Off topic, but to correct yet another inaccuracy.....(re post #88)

    Alex has ALWAYS continued with his commitment to DLA (Donate Life America), since he started it and became an ambassador, NOT "moved on". For the last few years he has supported specifically through Taylor's Gift, as official site/ twitter page can attest as well as this PSA he has just filmed to support and raise awareness for such a worthy cause.

  5. Belle:

    Oh please Lucia! Alex NOT lost fans he has gained them! He is more recognized and popular than ever before. Knock it off with your silly speak! And he DID NOT say he "is simply too far way"...that's your starry eyed interpretation since you pine for him back in LA (as you ignore countless other comments that he does not want to be there, and does now and will continue to call Hawaii his home). What he actually said was, "it feels far away from me at the moment" referring to a project "Everest". He's all in with 5-0 right now. BTW he also said he's very lucky, and that his kids will get to go to good schools and that they all eat organic food and live in Hawaii. You sure like to twist everything to fit your agenda and desires. Ironic that one of your aliases before being banned was "Keeping It Real".

  6. AniMatsuri:

    FATD, if they're not doing much promo about the other nights H50 has popped up on that still sounds like they are using the show as programing spackle to fill in holes where they have no new programs right now.

    If Alex really wants to leave the show before his contract is up that would show poor judgment if he was looking to provide stability to his new family as anything he's done before the show has flopped. Better to ride his contract out ask for more money when it is up and then have CBS laugh at him and write him out of the show since its already proven his absence on the show doesn't affect ratings at all.

    For instance, Greg Laurie was a minor actor from the UK in Hollyweird before House. He's since returned to a minor presence with his only post House project that I know of being a movie that went straight to DVD. I could see the same thing happening to Alex after he's done with H50.

  7. Belle:

    Alex was only absent from two episodes and while I don't recall a significant change in ratings for those eps, I don't see where that's an indicator if he were gone altogether. He's in nearly every scene. There's not going to be a 5-0 without McGarrett anyway.

    He's being offered scripts and wants to do film again one day when he has time. I could see him doing some Indy stuff, something very different from what he's been doing. I can't imagine he'd want to do more series TV especially not broadcast. Maybe DDK's production company will produce a shorter run cable series that he'd want to take part in in some capacity. He'll probably chill with his young family there, loving life in Hawaii, and keeping busy with Egan and his other interests there, personal and professional. And hopefully do and occasional film.

  8. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Ani, great point about Greg Laurie. He was big on House for many years and yet, when the show finally got canceled, he disappeared off the radar.

    But I also see that as exactly the reason why Alex needs to look for other projects NOW because if he stays for 3 more seasons, he will be 40 years old and never have become well known and like Greg, he will disappear.

    He isn't popular with the young fans and the older he gets, the less likely he can use only sex appeal. He has a lot of talent but no one sees it on H50.

    Except for his Moonlight fans, many of whom have moved on from him, the world has never seen him really act. This show doesn't give him much to work with.

    I remember that when he went into rehab there was no change in ratings and when he returned no uptick either.

    Like you said, no effect at all.

  9. Belle:

    Judging by all the fan pics and tweets, Alex's fan base is much younger (and larger) than when he was on Moonlight. Sorry Lucia, it's obvious you hate that but it's the truth despite you not wanting to accept it.

    Alex is a talented and great looking guy and still will be in three years.

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