Friday primetime ratings: Some elements to ponder...

October 26th, 2013

Friday’s (Oct. 25) preliminary primetime overnight TV ratings weren’t particularly prime, but offered food for thought.


• ABC’s “Shark Tank,” in the 8 p.m. hour (9 p.m. Mainland) competing with CBS’ island-based procedural, “Hawaii Five-0,” logged  the best (2.0) rating in the prime 18 to 49 demographics, matching last week’s alex:terryranking, but compared with “Five-0’s” demos (1.4, same like last week), had fewer viewers (7.2 million). So "Five-0” led the hour with 9.32 million, but "Shark" had better demos. NBC’s “Grimm,” which finally appeared in this time frame, earned a flat 1.8 in demos, 6.13 million viewers.

•  NBC’S “Dracula,” in the 9 p.m. hour, had star power (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), but didn’t sink its teeth in the numbers as anticipated: 1.8 demos, 5.28 million viewers, compared with CBS’ “Blue Bloods,” with an enduring Tom Selleck, which pulled in 1.3 in demos, equaling last Friday’s numbers, and 11.02 million viewers, the largest audience of the  night. Still, “Dracula” — a scripted show in the slot, compared with a diet of news for the peacock network — joins “Grimm” in offering spooky themes and odd behaviors missing from the Friday landscape. “Dracula” is sucking in its share of the viewers, surely becoming a player against “Blue Bloods” on the block.meyersalex

With DVR and other delayed viewing, the numbers should change; some up, some down. It's always a see-saw.

*   *   *

“Kupu’eu (Fallen Hero),” Friday’s “Five-0” episode, upheld the loyalty and bonding of ex-SEALS. Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) was en route to facing personal and professional challenges, with the arrival this season of his SEALS buddy Billy Harrington (Justin Bruening), the ex-flame of Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth). But auwe, on a routine stakeout of a cheating spouse, both Harrington and Catherine are injured in an unexpected shootout. He succumbs in the hospital, she feels guilty of not watching his back, and lo and behold: potential storylines of an ex-working with her current flame’s buddy got shot out of the park, too. His aloha tribute, with most in appropriate Navy whites, was befitting a hero.

Not so reassuring: The re-arrival of McG’s mentor, Joe White (Terry O’Quinn), and Dad McG’s infamous red Champ tool box, which brought back agonizing memories of earlier segments with Mama McG and more questions, doubts and puzzlements. Who killed Dad McG? Sure, it matters — but when can we expect closure?

Kono (Grace Park) and her main squeeze Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) are still trying to sort out their problems politically and romantically. While she has been mostly underused over three seasons, her isolation (she’s been in Vancouver in real life) is somewhat damaging to the “Five-0” team.  No physcial presence means no chemistry. And in this episode, Danno Williams (Scott Caan) had to settle for a cargument with Joe ... right down to the issue of who gets the drive the new black Chevy Camaro. Nope, not Danno.

Not a bad episode, over-all, with a murder scene wiped clean, an assistant in love with his boss, Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) always the one with the means to pull in all the loose ends. But with continued concern about the past, the present is tense, with the imminent future undoubtedly tapping — again —  past plotlines and returning guest actors.

What's your feeling?

109 Responses to “Friday primetime ratings: Some elements to ponder...”

  1. FansAreTooDefensive:

    I was once again disgusted with all the hype about the ex boyfriend of Cath that they made and the promo with Steve acting like Cath is dying in the hospital, only to learn that the ex died and that Cath had a flesh wound.

    Oh come on. Steve wouldn't be all dramatic at her bedside for a flesh wound. He is supposed to be a Navy Seal. He is supposed to have seen much worse and know the difference.

    Are they preparing for Kono's death in Tokyo and Cath taking her place?
    I know many of you would like that but I have to say. If that is what they are doing, it is being done in a very tacky way.

    High school students could write this better.

    Another short lived possible story plot with the ex nixed immediately.

    So what is new?

    Demo is what counts in ratings and there H50 took 3rd place. The only shows it beat were a Simpsons REPEAT and a badly rated CW show.

    I bet every night PL gets on his knees and thanks the ratings God for TNT.

  2. Pammie:

    I knew Grimm was going to beat H50.
    NBC won the night.
    Dracula was excellent and Grimm really cool with the zombie plot.
    Congrats to nbc for winning the time slots with Grimm and Dracula.

  3. Belle:

    1. Lucia(mccrazyfan) and 2. Again Lucia(mccrazyfan),

    You're funny and oh so predictable! As someone said to you as "Randy" etc on tvbythenumbers, do you simply copy/paste your comments ad nauseam? Seems so.

    I thought the ep was a pretty good one but agree with Wayne that the team chemistry is missing, although the show is doing the best they can with Grace's real life (a new baby) and Scott's reduced time due to time in LA.

    I hope they don't drag out the latest arc.

    Grimm will likely go down post premiere plus it kinda sucked IMO.

  4. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Belle, go away to your crazy house where twitter banned you. Stop stalking me. You are one sick puppy. Stop trying to be "objective". You don't fool anyone.
    You are here to harass me. I got twitter to suspend you. No easy task but you hung yourself.

    If you keep attacking my person, I will request the same from Wayne.
    You want to post about H50 , go ahead. But if you insist on personal attacks, I will do what I did to you on twitter.

    Consider your crazy self warned.

  5. wop ur jaws:

    the sy is falling.. who cares. 9 million is a lot of viewers, demo smemo, it was already established that both Hawaii five o and blue bloods are of the top tv shows with the highest aveerage of older tv viewers. So for that Hawaii five 0 and blue bloods are appealing to its target market. Even the original Hawaii five 0 did not that many viewershp percentage wise compared to the over all market. Today there are over several hundred more tv stations and the internet to compete with this show. Back then there was ABC, CBS and NBC. Plus PBS that's it. Give them some credit for holding that man viewers attention span.

  6. Belle:

    Huh? LOL! Go away, Lucia. You are a raving lunatic! This isn't a personal platform for your sick obsession and absurdity.

  7. AniMatsuri:

    Didn't miss Danno that much. He's only interesting when he's doting over his daughter. Other than that he plays the annoying haole who isn't impressed by anything.

    Other than that, it was classic bait and switch tactics for anyone that was paying attention to the promos leading up to this episode. Making us think Cat is going to bite the big one or at least be out of commission for awhile. I thought they were going to have her work at the private agency for awhile with her ex(who's now just a ex-everything). So what happens now? Does she take over the company or is she just an unemployed ronnin who'll end up babysitting Danno's kid? Either way you can't blame the writers or producers for the bait and switch promos since they have nothing to do with putting those together.

    Ratings wise while H50 didn't do well in the demo against Grimm and Shark Tank, it seems whoever was watching last week came back this week regardless of the new premier episode of Grimm. Meaning adding Grimm to the mix had no effect and the show does have loyal following. That, and the overall number actually ticked up a bit from last week.

  8. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Belle/The5tothe0/Five0Luv/Lynn Baker, I warned you.

    Twitter followers, this is Belle:


    Check out her status on twitter. I got her suspended for exactly this same behavior. So now she thinks here is her new place to attack me.

    I am done with you. Go hate on someone else and stop stalking me. It is disgusting and a little bit scary. Obsess over someone else.

    No one here is interested in your personal attacks on me.


    I think Cath will eventually be invited to join the 5-0 team. I think, unless they got some very special writers recently with vision,that is what will happen.

    I think at least in the long term, that is their plan.
    As to the ratings, H50 has the old demo which pays so very little in ads. But the syndication deal might be enough to keep it one more year.

    Vegas had 10-11 million viewers but a low demo and it was cancelled.

    H50 has syndication and as we have said over and over, its renewal is tied into that.

  9. Belle:

    FansAreTooDefensive/@mcCrazyfan/Lucia(not maria),

    You "warned" me? A threat? Be careful yourself. That's not me but you seem very proud of yourself so...congrats?

    You appear to be devolving before our eyes.

  10. Belle:

    Getting away from Lucia's nonsensical apples to oranges comparisons for a minute, Vegas was pulling 10M viewers and a 1.5 demo on a TUESDAY despite being gifted with a VERY strong lead from NCISLA, where expectations are much higher. When it moved to Friday in the slot H50 is in, it pulled a 0.9 demo with 7M viewers with much less competition than H50 has right now.

  11. Pammie:

    Those total viewers mean nothing. And I mean nothing. Why? Because advertises don't pay a cent for them.
    Advertisers only pay for the 18-49 demo, that's the only number that matters and Hawaii ended third in that slot. If you see the numbers, Hawaii was the 9 pm show with the strongest lead in demo because Undercover Boss was Number One at 8 pm. But even with that, it dropped to Number 3 at 9 pm.
    CBS has a problem at 9 pm. They are first at 8 pm, but then Hawaii fails to deliver and they drop to third.
    This is why advertisers pay so low for H50. It is an old folks show. Ironic when CBS thought it was going to be the new Lost.

  12. AniMatsuri:

    Advertisers are idiots. They(by "they" I mean the agencies that handle the accounts since at the end of the day McD's doesn't care who buys their Big Mac just as long as a lot of them are sold) were convinced by shaky studies by newer networks back in the early '70s that didn't have the same reach that(ABC didn't have a lot stations outside of urban areas back then) the older ones did that only the 18-49 demo mattered because they had the most money and were most open to new things. If that were the case, why so many stories of older people being taken in by slick salesmen? Also, in most cases people don't have a lot of disposable income until they past 50 as that's when the kids are grown up and at least have their own jobs.

    At anyrate, Grimm isn't pulling all that much more in ad money than H50. H50 is getting the going rate for a Friday show.

    Even TVbytheNumbers has H50 as likely to be renewed since its not CBS' worst rated show. This includes their Bubble Watch blog which previously had them down to be cancelled:

  13. Belle:

    Pammie (aka Lucia again) you didn't actually reply to one thing I said! LOL Just more regurgitation. Surprise surprise!
    Psst YOU are an "old folk". ;)

  14. Pammie:

    Belle ,

    Listen lady I don't know what's wrong with you or what u r smoking , but I have no idea why r u calling me "Lucia" . How creepy you are!
    HaHa. No, for your information I am not one of the old folks that watch H50 each Friday , I am 23 ,and t hat's why I watched Grimm and Dracula , as most people my age did . H50 is in my DVR and I won't probably watch it until my Christmas break , or maybe not even then. I have several shows in my DVR, and if some has to go, it will probabky be H50. Until then I will enjoy reading the articles and commets here.

  15. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Whether we agree with the advertisers or not doesn't really matter.

    It is what it is.

    And yes, H50 will probably be renewed but it is only because CBS's dramas are doing poorly this season.
    BUT, if it weren't for syndication, it would have likely been canceled last season because it was at the bottom of the CBS ratings.
    It slips through the cracks every time. Even Alex is surprised. LOL

    Pammie, I have to agree with you as to how it is doing. Anyone who can say it is doing well when except for a Simpson's repeat and a CW show no one ever heard about are the only two shows it beat, is ignoring what is in front of their eyes.

    Raising Hope starts on FOX in two weeks. That should be interesting to watch.

  16. Belle:

    Nice try, Lucia/mccrazyfan! You are both "FansAreTooDefensive" and "Pammie"...and of course agreeing with yourself! LOL! Your typical m.o. Stop being so juvenile and ridiculous! And you're no college student! Haha! You're pushing 60! Unless you're one of the senior set that returns to college in the golden years?

  17. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Here is something interesting that just came up.

    I am not sure but I think this is the first time H50 did NOT make the DVR list! That is HUGE! Whether fans believe it helps a show or not, it DOES speak volumes.

    Up until now, the DVR ratings were something the fans bragged about as proof of how many actual viewers the show had. To not be here enough to show up has to be devastating to CBS and H50, since they are always bragging about it.

    For October 7-13:

  18. Belle:

    OMG yay! Go Lucia Go! LOL! It DOES speak volumes about YOU and your obsession. Grimm didn't hurt H50 ratings like you repeatedly insisted and taunted that they would but you have this. So....enjoy?

  19. Wayne Harada:

    Appreciate all of your comments and viewpoints; the discussions — agreement or disagreement -- enable all of you to state your opinions on ratings, show content, direction of the show, etc. Letting off steam, intelligent commentary, a new view about a stated opinion ... that's what makes this blogging thing work, for you and for me.
    But please: let's eliminate or minimize character attacks; you may openly approve or disapprove expressions here, but keep the focus on the various aspects of "Hawaii Five-0." The mike, so to speak, is open to all let's party hearty, and control the angst. I trust and respect your views and expect you to do the same for all responders.
    Mahalo...and aloha.

  20. TJ:


    How silly are you? When H50 is on the list of largest increases for DVR you go on and on about how meaningless it is BUT when they're not listed for the first time you can't get here fast enough to gloat? WTH? What's wrong with you?

  21. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Thank you, Wayne. This site has been great for all of us to speak our minds freely.

  22. Pammie:

    Thank you Wayne. I will work in my angst :-)


    I think the DVR numbers could be explained with what I said earlier "some has to go". Even with a DVR , there is only so much a person can watch, so if u have too many shows , u may need to drop some.
    This network season has been better than the ones in recent years. I added more new dramas than ever , Sleepy Hollow , Blacklist, SHIELD and DDracula. That is one of the reasons h50 is still in my DVR , I am not even sure I will ever get to it.
    Elementary is a big DVR winner.
    Those DVR numbers r not paid by advertisers , but they may tell the network what shows viewers r still interested in and which shows could benefit of a time slot change.

  23. Belle:

    Thank you, Wayne. This is my new online home and no ones needs to be "warned" by another poster "speaking her mind freely".

  24. FansAreTooDefensive:


    I also have many shows this season, more than normal seasons, and my DVR is full. Also, if you watch the DVR after 7 days they don't count it for the ratings any more.

    I also like Sleepy Hollow! What a great show that is!

    I have to admit. I was caught off guard by H50 not even making the DVR list.

    They may have 9 million viewers but that is it all around. So for those fans who say the demo isn't important on Friday night and it is more important the number of viewers, then this isn't good either for H50.

    Like I posted earlier. Peter has to be so thankful for getting syndication in season one. Just in time!

  25. Belle:

    Lucia, how long are you planning to comment as both "FansAreTooDefensive" and "Pammie" so you can talk to yourself and of course agree with yourself? It's bizarre.

  26. AniMatsuri:

    The DVR lists in the above link isn't complete. The total viewership DVR list won't come out until Monday. So the big scoop is a little premature right now.

  27. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Ani, it might be premature ( although I don't know that is true) but even if that is true, H50 can't be very high on the list. IMO.

  28. AniMatsuri:

    TV Guide magazine prints out the top 10 most DVR'd shows and H50 hasn't been on them this season. Probably show up somewhere in the lower top 25 like TBTN lists though.

  29. FansAreTooDefensive:

    The list I posted above IS the complete list. H50 is not on it. It shows the top 25 shows.

  30. Belle:

    And yet Hostages is. Which will soon be cancelled. Whatever.

  31. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Which shows why DVR numbers are worthless to a show's future, as I have stated before.

  32. Belle:

    And yet you came here as soon as you saw the link to gloat about it and and try to make it sound as if it means so much.

    Also, you've stated EVERYTHING before.

  33. AniMatsuri:

    FATD, It's not the completed list. Even says so if you read more than the posted lists in its write up.

  34. FansAreTooDefensive:

    The list is complete as far as the top 25 DVR'd 18-49 shows by DEMO there. This is all it says is missing:

    "We'll add the total viewership table when that data arrives on Monday."

    The table that shows largest viewership increases does not put H50 in the TOP 25 DVR'd DEMO, which is the only table that would mean anything. And we know that DVR numbers don't count anyway as it is all PR for the networks.

    In AVERAGE increase of number of viewers it came in 18 out of 25 with only 3,000 viewers added in a WEEK on the DVR. That is extremely low and that is probably why it didn't make the top 25 by demo.

    Average viewership increase is completely meaningless.

    In fact, it is all meaningless. LOL

    I only brought it over because the show used to show up much higher in all these tables and the fans used this data to say how well H50 was doing. So if you use THEIR premise for proof, then it is interesting that even here, their typical fall back excuse, H50 is disappearing rapidly.

    It is doing awful in syndication, came in 3rd in demo on Friday (basically last place) and now only gained 3,000 DVR viewers in a whole week!

    That is really bad in anyone's book.

  35. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Forgot to post the link:

    Rank show net viewership after DVR increase % increase

    18 Hawaii Five-0 CBS 9,237 12,318 +3,081 33%

  36. Belle:


    What is with the bizarre fixation and obsessed determination to prove that H50 is doing so "poorly"? This will not in any way get Alex O'Loughlin to return to LA where you are. Can you understand? He doesn't want to be there and has fully embraced Hawaii as his home. Sorry, I know how much you hate that. You're even angered when he gives the Shaka sign in a fan pic. :/

    TVBTN (that you're always going on and on about) has H50 as "Likely to be Renewed". You sure like to pick and dismiss your FACTS to fit your agenda! You are manipulating no one, as much as you repeat yourself.

  37. Five-O Supporter:

    Where's the discussion on how H5O would tank once Grimm comes back? Where's the kudo's to H5O for maintaining its demo and viewers in the face of "Grimm" competition? Oh yeah, this blog is about bashing 5-O. I forgot.

    And I don't follow how some people think that a DVR gain of ONLY 3,000,000 viewers is HUGE news. A 33% gain is devasting news? Really?

    And yet it's meaningless.

    AniMatsuri please post more. I'd rather read your commentary. At least we get thoughtful and intellegent commentary from you. This blog needs more of that.

  38. AniMatsuri:


    DVR numbers right now have always been about bragging rights for the most part. Your basic "scoop" was that H50 didn't even have that now. PR has always pointed to overall numbers and the added 3 Million DVRing and watching the show hasn't changed even with Grimm added to the mix.

  39. Belle:

    Five-O Supporter and AniMatsuri,

    Thank you for providing some veracity here. It has been beyond ridiculous. She's doing the same thing over at tvbythenumbers as Randy, Willow etc. and pissing people off with that repetitive drive, and as always being nasty and aggressive.

    It would be nice to have an actual meaningful discussion without comment sections being polluted.

  40. Pammie:

    I love to see some people trying to say H50 is doing great on Fridays. The show is 3rd in tbe time slot !! THIRD !!!
    I've never seen a race in which people said the thrid one crossing the finish line is the winner.
    So yes, h50 is tanking on Friday because it is the third in the slot . And I am talking about demo numbers that are the only oones that matter.
    Except for CBS Hostages that it is going to be canceled , all CBS drama shows are first or second in their time slots. And some of those shows are against high competition as The Voice or Modern Family.
    H50 was moved from Monday because it was losing the time slot and it was moved to an easier spot on Friday. And the same is happening now. Its losing the time slot again .
    Unless H50 is able to win the time slot in demo numbers, I will say the show is tanking.
    That H50 has only been able to beat a Simpson repeat on Friday is very embarrassing and a fact that the show is underperforming.

  41. Belle:

    Blah blah blah...

    For anyone who hasn't already noticed...although it's painfully obvious anyway...FansAreTooDefensive is Pammie. So silly and juvenile.

  42. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Pammie, ignore Belle.

    You see it the way I do. The only reason I brought up the DVR numbers is because the fans use that to "PROVE" how popular the show is.

    I remember how it was so important for H50 to beat Castle and be #1 in the time slot. When they did, which stopped happening after halfway through season 2, the H50 fans bragged how it was proof that H50 was the more popular show.

    Now that they are in 3rd place suddenly it is just fine, even though it is a weaker night and even though it beat absolutely no other show in the same time slot.

    Sorry but THAT is changing the numbers to fit what you WANT to believe.

    If I were to guess, I would say TNT is crying in their soup for entering syndication too early.

    Peter, OTOH, must be giving thanks for that same deal every day.

    Will it get a season 5? Probably but not because it is so popular but because CBS wants to recoup advertising money it is losing with this show.

    Same for BB. The Mentalist is doing great in syndication so CBS is comfortable ending that show this season because it is a proven winner on TNT.

  43. Belle:

    "FansAreTooDefensive" of course "Pammie" sees it the way you do because SHE IS YOU! LOL! You created her so *someone* sees it the way you do. Pathetic.

    You are basically just copying/pasting the SAME nonsense over and over again. Why so desperate?

  44. AniMatsuri:

    The Mentalist isn't a CBS production, so syndication doesn't figure into whether they keep it for another season or not.

  45. FansAreTooDefensive:


    It is filmed on the WB studios but are you telling me CBS doesn't get anything for it in syndication? I believe it was CBS that made the syndication deal at the same time it made H50's deal, if I remember correctly. Sorry. What you just said doesn't make any sense. I will check around.

    BTW: there was an episode of H50 on TNT last night and it didn't make the top 100. They are trying different nights.

  46. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Here you go, Ani:

    But back to The Mentalist: TNT has wisely committed to the Simon Baker series. It's a character-driven procedural, very much in keeping with TNT originals like The Closer. Since The Mentalist has been a ratings star for CBS, there's every reason to believe that by the fall of 2011, when TNT starts airing "repurposed" episodes -- a nicer word for reruns -- the original series will still be broadcasting.

    That symbiotic fresh episodes airing while old episodes are rerunning, is a win-win FOR BOTH NETWORKS. It's the popular business model these days.

    Both networks mentioned are CBS and TNT; not WB.

  47. Belle:

    Lucia: "BTW: there was an episode of H50 on TNT last night and it didn't make the top 100. They are trying different nights."

    So what Lucia? No one even knew it was on and were probably already watching MNF.

    Can I get a dime for every time Lucia says the word "syndication" please?

  48. Five-O Supporter:


    Great background info. Good to know we can trust what you post as reliable. And that you can debunked the misinformation flying around.

    So much propoganda-filled and agenda-driven stuff posted here.

  49. Pammie:

    For what I read CBS was ready to cancel TM . But then WB , that owns TM , offered a good deal to CBS for 2 more years, so the show got renewed. For WB it was a good because tbey can get more episodes for syndication and CBS probably got to pay less to WB for these two seasons.

    Few years back NBC canceled Medium after 5 seasons. This show was a CBS production, so even if it was a weak show, CBS picked it up and aired it on Fridays for a 6th and 7th season just to get more episodes made for future syndication deals. BTW the7th season only got a short season with just 13 episodes So basically CBS kept it for one season and a half more just because of syndication. And numbers were terrible, 1.4-1.5 demo on Friday night.

    So I think too h50 will get renewed because of the TNT deal. Just because of that , ratings are there for everyone to see and clearlyt they don't justify the renewal.

  50. Pammie:

    I forgot to mention that Medium was clearly a cheaper show to produce than H50. TNT is paying way too much for h50. Can CBS offer a new deal to TNT and lower the price? That I dont know.
    H50 is around because of syndication, same as Medium few years back.

  51. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Ani, I appreciate YOUR posts because you bring info to discuss and agree or disagree over.

    I am respecting Wayne's post requesting personal attacks not to be brought over here. However, there are now two posters here who are not respecting his request and bring over only hate and insults and nothing of any value.

    They continue to behave inappropriately, feeding off of each other.

    Can we please respect Wayne and his blog?

    Varied opinions are what he likes; not attacks. If you don't like what I say or what he posts, and you can't be MATURE enough to post your own thoughts without attacking others, then perhaps this isn't the right blog for you.

  52. Belle:

    Lucia as FansAreTooDefensive AND Pammie,

    Stop acting as if you know anything about the deals in this business because you do not.

    H50 is doing as well as or better than other CBS shows that are on typically higher rated nights and with much stronger lead-ins.

    Stop being so absurd.

  53. FansAreTooDefensive:

    I agree, Pammie. It will be renewed based solely on the need for more episodes for syndication.

    Any show that is in season one or two with H50's demo would be canceled before the season ever ended.

    Fans should be happy about it. So why are they so defensive?

  54. Belle:

    Gee I dunno FansAreTooDefensive aka Pammie,

    Maybe because they're sick of an obsessed anti-fan blathering on about nonsense based on her demented personal agenda? Just a guess. ;)

  55. FansAreTooDefensive:

    This might explain H50's demo:


    H50's median age: 60.6

  56. FansAreTooDefensive:

    But then again, some of the ratings' giants, like NCIS, have even older viewers but manage to get awesome demo ratings. Scroll through the shows in the link above and you will see other successful shows with an older demo. They have so many viewers that the median age range must reach far into the preferred 18-49. Guess it comes down to good writing which H50 lacks.

    NCIS has a median age of 61.1, but its last week's demo was 3.0.

  57. Belle:

    And those shows are on either an earlier time which typically draws higher demo or during the week, or both. Powerful stuff, Lucia! LOL Don't think you'll sway anyone (except "Pammie"/yourself) with that one. Why don't YOU go scroll some more? How much time do you spend on this? LOL Pathetic.

    Oops you forgot to use your favorite word "syndication" somewhere in there.

  58. Belle:

    Correction: Earlier times and/or during the week draws higher VIEWERSHIP also.

    Of course everyone already knows this, yet you try to make a thing out of it? Lame. Once again.

  59. Pammie:

    I agree that u cannot compare shows"s ratings of shows airing during the week with shows airing on weekends. Actually u cannot even compare shows airing on Friday with shows airing on Sunday. Because starting times on Sunday shows, with sports overruns, are delayed , even 1 hour sometimes, so Sunday shows numbers are always messed up.
    But what works for all shows, no matter where they air , is that a show's performance should be judge depending on , 1/ Lead in numbers 2/ Slot time.

    So sticking just to Fridays,
    First. H50 airs in an earlier spot than Blue Bloods so it should be doing better than BB. But BB only gets a 0.1 demo difference with h50 while gains over 2 million viewers.
    And second , H50 got a 1.8 lead in that undercover Boss got in the last half hour , and drops to a 1.4 , losing 0.4 demo points. Then BB gets a lead in of 1.4 from h5o but only drops 0.1 demo.
    So comparing cbs Friday shows, BB is the winner
    And of course no need to compare h50 with the Friday shows airing on NBC and ABC because we know the winners.

    CBS was hoping h50 to improve Friday nights for them and beat the competition. It didn't happen.

    But then it doesn't matter much. H50 will get another season because of syndication. Same as Medium years back. Its not about ratings, quality or popularity. Just syndication.

  60. FansAreTooDefensive:


    Exactly. Summed up. H50 is one lucky show. It doesn't matter how low its ratings are or how poor the writing or how popular it is.

    Syndication is its savior.

    However, if the ratings drop to 1.3 and 1.2 (and the ratings always drop in the winter and spring), I doubt even syndication will get it a season 6.

    Alex himself said he wanted to move on sooner rather than later. I think Scott and Grace want out now. If the stars are wanting out, how long can it last?

  61. Belle:

    Lucia, you're barely even trying now to disguise that FansAreTooDefensive and Pammie are both you....talking to yourself. Freaky.

    There's that word again (a few more times) ... syndication syndication syndication
    The rest looks like yet another copy/paste job.

    You don't know what CBS expects nor what the stars want or will want. It's true the show won't last forever. No show does.

    Obsession has a firm hold on you. Hang in there.....the show will end one day. In few more years. And you'll be ready with your party hat and blowout. LOL

  62. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Obsession has a firm hold on you.

    Now that is too funny. Every post you make is aimed at taunting me and poor Pammie. It is so obvious you spend the whole day refreshing this blog so you can attack me and Pammie the minute either one of us posts.

    So who is the obsessed one? LOL

  63. Belle:

    Psst... You ARE Pammie.

    YOU are the obsessed one. Disturbed too. LOL

    Your warped self-serving interpretation of ratings and everything about the show is tiresome.

    Now go kiss your Alex O'Loughlin photos.

  64. miracle:

    I don't know if FATD is Pammie, but I DO know that FATD is Randy on TVBTN, Lucia on FB, and mccrazyfan on twitter. I'll probably never get why people need at least 4 alias in one fandom, but please, leave her be, ignore her, but don't bash her anymore. As much as I don't like her permanent rant about oh how bad H50 and its numbers is/are, that will get you nowhere - and, with all due respect, it's kinda boring. If you want to criticize her (or others you don't agree with), which sometimes of course might be appropriate, do so, but in a mature way and moderate words. Thank you!

    H50 final ratings during this season: 1.6/9,46 mio viewer, 1.5/9,75 mio viewer, 1.5/9,24 mio viewer, 1.4/8,81 mio viewer, 1.4/ 9,46 mio viewer. Especially with the Grimm season opener this week I wouldn't call it "tank". I prefer to call it "steady". Maybe on a low level (and noone really expected a high level on a Friday night), but nonetheless steady.

    I don't know if it is correct to compare shows of different networks if it comes to predictions about cancel or renew a show, or if it tanks or not. I think you should compare the network's shows on this particular night and over all nights of the week. If so, H50 came in second in the final this Friday: Undercover Boss 1.6 (over all, not only the last half hour, because you can't compare this to H50 rating which is over all too), H50 1.4, Blue Bloods 1.3. I know that doesn't count, but H50 compared to UB garnered nearly 1 mio viewers and BB another 1,5 mio (Since FATD put in the Live+7 numbers because it "speak volumes" (post #17) even though they don't count, I'm sure I'm allowed to refer to viewership numbers ;) ).

    Speaking of Live+7 numbers: H50 can't be THAT far away from the Top 25. If you compare the H50 numbers/viewership of week three with other shows in the Top 25 and with the Live+7 numbers/viewership of H50 of the first two weeks, and do some percentage calculation, the ratings increase for H50 should be 0.6 / 0.7 or maybe 0.8 (the latter with a percentage increase lower than 56%). My maybe wishful thinking. I asked for the H50 numbers/ratings increase at TVBTN but still without an answer. Would really like to know.

    @Pammie: Noone ever stated that H50 is a "winner". But I think some will agree that it's definitely not a loser.

  65. FansAreTooDefensive:


    Although you "pretended" to defend me, I do think it is a little disingenuous of you to go criticizing people for having different names and naming names when you go by "Miracle."

    I don't know or CARE who you are but apparently you are into figuring out who I am. No, I am not Pammie. I am not all the people you named. I am one of them.

    Since you decided you have the right to try to name me and cleverly disguised it in with H50 info so it looked like that was your purpose, you used Wayne's blog and Belle's infantile posts (who is @5tothe0 who is @Five0Luv,but is definitely NOT Lynn or Belle)for that excuse, I ask the same thing of you and "Belle".

    You don't understand WHY people have different names? Yet you go by Miracle? And she goes by Belle and Lynn(and many other names, I am sure.) Perhaps you do, too. I don't try to stalk your online names.

    What did I ever do to you? Nothing. You don't like my opinions. Tough.

    But I never did anything to you. Bullies like Belle attract other bullies like you.

    Name yourself. If you do not, then I am afraid your name dropping shows that you used this blog to somehow try to out me.

    You have a lot of nerve. MIRACLE. Yeah, that name is REAL up front.
    What does that tell me?

    You didn't come here to discuss H50 because you started your long post with trying to out me. None of that part of your post had anything to do with H50. You came here just to jump on me. Nice.

    Since I don't know who you are and you don't have to own your vindictiveness, you feel empowered to follow in Belle's shoes. Cowardly.

    It saddens me. Here is a great place to post alternate opinions about H50.

    As H50 falls apart, out come the folk that want to attack us as posters who dare to say the show basically survives on the fumes of syndication.

    So who are YOU?

    Tell us.

    If you don't, well, then all the name outing you THINK you did was meaningless because YOU hide yourself.

    Anonymity brings out the worse in some people.

  66. Five-O Supporter:

    @miracle Thanks for a fair review and analysis. I take it that you are a fan, but still your comments are not overly skewed.

    That's all I really want to see. Lively discussion from a practical standpoint. I know there are as much haters as their are fans. So I welcome bad comments about the show because yes, they tell the true story of H5O's mediocre performance too.

    I also understand that H50 is not a ratings winner. But that really doesn't matter to many of us. Yet, some still insist on harping to no end about bad demo and ratings and its fortunate syndication deal. What's new? That's already been established.

  67. Five-O Supporter:

    @miracle Haha, be prepared for the onslaught! I'd imagine that rebuttals are coming soon to negate what you just posted.

  68. Wayne Harada:


    Once again, please...
    Dispense with the name-calling; your comment -- pro or con -- is welcome here, but keep these observations and opinions to the issues.
    Curtail character assassinations immediately; eliminate hostility; abandon name-calling.
    It can be fun to de-stress with viable points; and cheerlead without dishing someone.
    If you can't comply, or at least try, you should stop visiting this site. We welcome lively chatter, not downputting slams.
    Hope you understand.

  69. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Thank you, Wayne.

  70. miracle:

    @Five-0 Supporter "not overly skewed"? Nicely worded. ;) Yes, I do my best. :)

    As a fan I do appreciate and watch the show for what it is: a great escape from everyday life. Sometimes it might not be well written, but there are other episodes or scenes to compensate that. Over all it's a solid crime procedural with IMO great storylines (yes, even the Mom McG one), great actors, loveable characters, and character development. Although you don't need it for every character in every episode, it's very important to breathe life into a show.

    Prepare for the onslaught? Who cares? In this fandom you're used to grief. ;) The only problem will be to find the right words to express what I want to say. Sometimes THAT is worse than every ever so unqualified attack.

  71. FansAreTooDefensive:


    And you are happy to use the name Miracle and be anonymous yet try to out me with names I don't even recognize?

    Until you can use your REAL name, how dare you try to insult me with names I DON'T EVEN RECOGNIZE?

    Your agenda is clear. You want to hurt me but won't name who YOU are.

    Until you tell us who YOU are, your personal attacks are meaningless.

    Who are you? Anonymity brings out the worst in haters. Own your hate and tell us who you are.

  72. Five-O Supporter:

    @Wayne Harada

    If you haven't noticed, most if not all of the hostile banter appears to involve the same person. Or two people (who might be the same person anyway?).

    But that someone seems to think they're only a victim in all of this. And that person thinks you're only speaking out in their defense. A little funny if you ask me.

    Yeah, I go a little overboard at times myself. As I can't help but defend my point of view. But I'll get down and dirty if mud is slinged my way.

    If you must ban me, I don't mind. But please understand what (or who) provokes a lot of this.

  73. Belle:

    Wow Lucia, you just thanked Wayne so you read what he said and yet you're right back to attack mode. OF COURSE you recognize all the names miracle mentioned because they ARE you! Everyone knows it so the constant pretense and false indignation is just silly. Can we stop and move on now?

    miracle, good question on what the DVR numbers are. I agree that they can't be too far off from what they have been, making the largest increase list. They're probably only slightly lower than they have been. Pretty much irrelevant but would still be interesting to know.

    I'd also like to know where some people find the 1/2 hour ratings. Someone in TVBTN posted them and there was no drop in the second 1/2 hour last episode which is pretty good since overall it seems most shows do see a drop.

  74. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Oh come on, 5-0 supporter. I have been the center of the attacks. Wayne knows I am not Pammie.

    What is your agenda? To ban me? To stop me from posting my opinions because they scare you?
    What are you afraid of? The truth.

    You can see very clearly who gets on with personal attacks. Belle. And you use her posts to feel brave enough to add to her attacks, like most bullies do.

    You posted just now because you know I am right.

  75. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Belle, your posts are so obnoxious that you have no credibility, even with Miracle, as she realized and stated. You are hurting your own cause.

  76. Belle:

    ZzzZzzZZZzZz Your opinions are scary Lucia but not for the reasons you seem to think. You constantly screech that you're "right" but that's often not the case and it's obvious that you have no objectivity. Always picking and choosing your FACTS to make them fit what you desperately want others to believe. Here's another example only a few minutes've declared miracle right in whatever she said about me that you liked and think helps your argument, but what she said in reference to you, you vehemently deny (LOL) and demand that she "own her hate". Not so coincidentally, mcCrazyfan on twitter likes to say that a lot too.

  77. FansAreTooDefensive:

    That's how I got you banned from twitter, "Belle". As Five0Luv. Twitter is very lenient but your hate and stalking of me was so apparent that it even made them act.

    Now they are watching your other hate account: @Fivetothe0 because that whole account is made to hate on me.

    Go ahead people. Check that account out. She tries to be me. Very scary.

  78. FansAreTooDefensive:

    @5tothe0 is the exact twitter account they are watching.

  79. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Sorry! It's @The5tothe0

  80. Belle:

    Ridiculous woman, you've already posted that several times but it still doesn't make it true, although I believe you think you're "right" as you always do. Now you think people are trying to be you? Because that would be so awesome? O_O BTW that account mentions mcCrazyfan. You. So you DO recognize your name! ;)

  81. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Scared because I outed you? The truth is the truth and you are sick. When they see how obsessed you have been here with me, then they will see that this sicko is you. You use the same words that you do here.I know your way of posting. So did TVbythenumbers and for a site as large as they are to erase your posts says it all. Get help for your hate.

    I hope your fellow bullies see the sickie they have been agreeing with.

  82. Belle:

    OMG What. The. Hell. are you talking about? LOL! But then that's always the takeaway where you're concerned, Lucia. You're unhinged.

    I've never been banned from anywhere but you can't exactly say the same, can you?

  83. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Oh yes you have been banned. From twitter and posts erased from TVbythenumbers. Two huge sites that couldn't tolerate your over the top hate.

    And now you are scared because I told people who YOU are. But honestly, I don't know who you REALLY are because you are a coward and hide behind false names.

    Doesn't matter. People can check this all out for themselves and see clearly this is you and run away from your obviously sick obsession with me personally.

    All they have to do is see how focused you have been on me here and then read your The5tothe0 account on twitter, and you will be outed as the sicko you are.

  84. Belle:

    Lucia, you have ZERO self awareness. You are losing it - more than the norm even.

  85. miracle:

    Oh my, FATD, if you want us to believe you aren't all the other "persons" I mentioned than you have to be careful and don't refer to your FB site or to TVBTN from your twitter account beginning with "I posted on TVBTN" or "check out my FB where you can find the pics of me and AOL" (maybe you can't see the FB account because it is private some times) or from your account here to your posts on TVBTH or on twitter. And if you think I stalk you: no, I don't, I just follow people on twitter you follow too and read a few of your conversations some time ago. And of course I read here and on TVBTN, and if you believe it or not, I can count 1 plus 1 together and know that it isn't 3.

    And I am the one who told the others to leave you alone and don't bash you, because I don't like it and I think it's boring to read all the posts that lead to nothing. Hm, maybe that was a fault.

    Aren't we all anonymus in the www? But if you want you can find me on twitter: miracle@miraAOL, on FB: Miracle Miraaol, and on my "homebase" in fandom (see link in my name above): miracle. As you can see, I don't need to hide behind anything, because miracle is my name I chose for and which is accepted in this sometimes really crazy fandom.

    Now real life is calling. Have to go to work.

  86. Pammie:

    Daniel Dae Kim is thinking future too. But this time looks as CBS is making sure they don't lose him.

  87. Belle:

    It's always smart for everyone to diversify, consider options and think of their futures, isn't it?

    And Lenkov has had a deal with CBS for a while now too.

    Alex appears to be in a business partnership in Hawaii *gasp* although that hasn't been officially announced, only highly speculated. His roots are happily in Hawaii now so it makes good sense.

    Scott has his plays in LA and interest in photography so you have that.

  88. Pammie:

    You are right , yes, Peter L has a deal with CBS. He has sold recently a medical pilot to CBS.

    Now we read about DDK and this deal with CBS too.
    SC has been busy with films and plays during H5o hiatus. The poor guy is non stop with his protects.

    I didn't know Alex O. had Business deals too. Well, guess then we will be reading an official statement very soon at Deadline Hollywood and the Hollywood Reporter.

  89. Belle:

    I guess you missed the part that these things have been happening for a while now. DDK has already had a production company; he's just now struck the deal with CBS. Only you would take any of that as the announcement you crave being imminent.

  90. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Miracle, I don't care about who you are. Please return the favor. Why is it your business to discuss me here or anywhere?


    I never heard of any business deals that Alex has in Hawaii either. I have speculated that all that stuff with Egan is because he has partnered with him and probably funded his new gym. But that is ME speculating. There is nothing out there anywhere officially about any business holdings in Hawaii by Alex.

    Alex tends to get into something and goes 110% and then burns out and switches to something else. It was DLA for a while. Then it was surfing for quite a while. Now it is Ju-Jitzu.

    Later on, it will be something else. I have friends like that.

    DDK of course has this new business. He used to have a restaurant but sold it.

  91. Belle:

    *golf clap* What does it all mean? Oh that they each have had and continue to have additional business interests outside of starring on 5-0. BTW don't pretend to know any more than any other fan/anti-fan about what Alex does or doesn't do in his personal life.

  92. Five-O Supporter:


    Please go back to ignoring me. You were doing so well. If you think my post was describing you, that's your prerogative to think what you like. My comment was a general observation and did not mention any specific names.

  93. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Is it me or has this blog degenerated into new posters who are only here to be bullies? Please go back to your worship all things H50 sites and let those of us who would like to discuss the truth about this show do so without this obsessed fandom trying to silence us.
    Last time I looked Alex and Peter were grown men and don't need a bunch of women protecting them.

    You all build off of each other's hate. One of you said:

    'I also understand that H50 is not a ratings winner. But that really doesn't matter to many of us. Yet, some still insist on harping to no end about bad demo and ratings and its fortunate syndication deal. What's new? That's already been established."

    Well, then go away because you are not going to stop me or Pammie or others who were here before you all came, by coming here and trying to bully us and intimidate us into silence.

    I repeat. Why does it bother you what we say? We have absolutely no effect on the show's future. So why the attacks?

    You have every right to give your opinion. But then so do I. And so does Pammie who is NOT me, BTW. Maybe Belle is 5-0 supporter? That infantile argument has no end to it.

    I don't run over to the obsessed sites where no one DARES say one negative thing about the show or their God, Alex, or they get banned and deleted. Talk about BORING conversation. The talk is so controlled on your other sites that all you read is how hot Alex is with his shirt off.

    Really interesting discussions over that. Repeat and rinse.

    I will no longer address anyone who wants to be a bully here. I will only address Pammie and Ani and hopefully some of the others who have been scared off by the attacks on us here and return.

    If you still choose to attack me than you all do that between yourselves. I am done with bullies.

  94. AniMatsuri:

    I think Peter L. did H50 because he couldn't get Magnum P.I.

    CBS has no problem replacing people on their crime dramas(or even their comedies in some cases) so if any of the main actors wants out or is dumb enough to try to get a raise because they think they are central to the show, soon find out how easy it is for them to get written out by next season or sooner. In H50's case, it helps that there is no effect on the ratings when one of its stars are absent from the show.

  95. FansAreTooDefensive:


    Interesting point about the stars. That might be true if only one star leaves, but if both Grace and Scott leave, that could get touchy. Scott has a large group of fans, just not in Hawaii. LOL

    If the ratings were extremely important then that could drop if that happened and hurt the show. But since they exist on syndication and ratings can be low, they may very well get away with it.

    Time will tell.

    Great post!

  96. miracle:

    FATD, you don't care about who I am? And yet you wanted to know who I am in your previous post #69. I just answered your question. Don't tell me it was a rethorical one, as often as you asked in this one post. Maybe you are so kind to return the favor and tell me who you are?

    @Pammie and @Belle I can't remember the exact date, but about three weeks ago Egan was asked on twitter if Alex is an investor in the new gym. His answer was no he isn't but he's investing a lot of time and effort. But yet there is no final and/or official confirmation. Maybe they just don't want to hang a lantern on it. Or maybe he isn't actually an investor. He co-designed some shirts for Egan's Grappling Unlimited. But I'm not sure if you can call it a business. At this time it looks more like a hobby and something he did just for the fun of it.

  97. Belle:

    Hold on...because others don't agree with you...and you...when you repeatedly post your "truth" that is so sorely lacking in objectivity, that means they worship at a H50 alter and only want to talk about Alex shirtless? Please. That makes no sense. And many recall when Alex O'Loughlin could do no wrong according to you and if someone even hinted otherwise they'd face your wrath. And then he moved to Hawaii. You started to hate with the same zeal that you "loved" as Willing Freshie, which is what we're seeing here. You want this as your platform. And by the way, this drivel is not "interesting" nor stimulate the topic of discussion no matter how many times you copy/paste it.

  98. Belle:

    @miracle, thanks. I saw the question asked but not answered. I guess he could be a silent partner also. Alex sure is doing a lot for someone not invested but I could believe he's helping a friend too. :)

  99. FansAreTooDefensive:


    H50 was on TNT last night, as well as last week on Tuesday or Wednesday, and didn't make the top 100. I think TNT is trying it out on different nights and so far, it is not registering.

    I wonder if they should announce it more or promote it more? What do you think?

  100. Five-O Supporter:


    You were here before me? Give me a break. I've enjoyed Wayne's columns for 4 decades now. Where have you been?

    I've been reading this blog from day 1, well before he included H50.

    Where have you been?

    Is it so hard to going back to ignoring me? Please try harder.

  101. AniMatsuri:


    I don't think Scott has that many fans. Before H50 he got regular work but mostly minor supporting roles. He's also shorter than Tom Cruise so it'd be hard to build a show or movie around him. Early interviews sounded like he was ok in the direction his career was going even though his father wasn't big on it. He knows who butters his bread and probably won't be the 1st to out right ask out of his contract.

    If CBS wanted to replace the cast that wanted out or was holding out for money they aren't willing to pay, depending how long the series lasts I'd expect them to write out one character a season until the only one left is DDK by the end of season 7(if the show lasts that long). Heck, it might even be good for ratings. Still have my money on Grace Park leaving 1st maybe more so since I'm sure she wants to raise her child as a Canadian. Followed by Scott next season then Alex at the end of season 7 which could spin off into a project by DDK?

    H50 probably does well enough to be programing spackle for TNT even if it's not making the top 100, I suspect it's just a little over 100 since live football is sucking up a lot of the ratings on cable right now.

  102. Belle:

    Completely agree Ani! Re: Scott, I normally really like him on the show; I think his delivery is funny and that he and Alex work well off each other, although lately his performance seems more lackluster, which is neither cool nor professional, and especially uncool if CBS has renegotiated his contract to accommodate him, as some have speculated. And I don't see where he could pull off a big lead role either. Maybe I haven't seen enough of his other work but I don't see it. He has some talent but bot the presence if his father.

    Re: TNT, I agree that it's probably close in the top 100 and has made it well within at least once. It's still basically new to TNT in comparison to other series, they don't run it nearly as often yet at various days/times as they do other series (and when they moved it this week due to NBA they didn't promote - even fans who follow closely didn't realize when it would be on). Whenever it *has* aired, it's almost always been up against big sports nights. It'll get there. :)

  103. FansAreTooDefensive:


    I checked the TNT shows that were on at the same time as H50 was in the early weeks when it was still appearing at the bottom of the top 100.

    For example, on Aug. 22, when the 10 PM episode came in at #100 and the 9 PM didn't make the top 100, there were 15 other shows at the 9 PM slot and 17 shows at the 10 PM slot that beat out H50. Many of those shows I never heard about yet they made it in . And H50 only dropped down from there.

    It never grew viewership and has since stayed out of the top 100. If you see the shows people preferred to it, I think it says a lot.

    Now they are trying it on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and so far, it hasn't raised its viewership.
    Remember, it was one of the most EXPENSIVE syndication deals ever done so I am sure TNT had much higher expectations for it than this. It dropped out of the top 100 before football took hold after Labor Day weekend, so football is not the reason. In fact, the NFL was in preseason games before Labor Day and those are mainly on Saturdays. Football had nothing to do with Thursday nights at the time H50 was on back then, and not Wednesday or Tuesday nights AT ALL.

    So we shall see how that progresses.

    As far as Alex, he has lost a lot of fans and many of his fan sites have closed down. If you look at FB, the majority of his fans live outside the US. That is nice but doesn't help US ratings at all, which is where the future for the show is decided.

    I agree that he is still the biggest draw ALTHOUGH I think that is underestimating DDK and his Lost followers.

    At any rate, as we have said over and over, it is syndication that breathes life into H50, not ratings.

    From Alex's last interview though, he sounded like he was ready for it to wind down because he is missing opportunities for movies and to do other characters because he is simply too far away (his words.)

    So for him to go 7 seasons to me is extremely doubtful. I think season 5 will be its last.

    I for one want to see him doing movies and advancing his career. This show has run its course and he is in neutral doing it and nothing else.

  104. Belle:

    Off topic, but to correct yet another inaccuracy.....(re post #88)

    Alex has ALWAYS continued with his commitment to DLA (Donate Life America), since he started it and became an ambassador, NOT "moved on". For the last few years he has supported specifically through Taylor's Gift, as official site/ twitter page can attest as well as this PSA he has just filmed to support and raise awareness for such a worthy cause.

  105. Belle:

    Oh please Lucia! Alex NOT lost fans he has gained them! He is more recognized and popular than ever before. Knock it off with your silly speak! And he DID NOT say he "is simply too far way"...that's your starry eyed interpretation since you pine for him back in LA (as you ignore countless other comments that he does not want to be there, and does now and will continue to call Hawaii his home). What he actually said was, "it feels far away from me at the moment" referring to a project "Everest". He's all in with 5-0 right now. BTW he also said he's very lucky, and that his kids will get to go to good schools and that they all eat organic food and live in Hawaii. You sure like to twist everything to fit your agenda and desires. Ironic that one of your aliases before being banned was "Keeping It Real".

  106. AniMatsuri:

    FATD, if they're not doing much promo about the other nights H50 has popped up on that still sounds like they are using the show as programing spackle to fill in holes where they have no new programs right now.

    If Alex really wants to leave the show before his contract is up that would show poor judgment if he was looking to provide stability to his new family as anything he's done before the show has flopped. Better to ride his contract out ask for more money when it is up and then have CBS laugh at him and write him out of the show since its already proven his absence on the show doesn't affect ratings at all.

    For instance, Greg Laurie was a minor actor from the UK in Hollyweird before House. He's since returned to a minor presence with his only post House project that I know of being a movie that went straight to DVD. I could see the same thing happening to Alex after he's done with H50.

  107. Belle:

    Alex was only absent from two episodes and while I don't recall a significant change in ratings for those eps, I don't see where that's an indicator if he were gone altogether. He's in nearly every scene. There's not going to be a 5-0 without McGarrett anyway.

    He's being offered scripts and wants to do film again one day when he has time. I could see him doing some Indy stuff, something very different from what he's been doing. I can't imagine he'd want to do more series TV especially not broadcast. Maybe DDK's production company will produce a shorter run cable series that he'd want to take part in in some capacity. He'll probably chill with his young family there, loving life in Hawaii, and keeping busy with Egan and his other interests there, personal and professional. And hopefully do and occasional film.

  108. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Ani, great point about Greg Laurie. He was big on House for many years and yet, when the show finally got canceled, he disappeared off the radar.

    But I also see that as exactly the reason why Alex needs to look for other projects NOW because if he stays for 3 more seasons, he will be 40 years old and never have become well known and like Greg, he will disappear.

    He isn't popular with the young fans and the older he gets, the less likely he can use only sex appeal. He has a lot of talent but no one sees it on H50.

    Except for his Moonlight fans, many of whom have moved on from him, the world has never seen him really act. This show doesn't give him much to work with.

    I remember that when he went into rehab there was no change in ratings and when he returned no uptick either.

    Like you said, no effect at all.

  109. Belle:

    Judging by all the fan pics and tweets, Alex's fan base is much younger (and larger) than when he was on Moonlight. Sorry Lucia, it's obvious you hate that but it's the truth despite you not wanting to accept it.

    Alex is a talented and great looking guy and still will be in three years.